Birria Tacos | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 11 märts 2021
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  • New intro is all footage from the current kitchen, using a different part of the original song - check it out, “Stay Tuned” by the amazingly talented Wuh Oh!

    • Coffee shipping are available in Mexico? :(

    • Hey, slight oversight, you included the binging episode of danish, instead of a basics

    • Love new intro music!

    • The visuals are great! The music would be better off refined I think. It feels a little too chaotic at the moment.

    • Looks delicious but will it sausage?

  • Would you do the same measurements for chicken (for those who don’t eat beef)?

  • This recipe is on point 10 stars from me 🏌

  • I can't afford that kind of coffee. And with Biden super inflation coming... Katie bar the door!

  • the real tortilllas are not of corn you haf to buy mexican tortilla flour

  • You’re tied with Weissman for me. You got a point for toasting the peppers first, but Weissman got it with throwing short ribs in the mix.

  • This seems over complicated and inauthentic, like he’s wasting more time and resources to make it in a worse way, that meat looked tough and dry, why not just sear it and then let it stew like a normal person? Why not blend up the veggies from the stew? Why barely season anything? Why waste time freezing the sauce to get the oil separate? Then you just have to reheat everything. He took more steps to make a less tasty version smh

  • 6:14 How’d you know?

  • 3:50 Oven opens on its own?

  • New intro is overwhelming musically.. ehhwhhh..

  • Is the salt on the beef the only seasoning? WHERE'S THE SALT, BABS?

  • How do u open and close your oven when you are holding the pan with both hands

  • BUT WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE?! 🧑‍🍳 hehe, I was surprised to see this made with chuck and ox tail instead of lamb. As a Mexican I know they are served both ways but that goat meat hits DIFFERENT. 🐐 > 🐄 🐂

  • G H O S T OVEN

  • Baby I hear the blue are calling tossed salad and scrambled eggs!

  • Intro is just b e a uuuuutiful! I love it!

  • Si le sabe compa

    • Aprobacion mexicana en un taco que no ha hecho un mexicano. Algo unico

  • Check out La Capital video of the same recipe

  • thought this was great until I heard you say but string cheese in tacos

  • Doesn't like cilantro, but likes raw onions?

  • The new intro is too much. I loved the music in the old one, it is classic and this one is a bit too overwhelming

  • I just want to eat those at some point in my life

  • Great now I'm hungry

  • The intro is too much 😂🤣😂 I didn't care much for the old one, but it's totally iconic for this channel and I miss it

  • I made these tacos for dinner and the next morning I took some of the leftover shredded beef sauteed it up with some onions and peppers and made a omelet.

  • sorry babish, but this was wrong and its not cansumay! its cone-so-meh. you tried, you tried.

  • the only thing i’d disagree with this is the putting the chopped onions and cilantro onto and not in the taco

  • I usually eat goat

  • The facets on that Chuck roast are gorgeous. Is that princess cut?

  • But my real question.... How does The oven open by it self😕😵⁉️

  • Substitute for marjoram?

  • Do you put the entire can of chili’s in adobo, or just the liquid?

  • So babish went straight into quesabirria territory

  • what brand of pan do you use?

  • Made this for a dinner party recently. For me, I'd only use a teaspoon each of coriander seed and peppercorns. I did another version of this recipe a while back and if the seasonings are too string, it takes away from the flavor of everything else.

  • Oh man. That new intro. I can't handle it, which I feel bad for saying. It was jarring and overwhelming and triggered my misophonia, aiye. I actually couldn't even finish the video because of it

  • me looking for where this recipe is basic: 🧐

  • you know you've succeeded when you have an oven that opens and closes automatically

  • seeds os where the flavor is

  • Sorry but the new intro 🔥🔥

  • Being born in Mexico growing up in the USA, I’d like to just clarify that these are not birria tacos. Technically speaking birria is made with “chivo” which is goat meat. This type of dish made with beef is referred too as “barbacoa”. Similarly this type of dish made with chicken is “tinga”. Very nice take on these terrific dishes that I grew up eating at family parties and celebrations. This recipe would need 7-8 hours of cooking with many more hours of preparation both before and after if it was true birria, mostly because goat meat will stink the worst stink if not prepared correctly.

  • TBH... I feel bad for people who can't eat cilantro without it tasting like soap for them. It is easily my favorite herb.

  • You should do a series of basics for people with food allergies. Like celiac, nuts, shell fish, etc...

  • Feel like the new intro music is cucking me

  • Mexican Dream

  • over here watering my mouth, procrastinating working out D:

  • Not the biggest fan of the new intro..!

  • You’re oven door can open and close by itself I see.

  • Branzino spiderman

  • Americans butchering birria and pretty much any taco with cheese... classic.

  • No salt? Never saw him salt anything.

  • ... why does everyone who makes this, that ISNT south American, remove the chillies? Where do you get the heat from...?

  • He man I just got back from da barrio where’s da BIRRIA TACOS I WANT BIRRIA TACOS

  • why even use cilantro if you don't like it?

  • This really is not basic anymore.

  • Is there any cooking situation where you don't want to peel and separate your garlic cloves?

  • Yummmmm

  • WAY too much frickin' work, if I want those I'll go out. I can make a couple dozen fish or shrimp tacos in the time it took to watch the video!

  • Papa no like

  • the new intro kinda sucks babish

  • there was a time when oxtails were dirt cheap. Welp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Highly recommend adding the onion and cilantro to the taco prior to re-frying.

  • Please

  • I want the old intro back

  • Where did you get the hands free, auto open oven? That's awesome 🤨😋😋

  • Everything went downhill when he changed his name to babish culinary universe

  • I hate how you guys are talking more about the intro than the actual dish

  • I like the older intro better

  • I thought I was playing Earthbound with the music playing there. Loved it though.

  • Is anyone else outraged over the price of oxtails now? When I started cooking I could buy that amount for $4 because they were "leftovers" and undesirable. Now that much is $24 locally.

  • You don’t recommend using homemade tortillas because they’re not thin or flexible enough? Uh...

  • Moist meat

  • Y la canela está ahí porque....? So the cinnamon is there because...?

  • Birria = borrego..... Borrego = sheep

  • Tbh dont like the new intro, thought i had 2 or 3 youtube Tabs open at once lol

  • Too fancy and complicated for an easy Mexican dish, for people who are not from Mexico is interesting for me I don't like it, besides this dish doesn't have cheese inside and the onions and cilantro go inside of the taco not on top!

  • Tried this today and it was pretty delicious, but one thing I'd recommend to people is to cut out the cinnamon. It really overpowered the taste of the beef and made my house smell like an altoid. The amount of garlic can be cut down a bit as well, but that wasn't as big of a deal.

  • Has anyone ever made this recipe with a dutch oven??

  • Yeah my friend just showed me this & honestly don't ever disrespect our birria like that again. Im not gonna sit here & be fake about it either. This is right up to par with rachel rays pozole. Just don't & the disrespect to the dish is just way out of pocket.

  • New intro sounds like a celebration

  • Yoo that new intro tho

  • Quackity be like:

  • is this recipe in any of your cookbooks?

  • I came here to relieve my anxiety with that Babishy voice of yours... and that intro music amplified it x10000 hahahah

  • We love you babish but this new intro does not provide my brain with the serotonin it so desperately needs.

  • As much as I love you, I'm sorry, but no

  • The new intro makes me feel like I'm having a panic attack haha, like I'm trying to focus on the music but I cant make it out and every shot is too quick to focus on anything

  • Does anyone know the name of his intro song?

  • As someone who are from Mexico I can totally said this is an incredible recipe, it's not only Delicious, but also respectful. Amazing job! 🤙🏼

  • No.

  • This looked awesome until until until,,,, Cilantro 😰

  • The background music made me think my cat was screaming, I turned around to look for her.

  • deconstructed intro song caught me off guard.

  • Street takos*

  • When the tortillas break apart, USE TWO! Hahaha

  • dont forget to wash your dried peppers. ive seen videos of rats running all over and through piles of peppers as the guys are moving them with a rake.

  • FOOD FEARS!!!!

  • I respect the new intro but it kinda feels like I'm having a too much caffiene induced anxiety attack.

  • Ojalá haga unos tacos al pastor

  • oh no, it's shot a while ago 😳🤭 babish is using his old footage

  • Haven't seen publicly denounce the attacks on Asians. You love to take and appropriate their cuisine for your own profit, but when it comes to the actual people, you hide behind your channel. This is exactly why white owned fusion restaurants are completely deceitful and damaging to the culinary industry.