Food Styling | Bonus Basics with Babish

Avaldati 8 nov 2019
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When you're cooking for friends and family, there are little things that can make a lot of difference in how your food looks. This week on Basics I'm joined by food stylist Callie Blount, who shows us some simple and easy food styling tips.
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  • the woman is sooo Meghan Markle vibes

  • I would like to have a nice looking plate of food. But im not gonna take 10 minutes to perfect and then serve a cold meal.

  • As a professional chef, i feel its my duty to say, she had NO clue what she was doing and was making it up as she went along.

  • Very helpful, thanks. Telling a story sounds inspiring!

  • He lost me when he pulled out that bag of pre-shredded cheese. 🤢

  • 'I like to create pretty swirls with the sour cream' @5:31 creates sour cream dumps.

  • Go Callie! You rock Girl!

  • Food plating and food styling aren’t the same thing... Callie clearly has the food styling background and then decided to use those skills to make content around showing people how to make their edible food look better... but those skills don’t always translate. Food stylists work with cold (and often inedible) food with the idea of making it look good on camera. That doesn’t always work when you have food that’s the right temperature and you aren’t allowed to use inedible ingredients (like nail polish). An episode on proper food styling would be interesting... but it wouldn’t be about showing people how to make EDIBLE nice looking food.

  • You should’ve had both of you plate with the same ingredients, Babish always makes his food look good. She is really so clueless

  • What a fake, narcissistic, self loathing woman...I think i am in love.

  • Babish ad on babish video, babish paying babish

  • "A gourmet dollop"... Quenelle?

  • IHmmm. I have a suspicion she's not a food stylist. My culinary school professors would have put me on dish duty if I presented that plate.

  • I don't think you can call it chimichurri. More like pureed avocado.

  • Im just gonna say it... those didn't look pretty at all. Just normal.

  • i know this is old. but seriously man, where did you get this girl???? she don't know shit

  • Heart Attack in a bowl.. Yumm but so American.. 😉

  • "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"... what she says and does doesn't really make that much different to the food, which looks delicious by itself already, as much as she said it does... Sorry, Babish, very unnecessary contents...

  • When you think you understand US cooking and then they put cheese in potatosoup 👁️👄👁️

  • I love your channel Babish and I was sooo excited to find this episode until she told us what you guys were plating 😞 I feel like those 3 things are some of the easiest things to spruce up in really simple ways and I would’ve appreciated something a bit more challenging instead of just adding toppings or herbs for contrasting color.

    • Now that I see all the other commenters I just wanna say I was being nice and the pre-shredded cheese and undressed salad really pissed me off 😭

    • This also doesn’t feel very “you” lol. Such simple recipes, none of this actually makes me wanna eat it and you’ve made me think I wanna try medieval unleavened crackers?? So I’m kinda shocked 😅

  • did she just use her finger to place cream ?

  • watching them eat together in 2020 is S C A R Y .

  • Plating of the potato soup I think shows that food styling is a very cultural issue. I’m from Australia and New Zealand and we (as far as the people I know) find bright orange cheese to be less appealing then a light creamy pale yellow. Adding bacon to the top of the soup is also I think something that emphasises cultural tastes… As I would definitely not touch a plate of soup that has bacon on the top of it. LOL Making the soup a deeper brown colour by adding baked potato skins to the soup & puréeing into the soup and then a dob of bright white sour cream or cream fresh with a sprinkle of bright green herbs would make the soup more appealing to people I know.

  • You don't like cilantro?? Shame

  • Gourmet dollop of compound butter?! Atleast have the courtesy to say and make a quenelle

  • That bowl of soup is looks like my face in a physics exam, confused af

  • That spaghetti literally looks the same before and after twirling

  • Them: tiny bit of cheese on the soup Me: turns potatoe soup into cheese soup

  • lol episod

  • Wow thats one of the worst plating videos ive seen, im sry

  • There was way too much going on with the soup, honestly there were way to many things in it when you easily could stopped at the bacon

  • Bland ruccola with a tomato in the middle that must be a joke right?

  • But why do you pepper before sizzling the steaks... They just simply fall into the hot pan and burn giving bitterness to that beautiful meat 🔥😩

  • You can do better i know

  • Take a shot every time they say, "Pretty".

  • When restaurants plate up the food in that airy artistic way, I just get a feeling of "I'll be unsatisfied after I've eaten this" since it looks like they skimped on the portion.

  • I noticed she isn't using that fork from the movie chef.

  • Y is she so fucking hot

  • wow...I can see her molars 😬

  • Babs... baby.... you used preshredded kraft cheddar. Why?

  • She has no idea what she is doing.

  • And I bet she gets a bigger paycheck than the chefs that actually make the food.

  • 0:48 Where are you looking at

  • Is this a joke? The soup was looking legitimately dull and just random and the pasta "technique" is basically just any pasta thats from a cartoon, one with a mound in the middle, twirled around.

  • Something about 8:20 made me so angry. Like, none of that is visible. It just looks like pasta.

  • I ain't fw with her vibe

  • Every one keeps talking about how the girl does not seems genuine or something being wrong with her. Andrew wouldn't have picked her unless she was legit. Trust his judgement.

  • I stopped watching when 'plastic' cheese was added to the soup.

  • food stylists always sound like they make it all up on the spot

  • the first dish wouldve benefitted from a black bowl

  • Oml the baked potato soup was like savory ice cream it looked so good

  • I honestly can't take how fake this Callie woman sounds

  • 2:41 that....pre shredded cheese???

  • Or we can just use photoshop to make it Instagram worthy.

  • I didn't know 'Food Stylist' was a profession, learn something new every day ~

  • I felt like crying reading this comment section and the hate isn't even directed at me. Everyone chill out, obviously Babish thought she was legit, so you can think so too.

  • Can you all be nice?

  • Bills Eyelash’s long lost sister

  • She totally ruined the steak and tatters with that "salad"

  • its funny all of you think she's super fake, she seems perfectly calm and chill lol. Bros mad.

  • doing unnecessary things. i think you pick the wrong professional to teach you Babish

  • Watch 7:15. That definitely doesn’t look professional.

  • yea bro, he got her off craigslist

  • It’s cool he brought her and he was polite but it doesn’t feel like she’s the professional and I was not feeling how she plated that pasta

  • I am not learning anything from this. She doesn't know what she is doing.

  • Take a shot everytime she says the word "pretty" lol

  • Anyone else go "OH JESUS" seeing the immersion blender in the Le Creuset?

  • She’s hot!

  • Callie looks like a mix between Emily Blunt and Anna Faris (Scary Movie 1 & 2). Edit: In a good way.

  • I got a Gordon Ramsay add on this video :)

  • The comment section lmfao

  • did I just catch you using packaged cheese in YOUR house.....

  • Hey Babish, Thank you for awesome video...I am a professional chef and inspired by you I have started sharing recipes on my channel...would appreciate if you could check it out and give your feedback❤️❤️❤️

  • I think she wanted to binge on Babbish.

  • Take a shot whenever you hear them say “beautiful”! 🤣

  • Is this an Aprils fool episode? This woman trying to get a job by self-proclaiming as a “fOoD sTyLiSt”. Not much effort in the food either, pre-shredded cheese, pasta sauce from a jar *barf*, undressed dry salad leaves. That steak plate looks straight out of a canteen buffet. Checked out that girl’s channel, it’s like making some microwaved dorm food. Not your league, Babish. Too bad that he had to release this video out of respect to the guest.

  • too much talking here, where is the plating part?

  • "Well done" "Well sort of..." I am soooo stealing that

  • I can style my Maggi better than her pasta! :/

  • Did they move April fools to November?

  • Iam sorry, but she's kinda acting like she watched one episode of chef's table and told babish she's a pro 🙈

  • This is awesome! Thanks for the tips

  • Dont know why but i thougt she was really anoying. Like the gestures the outfit and her makeup 😤😤

  • Basically if she makes $1 a year “making plates pretty”, she is grossly OVERPAID. She seems like she has zero idea on how to present food

  • You can here someone sneeze or scream in the background at 4:23

  • “Salad” rucula with tomatoe?

  • Is it bad that I was hoping to have a lady and the tramp scene? 😅😇🥰

  • Boujee with Babish

  • Marinara sauce - from a can. kbye.

  • Hello can you please make the curry of life from Naruto

  • I love love LOVE that Babish is so willing to learn along with us by bringing in masters at the crafts he is not sure of. It really heightens the relatability of his work. Love you Babish!

  • Babish: Compound butter Boris: C H E R N O B Y L R A I N W A T E R.

  • So... Basics for Instagram food photos. Not exactly what I’m subscribed to this channel for for at least this comment will help Babish in some ways.

  • 0:53 Me wondering why all my girl's conversations start with *"Are you even listening to me?"*

  • I made a drinking game out of the number of times she said "beautiful". I almost died of alcohol poisoning.

  • did babish smash? I think so

  • Cmon bro don't doubt your style -- yours is much less contrived, and looks more natural

  • "You eat with your eyes first." Blind people has left the chat.

  • Make Paris Hilton’s lasagna

  • Has of now this is the only one of his videos without a million views