Binging with Babish 6M Subscriber Special: Turf N' Turf from Parks & Recreation

Avaldati 10 märts 2020
Want to cook second breakfast with me in New Zealand? You could win the ultimate Lord of the Rings adventure in New Zealand thanks to my friends at Omaze. Support Action Against Hunger and enter here:
With the exception of Ben Wyatt's likely fandom, however, Lord of the Rings has nothing to do with the subject of today's episode: Parks & Rec's Ron Swanson. In wishing to celebrate the big 6M, Ron's favorite order at Charles Mulligan's Steakhouse seemed fitting: prime, dry-aged beef with a side of prime, dry-aged beef. Forgive me, for I have sinned. Thank you all SO MUCH for helping me reach 6 million subscribers!!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • JUST SO YA KNOW: We put out our cigars as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. Smoking is bad. Juuling is bad. Quitting is hard, but I did it, and so can you!

  • Smoking is fine, I think it's a shame people are forced to say otherwise.

  • Ron Swanson approved

  • People: You can't describe Babish with one sentence. Me: 1:41

  • 6:15

  • love that babish is willing to kill terfs to make great good 👌

  • 2 millions sub in 7 months

  • “ who needs drugs” me: I know a lot of people

  • Good job BB ✊👍

  • Nutrition we hardly knew ye!

  • This was a 6 million subscriber celebration episode, and he just recently hit 8 million subscribers. Give it two more months, and he will earn that Platinum EEclone button.

    • @Nathan Z. Yeah. I'm not sure if it's pure Platinum, but if a EEcloner hits 10 million subscribers they get a trophy like award. It's basically the EEclone logo, but it's silver in color with a crystal in the center as the triangle.

    • Is that real?

  • did-did you just smoke a cigar for this video?

    • Doubt it really hope he just lighted it. But you gotta respect his dedicated

  • Do “The Swanson” a turkey leg wrapped in bacon

    • Nevermind- you did, you’re the greatest

  • I just want someone to love me as much as this man loves Jay Kenji Lopez Alt

  • Who won

  • When lightning a cigar you don't use a lighter you use a match to preserve the flavor of the cigar

    • Well it doesn’t matter to him because he probably didn’t actually smoke it he just lighted it probably

  • Looking back at this and realizing BWB went from 6 Mil in March to 8 Mil in October!!! WOW!!

  • I have a question, i did this with a non stick pan and the melted butter tuned brown, what did I do wrong? I see yours stayed yellow

  • it's about time for that 8M special 👀👀👀

  • I don’t know why I keep coming back to this video

    • For me it’s definitely the best stew video

  • I'm already in New Zealand can I just come hang out, I'll bring mdma

  • Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

    • Please shut up nobody asked

  • Even a libertarian like Ron obeys the rules of a private establishment because he is always subject to them regardless of a state or its laws.


  • Jutting it's ASS into your new york strip- I was on the bus and I literally snorted xD

  • When u realize that Babish has gained almost 2 million subscribers in half a year

  • Babish: drinks alcohol Nothing happened Babish: tries to smoke That one guy: im gonna stop you right there

  • Im here watching it knowing i can never eat it cause im a loser and i'm broke as fuck

  • enjoy ur earthquakes in newshitland how bout u come a while west to the superior country

  • I got a Binging with Babish ad on a Binging with Babish video. Babseption 👁👁

  • 6 months ago, celebrating 6mil subscribers. Now hitting at 7.91mil.

  • I wish I was grown-up so I could've done this... -_-

  • 6 months later it looks like its gonna be another 2 million subs before the year is out

  • No the blood cells just grew by 20 times

  • I got a binging with banish ad before the video(ranch ad with Andrew in it)

  • Well I'm gonna bet that New Zealand trip didn't happen

  • it's fun to imagine the vegans just going nuts at this video.

  • How about that

  • It would be so dope to work on set with this dude

  • I call bullshit. Just grill the steaks. Ron would throw away a pan cooked steak

  • What kind of cigars are those? I can’t tell. Partagas?

    • ToastSzn But sometimes there’s a dominican equivalent to its Cuban counterpart.

    • From Perspective It may be a Cuban Cigar


    • I don’t think he actually did thankfully

  • $100 for a steak....WTF that is highway robbery. Thank God we don't pay that much for our steak in Australia... End result looked amazing 👍👍

  • These steaks look epic

  • You didnt finish your mashed potatos

  • can you plz make a danich food

  • Is that blood leftover in the plate?

  • I guess that trip is not happening

  • Don't do drugs, do food drugs

  • i was always told to season steak just before it goes in the pan because salt draws out moisture... discuss.

    • It draws out moisture. But mostly on the outside. I gives you a better crust and the water that comes out dissolves the salt and and gets reabsorbed and seasons the inside. It also does some science shit that makes it more tender and juicy. Something to do with cell walls

  • Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain

  • And now im so godamn hungry

  • I cant believe you just lit a cigar with a lighter than match🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ the flavor of the cigar is more apparent when you light it with a match than you do a lighter

    • @Spartan 322 i know

    • @Hridaya Jamkatel I'm aware he only did it for film content

    • He didn’t actually smoke them. He only did that for the camera and he put them out after filming

  • looking forward to when you hit 10 mill bro!! best cooking show on the net mate !!

  • what kind of cigar?

    • It May look like a Cuban Cigar

  • I really thought he was going to say "I just bought a house, and it's 100% kitchen"

  • pffff New Zealand, already live there

  • I usually take drugs with my steak So I need drugs with my steak

  • Raw asf

    • It’s rare not raw lmao

    • Well that is how he likes He's Steak (No Not Raw its Not Suppose to be Eaten)

  • Man! Have I been living under a rock? I just discovered your channel and can't get enough Binging with Babish!!!

  • Definitely gonna make this with my best friend

  • Those 1.3k are vegans

  • Ah, yes ... meat and meat. Nothing wrong with that combination if you ask me.

  • Has anyone suggested Aunt Meg's steak and eggs from the movie Twister? I curious to see how you can attempt a gravy so good that it's practically a food group. Lol

  • I could have sworn EEclone had a rule against such "offbrand" content.

  • I only came for the mashed potatoes

  • When you get an Hidden Valley Ranch ad with Andrew in it. Ya love to see it

  • Serious question, when people use ramekins for seasonings, and they reach in with meaty fingers, do they throw the rest of the seasoning out as it is now tainted?

    • Or he could have washed his hands after seasoning one side than seasoned the other so dirty hands didn’t touch the raw meat

    • Idk. Maybe he put them in the ramekins for the camera

  • you dont smoke cigars. damn you are really not the brightest. hence using that totally unhealthy kosher salt but then bitching about smoke.

  • “Stroking beef with our fingers” I dunno man, seems kinda gay to me

    • Cows are female lmao. I know it’s a joke before someone whooshes me

  • The winner of the trip has been found, but it also says: "Timing: TBD, must be booked by February 24, 2021" Yeah, I don't see that happening 😞🤷‍♂️

  • In Australia they are both T-bone steaks a porterhouse is a New York strip

  • I'm quite sure this video should be considered porn

  • Got a binging with babish hidden ranch ad on this video wtf

  • This made me so hungry

  • You know omaze is funding the BLM riots, right?

  • Is it weird that this guy turns me on?

  • Meat drug! What what!🧙‍♂️


  • This man's hidden valley ranch ad played before this video. Respect.

  • Please, tell me you're gonna make the steamed hams for your 8 million subscribers special.

  • You know your at your peak in life when you just ate a $150 steak followed by a Cuban cigar and downing it in whiskey.

  • 7 million :O watch as someone tells me it exist and im dumb :P

  • RIP to the vacation

  • Why is your dishwasher going apeshit in the background

  • Ron only eats grilled steaks.

  • I've never seen what makes steak so really doesn't look appetizing. That said this was a really cool video still. Especially loved the whiskey and cigars :D

  • It is NOT cheating to use a thermometer on a steak that fine. Anything that keeps you from screwing up something that lovely is OK in my book.

  • I got goosebumps just looking at that t-bone

  • emm

  • JJ's waffles, please

  • Who needs drugs? Proceeds to take a drink of drugs.

  • Basting technique is so trash lolllll

  • That's so omazing

  • I think the quarantine gave this guy more subscribers

  • Nooo. Not that lighter!!!

  • too much salt

  • Can you make the broodwich??

  • meat is no sin its our nature... only man can drink a lagavulin mhuahahahaha

  • "Yes I cheated an used a thermometer. The steak COST LIKE 100 DOLLARS"...... lol...