10 Kitchen Tips I Wish I'd Known (ft. Sienna Mae Gomez) | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 23 apr 2021
This week on Basics, I'm sharing 10 kitchen tips I wish I had known when I first got started cooking. Joining for this episode is Sienna Mae Gomez! You can follow her at the links below:
Sienna's EEclone Channel: eeclone.info/vision/MrXANDUIWs3-AiblYES9gg
Sienna's TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@siennamae
Watch Sienna and me make avocado toast on her channel: eeclone.info/glo/nKmWe2KhZbNzyHY/video
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  • Never heard of her

  • GReat content

  • “Most of my viewers look like me” Me: A 15 year old black guy with long hair

  • Where are the south africans. Ceril put hes mask over his eyes on national tv demonstrating how to wear the mask

  • I really love the divergence in this episode. I couldn't care less about who's trending on TikTok, but seeing some of that "It's Aive"-style camera, people offscreen, and just some unedited silliness is a lot of fun. I still love your typical format, but it'd make me happy to see an episode in this style a little more frequently.

  • love this

  • “Most of my viewers look like me” Me as a cybernetic organism with iving tissue over a metal endoskeleton. Twins

    • Did Skynet send you from the future?

  • 🙋

  • "I'm a 'content creator.'" I'm tempted to judge her right now but I realize the term "real job" is essentially meaningless.

  • 25 million ticktocks is roughly 3 million EEclone or 700 reddits, I am also into self love but I don't know about 25 million watching me

  • Tip: hang your bacon on the second level grill and the tell me how amazing that is ✌️

  • "If you have a peanut allergy, don't use peanut oil. You will die". Harsh, but true lol.

  • BCU : What's the smoke point of this oil??? Me : 460f BCU : How'd you know Me : It's on the frick'n lable

  • The comedy is rather unnecessary

  • Never heard about this "TikTok mega star".

  • 12:50 Cappy monster

  • I'm not a hater, I've been a legit fan for all 5 years, probably seen 90%+ of all episodes. And I hated this. Felt like you're trying way too hard and it felt so uncomfortable bordering on cringey.

  • I love sawyer so much

  • is no one gonna talk about poor brad and the gushy chicken stock?

  • That thumnail

  • I thought this was vsauce with a cooking channel

  • “It’s like that one meme🤓” Holy pepepains

  • But did he get the expired chicken stock?

  • "most of my viewers look like me" me a 16 yr old female with blonde curly hair: hmmm yes very similiar

  • Angry banish is funny, but also terrifying

  • “Most of my viewers look like me.” I’m sure at some point, if I’m very lucky, it might happen.

  • Tack on coconut oil as a staple oil.

  • i think Josh might be rubbing off on you babish

  • "Most of my viewers look like me" Me, a short black guy with no beard: ah yes just like you

  • I'm lost. Which one's Tik and which one's Tok?

  • A follower on tiktok is not the same as a sub

  • that broth part was DISGUSTING.

  • 10:30 yet, i do. I made risotto without wine. replaced it with water. i don't drink alcool but i still enjoy a nice rice dish. NICE RICE DISH. what a mouth full.

  • i LOVE pepper. it's so much better freshly ground!

  • Hopefully that sauce was cooled or that could have been alot worse. Ever breathed in/had warm vinegar? Stuff will make your lungs seize up.

  • *touches salt* “Feels like salt low key”

  • Sawyer is awesome and hilarious! Glad you made all those frozen meals for him!

  • 5:47, they: It smells better Me(everytime) : AaaCHOOOOOOOOO

  • 7:26 GUH!

  • so much chaos and i'm here for it

  • boo

  • *slaps baldness aggressively*

  • "Most of my viewers look like me" Me, a 4'11 lesbian with bright purple hair: ah yes its like looking in a mirror

  • I love all your videos...but this one was by far the best haha

  • This is bad

  • "Most of my viewers look like me." Me, a black teenage female from the caribbean with an afro: "Ah, clearly so." Also, I've never heard of Ms. Gomez before now.

  • So for people that don't drink wine and a recipe ask for a red wine or some other type, do you just go to the store and pick a red wine at random or get something else?

  • Trying To Be a Comedian Cooker, and it Work, You Make Most of us Laugh. ❤️

  • Im just over here laughing at how 50% of the comments are actual bald viewers saying they look exactly like him *im very certain I’m gonna be that way in my 30s*

  • We stan. Period.

  • "Think of the best name for a chicken stock business you've ever thought of. Double it."😭💀

  • Ur face look like vsauce😂 Jkjkjk

  • The only Babish video I will not watch.

  • I feel like this episode was more chaotic than usual. Babish r u ok?

  • BRAD!!! Bring Brad back. More Brad.

  • Mise en place = mess in place.

  • Babish: most of my viewers look like me Me, a 20 year old lesbian with green hair wearing giant hoodies all day: My long lost twin :`)

  • ....never heard of her

  • This episode was hilarious! Love it!

  • “most of my viewers look like me” i had long hair and no beard before I started watching, now i'm bald and bearded. this feels like a personal attack.

  • Babish: most of my viewers look like me Me, a teenage asian girl with a head full of hair: ah yes. Indeed.

  • Honestly, I've watched this video at least a dozen times already and it's primarily for the humor. The actual tips being a close second!

  • “Vegetable oil” is death.

  • Can you give more tips pls, this was so much fun to watch 😂

  • Was it a joke when he asked for the smoke point on the oil that had it labeled?

  • 4:34. “It feels like salt, lo-key”. While holding salt

  • Today I learned this man’s industrial and gorgeous kitchen is on his second floor

  • 2:05 Is this from a video? I dont remember.

  • Sawyer's gonna have some interesting stories at the ER in the future. "How'd you get 5 different types of food poisoning?" "My job".

  • Dislike for the intro.

  • 12:28, one of the funniest things I've seen all month, XD

  • cap

  • What about sesame oil??

  • Oh I care a lot about pepper too man. And salt. All the flakey salt, sea salt and kosher salt 😂

  • Bunch of grown ups in the comment section needs to shut up instead of being unnecessarily mean to a tiktoker tf.

  • Babish - “most of my followers look like me” Me - "Have you seen my profile picture, honey?"

  • pfft my olive oil only lasts about two months before I finish using it...so I don't think I need to worry about rancidity. Also bacon in the oven is awesome, easy, less mess, it just takes a little more patience that is all.

  • You remind me of our EEclone version of Alton Brown, whom I love. Thank you for being awesome!

  • Most of my viewers look like me 😂😂😂😂. It's true for me. All but I'm ABOUT 300lbs heavier... Give or take 200 lbs.

  • 4:32 *Sienna grabbing salt* “mm yeah feels like salt low key”

  • Baby Bird Sawyer

  • Bye Brad!

  • Where do i get those pinch bowls?!

  • "Think of the best name for a chicken stock business...now double it."

  • "So remember if you use your thumb meat, you're a deadbeat." If you use your thermometer, you're a deadmeat.

  • Babish gave the editor a look that said "Do it, or you're going back to your basement..again"

  • The bacon bit resonated with me on a personal level.

  • Love the way this video was edited!

  • I love these kitchen tips! Everyone who cooks should watch this video!

  • ngl Babish the smoke point of the oil was in the bottle...

  • I like watching these cuz Babish looks like he’s genuinely having a lot of fun

  • I do believe and episode with Nolly Getgood is in order

  • Andrew seems really uncomfortable having his face on camera. The to camera comedy is super awkward.

  • "You really only need 3 oils" America wholeheartedly, disagrees

  • 6:55 : "You might have a rock hard hand. So what is a growing boy to do?" Okay fine I'll get a thermometer.

  • Is he on coke?

  • Spoiler alert: Skip ahead to 10:25

  • The last 4 minutes of the video gives me strong Remy and Emile vibes and it's great

  • Please avoid the jumping camera movements from the beginning of this video, it is headache inducing

  • Gonna need more Sawyer content