Binging with Babish: Troy's Casserole from Community

Avaldati 19 mai 2020
Well, I've been terrified to tackle Troy's titular traybake for years, and in about 12 minutes you'll see why. But, Community returned yesterday with a table read from the full original cast, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate. Srap in folks, this one's gonna get weird.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • Need something a bit easier next week...Abed's buttered noodles anyone?

    • He frickin did it

    • I'm not dure of the exact ingredients, but what about the Erikson Seven layer Dip from how I met your mother? I know there's 16 cups of mayonnaise, an unspecified amount of Funyons, an unspecified amount of gummy bears, but yeah... Have a look at it.

    • Ok

    • Please do more from Frasier, so many gourmet honorable mentions Also, if you had a culinary school, this video would be the final exam! Will you bake your own wedding cake?

    • Ricardo Milos öppöpööööööp

  • Wow perfect timing you said right after this commercial break and immediately after you said that a AD appeared

  • This is dough abuse, I'm calling PITA

  • Yes, Andy!!

  • Isnt a donut a softer and with glaze bagel ?

  • There are different color tomatoes? How did I not know this

  • I got a binging with babish ad on a binging with babish video



  • Make Sohla do it

  • Is no one going to tell him that a hot pocket has pepperoni in it

  • Pro tip: do not eat burrata on a summer's day, you're gonna regret it

  • It kind of makes sense that the Community episode went off the rails.

  • 1:51 I'm a new viewer and thought the video ended

  • Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  • barbyü

  • walking in to shot cleaning a scalpel 😰😰

  • This might be my favorite episode!

  • Babish is streets ahead.

  • Make Sploosh from Holes

  • You forgot the most important ingredient! Pepperoni, man!

  • how long does it take to do ur dishes after this

  • this video was released on my birthday thanks!

  • This just screams MURICA

  • This is how I thought my sister made bagel bites for me after school when I was in kindergarten

  • Don't try to trick us, Babish. We know it's 'baggel bites'. We lived in New York.

  • don't you mean BAG-le 6:07

  • This walked so Sohla could run

  • Original: Bastard lasagna Babish version: Failed tasting menu mistake

  • Thanks to Shokugeki no Soma I understand vegetables.

  • you forgot the pepperoni, what sorta mongrel eats hot pockets and pizza bagels without pepperoni? that's just cheese bread with some sauce on it. president Pizza made it illegal to eat pizza without pepperoni in 1993, you just broke pizza law now you're going to pizza jail, book him boys.

  • Note to self: freeze victims to death for easy skin removal

  • Looks great probably taste like diabetes

  • I can’t even pretend that this would be good I’m so confused. Like cold everything is just bfjsbdjw

  • It's pronounced "baggle."

  • This is probably the most avente-garde, gourmet shit you’ve made

  • I got a babish ad before a babish video. This man is out here printing his own money, get that bag my guy lol

  • The cousin of Doritos is Aribas chips

  • I’ve never realized how much I dislike the term “savoury donut” until now

  • Troy's Casserole literally is the stuff you'd eat in community college to tell yourself you're cooking

  • Is that Donald Glover

  • wait what the fuck? am i the only one that got an ad with babish as soon as he said “and then i’ll see you after this ad”

  • This video is streets ahead.

  • Those disemboweled hot pockets will haunt my dreams forever.

  • tHe botanist is....

  • This is like Olympian stoner food

  • It’s funny he says see u after the break but he’s in his own ads

  • As a lover of spicy sweet chili Doritos, I am very glad he mentioned that flavor.

  • You are a Community fan.. I now like your channel even more

  • You know you could have actually just grind up doritios for the doritos powder

  • Food wars taught me about terrines. He should do something from food wars.

  • I know the point was to super elevate the dish at the end but I feel like this episode missed all the hallmarks of the typical episode goal. Master Cheffing isn't the usual route. I thought you were going to make a 'real' homemade version. I imagined a layered casserole type thing with garlic butter parm crust on the bottom, a 4 cheese and pepperoni blend, a chewy bagel layer topped with a simpler mozz and pepperoni, then a Doritos-infused topping of some sort, likely just a crunchy top. My elevation on it would be to make a giant two layer hot pocket. Bake out a flakey slightly hard garlic parm butter crust infused with Doritos, similar interior maybe adding some more meat and veg, 4 cheese blend and fillings on bottom, bagel layer, pepperoni and mozz, then add a 'lid' in the classic Hot Pocket style of a flaky, buttery, crisp, parm and Doritos crust. Idk, maybe I'm just overthinking it and 20+ hours for dried and gelatinized ingredients was the better route.

  • Troy would be very proud that his dish would be recreated.

  • lol. The ad before this video was a Drizly ad done by Babish..

  • I think the only ingredient missing in the Doritos powder is MSG

  • one day try Lotus and Pork Rib Soup from the chinese hit drama the Untamed?

  • This is my first time rewatching this episode after having finally seen community, and I gotta say, I think Troy would sob tears of Joy if he could see this.

  • I love how he makes an accurate representation... then a good version of the food.

  • Those tomatoes are beautiful 😍

  • You didn't "reduce" the hot pocket... you just.....didn't do anything? It's all sauce. Why didn't you actually throw it in a pot and reduce the hot pocket innards? Poor attempt at a recreation as always.

  • Babish: See ya after this commercial break *no ad* Me: >_>

  • much better to dice your onions and put them on top before baking like that. doing 1/4 portions barely distributes that flavor.

  • What a fucking masterpiece

  • Doritos, hot pocket, bagel bites.... after school snacks? My mom would have screamed bloody murder if she caught me eating that 2 hours before supper....

  • You should make the horrible 7-layer "salad" from How I Met Your Mother I'm very curious to see your good version of that

  • Can anyone drop a link to that black high rimmed baking sheet he puts the red tomatoes on?

  • Holy crap after he said commercial break I got an ad 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • No pepperoni

  • for the commercial break did anyone else get an actual ad with babish in it??

  • 5:24 We do Andrew... we do...

  • Can we just talk about how he opens boxes?

  • That Botanist ad I got before this episode is very dramatic. The guy in it kind of looks familiar...

  • Babby definitely went insane here

  • I swear I watched this before today, but somehow it's like I never saw it before. Maybe it's just so insane that I blocked it out, like a car crash or something? Just PLEASE tell me Dan Harmon has seen this. This is SO him! 😁👍

  • That beginning casserole looks pretty good

  • this man could have just ground up doritos but he had to be extra

  • Babish: I'll see you after the next commercial break Google ad algorithm: *laughs* Like we care where the ad breaks are supposed to be!

  • A rainbow terrine... now where have I seen that before

  • *claire tempering chocolate for 2 days straight screaming in the distance*

  • Got an add for the botonist on this

  • The tarine would look better if you used some food coloring. No one has to knkw

  • i feel so sad seeing my dreams crumble before me, but at least i can enjoy happy people making nice and artistic things

  • I got an ad break right when he said a commercial break


  • i've never actually had bagel bites or hot pockets, they don't have them where i live, i've always wanted to try one but i sadly haven't, what do they taste like?

  • 5:00 People who have EEclone premium: *Hm*

  • how convenient that during the ad break I get an ad featuring babish himself

  • You won’t do the entire food wars series, no balls

  • You defiled that lovely Le Creuset rectangular baker.

  • Babish: and I’ll see you guys after the commercial break. People with EEclone Premium: 🤨

  • I got a binging with babish ad

  • Babish made A gourmet hot pocket what a mad man

  • Donald glover is one of the most talented individuals I know. He can rap, sing, act, and do stand up. Bruh

  • Me, SEVERELY allergic to tomatoes, watching this video for the third time, taking mental notes: this looks so good

  • lol the tourine reminds me of shokugeki no soma

  • Would like to point out that both the Hot Pocket and Pizza Bagels had "meat" on them, whereas your recreation had no meat on it. Perhaps that's why it was "a little boring"

  • this is the most extra thing ive ever seen

  • Steer clear from the molecular gastronomy stuff. It’s not you.

  • Shame it tasted so meh. It looked like it was going to be amazing

  • Sooo no one's going to talk about how vigorously he opened those boxes??