Pizza Dough | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 8 okt 2020
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  • the resepe for this is water on the pizza

  • I love making cast iron pizza. Any thoughts on it?

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  • pizza dough basics with babish

  • Oh.. the type of pizza crust I want to make requires an oven heat I can't achieve.. great, thanks for showing me that one first..

  • Babish, I think you've done wonders for Ooni, which is awesome. I've been thinking about ordering an Ooni for more than 6 months, but I finally just ordered one and now my delivery is delayed for weeks due to so many other people ordering one as well. Im excited to make my first real Neapolitan pizza.

  • 10:20

  • Awesome video! I know you’d like our channel too! Let us know what you think and have a blessed day! 🌸🌟

  • i wanna eat that pizza 😫

  • babish, your videos bring me so much joy i could watch your videos for hours

  • How about blue and green milk from star wars please on booze

  • As a italian I 100% approve this pizza. Good job

  • what song is this

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  • that ain't no goddamn new york slice

  • my family is from Lazio and we make mostly sheetpan/grandma style. wish i had this oven, i could get so creative! lol

  • Pizza looks awesome great recipe as always! I’ve also made a unique mini pizza recipe come check it out for more and always will follow back🤝❤️👍

  • He kinda sounds like the guy that created kan academy

  • That Ooni does look pretty sweet, but I find a pizza stone in a gas grill (that you can cook on with the lid closed) is a pretty good way to make pizza at home. It can't do the super high heat, but it can get hot enough for a more new york style pizza.

  • 12:14 5 to 7 minutes at 700 degrees??? Not a chance in hell. You'd burn the living shit out of the pizza doing that. Is it really that hard to stay accurate about your processes? You know you're living the life a hell of a lot of people dream of, right? Man, please quit screwing around.

  • the babish family thanksgivings must be the closest thing to heaven on earth you can get

  • I dream of a gluten free edition, but I don't expect it, because for anyone with the option, it's just worse. But if anyone could make it work well, it's this madlad

  • I keep trying, but Sohla still won't show up to steal my stand mixer. please advise on how to proceed

  • cast iron pizza wise - i love cooking it on the stove top for about 5 to 8 mins, add toppings then bake in the oven

  • Non si fa così ed il luevito


  • Hey babish, I have a wheat allergy so I am forced to make my own dough all the time. I want to buy a kitchen machine, you know for mixing dough and stuff. Do you know how much power (Watt) it should have at a minimum for making dough regularly? How much power does yours have? Thanks for all your videos, I've tried a lot of recipes already!

  • lactose and gluten intolerant, drooling over this. GREAT.

  • @babish! Napolitan pizza do cook their basil. Don't listen to naysayers.

  • You ever get a binging with babish ad while watching his videos

  • Babish! Make Hubie’s Soup from Hubie Halloween!!

  • Fingers got sticky during fold and lift method. I measured by weight but should I lightly flour my fingers to cut down on sticking? Chicago style is very wet.

  • Would you ever do cooking classes on Skype etc to any of your viewers?

  • I love that you're using metric these days 😍

  • Yes Please! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀hope to get one sooner rather than later

  • nice and easy recipe

  • you don't cook the sauce?

  • Was there any fails while making the pizzas?

  • Made the best pizza I ever had thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • that first pizza looked sooo good

  • "It's just not New York style pizza if it doesn't completely annihilate the roof of your mouth." I about fell outta my chair hahaha

  • Let me help you a bit recipe of the dough : 3:25

  • It took me way long to realize the name _Ooni_ is based around the finnish pronunciation of their word for the oven - which is written as _uuni_ . Having looked more into it as well, apparently the company name was originally also written out as _Uuni_ , but was changed to its current form to have the people pronounce it more closely to the original word.

  • Does anyone know the song? Please and thanksss

  • Looks fabulous, but I cringed when you put that food on your friend's computer workstation.

  • Pizza's great. If you don't light up that fireplace behind you and do a super cozy holiday episode this season I'm gonna be PISSED

  • Wait. When did he get 8 million followers😅. I remember when it was 800k

  • My God! Sohla!? Hello yeah dude!

  • 12g yeast? isn't that a bit much?

  • Wow!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Are these recipes written down anywhere? I can't find them at the website. I would like to make the pan pizza this morning.

  • Got mine! Still waiting on delivery but man am I stoked. Thanks for posting this, very helpful!

  • a week into my diet and I come across this ugh

  • I don't know why the idea of a Neopolitan pizza cracker made me laugh so hard...


  • I'll pay you to be your room mate. Please!

  • Seeing Sohla in the background of a video hits different when you know she's doing fulfilling work and being paid properly for it

  • when he said that it will take a day or two in the fridge; but he has the same clothes the whole time?

  • As someone with a gluten allergy and who hasn’t eaten a real pizza in over 5 years, ima go cry now. But for real, Babish- any chance you might grace use gluten challenged folks with some good GF alternative recipes?

  • Anyone else have crush on this guy? 😂

  • Babish: and prepare for this perfect example of everything you loved about pizza when you were a kid: gooey cheese, saucy sauce, and most importantly Me: The shreds of the skin on the roof of your mouth hanging off after burning on hot cheese? Babish: a soft and chewy yet oily and crunchy crust surrounded by a crown of crunchy deep fried cheese. Me: Oh yeah that too!

  • I got a question, if I don't have a cast iron pan to make Chicago-style pizza, can a cake pan be a sufficient substitute?

  • No recipe in the description?

  • 7:28 Deep Dish Pan Pizza 240gms bread-flour, ½ tsp instant-yeast.. add 170gms water (hydration 70%), 15ml olive-oil and mix, adding ¾ tsp kosher salt.. lift & fold dough 4 times, then overnight in oilded container in fridge Press into 10" cast iron skillet, rest for 15 min, press again, rest 90 min.. top with low-moisture mozzarella, pizza sauce, pepperoni, parmesan Preheat oven for at least an hour at 550°...bake pizza for 10-15 min, rotate once halfway thru After cooking let it rest for 10 min (absorb oil).. check underneath; if light throw the skillet on stovetop for 2-3 min to brown/crisp the bottom.

  • Awesome pizza! However, in the guide of the "associazione verace pizza napoletana" it is clearly stated that basil must be added before the baking! Citation: "The basil, garlic and the oregano will develop an intense aroma, and will appear brown, but not burned."

  • When are the rest of the old BA cast joining the crew with Sohla?

  • Me, a detroiter, waiting for babish to make a Detroit pizza recipe or to even talk about Detroit pizza 🥺

  • I was looking forward to another ad interspersed with actual content, so thanks for that!

  • "Any food that needs heat can be prepared in this oven." -Sushi has left the chat

  • @ 1:25 “kneading can be a sticking and exhausting process for a newcomer in the kitchen.” Me who took ceramics/clay class: “I got this 💪😤.”

  • As an Italian, I am reallly proud of you. Great job. Bravo, complimenti !!

  • Come on 350 dollars for a pizza oven... dude mostly people watching can not ever afford that.. so thanks for quickly doing a oven pizza

  • Would like some oven pizza recipes

  • Awesome looking pizzas!! You’re the reason my cooking skills are getting better over the past couple years!

  • Are there ANY substitutes to getting a pizza oven? This looks absolutely delicious but I don’t wanna shell out 300$.

    • You can use a pizza stone in your oven with a cast iron pie sheet. I got a 16" cast iron pie plate griddle/skillet on amazon for about $20. Heat the pizza stone (mine was $40) as hot as possible and let cook on the stone until pizza is properly brown. If the center is still underdone (which it probably will be) just put the pizza into the cast iron pie plate and cook on a stove top at high heat for a few mins to get the center underside of the crust nice and crispy.

    • A DIY brick oven?

  • Wow, Ooni is really pushing with marketing. In the last couple of months I have seen the oven in the channel of almost every food-youtuber I follow. It looks it is a great oven, tbh

  • To be honest I thought this oven will cost like a new car...but not even 300 bucks for that thing is a really nice price.

  • why not cover the bowl with a plate or something? I mean why waste so much plastic?

  • my comment about Pizza: Salt: it's fine to just put everything together, there are a lot of 'experiments' about it on YT and the results are almost non existance in case of autolyse w/o salt but waaaay easier, so putting it just together in the bowle does not really kills the yeast. It's only a few seconds then everything is mixed. basel before or after is fine :P Or both, that's what I do. Small amount in the sauce to have a fine taste in the backround and then fresh basel afterwards. And I've seen many Italien pizzas where it was put on before. Both has it's pros and cons ;) I really do need a better oven. I just have one of those electrical ones which are fine and cheap but "only" 700-750°F and the pizza needs to be a bit smaller for good results. Now I need an Oooni or roccbox - and a garden/outdoor place to put it ;)

  • I'd be psyched for the pizza but not for all the oil and grease all over my desk...get a plate, at least...

  • I like him soooo much! In my opinion, one of the best content creator on EEclone. By far! He is soo fckng funny, it's incredible.

  • Does anyone think my landlord would be upset if I used this oven in my apartment 😄

    • As long as you don't burn your apartment down or die from carbon monoxide poisoning or forever stain the apartment with the smell of smoke you should be ok.

  • I love making pizza from scratch it is such a fun activity to do! And your pizza looks great!

  • Maybe do a video of Lisa Simpson's bully repelling salad dressing?

  • That mini pizza oven does look awesome

  • Hot take: deep dish pizza isn’t pizza it is a sad imposter

  • Can we get an episode on jams, jellies, marmalades, and compotes...maybe even some fruit syrups?

  • Hey Babe-ish!


  • I feel like when you use a sponsored pizza oven and show us ways of making pizza that "just can't be achieved in a home oven", it's not a very good tutorial.

  • Thank you for this video! I was looking for a pan pizza dough recipe. This looks great!

  • Once you separate into mini doughballs...can you put those back in the fridge in the proofing box if you dont want to make 6 pizzas in one day haha?

  • I made the deep dish one.. its so much better than anything I could've bought.

  • I used the ATK method on pan pizza cast iron skillet putting it on the cook for a little bit before the oven

  • Literally sitting here thinking I could totally make this as I’m microwaving leftovers

  • where tf are these recipes posted! I can't find them on any of the websites

  • Oh no...Andrew is a pizza saw-er

  • why can i have a bearded bald pizza genius come into my office and drop a 14 inch pizza on my desk out of the blue. some people have it good :(

  • I wanted to get this knowledge long ago)). Thank you!

  • 12g of instant yeast, lol.