Binging with Babish 5 Million Subscriber Special: Recreating Homer Simpson's NOLA Food Tour

Avaldati 10 sept 2019
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  • Well I'm stuffed. Thank you guys again, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me reach this milestone - we've got some exciting stuff in the works!!

  • 6:37 Why was that guy covering his face? Probably a criminal.


  • he change the name of the channel

  • Wait... No fried shrimp poboy!?!?!?! Come back we must feed you again!

  • 2013-2006, definitely 13 years

  • this video made me cry. I moved out of NOLA when the pandemic hit and ,wow, I miss it

  • i like how ur hand fits with book pic lol

  • Anyone else saw the kid in backhround on 6:39 he like stopped with hat covering his face

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • How am I just now seeing that you were in my hometown?! Ugh! I would have loved to meet you

  • What no beignets?

  • Next he should remake the Song "Bloggin' a Food Blog" from the Episode "The Food Wife" Season 23 Episode 5

  • .

  • 0:42

  • Probably my fav video

  • Your videos better anyway. Do sweat it Babish

  • This was a great gag

  • You forgot the ending part qith tge baget donut thing, what ever that is

  • When he list the foods from Louisiana his voice is so bland that I focus on the background instead of the food he is eating

  • Yo your roommate has a good voiceover voice maybe try it out!

  • 🤣🤣 Love you Babish!

  • 5:44 Scharf!

  • I hope you do the Simpson eclaier the French man try to kill him

  • I think this version is well more Worth It than Katrin's and Janine's .

  • Woah Andrew with hair

  • the cring

  • Yo love the Scott Pilgrim reference you put in @ 4:43 ! Took me a while to realize where that was from.

  • Why does it sound like your dying inside

  • i live in new orleans and the food is great

  • You might of not been the first person to do this challenge. However, you are the first person to find every food that was listed in The Simpsons. If I remember correctly, they didn't find king cake in their video and they said it was "out of season". You did.

  • You got one thing over her tho: You got king cake

  • The montage reminds me of me fugu and chowder

  • What's the song that plays from 0:48 on

  • Diabetes

  • Seeing babish with no beard is a haunting image

  • As someone who was born and raised in New Orleans, and having travelled to many places, NOTHING compares to New Orleans food.

  • why are there ads of binging with babish on binging with babish

  • Glad yall just got creative and didn't just steal from another show

  • He was so excited for pecan pie

  • It feels wrong seeing this much of his face

  • I love the dedication you put into recreating this!

  • absolutley amazing, you truely inspire me lol

  • why did i get so upset when he said someone beat him to it XD Grrrrr

  • I live next to new orleans and if you ever go there there is this little restaurant called Yaya’s comfort food and they have reaaaly good food theres

  • Never had 🐊 before or frogs legs for that matter I assume they taste like chicken or pork

  • Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • 0:43

  • A year later and he's almost got 3 million more

  • good thing Voodoo BBQ was flooded, i used to work there and you dont want nothin to do with that

  • your friend is just like "How much more can this man's belly take?"

  • It's really classy that you not only acknowledged the person who beat you to doing this, but linked to her video as well. I appreciate seeing things like that. :)

  • based on the look on your friends face. he is not amused

  • All that shellfish sounds like a whole lot of anaphylaxis

  • 7:37 the fear in his eyes xD

  • You actually did beat them because they did not have king cakes, Congratulations!

  • You are a good human being

  • you and homer are so alike

  • This Video is now a year old so.. HAPPY BIRTDHDAY!!

  • Two types of people 6:30 and 6:38 Yeah sure you're unable to locate the funny i get it 👍🏻

  • Rashid Captures Lisa's Confused/Bored/Annoyed/Weirded out expressions perfectly XD

  • My TMJ is screaming looking at those bite shots haha

  • As a cajun I can proudly say that the culture is great here And don't worry waves everywhere are normal

  • vore

  • I would rather eat all that than see the historical sites

  • Mans had 2 balls in his mouth

  • No one: Binging with babish eating a hotdogs the most lewd way possible!

  • What doesn't this guy like to eat?

  • Krav Kalash?

  • So in a 11months he gain 2.5 million more subs, mind blown! Congratulations, count me in!

  • All of your subscribers are either 49 year old mom's or millennials

  • Genio. (No físicamente sino de ideas xDDDDD) Un fuerte abrazo desde España.

  • Great job!

  • Also the first men I think idk

  • Make kalkalash

  • The Simpson predicted that he would this video he did impersonation as Babish doing this video

  • when i was at new orleans my mom got a veggi poboy it was just cheese and bread

  • How did it take me almost a year to see this video? I'm surprised, youtube algorithm.

  • See this would be better if it hadn't already been done many times before

  • Your video shows the sedimental value of your trip. Miss Katrinas video was 110% approximate. Both great videos

  • glizzy gobbler

  • Are we just going to ignore that he's gobbling some glizzy's for us 😂

  • Big Smokes order at 10 mil. DO IT

  • Before this video played I got an advertisement of you promoting wine

  • Babish shares his bed with the homies

  • I’m sorry I’m late to comment but glizzy gobbler

  • 9:08 For the stuff.

  • I Wonder How Much Weight He Got From This

  • Epic

  • I don’t know what more impresses me The fact that the creators actually looked up those real restaurants for the show Or the fact That babish did it with only his crew

  • People in the background are just what the fuck this guy doing

  • I see u like glizzies😶

  • Sawyer's facial hair and glasses combo make it look like he owns an adult bookstore.

  • so did you run, like, 75 marathons to get all of that out your system?

  • I was working as a hostess at Emeril’s the day Andrew came in but I had no idea who he was at the time so missed opportunity there 😂

  • Oh my god, I've watched this video so many times and I *just* realized that "cajun crawfish" is done twice 😂

  • He:just eating The other guy:just watching him eat

  • "This time yesterday I wanted to kill myself and all of you." The number of times me and my buddies have said that...

  • At least your the first person who sorta looked like homer to do the shot for shot real life remake.

  • Your thumbnail makes me want to Vomit not a good look for you bro 🤮🤮