Binging with Babish: Space Cake from High Maintenance

Avaldati 20 apr 2021
Music: "GOMO" by Broke for Free - he's got a new track out today!
This week, we're treading dangerously close to controversial territory as, for the first time, Binging falls on an open-secret holiday. To mark the occasion, I'm drawing inspiration from one of my favorite shows, High Maintenance: a loving, humanist, stunningly accurate portrait of the unique brand of weird found in Brooklyn. Whether you 'partake' or not, I hope you'll join me in celebrating by aspiring to be more like The Guy: unflappably chill, constantly curious, and bursting with love for all kindred spirits.
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  • New tune courtesy of Broke for Free! He’s got a new music video out today, and a new album out soon!

    • Meat pies By Mrs lovett

    • gOTTTA do a ‘Baking’ with Babish…. Where you teaches us how to make edibles!!!!! I’d love to make some like all the time

    • You should try and make the landslide from Iron Giant

    • Has anyone suggest the revival baguette from scrap mechanic yet? I think that would be cool.

    • Please do the sesame cake from Congo “ STUHP EETIN MAH SEESAMEE KAEK!”

  • Green butter comes from “Grass” fed cows 🌬🐄

  • I can definitely see and imagine babish as a stoner.

  • that's crazy but creative at the same time

  • Talk about diabetes. I lost count of all the grams of sugar

  • Come on guys, we all know what the significance of 4/20 is... it’s Hitler’s birthday, of course.

  • I like it.

  • If only this cake was legal in Australia 😞 *sigh* one day

  • Why is it when tasty made it, they couldn't eat it cuz it was really gross

  • Oregano... oh well makes sence to me 🤪 ✌🏼🧥👍🏼 🦵🏻🦵🏻

  • Don’t be shy, show us how to make the green 👀

  • where does he got all his gelatin powder

  • “A Top a tall narrow *thing* ”

  • Saucepn

  • Well done 😍

  • I don’t understand what 420 is and what’s with the green stuff but ok

  • sheeeeeeeshhh

  • Since i discovered your channel im starting to develop an interest for cooking im glad your channel exists.

  • Can you ship me some of that green butter? XD

  • Today on Blazing with Babish

  • Woah guys I just realized, this is the young version of Adriano Zumbo...

  • This is awesome! What was the diameter and height of your entremet mould? Thank you!

  • I think this was about the most complicated recipe I've seen on this channel.

  • I ain't diabetic, but man. The amount of sugars in it tad bit scares me

  • Aight, give me an anti-matter cake, please.

  • Can you do a video on jellies and jams? (More specifically an orange jelly? I'm not a fan of marmalade, but I feel like an orange jelly with a much stronger orange flavor would be amazing)

  • 1996: You get suspended 2021: SWAT dives in and your sent to a Supermax.

  • Jesus lord above you added 2 of my favorite things galaxy/space and chocolate cake my goodness love your work mate i am a new viewer and the videos i seen on your channel are mind blowing

  • 😁👍👍👍

  • one time my mom tried to make a glazed cake for my birthday but something went wrong along the way (we think we didn't let the glaze set long enough) and when we tried to cut the cake the glaze just resealed and trapped the knife. When we managed to cut a piece it tasted great, though.

  • Ok so dies it have to be gregulated sugar or is any sugar fine?

  • 2:37

  • It’s beautiful!

  • Is there something I can use as a glucose alternative?

  • Visually stunning

  • Now whenever babish mentions oregano im gonna think of this episode

  • Not a real space cake 😂 u forgot the Dutch grass

  • It's just cannabis, what's the big deal? Is it a secret?

    • there's kids watching this vid probably so

  • Is it real hollo...??????????👾🤔🤔

  • that cake is beautiful

  • Galaxy!

  • I don’t think it’s the blackberries that taste earthy

    • I mean there ain't any uh green in the blackberry mouse, it's only in the chocolate cremeux and the cake

  • it took me way to long to figure out what was happening here

  • Your butter has oregano

  • Those who know REALLY want a piece of that cake

  • then sit it on top of a long narrow thing 7:28

  • 8:46 This is just more proof that everything is cake!

  • Wow. I was trying to figure out why it was green. . . Then it hit me.

  • You just spent 3 days on a single tiny cake. And- it didn't even taste that great? 😂 I AM SORRY.

  • my issue is i would get hungry from the ... green butter and eat a the whole cake and just die

  • Kchremm uuh

  • I will only ask one thing, for us who lives outside the US, is kosher salt the same as normal kitchen salt or is a special salt, and what substitute we can use. Thx

    • @TheDeadOfNight37 thx dude

    • Kosher salt is just like granulated salt, however the crystals are larger, it doesn't have additives such as iodide. You can get it at the store in other countries I'm sure, but if you need to you can substitute half the volume of granulated salt for kosher salt (e.g. a recipe calls for 10mL kosher salt, use 5mL granulated salt).

  • Hey baby I hear the blues a calling tossed salad and scrambled eggs

  • This is one of the most complicated episodes

  • "Then we're gonna beat everybody together" 'Scuse me, was I the only one who noticed that?

  • Btw the ending result of this was beyond amazing 🤩

  • I cannot put into words how much I want to eat this cake.

  • This is the reason my sleep schedule is messed up. Nice vid

  • 4:04 If you did actually what your hinting at then my respect for you has gone up immensely.

  • 3:45 Yes… I have no idea what you did there.

  • I know you only did this for 4/20 but you should start cannabis cooking EEclone so we can learn how to infuse and it tastes great

  • I have no idea what this is but it looks delicious

  • Yea soooo what's the specs. On it

  • Getting glazed with Babish

  • guys the joke was marijuana

  • Great way to make it family friendly

  • *the diabetes in this video!* 😰

  • This video was made when my neighbor's new baby girl was born. It's like a Happy Birthday cake for her somehow 😮😅

  • Non-stick spray to make the paper stick?

  • That looks so cool

  • I love high matinence I binged the whole thing in like a week

  • This is real art in cooking.

  • Pure art

  • Love this video super creative 👌 maybe next time u can show us how to make that beautiful green butter

  • 0:56 yeah lets beat everybody togather


  • What's oregano? I'm 9 so idk what oregano is

    • @A Doge :] like I cant watch free movies

    • But I cant watch videos i like

    • @A Doge :] jk ik what it is

    • man u should ask for permission to be on the internet its very dangerous in the internet little man. There are people who are bad and stuff idk lol

    • @A Doge :] whats that?

  • I think this is probably the most visually appealing thing the man has ever made

  • Looks amazing

  • Yup this solidified you as my favourite youtuber 🤣

  • Sure would love to see more recapies that has that green butter, you know.. For saint patrics day....

  • It took me until 9:15 to realize why ot was green.


  • I want to make this but i am genuinely scared i will die from exaustian

  • ahhhh ahah! I knew you smoked ouid!!

  • This is a science project at this point.

  • didnt have any white food coloring had to rub my hair back and fourth over the cake

  • that's not a cake, that's art

  • Ccccccremewwww

  • That end bit, it definitely be like that 🤣💚

  • Btw i love oregano

  • If I'd made that and it worked out *that* well... I'd probably not eat it... Just look at it... Observing that satisfying outcome...

  • First vid of yours I've watched in so long, I've missed your content

  • You are so freaking cheeky

  • 2:35 sounds like he drops the hard r

  • I saw this notification on my phone while watching high maintenance 10/10 show highly recommend

  • Flying high while staying under the radar..You sly dog! This is the treat I'm leaving out for snoop so he blesses my home with a year of herbal tranquility. 🌱

  • im calling the cops because babish is putting drugs in cake

  • The one person who doesn't understand: (Confused screaming)"WHATS 420?!?!?!!"

    • How convenient i have green butter too :D Edit: it was not green butter IT WAS NOT GREEN BUTTER

  • I love how he’s telling us the steps like anyone is going to actually make this

    • This is waaaaaay to complicated and takes way too many specialized pieces of equipment that I’m sure most oregano users are willing to deal with and have available