Binging with Babish: Croque Monsieur from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Avaldati 14 juuli 2020
Captain Holt's signature stone-faced empathy is on display in this heartwarming act of culinary affection, a memory in the form of a sandwich. But not just any sandwich: the cheesy, hammy, gooey French brasserie classic, Croque Monsieur. Let's hear how incorrectly I can pronounce things this week as we recreate this toasty brunchtime delight.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • I had to shoot and edit this episode in its entirety yesterday, so there was no going back to fix mistakes. The cutting angle at 3:33 will haunt me for the rest of my days.

    • It will haunt me as well. I can never cut straight.

    • Sir, rest assured in knowing that no one, literally no one noticed or cared.

    • maybe the house is tilting :)

    • 10/10 used fresh Romano and goat cheese too.

    • King Arthur flours are the best for any bread I swear! Love em.

  • Why the beschamel? Seems pretty cheese or garlic? Oh well slam my asshole

  • your waste of alumin foil and plastic wrap quite frankly disgusts me

  • I don’t like the modern idea of making it into triangles. Bread was never meant to be triangular, it was meant to be square. Like a good field, a square field. PS the ham is too thin, it resembles razor blades. You need a good Irish ham, boiled at home.

  • Please may the Babish team attempt a Gluten Free version of this please, so I may learn and enjoy, as I often feel left out of gluten based foods ;(. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  • Yeah, that stove is a pain in the @ss to clean. Those are heavy and huge af to life and put in the sink, that hopefully big enough to fit it lol

  • Saying mayonnaise made me not want to make it

  • Boy this is a pretty easily recipe he didn’t even make his own ham and cheese

  • I heard you said Chef John

  • No idea why.....but I think I'd like the second with sour crout.... no idea why

  • My french teacher calls it a crusty mister so its easier to remember

  • The croque-monsieur recipe isn't supposed to have béchamelle, it's a poor-man's sandwich. An egg whiskered and seasoned is enough to hold the grated cheese plunged into it. Works with a croissant too. As for the croque-madame it's supposed to have turkey instead of ham in it (that's where the béchamelle comes in). Also the monte-abomination looks fairly good i guess.

  • 7:36 "Chef John's words are ringing in my ear"

  • How do you prevent the dough from climbing the hook? Every time I made bread it climbs the dough hook and gets stuck in the mechanical bits of the stand mixer above the divider part of the hook. Very frustrating since I can't just walk away from my machine and have to constantly stop it to fix it.

  • yes

  • 6:23 looks like croc madam

  • Tried the version with the brioche bread. Not a big fan, I find it too sweet and too soft. I prefer a crunchy bread because it gives the whole dish some texture.

  • @south korea - do you see any sugar or syrup on this sandwhich? DO YOU?!

  • What is it with us americans frying just about anything we get our hands on

  • Nice video, but please you have to learn how to use the fork the right way

  • ironically, I am currently .. well, binging with Babish

  • “Preheating my ham in the Michaelwave”

  • a croque monsieur with an egg on top is a croque madame.

  • One of these days Andrew is gonna end up curing his own ham for the next sandwich episode

  • Im french and croque Monsieur is bite sir in english

  • Love this channel so much but it's become like torture to watch since I've had to temporarily go dairy free for health reasons. Sobbing into my oat milk watching all the bubbly, golden goodness.

  • Is it just me or does babish sort've speak like captain holt

  • 7:40 Why not just call it a Monty Christine? :D

  • Croque Madame... Mmmm

  • What happens when you use magical butter?

  • Hey, maybe Shokugeki no Soma food?

  • 3:37 Babish went a little Gospel of the Sandwich right there

  • Fancy word for white gravy lol

  • 3:40 i thought he took a bite out of the loaf so i was expecting to see a bite mark on the next cut

  • Cheese and ham panini

  • Mukhang betlog si jastine

  • I had a dream last night that I started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. I dunno. It was weird

  • Let's get this bread? Andrew: No.. let's *make* this bread.

    • @Riya Roshan Also you know I did end up getting the mug right? Gosh go back to your country

    • @Riya Roshan Also you know I did end up getting the mug right? Gosh go back to your country

    • @Riya Roshan Wow so we're turning this into a thing now? My mug luck? Ave Maria Purisima

    • @Ishita T I tried, but someone's mug luck ruined it

    • @Riya Roshan Wow go find your fanny pack.

  • We Americanized it by frying it. Very accurate description

  • I was playing tekken and a character named bob has a move called croque monsieur and I was like what the hells that went on EEclone and this was in my reccomended

  • Totally worth the 16 heart murmurs....and I am NOT being sarcastic.

  • now that you made this, i dare you to try and make portuguese francesinha

  • Built Different

  • The sub titles call the bread panda meat

  • I only realized just now that "pan de mie" is well... formed bread. You know, a loaf of sliced bread in the form of a square. And then I realized that I could just make my own loaf of sliced bread or just buy some ham, cheese and a bag of sliced bread and make this at home. Fuck.

  • I got diabetes from this

  • No higher echelon 😂

  • My b*tch a*s eating a hot pocket

  • funny fact you can put a table spoon of mustard in the béchamel before adding the milk and it's very tasty

  • Nice ..thanks... 😁 bye mason.

  • Croque Monsieur used to be one of my favourite snacks whenever I went on holiday with my family to France as a kid. One time, we went canoeing down a river, and everyone was fine apart from my mum, who's terrified of water. She kept going beserk at my brother who was in the same canoe as her unluckily. When we got back, he tried to lighten the mood by saying "I could murder a croque monsieur" and she went nuts. "A BLOODY CROQUE MONSIEUR?! I was going to suggest that we just get a sandwich but he wants a BLOODY CROQUE MONSIEUR!" I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to get involved, but thought "A croque monsieur IS a sandwich". Nowadays we laugh about it and always take the piss, reference a "bloody croque monsieur" whenever someone has it.

  • I can't wait to see you make mayo nut spoonsies next

  • No, you said it perfectly. And quite à few french places could take à lesson from you.

  • Pound my meat is a weird name for bread

  • Don’t worry about how you mispronounce French words ever. The only way to be able to pronounce them right is to be born to French parents. Trust me, my sister is friends with the daughter of French parents.

  • i stopped once i saw the stand mixeer

  • If there is a heaven, and I go there, I am having everything on your channel as my regular meals.

    • Of if I win the lottery and can afford the time and ingredients to create everything on your channel.

  • wait...THAT'S what a Monte Cristo is???? Why are we putting powdered sugar and jam over a meat sandwich...WHY?? Does it actually taste good????

  • What about maiking an amazing francesinha ??

  • Thank your for googling the temp conversions.

  • Chef John👍👍

  • Looks like he's holding the fork upside down... weird

  • Ngl I'm having a full on existential crisis but this video is calming me down a lot and so I wanted to say thank you for making these videos, they're very calming and I love the food you make

  • The fact that you made 3 of these shows its an very good sandwich

  • What ham did he use??

  • Well, I never seen better croques, even when I lived in Paris, but, just a ltitle question, I have also never seen a Madame done where the egg was added after. They way I have always seen them done is to make a little dent in the top cheese layer and crack the egg in, letting it cookitself in the melty cheese. Seems to me it'd just integrate it a bit more, since, you know, they're kind meant to be eaten on the move and one-handed. Not a criticism at all, just an observation.

  • I know Babish is awesome but this is hard to watch with that really bad distracting background music. The video didn't flow, it felt very disjointed and broken.

  • yo babish baby, dont google the conversion your phones calculator does it

  • looks good!

  • Dude that looks amazing, I need to make this fancy French ham and cheese sandwich.

  • Excellent sammich. The Monte Cristo wasn't the same recipe that I recalled from my youth, that being a double-decker brioche, ham on one layer and turkey on the other, cheese, deep-fried, and served with raspberry preserves and powdered sugar. Hands down the best sammich of my life. And, since I see that you've done a separate video for the Croque Madame, it only makes sense that the Monte Cristo get its own video and a serious upgrade.

  • *That moment you realized this video was 2 months ago and u thought it was a year ago or something*

  • Whats the point of using un-salted butter, just to add salt later? Im not trying to be negative, Im genuinely curious

  • I feel like some sort of grilled tomato would have made it for me.

  • He started talking about making bread and I tuned out. XD

  • This man is genius with everything, from the instructive humor down to the proficient directions.

  • "Oh man French food is so much better than anywhere." -throws a gallon of butter into it- "It's just so much classier."

    • @DrGhostly as the other guy said, it's about the texture. A perfect French omelette is actually one of the hardest things to make and is actually a test of a chef's skill.

    • DrGhostly A french style omelette is all about the texture. Extremely soft and supple on the outside, fluffy and creamy on the inside

    • That's it. "French-style" omelette is just a fuckton of butter and salt folded over itself. "But they use quail eggs" oh how stupid you sound.

  • make food from the cartoon "chowder"!

  • Powdered sugar with 🥚 🐣 monty Cristo madame

  • Lol cholesterol refinery

  • 6 slices of ham...

  • Anyone know where he got his bowls and plates from?

  • I just stopped watching b99 to Google how to make croque monsieur 😂

  • Raspberry is good, but lingonberry is what goes with a monte cristo

  • This would be good with Sourkraut.

  • French words prononciation is actually quite good so don't worry about it.

  • I would suggest that the biggest improvement would be to half the ham.

  • Orgasmic....

  • Im concerned about your health

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • Croque Monsieur its for kids, i want the see a Francesinha, that is something

  • Me: But wouldn't adding the egg make this a Croque Madam? Babish: Transforming this Croque Monsieur into a Croque Madam! My high school French Teacher: Why do I suddenly feel so proud and fulfilled?

  • salut de paris ! love ur french accent

  • What's with the disconcerting robot voice? Is he putting this through some kind of filter?

  • Babish, This is an open letter from your long time viewers. This the the millionth episode where you've shown up how to make bread. We fucking get it. It is bread. Please stop now for the love of all that's holy. I swear if I see another God damned episode when you make fucking bread in gonna lose the last bit of shit a am capable of losing. Thank you Sincerely A celiac disease ridden man

  • toast the ham before putting it on the sandwich, believe me it tastes delicious

  • Charles Boyle would be disappointed in your bread cutting

  • I can't even find flour during this pandemic 😞

  • Looked so gross & just could not imagine how it could come together (like, AT ALL) taste-wise... For years, every time my brother tried to get me to taste a piece of his all time fav.. Monte Cristo sandwich, I wrinkled up my nose & said, "nope... more for you, enjoy!" All the while thinking, eww... ham, turkey, cheeses.... in a melt/grilled cheese type, BUT dipped in egg batter & turned into french toast outside? THEN, powdered sugar, to make savory.. sweet? .... Still yet, after all that (according to my brother) you absolutely CANNOT eat that, without it's 'must have' condiment of.... Smuckers red raspberry preserves WITH the seeds on the side to dip each bite in. Years of hounding & I finally took the tiniest bite, if only to shut him up, lol... WHAT have I been missing all these years?! Something you'd never ever thnk of putting together, yet... even this picky & usually super basic eater... can confirm "JUST WORKS". All of those things, do have to be there.... it's become one of my all time favorites, too these past few years now. Who'd-a-thunk??! ;) Thanks for sharing & ENJOY! ~Stay safe & be well.