Binging with Babish: Buttered Noodles from Community

Avaldati 26 mai 2020
This week, we're double-dipping in the world of Dan Harmon's lovable, irreverent collegiate caricature: Community. I'm here to defend the "weird" favorite food of Abed Nadir: buttered noodles. Yes, that impossibly plain side dish/cafeteria filler/thing you eat when you're sick. With a few simple tricks, we can upgrade this ubiquitous underdog into something worth making all on its own.
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  • It has been correctly pointed out to me that the third pasta resembles cookies and cream pasta. Next week I guess?

    • Babish Culinary Universe try it with capellini pasta (the super thin spaghetti also called angel hair) its an italian classic loved by kids and is the ultimate butter pasta!

    • Jessica Conner good

    • meliodis _ sama r/rareinsults

    • Ye

    • Hey banish that was Donnybrook farm butter if I’m correct my mother used to work their and the farm is beautiful same with the cattle

  • I make this when there is nothing in the fridge

  • Huh, I've mixed butter into my macaroni and cheese before but I've never once had just butter and noodles together without the cheese.

  • How to make butter: milk, heavy, cream and butter He made butter with butter

  • I'm not even gay yet I wanna marry this man

  • I quit school at the age of fiveteen

  • Saying buttered noodles makes me wanna vomit

  • "kinky noodles" -Babish 2020

  • my google device got triggered when I repeated eggnoodles. apparently sounds like heygoogle

  • "noodles" is literally pasta - fusilli, spaghetti etc. Americans why?

  • How I know babish from but left upstate new York. He calls it upstate instead of what region of my he's from (iirc rochester so central). I'm not from upstate NY I'm from western new York. Upstate is the adirondacks.

  • don't kinkshame your ducking pasta, babish-

  • Do the reptar bar from rugrats for Halloween

  • as an actual drummer, i can confirm that drum solo indeed slaps

  • parmesan and butter is real italian afredo

  • Im Dutch and the mere concept of eating noodles with just butter terrifies me

  • Alternatively, cook the pasta in a high walled sauté pan. You can toss it up in the air for airating it, and you don’t have to mess with bending the pasta in

  • Ok WOW i made the 2nd one and it is a m a z i n g (ive never had buttered noodles before)

  • How much butter is used in the second one?

  • How does no one know about buttered noodles? My family's been eating them for years. And rice with butter and salt is also really good.

  • Ok but was that Titus he was jamming out to at the end??? Because it sounded like them and hell yeah

  • @3:27 I thought he was gonna take a yomp out of the butter, dude...

  • If you put garlic salt in it is really good

  • I love buttered noodles....but.....i love it with a ton of parmesan on it. Idk i judt cant eat it plain with that grocery store butter

  • If Binging with Babish reply to this comment I will subscribe.

  • My italian family died at 8:28

  • A little salty butter with noodles, delicious 🍜

  • I still can remember my grandmas buttered noodle milk soup, fresh grinded pasta dough, milk and butter fresh out of cows udder, I miss it

  • Lol that buzzfeed line

  • Ngl I kinda hate the word toothsome but buttered noodle are my jam so I'll let it slide this time. Lol

  • finally, something that I will actually make. _.

  • Hey bald they are still way better with cheese.

  • please don't eat fresh yeast that's how you get yeast infection (you can get ones in your mouth and stomach too), there's inactivated/dead yeast for such purposes

  • This video gets a like just because the intro is a community scene

  • Spaghetti shaped pan.mind blown

  • Air Sghetti baby!

  • I started making buttered noodles because of this episode. Buttered Noodles topped with chili has become one of my favourite meals.

  • Who doesn't love buttered noodles? It's one of the first things I taught my kids to cook.

  • What is the name of the song in the background?

  • Dont you know taste of india amul butter

  • did you cahnge your name or am i bad at this

  • Cool, cool cool cool.

  • I love butter noodles - thank you for the tips to make it better!!

  • “Sauté pan” instead of “sautépen”? Very disappoint.

  • I don't know why, but knowing that he's using the fork from the movie Chef makes this so much better

  • After this and I still haven't tried buttered noodles.

    • This is probably the easiest thing to make and taste great, you should try it

  • I'll do you one better. Boil some pasta (My favorite is penne) Drain Let it dry a little so that it's sticky, but not wet. Put butter and garlic (fresh and chopped or garlic powder) in a sauté pan Sauté the pasta in the butter and garlic till it gets nice surfaces and goes golden brown on one or all sides Eat and thank me later. Babbish the hell out of this by using really good ingredients.

  • Never eaten buttered noodles and never heard of em until i watched community

  • i grew up on buttered noodles lmao

  • I never ate butter noodles

  • I've made this a couple of times now, and its true, you can definitely taste the difference between good pasta & butter. I gave it to my 12 year old son who loves buttered noodles to test out if he noticed any difference, and: "Nope". Main lessons are that its easier to mix the melted butter, salt, and starchy water in a separate pan, then pour the mixture back into the drained noodles and coat them there, and don't waste good pasta and butter on 12 year olds.

  • RIP to whoever cleaned up that broken pasta

  • Now i really want buttered noodles

  • leave it to babish to make me hungry for butter. litterally just butter. i want to cut off a piece and eat it raw.

  • I love making buttered noodles with compound butter. Garlic & herb is a favorite.

  • Who would win? Kinky pasta VS kinky boots

  • That upstate ny shout out tho, there is a decent chance Ik who’s cows mad that butter!!

  • Marry me!

  • I loved the rock session at the end lol

  • I LOVE BUTTERED NOODLES ngl but i also have them with parmesan too (only sometimes)

  • I’m eating loaded tiny tacos from Jack in the box.

  • Question: Abed grew up in a Middle Eastern household. Why were his parents feeding him buttered noodles rather than foods from their country?

  • The "bitter, half-assed cacio e pepe" is the thing fussy kids eat like every day here in Italy

  • makes me wonder if andrew is into dinosaur jr, that band at the end sounded awful lot like that.

  • I just made some of these things, and man....That butter quality does make such a difference.

  • i tried the second version of the buttered noodles and it was so good!!!!!

  • thought this was going to be a sack bunch lunch video lmao

  • wtf is kosher salt? how can salt be not kosher?

  • As a foreign at first i will think this is disgusting but he put cheese so i will try it when I'm done with my diet 😂

  • First time I’ve recreated something from this channel and it was a major game changer.

  • You should do coconut cream pie from iCarly.


  • i love buttered noodles also

  • It's missing porcini mushrooms

  • This was one of my grandmas classics.

  • Buttered noodles will never fail me. No matter how hungry I am, no matter what I’m hungry for, a heaping pile of buttered noodles will satisfy me every time. Some people may never understand how much I LOVE buttered noodles. Thank you for sharing buttered noodles with the world. ❤️

  • Sorry Babby, not gonna make me like the blandest dish on the planet

  • Whiplash 6 times so far

  • You are not touching my ass buzzed or otherwise, pal! No means NO!

  • Prolly the most broke pasta recipe I've ever seen so far 😂😂

  • So no one‘s gonna talk about how Babbish let loose at the end?

  • Bettie Botter bought some butter, "But," she said "the butter's bitter, if I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter", so, she bought some better butter, better than her bitter butter, and put it in her batter. So 'twas better Bettie Botter bought a bit of better butter.

  • Asdfshdkl I'm so glad to find this

  • I remember in elementary school we had Fridays where we had food from restaurants around the school, (subway, Boston pizza, dominoes, booster juice,) and the day where we had Boston, the was a Becal margarine penne with parmesan, it was cheap, but it was hella good. (srry for the grammar I can't be bothered to fix it today lol)

  • let's not lie to the audience and say the butter was from "happy cows" those cows aren't happy. I know that, you know that, just be fucking honest, dude. I won't be so much of an annoying vegan if you're honest about where your food comes from, but you're blatantly lying in this video. Just be fucking honest, okay?

  • 0:55 Bad maths with Babish

  • my entire life i've been thinking i was the only one in the world who would just boil some pasta and then mix it with butter how foolish of me to think i was the only one who knew about this very simple yet delicious thing

  • I’d love to see you cook some things from the food wars anime! 😉

  • Is that unsalted butter or salted butter

  • I hated spaghetti sauce as a kid so i would only eat buttered noodles I always thought it was just a weird uncommon preference

  • Thank God im asian

  • *babish making sourdough noodles* *eating my macaroni cup* :)

  • 7:42 when I heard the guitar in the back round I thought somebody was at the door. lol

  • If you call pasta noodles, what do you say when you're talking about actual noodles?

  • Mom always made these before she married my step dad god I love these noodles

  • Better buttered beetlejuice noodles?

  • What is the brand quality pasta he is using? Supermarket one is Barilla

  • U might be shock but This is 'Alfredo pasta'.

  • Perfect timing I just finished watching community

  • Those homemade noodles looking like rubber bands haha