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Avaldati 26 sept 2019
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Poutine is the stuff of legend to our Northern neighbors...so let's hope I don't screw it up too bad! Even if you can't find yourself real cheese curds, this rich and savory sober-up-snack is worth adding to your cheat day menu.
Recipe: basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/poutine
+ Ingredients & Shopping List
2-3lbs russet potatoes
Vegetable oil, for frying
Olive oil, for stock
3 Tbsp unsalted butter
3 Tbsp all purpose flour
Homemade stock (ingredients below)
Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Kosher salt and fresh black pepper
Cheese curds (or mozzarella rolled into balls)
--Ingredients for stock:
1 carton of store-bought stock
1 onion
1 carrot
1 head of garlic
1 shallot
1 two-inch piece of ginger
Half a bunch of parsley
4 sprigs of thyme
+ Special Equipment
Vessel large enough for frying
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Blue Wednesday -"90s Kid": soundcloud.com/bluewednesday
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  • Okay so how mad are Canadians at me on a scale of 1-10? I think the exchange rate makes that a US 1-7 though... ...sorry.

    • @DekhruelBass NOICE

    • 1/10 At least you didn’t put ketchup on it

    • Dang did he not only ruin a treasured Canadian meal but ALSO your country's economic status

    • @Sasageyo who cares? chilli cheese fries are better anyways.

    • Wouldn't say mad, but immediately disappointed. To go to all that trouble and not use real cheese curds. I love Mozzarella but on poutine.... don't think so.

  • As a Canadian I think there was a much worse sin you could have committed.... using shredded cheddar cheese.

  • [989] DIAMOND-DD [989] 🥂MANGO EARTHM🥂

  • Ouatte de phoque Babiche?

  • I can't get over how he says saucepn.

  • My shortcut? Go in the morning to a fast food place that sells biscuits and gravy (only you will get white gravy with sausage), go in the afternoon to a fast food place that sells french fries (preferably mcdonalds because the fries look like poutine fries in almost all videos), and get cheese curds from either A&W or Culvers (if you do not have either in your area, tough). The only differences are that you will have white gravy and the cheese curds will be fried. Other than that, you mix it all together and poutine.

  • Hmmm just so happens I do live in Wisconsin

  • In Australia this is just Chips, Cheese and gravy.

  • Is there a brown gravy video, or recipe???

  • Do a HSP next!

  • I said without irony, "This is the saddest shit in the world."

  • I don't live in Wisconsin or Quebec and can still find cheese curds at the grocery store.

  • French fries are made from potatoes? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

  • Sam The Cooking Guy had cheese curds. Just saying.

  • Hell yeah, dude! F***king...thumbs...up!

  • why is worchestershire so hard to say? its wooster-sheer.. thats how to say it lmao

    • well, apparently it is hard to spell.

  • My friend Norm makes the best Poutine. Its kinda like he puts a little bit of himself in it when he makes it.

    • The best Poutine is the kind someone else eats. I mean chips, cheese and gravy, I used to eat that when I was 8.

    • When I seen this video I knew I would find some mommies lurking in the comments 😂

    • Lets hope not! 😉

  • I’m pretty disappointed with this one not gunna lie I felt there coulda been a better plate

  • I grew up in Green Bay and have just been confused all my life why the rest of the world doesn't have cheese curds. I currently live in California, #2 cheese state and you can't buy them anywhere.

  • those are potato wedges

  • He may not have used cheese curds, but he actually pronounced Québec properly. It always annoys me when people say "Qwebec."

  • “French frys and you might be surprised that it’s made of POTATOS” Me:Wait so there not made of French people, wait but I made them w-

  • Mozzarella is the perfect cheese curd substitute. Curds are basically Mozzarella babies.

  • As someone from Quebec -- where the poutine has been created -- I actually find it well made

  • When i saw this wideo i kinda hoped that he made Sweedish Chef version of poutine from The Muppets.

  • You guys need to chill. It’s hard to find cheese curds. I’m Canadian and this looks delicious.

  • great advice. you're supposed to douche until the water is clear as well.

  • No cheese curds? This is a declaration of war against Canada

  • not being a hater i like your videos but i live in Toronto Canada you cant find cheese curds here fresh. if you want fresh cheese curds you gotta make it yourself

  • To hell with real cheese curds. A pox upon them.

  • What do you do with the used oil ?

  • Jesus is coming soon have faith, belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

    • Imagine beilieving in this bullshit in 2020, yawn

  • Oksy so I first heard the word "poutine" on Hell's Kitchen and I thought it was just them saying protein weirdly, so I thought it just meant the main meat on the plate (for example beef, chicken, fish, pork) however if everything that was on the plate at the end of this vid was it, the chips, cheese, and gravy, then why not just call it cheesy chips with gravy?

  • Thumbs up from Montréal 😁

  • thats not the good gravy. you need a thick gravy not water esti

  • This is a little different than my buddy Norms recipe. Still keepin it high and tight tho, SUWHOO!

  • 🤔hummm... ok the fries, ok the gravy... but poutine is not a fancy dish... but I understand the gravy process( but a secret restaurant process) You focused on fries while you didn't even had cheese curds... so what was the point. 🤔

  • For the love of Christ, why do people always add the accent to it.. pronounce it “poo-tin” not “poo-teen” you don’t go around saying spaghetti with an Italian accent. The only English speaking people that pronounce it wrong and chillin in merica. Just pronounce it normally and a Canadian will thank you

  • Ewww! I watched this only out of curiosity of what is Poutine. In 🇨🇱 TX I will stick to cheese fries from Outback!

  • Couldn't find cheese curds, so I bought cheese making supplies. Came here hoping for a good cheese curd recipe. I am sadly leaving disappointed.

  • Just had our anniversary yesterday and cooked this for the wife and I tonight in memory of our honeymoon to Canada, thank you for the straightforward recipe that was easy to follow for a quarantine trained cook. The twice fried french fries were perfection.

  • I thought it was syrup, not gravey, just as good either way

  • nonononono you do not put mozzarella on poutine. It's cheddar baby.

  • It's weird, because I live in the NYC metro area too and I can't find good cheese curds either. You'd think I'd at least be able to get it shipped from Vermont or something.

  • You meant Putin

  • There’s people who don’t know fries are made from potatoes?

  • canadian here... im a bit offended but i guess ill forgive you

  • Poutine needs cheese curds, and not wisconsin's.

  • Canadian salad. Mmmmm... Wait, what? No cheese curds? Well, there always were those cheese commercials saying "you change the cheese, you change the flavour".

  • Tabarnak


  • damn, didn't know French fried potatos are made of potatos, thanks Babish

  • Is the cheese squeaky

  • savage

  • Ahem. Today we're gonna eat, poutine fries. But this one has a special Ingredient: fries, cheese, pig shit, and pig piss. Keep featherin it hitler

  • in my language babbisch means sticky

  • Ra Ra ras poutine

  • I live in quebec and im from there and i can tell the poutine you made look disgusting, in quebec they looks way tastier.

  • As a Wisconsinite, the lack of cheese curds has me visibly shaken.

  • BABISH. as a canadian this looks decent. not bad

  • È uno snack da universitari

  • As a Canadian chef I can say, not super happy but begrudgingly accepting of the quality of this dish

  • St.Albert cheese curds or you're missing the whole point

  • There is a factory in St.Albert Ontario, they call St. Alberts Cheese. They make the best cheese curds, for all of Ottawa, and without, you’re not eating poutine🎵

  • I think knowing the difference between fries with gravy and cheese and a Poutine is the difference between being Canadian and the rest of the world.

  • I speak for Canadian when i say how dare u! U go above and beyond for every other dish but when it the Canadian treasure "to much work to get cheese curds"

  • Tip for a brown crunchy fries: Boil them before you toss them in the oil! I did my homemade poutine here in quebec and got my sauce from St-Hubert restaurant

  • Being from quebec, I gringe at you mozzarella on poutine. If you can call it that.(you can't)

  • Next time do putin

  • that is not real poutine ...

  • My guy the most important part of poutine is the cheese curds..

  • There is no substitute for cheese curds. None. I feel sad for people who will never know the joy of genuine poutine.

    • It’s not something everyone likes. Like me. I really don’t like it lol

  • You found a store that sells every kind of meat but you couldn't find cheese curds?

  • There's a local restaurant here in MA that serves Regular (yes, with mozzarella) and Portuguese style (with ground chorizo on top of the regular)

  • you get a pass honestly you made a poutine with what you had and didn't try and make it stupidly complicated plating could be a bit messier though

  • Woor-stah-sure - easy. The Perrin family mansion (just south of The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs) of Lea & Perrin's was about a mile from my childhood home...that topic came up frequently...usually around Thanksgiving.

  • The thing is that this cheese wont have the signature squeakyness of the real deal

  • I just got a freaking Binging with Babish advertisement about ranch..

  • No curds omg

  • ˢᵃᵘᶜᵉᵖⁿ

  • I saw his hidden valley commercial as the first ad

  • This is a fucking disgrace, as a Quebecer I am deeply offended that you call this poutine, when you didn't even use cheese curds. I expected more.

  • eating poutine with putin

  • It drives me crazy that he can find banana leaves, rare Chinese spices, fucking kangaroo meat... but he can’t find cheese curds.

  • Not to be confused with poitin. Also made with potato but just different in every way

  • As a Canadian I think with this poutine I can get you a Canadian citizenship pretty easily if I can bribe them with this poutine.

  • Poutine gravy is 60% chicken and 40% beef.

  • Tom Segura has ruined any possibiblty of me ever eating poutine

  • Putin?

  • as a Canadian, I agree with this recipe. its basically just higher quality poutine (i usually like real cheese better, cheese curds tend to be kind of lumps of factory cheese (or as you may call it American cheese.)

    • @Porkleaker sure, but as i said before: cheese curds are factory-made, and personally i don't like them as much as real cheese (not saying i don't like them tho)

    • lol higher quality? Mozzarella is cheap, the gravy was basically soup and the wrong kind. Supposed to use white cheddar cheese curds which are by far the best.

  • I appreciate your honesty. Ontario has real curds as well.

  • Hmm I guess Putin must've eaten poutine.

  • I think this gave the Swedish chef two heart attacks

  • Yo, when I clicked on this video, the Ranch commercial you starred in went on!

  • I can find cheese curds in Missouri, how can you not find them?

  • I want it, give me it

  • mozzarella, the most flavourless and overrated cheese in the world.

    • @Saliea Izzard mild, bland, call it what you will, there are SO many other tasty cheeses out there, it just boggles my mind that mozzarella is used so often.

    • It has flavor jts just mild

  • This is still my least favorite episode of babish to this day because it just doesn't feel like he actually tried or cared at all.

  • C’est pas ça une poutine tabarnak

  • The cheese curds aren’t melted. The only thing dripping is the tears of all those Canadians you’ve hurt.