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Avaldati 14 nov 2019
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More healthy recipes! I heard you loud and clear. This time on Basics, I'm taking a look at the very popular, very versatile cauliflower.
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  • So you guys mighta noticed that I renamed this episode "Healthier Versions of Unhealthy Foods" - I wanted to make it clearer that these aren't diet foods or things you should necessarily eat every day, they're lower-calorie, lower-carb, higher-fiber versions of unhealthy foods. They're still very high in fat, so there's a trade-off, but they hopefully give you guys ideas of how to scratch the junk-food-itch when you're trying to eat well!

  • How do I use my Babish emoji’s???

  • "healthier versions" then makes scrambled eggs with a cup of oil. Nice

  • Would you be willing to do a gluten free episode of basics? Like different gluten free desserts or things like this where they're just gluten free versions of other foods?

  • I need "more unhealthy versions of unhealthy foods"

  • Ham ...... in fried rice !?

  • Cauliflower fried rice. HAAIYAAAAA

  • Why did I read the title as Heath Ledger

  • I always wondered why pizza in cartoon always lookso yellow. I guess they were eating cauliflower pizza all this time

  • Stop demonizing carbs, complex carbs aren't the problem: refined sugar and portion size are.

  • The fried rice gave me the shits

  • I'm reminded of an episode of the show Happy Days which aired in May 1974. Richie Cunningham says to his father Howard Cunningham something like "We would rather live now than eat cauliflower".

  • This is really good I’m gonna send it to some of my friends with eating disorders so they get some nutrients even if they can’t eat much :(( it all looks so lovely

  • Plz do "Unhealthier versions of Unhealthy foods" cuz i want that sweet sweet cholesterol

  • Uncle Roger: No wok? haiyaaa...

  • Waaaait.... You mean cauliflower cheese isn't just a normal dish in the US????

  • This episode should be renamed Cauliflower Power

  • Can you please do a lactose free version of this video? Like, ways to substitute butter, milk or cheese? I love cooking with creams, cheeses and dairy in general. Having some good alternative options in the arsenal would help for my wife and other friends who are lactose intolerant.

  • I’m watching this while eating Shrimp and Cauliflower “grits”

  • i love watching this and pretending im going to start eating healthy

  • Love cauliflower rice.

  • "and put it on a high rate of speed until smooth." then presses medium speed.

  • I was eating Pizza Hut while watching this

  • I didn't see him shred the parmesan, I don't believe it. *shock sounds*

  • Breaking news: man drink sauce like juice

  • I'm surprised he didn't try the cauliflower wings! I've heard good things about it, but I've always wanted to see how it works

  • ”i love a drink that you have to chew” bubble tea has joined the chat

  • this dude made better fried rice than the bastardized version Jamie Oliver came out with and he didn't even use real rice.

  • 5:49. be sure to pour the sauces along the side of the pan. not in the center. Pouting it on the side with evaporate water, and slightly caramelize the sugars making them more gummy and allowing them to coat better

  • i watch BWB pretty much everynight to help me sleep (good for white noise bc i’ve seen every episode) but I JUST GOT A BINGING WITH BABISH AD BEFORE A BWB VIDEO im so proud it makes me so happy to see him so successful :’))))

  • Carbs are not unhealthy

  • Healthy Cooking: Replace Carbs Add CHEEEESE

  • this music is so good

  • What’s a good replacement for ham?

  • Too bad cauliflower is usually a big no no for IBS sufferers.. :(

  • Cauliflower and cheese with a roast dinner 👌

  • I thought the green juice was from Ironman 2

  • Two things he did wrong with the fried rice. One, no msg. Two, he served it with a metal spoon on nonstick pan. I can hear Uncle Rodgers’ hiyaaaaa already....

  • Babish: lets use cauliflower dust as rice Uncle roger: D:

  • 4:56 the red sun from east is rising...

  • im drunk rn and my mouth is wide open and im salivating lol

  • Made the rice recipe and it tasted like shit. I followed the recipe to a T. I’m I doing something the cauliflower is way to small and their is no difference in my grater.

  • As a le creuset owner who can’t afford another one.... does that metal seamer damage the enamel of the pot at all? I guess it shouldn’t be vigorously boiling water....

  • Since when is rice unhealthy?

  • Healthy crust made of cauliflower and butt tons of shredded processed cheese and adding more cheese on top 😆😂

  • Genius. Replacing starches with cauliflower... the dutch ovens will be epic. Thanks Babish!

  • that pizza lol you took out the flour from the dough and added a ton of cheese. Seems even more calorie dense

  • What about putting the cauliflower in the oven to get all the water out?

  • Once I ate chicken wings, but with cauliflower. So they were flower wings?

  • This video made me mad, I don't like cauliflower, yet it all looked so tasty. I feel cheated by unhealthy food


  • This video made me realize how much my mom spoiled me while also teaching me how to be healthy. Knowing how to work your veggies into delicious meals is an artform. cheers mate.

    • Yeah, people who don't like vegetables usually just don't know how to cook them well.

  • I-I don’t know what to say. I got a GT kombucha ad. I know it has no relation to this video but ... I’m this close to tears, of laughter or fear I don’t know

  • Please do some vegan dishes

  • cauliflower is just albino broccoli

  • times “cauliflower” was said: 23

  • do you have the amount of calories for these three recipes??

  • Minus the panko breadcrumbs, all of these are keto friendly. Oh boy. Instead of the panko, crushed pork rinds does the job.

  • That exists mate qauliflower cheese. It's used in small amounts as a side

  • At 0:52 his voice syncs up with the music in a weird way

  • I appreciate videos like this because these sorts of recipes make it easier to save some calories here and there and increase the overall nutrient density of one's diet. They're also just allow you to switch things up and prepare different foods in new ways. That being said, it's the the calories that are more of an issue when trying to lose weight, not the carbs per se. Low carb diets result in faster weight loss, but when compared to normal diets in the long-term, they don't seem to offer any advantages, and those eating more carbs lose just as much weight. Another thing, it's not carbs, but REFINED carbs that you're rightfully trying to avoid because they're unhealthy and it's very easy to over consume them. I wish the "low carb" cult would end. Carbs in the form of mostly whole foods, in amounts recommended by registered dieticians, aren't a problem at all (assuming you don't have medical issues which are helped by a low carb diet or ketogenic diet). A diet with slightly more of its calories derived from carbs relative to the other macro nutrients, is a NORMAL and healthy human diet. There's absolutely no evidence-based reason to demonize carbs in general. The low carb = healthy rhetoric is getting very old and its retirement is long overdue.

  • I love the music it’s so classy & soothing for a cooking video just suits perfectly to cook to!

  • I love this mans recipe I always try to make what he does best I can

  • the look when drinking the marinara "I regret everything i just did"

  • Damn, he didn't make cauliflower mash

  • rice is unhealthy??? 😂😂😂

  • Hmm yes my favorite vegetable H A M

  • What about cauliflower in dehydratior?

  • Dang I just found an awesome channel, I thoroughly enjoy the alternative words you use

  • Is there a way to make the "pizza" without using cheese for the base and still have a usable 'crust'?

  • Cauliflower makes me fart like crazy.

  • Can it be any type of chess or does it have to be low moisture?

  • Yuck

  • Guess what?

  • The intro music is sooo bad tho.

  • Very emotional cooking for some reason

  • Fuck the music is annoying as hell

  • give me unhealthy versions of healthy foods

  • Babish what is the editing software you use because soon I’m getting my first laptop and I want to edit on the laptop and I like how you edit your videos?.

  • This video is so relaxing

  • very annoying music :(

  • This episode is sponsored by cauliflower.

  • Making this today. I’ll come back to say if it worked out or not! :)

  • Any pizza is an individual pizza if you’re hungry. Oh, wait, this is supposed to be a healthy episode...

  • Yes, that was a Boston accent. The difference, according to Donny Wahlberg, is that New Yorkers pronounce their Rs.

  • 5:42 RIP edamame lost to the stove grate

  • So i found out today that Americans hadn’t heard of cauliflower cheese

  • Carbs aren’t evil! Just because your losing weight by starving your body of energy doesn’t mean you eating healthy

  • How tf is rice not healthy

  • Cauliflower is DELICIOUS but should never be paired with tuna

  • I was actually looking at this blender at the store!! I’m totally gonna get it now

  • Love these recipes! Except for the fact that I despite cauliflower LOL

  • This is more like Keto recipies, not necessarily healthy by any mean, they have a whole ton of cheese, which I don't mind but wouldn't call "healthy"

  • I hate trolling but I have to ask, what's so unhealthy about regular pizza crust?


  • Adds processed ham and removes rice, very healthy!

  • would love to see how broccoli brownies come out, trying to get my husband to eat veggies with out tasting them, i swear he's got over sensitive taste buds or something, anything even slightly bitter he wont touch

  • *makes healthier version of pizza* "Now add cheese 3 times"

  • Me, having just vomited because I have a case of food poisoning: 👁👄👁 yummy

  • Why do we equate low carb with “health”. The fried rice was not healthier by any means, just low carb.