Binging with Babish 7M Subscriber Special: LOTR Part 1

Avaldati 30 juuni 2020
Years in the making (because I kept putting it off out of fear), the Lord of the Rings Special is finally upon us. And it's in two parts instead of three - you know, a trilogy. Babish you're a dumbass sometimes. Anyway we're diving into the make-ahead recipes for this seven-course feast, covering all the major hobbit food groups, and getting into the heavy stuff next week! Thank you so much for helping me reach 7 million subscribers!
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  • We’ve had one yes. What about second Babish?

    • Dont tease me with the thought of getting double babished;)

    • Can you do a hazelnut soup recipe from Tangled?

    • yes

    • I'm a fan but this isn't the first time I have questioned your baking skills bud. Honestly I imagined it would have been more like a focaccia rather than that crinkled up cracker thing you made. Only the first thing though I thought the rest looked good.

    • Yes

  • So.......mince pies ARE NOT FILLED WITH MEAT.............. You sure learn something new everyday

  • Modern Mincemeat is cooked with suet. It is a fat that comes from beef. Traditionally, mincemeat was traditionally consumed by people who couldn’t afford actual beef. Hence it’s called mincemeat Because the beef suet gives it a “meaty” flavor. It’s similar to the ways some people in Virginia call watermelon “Virginia Ham” when they can’t afford actual meat.

  • I always thought the seed-cakes Bilbo loves is basically just lemon-poppyseed cake. But that’s because I’m basic.

  • Man my old girlfriend used to make a great mead out of juniper berries... I wonder if she still makes it to this day...

  • YESSS been waiting for this one!!!

  • sry but i don't do magic food! me: sound reasonable

  • Any mincemeat I've ever had was made with ground (or minced) meat and suet. My grandmother and mom used to make it with ground deer meat to help use it up. I have never had a version that omits the meat, I'm guessing leaving it out is cheaper (since it is no longer necessary as a preservation method) and makes it an easier sell to people wary of meat in their desserts.

  • Omg awesome ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • While we're in fantasy land, I'd love to see meals from the Narnia books, like Mr. Tumnus' tea, or the luncheon Lucy shared with Coriakin ("Dawn Treader"), or the supper after the Snowball Dance ("Silver Chair"). (Though only hardcore Narnia fans are gonna know what I'm talking about 🙃)

  • Your dishwasher doing the R2D2 chat to the other appliances while you're at the stove is distracting......

  • dude, are you getting payed to use the word "kosher" unnecessarely as often as possible?

  • i've always thought of lembas bread as more of a shortbread. no idea why though.

  • Wow! Nice job at 8 million not even in a year! I can’t believe it!! 🍴🍽

  • and 4 months later we need a 8M subscriber special

  • I don't care about metric or imperial units, I can convert them, but I don't get the measuring of salt by volume. 1tbsp kosher salt. Awesome. The size of the grains of salt differs from brand to brand, which changes the overall density, which gives different amount of salt, even though it is always a teaspoon. Please please please give the amount of salt by weight. Or publish the weight of a "Teaspoon of Salt in the Babish system of measurements", so we can convert it ourself. Thank you.

  • I don’t understand a single reference in the comments but I’m still happy to be here!

  • Immediate=4 days

  • 8 MILL HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As someone who hates almonds, this video was quite painful.

  • You know what I absolutely adore about The Lord of The Rings? Viggo Mortensen's favourite scene wasn't some epic fight scene or when he got to kiss Liv Tyler, no. It was when he was told to throw apples at Billy Boyd's face. And it did take a few takes 😂😂😂

  • wtf babish is nearly at 8mill already

  • Lembas bread is better a thick biscuit. It’s more filling and tastier.

  • aaand in a couple of days youll have 8 million. Can you do The Hobbit dinner ?

  • 3 months ago he just reached 7 and now he's almost at 8 mill dear god

  • Mincemeat should have Suet (Balled up beef fat) in it as well!

  • man this is a bad time to have a nut allergy

  • I love the grammer in this video

  • you mean almost 8 mil

  • im a little late lol, happy almost 8 mil tho

  • Mince != Mincemeat

  • 3 months later and my man almost at 8 min

  • 5:34 I would use minced walnuts.

  • He said mince meat pie, not a mince pie, mince meat. Wtf

  • Lembas and cram are opposites that serve the same purpose. Cram is hard tack and unpleasant to eat. Lembas is somehow a sweet AND savory and light and airy lemony croissant that doesn't spoil and is more calorie dense than cram and the best thing you have ever put in your mouth You are the only person I know who has ever pronounced the t in soften. I thought you were being exact, but you also come close to saying "pin" when saying "pan", so I don't know what nefarious plan you have.

  • But the precious. We needs it

  • Orlando Bloom....he got married to Katy Perry. Lucky bastard. (something tells me that teenage Katy had a crush on him back in the day...)

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • Way cool to hear Banish reference another of my favorite channels, the Townsends! Worlds collide! 😁😍

  • I have Oral Allergy Syndrome but i’d risk it all for food like this

  • 0:57 your box of sugar has a hole in the bottom ;)

  • Jokes on you Andrew, you can’t use metric for temps :)

  • "For more information, go check out the Townsends channel." That earned you another subscriber.

  • hey buddy i cant enable CC on this.. maybe that should be the next person you hire, yea? accessibility matters

  • I was waiting for him say he was sponsored by honey after saying honey a lot of times.

  • My southern grandmother, her sisters and sisters in law are whirling in their graves over your mincemeat recipe, which should contain suet as the fat, and candied citrus peel. But the hobbit pies really turned out pretty!

  • They used minced Suet originally, hence minced meat

  • blech salted pork

  • Ohhh god, those mince pies look amazing. I ADORE mince pies and cant get enough of them around christmas. Or rather around September because Iceland had some in stock when I was walking home from work today.

  • I really love this cooking show. The pacing is awesome. The vibe is fun. But I really want to throttle someone every time the tiny whisk comes out.

  • That was not a mince pie there was no beef

  • If I'm not mistaken, Lambas bread was flavored with lavender Not sure if I'm remembering that properly though.

  • Congratulations !!!

  • What an amazing new series.

  • Funny story I tried to make the honey cakes but I dont have a gram measurer or a stand mixer and I stared out normal only instead I didn't let my butter reach room temperature so when I strained to mix it slow turned into something I vomited up. I thought that it would still turn out ok if I just mixed it with the dry ingredients so the thing that I was using to put grams into the measuring cups told me that 500g was five now I have a bunch of honey flower.

  • Think litmus bread is supposed to be heavily calorie dense like a k bar. 2000 calories in a candy bar sized meal.

  • We just call it mince over here.

  • i wonder, do he hire dishwasher or he do dishes himself 🤔🤔

  • Great reference. Mary Berry is basically a hobbit.

  • the "Mincedmeat pies" arent called that in England, we just call them minced pies, minced meat is ground up meat over here. also ive never had or seen a recipe for minced pies that has nuts in them at least not such large pieces, the filling isnt supposed to have any crunch it is supposed to be soft and fruity

  • Its just mince pie not mince meat pie - a British person

  • Cram salesman.

  • Who says you can't horse around when you cook

  • what are you going to do for the 8 mill special?

  • 4:07 Rounds. Just rounds.



  • my dogs name is frodo lmao

  • It's actually pronounced Toll-Keen not Toll-Ken

  • I've always imagined that Lembas tasted like the weird round "sour cream bread" sold back home in Russia. It was akin to Pita bread, but softer, crumblier, and had just one layer. The texture was like nothing else. I've never eaten anything tastier.

  • 2:01 Oh Babish, nooooooooooooo. Lembas is not Hard Tack or Cram, Cram was the stuff they munched on in The Hobbit. Used by the Lakemen for long journeys, more of a chewing exercise really but helped keep the hunger pangs away.

  • If you didn’t sweep those biscotti crumbles onto half a scoop of vanilla ice cream I swear Andrew, I don’t even want to know ya.

  • Cram sword

  • Description for the video: Babish you're a dumb*ss sometimes. Not sure who edited this description lol.

  • I thought he was staying "megahead" instead of "make-ahead"

  • Resist the ring Babbish! Resist the ring!

  • In ireland a lump of salted pork is called bacon. In ireland we call what you call bacon, rashers

  • Andrew i love you shamelessly.

  • I don’t know LOtR but I do know British food. Sorry to say that mince meat pies and mince pies are different. Mince pies are made with mince meat (fruit) which is the recipe Babish is making. Mince meat pies would be made with the minced meat of most likely beef or pork.

  • Because there used to be meat in the Mincemeat Pie.

  • Holy shit, BwB name dropping Townsends? My day has been made. YOU MUST DO A VIDEO WITH TOWNSENDS

  • oh my god, my grandma’s a hobbit... bringing food everywhere making everyone eat 5x a day

  • I liked the lotr as a kid but its annoying now bcs of the unnecessary “quirky” hobit duo.

  • I've always imagined lembas bread to taste like Irish shortbread. It just looks so crumbly in the movies and it's supposed to be sweet so my mind immediately made the connection when i was a kid and watched the movies for the first time and I still cannot be convinced that they don't taste like shortbread.

  • Anybody else to whom the spelling of 'journies' looked incorrect but it was actually correct?

  • "I don't do magic foods." Is that a personal preference or have you had bad experiences in the past?

  • Why do i think everytime i see these Cookie Cake Log thingys theyre Bread with herb butter? (idk if you say herb butter in england/america but if you translate it in german it makes sence)

  • Just made some lembas bread it’s so good and just what I thought it would taste like.

  • I am british and I used to think that mince pies had meat in them

  • The One Recipe To Rule Them All

  • That's not how you pronounce pecans. It's more (p-Ah-cons) Pee-cans are what you use when their isn't an outhouse avaliable.


  • *One large sortaypun*

  • but hobbits eat a lot. there is no way they would make pies that small, even for themselves. What the HECK!?

  • ASOIAF Fans:Tolkien can't describe food LOTR:Try again

  • In Canada, we do most if not all our measurements in metric, but we use American ovens which use ferenheight

  • K O S H E R S A L T

  • Babish and townsend colab in the future?

  • I love the mention of the Townsends! Love the work they do too

  • Dude pork is not good for a human body , you could have used some other meat