Binging with Babish: Dinner from WandaVision

Avaldati 9 märts 2021
WandaVision serves as a richly-detailed love letter to the different eras of tv comedy, a surreal psychological thriller wrapped in a mystery, and the beginning of Marvel's phase 4. Overachieve much? In its inaugural episode, the culinary peculiarities of the 1950s are on full display - well, sort of - a character reads them off. Which is enough of an excuse for me to recreate every dish in painstaking detail!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • I don't wanna go Mr. Stark, but I love you 3000 - as time goes by, we'll say hello again.

    • it is pronounced woo ster-sheer sauce (sorry im english and happen to live near Worcestershire) when pronunciations are off like that it hurts the ears XD loved the vid

    • Make the sandwich from Spider-Man homecoming

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    • cries

    • Feel I need to mention that Mint Jelly is a type of condiment in the U.K... it comes in a jar. We also call ‘ground chuck’ mince....

  • Wait, where's the breakfast tutorial?

  • I think it was still very adventurous and interesting

  • The amount of butter blew my mind

  • Wershtusher’s chestershire sauce

  • I read the thumbnail as “Wan Davison”

  • The only difference is that you made it to actual food

  • Please make Hi Dad Soup from Goofy Movie

  • I’m liking the classic banish music

  • Andy: *Tenderizing on plate* Potter: *HEAVY BREATHING*

  • the cake

  • Babish pronunciates "sauce pan" as sozpn

  • You are like the Gordon Ramsay of cooking.

    • Gordan Ramsey is the Gordan Ramsey of cooking

  • Don’t they call ground beef “mince meat” in England and Australia?

  • Big props for taking on these complicate era specific dishes!

  • I was done with 1/3 of my maths homework so I decided to take what was supposed to be a "short break" is now 3 in the morning

  • You should make the food made by Falcon's sister in Falcon & the winter soldier

  • No one: This guy saying saucepan: S A W S P I N

  • Dried time... worst chairs. 🏃‍♀️

  • Saucepn? SAUCEPN?

  • you sound like a murderer out of context

  • F O N D

  • I felt so validated when Babish made the disgust noises for the mint! I'm not alone :')

  • lobster thermidor reminds me of the Sims

  • Not using nearly enough canned foods for an authentic 1950s meal....

  • Liberated the meat!

  • You know these dishes came from the 1950s when you literally can't recognize or tell what is any piece of food on your plate.

  • I used salted butter and the world exploded

  • i love when he cooks things that are just obviously and totally jokes. it's lovely to see someone try to suffer through these things

  • The advent of convenience foods in the 50’s & 60’s made “fine dining” at home dinner parties a frightening experience. So much Jello, mayonnaise (& other condiments), lunchmeat, and pimento olives. Brrrrrr bleah!

  • honya daddy

  • You should try making the low country boil from the falcon and the winter soldier

  • I've never understood lobster thermidor. It looks so gross. Why would you do such a thing to that poor crustacean? But then I remember it was the Fifties.

  • I'd never heard of chicken a la King but had heard of lobster thermidor. Looks rank

  • I don't know if I read this correctly but I remember there was a commenter that explained that the mint jellies were actually a different dish in the 50s and not actual jelly 😐 more like a sauce. But I don't remember if that was an actual comment or if I imagined that

  • Steak Diane....oh no. That's milk steak.

  • 10:20 Lobster Mac'N'Cheese

  • Mint jelly is just mint sauce like you would use with lamb

  • Woahhhh!! Wanda was way behind......

  • Now it’s time to make the cereal from episode 7 - it’s going to be reaaaally hard to find diary soy milk (that glitches!)

  • So chicken “à la king” is just a worse version of bouchée à la reine?

  • Ah yes, my favorite sauce, "Worst-Chait" sauce.

  • My mom made a mint gelatin-glazed lamb roast once. It was visibly green. She never tried it again.

  • I know you like to butcher it... but do you really need to spell it out too?

  • Wooster-sure per my Brit frenz. I enjoy over annunciation, war-chester-shire, the eye-rolls invoked are like gold

  • Thought that said Ron Swonson

  • What I want to know is how this guy Washes the dishes

  • Ya forgot the pineapple upside down cake 😂

  • The fact that the 50s included jellied things tells me everything I need to know about the 50s, and would never want to time travel to that era

  • Ground beef is called Minced beef in Australia and the UK etc.

  • One of the funniest videos you've done.

  • Okay but I’d hella eat the lobster thermidor. Though I am, admittedly, originally from the American Midwest.

  • Yo

  • did he just make a white version of fritos and pastelitos 😭

  • ✨Saucepn✨

  • He gives us the measurements as if we are actually going to make this

  • "cooked well past a muddy gray medium well" who else shuddered at that?

  • me watching this while eating a hot pocket :D

  • minced meat is just ground meat. its what people used to call it in the 50sand they still do in the uk

  • When I was in the Army the chicken ala King MRE was the worst meal of all time even the raccoons would disregard it

  • Love how babish think mince pies are weird

  • "This meal can be made in a *snap!"* Did she just...

  • Chicken a la king is mentioned in the Disney movie Aladdin, that’s where I heard it through my childhood!

  • Worst-chair sauce Every british person watching just got angry

  • Y'all couldn't even go onto wikipedia and look up 'mincemeat' smh. 😩

  • Again, your pastries are drastically under cooked....

  • these recipes smell like caucasian

  • I think it’d be really cool to watch Babish follow a vintage recipe then try a modern twist on it!

  • Love these inspired eps!!!!

  • “lobster mac and cheese (sans mac or cheese)” so... lobster?

  • Where’s the pineapple upside down cake?!

  • WOrt chair lol

  • I think a savoury mint jelly could possibly work if it was in the style of a vietnamese soup or dish

  • There we have it folks! “Worst-Chair sauce”

  • Who else was waiting for the surprise ignition that never came

  • Pretty basic.

  • Gonna be honest man, alot of this stuff looks gross, not because of your cooking, but because the recipes just..... arent appetizing, which might of been the point

  • How you boutta tenderize a steak on a porcelain plate?

  • Petition to replace the phrase "fresh thyme" with "thyme from a recent time"

  • This episode made me watch Wandavision, so thank you!

  • For anyone wondering it’s pronounced Wuss-stir-shire

  • was hoping for the pineapple upside down cake to be included although it didn't make it into the actual dinner

  • Wish they brought back the color during the eating part, would had loved to see how it looked like

  • You mean to tell me that Steak Diane is just a fancier Milk Steak?

  • I like how half the episode is just home being like "this is terrible, but it's correct"

  • You should make a Johnny’s Chicago Style Italian beef with giardiniera

  • *"What is grief, if not love persevering?"*

  • Mr. Ray: **Tenderizing on a plate** Me: I also like to live dangerously...

  • The sore watch gratifyingly remove because jogging presumably plan via a clear wash. illustrious, satisfying handsaw

  • Would love to see the stew from princess bride or luxury pie from black books

  • worst chair, yes i think sitting on a bottle would indeed be a bad chair

  • Agatha: "This meal will be ready in a snap." Babish: I shall expose your lies you witch.

    • @Yusuf Sofyan sorry, we don't understand noodles

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  • There is a huge difference between mint gelatin and mint jelly. Mint gelatin should be used for desserts and mint jelly is to be served with meats. Mint jelly is made like a fruit jelly (with pectin not gelatin) and can be canned.

  • If it helps, mincemeat/mince/beef mince is what everyone in England calls ground beef, so I'd say that interpretation is correct

  • Binging with dababy

  • Lobster mac and cheese. Sans mac. Or cheese. So... just lobster, then? :)

  • A dinner fit for Mephisto!

  • ayo, is this how my grandma learnt how to make curry puffs?!

  • I think it was a missed opportunity not having someone pop in the kitchen halfway through cooking and handing you a pineapple for the desert, the upside down cake.

  • Everytime you make a recipe with puff pastry: it's probably better to just buy it from the store Also you: still making it at home