7-Course Convenience Store Tasting Menu | Stump Sohla

Avaldati 26 sept 2020
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In the sophomore episode of Stump Sohla, our titular hero is faced with her greatest challenge yet: composing a resplendent 7-course tasting menu entirely and exclusively from convenience store ingredients. Can she create the chef's table experience from what you'd find at your local gas station? Cue the cheesy music and fire up the dehydrator, because we're about to find out!
Sohla's Instagram: sohlae
Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Brad Cash
Camera: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Sawyer Jacobs, Kevin Grosch, Jessica Opon, Andrew Rea and Emilija Saxe
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  • @19:49 worlds least confident chef!

  • This series is so chaotic but Sohla still manages to make great stuff with the challenges; I'm just incredibly charmed with her way of going through things.

  • "You're eating out of a beer can."

  • I keep thinking Sohla is going to flip a coin and as me to pick heads or tails...

  • this guy eats like a cringer

  • That unexpected excited handshake at the end showed how much Andrew was surprisingly delighted by the talent that he got. Looking like a true fan

  • this is so much better than the "new" BA. BA died when sohla left

  • You rock, Sohla!

  • Woohoo! I love Sohla💓💓💓💓


  • I have to say I’ve never seen anyone peel grapes. I.. I like it.

  • damn. u got the bag congrats bnut i gotta go, thus no it

  • Hahaha I love this idea! Sohla's stories are wonderful!

  • Okay but I really love her plating here?? The random chicken dishes are fantastic but I LOVE the way she incorporated the original packaging of the deli items. Fantastic

  • Dora the Explorer really became an amazing chef huh?

  • i haven’t finished the video, only watched up to Sohla explaining her menu, but i just have to pause to say i fucking love her so much

  • you can only come up with this stuff if youre baked lmao

  • Sohla! Good to see this awesome person back on youtube being creative!

  • I am SO GLAD to finally see a solo episode from Sohla. Long waited and WELL DESERVED!! Happy for you Sohla


  • This is amazing I can’t believe this is free for my eyes to watch

  • Yayyyyy SHOLA!!!

  • I loved how hyped up he was. It made me really happy. Their energy together is amazing. Theyre going to be great

  • Sohlaaaaa!!!! I missed watching Sohla 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • How did it smell? Good?

  • Her husband ham is and amazing chef too power couple

  • Came for sohla, stayed for the food.

  • Sohla makes my heart feel good

  • Sohla creating and recreating dishes like a mad scientist in an apron is such a pleasure to watch. She’s crazy talented and I’m still upset with how BA downplayed how good she is. Looking forward to seeing greater things from you Sohla!

  • Sohla would thrive in prison.

  • honestly? That cheese It thief moment is such a mood dude

  • Babyish and Sohla bond well.

  • The genuine childish joy in babish’s reactions are great

  • Babish and Sohla banter is best

  • sohla content is the only thing getting me through this year

  • this is just gross and unnecessary

  • she’s so talented it actually blows me how much she was underpaid in BA. i just don’t- dude she’s a genius lol

  • i am genuinely concerned as to what "make it sad" would have done

  • “Ham treasures” 😂

  • Mmm...tastes like a wet potato

  • Who the hell hates honeydew its the best melon

  • That cut during the fruit tasting lol

  • “And also the manual says not to do this, so don’t do it, it might explode” We’ve really been missing out on the best of sohla haven’t we

  • Sohla just showed us all how talented she is

  • Dora all grown up

  • Sohla! I’ve missed you so....la

  • she kind of sounds like dakota johnson!

  • The fact that I cant tell the difference between the similar colored things stresses me out as I'm at times convinced Sohla is rolling ice cream in cheezits or potatoes in Twinkies

  • Wow I mean I knew she was an incredible chef but...this is beyond impressive. the level of skill and creativity combined here is INSANE wtf

  • But I have an important question - did the ramen dough smell good?

  • Bodega isn’t slang. It’s just Spanish.

  • Great episode but the sound levels were a bit up and down. Just made for a risky watch while my baby slept 😁

  • I love actually getting to see more of Sohla’s personality

  • Love the peeling of grapes to soothing music

  • So many chickens 😂

  • The convenience store had tapioca starch?

  • Sohla you've inspired me to do the right thing even if its hard. To really erase the fog clouding my undeniable worth. To be proud of the many unique lived-experiences that have woven me into who I am as a BIPOC woman. To embody virtues like integrity and selflessness even in the midst of adversity. To speak up! and doing so is virtuous and has a ripple effect for the greater good. Im lucky to have you as an example and the world is so much better because of your presence. So talented, grounded and relatable. I wish that you achieve amazing incredible things and continue to represent all of us that look up to your bravery. I felt every word of your interview with Vulture deep to the core. To all those who work with Sohla, you are incredibly lucky to be able to collaborate with such a great mind.

  • *braces self to binge watch every single video on this channel*

  • This episode was such a wild ride. An absolute blast to watch and holy crud Sohla made those ingredients go far.

  • The joy on Babish’s face when he discovered that the paratha was warm is pure wholesome entertainment ☺️

  • But does it smell good?

  • Me, watching this show for the first time: "I've seen Sohla make Carbonara as a dessert, I'm fully prepared for whatever she is planning" Sohla, casually: "I'm gonna make a flatbread out of Ramen" Me: "OH MY GOD HOW WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?"

  • The future is now.

  • ok so i have never been a cooking videos kind of person but this came up in my recommended and i am so happy i watched it sohla is so much fun to watch and i am so in awe of her skill rn wow. brb going to watch her other videos on this channel i am now a loyal fan.

  • The Cheez-it Chicharrones look delicious 🤤

  • They did surgery on a grape

  • Watching Babish carry the wheel out of the frame really cracked me up, "really wish you had that wheel guy now huh" lmao

  • bruh my dinner was ramen noodles with craft singles and a bit of milk with spices

  • Convenience store meals are my favourite

  • I’m hoping someone can confirm whether or not this is true or not. Is Sohla attacking Brad in her interview with Vulture? Based on what I saw on the Vulture article, she’s quoted calling him incompetent and questioning who would watch “some big dumb white guy”. Taking it further, she seems to be comparing Brad to Trump, which feels like a real stretch. I’m hoping that this is all out of context, anyone know for sure?

    • The only person who can confirm is Solha. But her comment rubbed me the wrong way. It was rude and elitist

    • You've read the article there is no way what she said was taken out of context. As a fan I've tried and failed to justify her comment. If she had said she didn't like Brad or he was't the nicest to her I woud have understood. But she attacked his mental accuity and tried to shame his audience for liking his content. I was so dissappointed.

    • It's true, Sohla seems to be just taking advantage of it. (gonna get some hate for that, but she did it before)

  • The inspiring music that began as he raved the glories of that reborn twinkie had me ROLLING

  • Is sohla Malaysian? She reminds me a lot of my Malaysian friend o.o

  • take a shot everytime our queen says “it smells good”

  • Love you Sohla. Glad you have your own channel 💜

  • Shame to see you've hired a rabid racist leftist.

  • Excuse me but... vete alv🥰

  • Struggle meals. Expert level

  • I am loving this.

  • Babish, I have so much respect for you right now. You have given Sohla the respect she deserves, and you now have a channel with 2 of my favorite foodtubers. I also enjoyed watching your reactions to her magic creations.

  • cooking with stuff from a grocery store. I'm not impressed.

  • Does anyone know where the other former bon appetit employees are??

  • I always liked Sohla a lot so I'm happy we are gonna get more Sohla content now. Although I'm honestly really shocked about the whole Bon Appetit situation. Didn't see that one coming at all... Anyway, Sohla, you go girl!! You're great!

  • Sohla: It smells really good Sohla: it really smells really good. Sohla: it really does smell really good Me: Ok ok I'm going to cook that, geez Hahaha

  • Watching babish rave to sohla at the end was really heart warming 🥺

  • After i read her interview with vulture, explain to me how different she is with adam rapoport? She perpetuates the same kind of discriminations shes calling out. Sohlae is a prick

  • Man after i read sohlae’s interview with vulture, i hate her so much already she is not professional at all badmouth about his ex co worker

  • Look like Kris Jenner

  • damn.. 7 minutes in and it's getting serious

  • Dora Dora the explorer

  • Favorite la croix flavor is “shipped in a container *near* passionfruit”

  • Dang, I’ve never seen Sohla this happy. Good for her!

  • Sohla gives off the same chaotic creative energy as Josh from GMM. I love it

  • bruh, she did surgery on a grape

  • I'm delighted by so many things in this vid, I can't list them all! Sohla just has the best energy, it was so fun to follow her along on this

  • “Savory nut milk”

  • Sohla-powered !!

  • I can't believe she just made dough out of ramen.

  • I'm absolutely impressed.. she's a magician.. but.. with FOOD!! she's the Picasso of Puree the Queen of the Quichen I can't believe what I just watched.. she's AMAZING

  • OMG the trick with the nitrous oxide in the cocktail MY MIND IS BLOWN!!!

  • who is this & why am i not getting these babish videos oh its a new channel he's on but not cooking