Binging with Babish: Braciole from Everybody Loves Raymond

Avaldati 28 jaan 2020
This week on Binging with Babish, I set out to make braciole from Everybody Loves Raymond.
Music: "Summer Spliffs" by Broke for Free
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  • Man, in retrospect, everybody kinda hated Raymond huh

  • You misspelled broccoli

  • Me looking at the thumbnail: mm bra-chee-o-lay looks delicious Babish: we're making deborahs bruzhol

  • Cop- What we're you doing last night Me- Watching the funny episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond Also me - YOU FOOL! Everyone knows those don't exist!

  • The bracciole should be fork tender

  • rr

  • My introduction to braciole was, ahem, The Frugal Gourmet. No indivdal portions. You use a big honkin piece of flank, and proceed to roll hard eggs, pork of your choice, bread crumbs, herbs up into a BIG roll and tie that sucker. Then, the same tomato sauce braising until done. Trust me, the slices are 100 times more appealing visually (especially those hard eggs) , and more tasty than this wimpy currant thing. I love Raymond but please, not this.

  • can you do the rainbow terrine from food wars it looks super good

  • The recipe was Marie's, not Debra's. Would Marie use garlic powder? I'm kind of doubting it, considering she went with currants instead of golden raisins.

  • Any links for the food processor?

  • Pound you meat? Really? Not beat your meat? Cmon

  • Why don't you use a cherry or red wine in your sauce?

  • You know get serious with the kitchen when you finally invest in a meat pounder.

  • Would love to see your take on a Dominican or Latin sancocho. Different meats, herbs , a community stew.

  • "leave them unmolested"

  • When he said pounding your meat i heard something else

  • Pre mixing pasta and sauce is a crime against humanity

  • As an italian earing "brajiol" hurt my head

  • Power love having your ads play on your own video

  • "Real cooks don't need recipes." "HAHAHAHAHA" ... that was a joke?

    • Its because the mom is constantly trying to find things that are wrong with the wife. Jokes aren't always funny out of context, especially a running joke.

  • Kinda weird seeing a commercial with you in it before one of your videos

  • 1:37

  • they need to make a sequel called ‘Everybody Loathes Raymond’ and they just rag on him for 30 full minutes

  • gonbarzar

  • correctly this is called roulade, is made in dark brown sauce not tomato and belongs to germany.

  • *unmolested*

  • Not sure if anyone’s quoted it yet, but... “Anyone who can make braciole like this deserves a whole hillside full of heavenly scented marigolds and daffodils.” One of my favorite Frank moments.

  • how i thought it was pronounced: brah, ki , ole '

  • Why not go for the Everybody Loves Raymond holy grail? Steak Pizziola!

  • i like how i got a Binging With Babish commercial for this lol

  • So I was pounding my meat in the kitchen and was yelled at by the girlfriend... Babish could you tell me what I got wrong in the recipe?

  • Ooh thats good

  • Raymond was a douche bag, his brother was no prize either. His parents were sickening, I have a soft spot in my heart for Debra, I believe she is a good person

  • Anyone else here him saying Unmolested at 2:41 to 2:43

  • Why Do you always crush your garlic and dont cut it?

  • “once you’re finished pounding your meat”

  • “Once your done pounding your meat” can be taken as something more disgusting 1:37

  • That laugh that Ray does in the opening clip goes from Ray Romano to Zach Braff in 3.5

  • Yoo why did he say "let them sit unmolested" @ 2:42-2:43 🤣🤣

  • 1:28 me at 3 am

  • "Everybody actually hates Raymond"

  • I was literally just watching this episode and now this pops up on my timeline..... DESTINY!!

  • You should watch this show on peacock tv app

  • soon lads, the likes will be 69,969... HAHAHAHAHA!!!! (but of course people are gonna accidently ruin it)

  • Pecorino bro pecorino

  • Couldn't find the basics version

  • You should do beef rouladin.

  • I am watching this episode now, which is why I'm here now. Lol. I need to make this

  • 1:28 what i do in quarantine I like to bet the meat

  • I'm Italian and you pronounce it: bruh - Cho - le

  • 2:42, did he just say letting them sit unmolested for at least 5 minutes


  • "Same exact orientation as when seared". Ehm. no. upside down

  • Theres like zero sauce left on those noodles lol

  • I hate Everybody Loves Raymond. Such a trash boomer-humor show. They just shit on each other with a laugh track in the background. There’s no creativity.

  • 6:00 looks like babish is liking his head

  • “Careful not to over crowd the pan” *crowds pan, pulls out slightly braised slightly grayed meat* oh Babbs. Humble beginnings you’ve had 💯❤️

  • I actually like Everybody Loves Raymond. The jokes and actors always made me laugh. :)

  • babish ma man ya know i love you but where the fuck did you get this recipe? in italy braciole are either made with pork or goat

  • Ohh! The pirates of prosciutto, the brigands of braciole

  • I lol'd @ "unmolested"

  • ive only seen bits and pieces of everybody loves Raymond, but when I clicked on this vid, not having seen this episode, I automatically assumed this dish was pronounced brack-ee-ol - and again, wrongly made the assumption that the name of this dish was short for 'broccoli casserole' - and thought awesome, can't wait to see what you do with this! yes I am currently watching this video at 2:41am in the morning, why do you ask? hahahaha but in all honesty, you and your channel are such a light, and bring me, along with millions of people at home right now, endless amounts of joy! thank you so much and hope you're well! love from Aus x x

  • That show was so boring

  • Sorry Babish, I trust your instructions and all but the last thing I'm going to do after I beat my meat is whip out a sharp knife and chop it up... my local A&E are fed up of with me as it is

  • >brajol Nope >braciole Literally as you read it. With the final e, the c sounding like "ch" and everything

  • In Malta (A tiny island at the south coast of Sicily) we do Braciole stuffing with minced meat and a hard-boiled egg instead and cook them in tomatoes sauce just like you did. Its basically a Braciole + Scotch Eggs baby if they had one.

  • Bajoule

  • Sure you can do a braciole but have you ever made brigettes? Hint, it's Sicilian peasant food.

  • Remember the times when a babish vid wasnt sponsored

  • Not trying to be too picky, but don't most Italian dishes gt topped with Romano cheese?

    • italian here. actually we mostly use parmesan cheese, pecorino romano is used as well, but it is traditional only on dishes from Rome

  • Are those black currants or zante currants? The recipe on the page doesn´t clear it up.

  • what is wrong with your dish washer

  • Dude your pronunciation of braciole is so wrong that my ears are bleedind

    • Lol

    • Whenever you say sicilian braciole... now also my heart is bleeding

    • Butter in the pasta.. now also my eyes are bleeding

  • I paused it at 5:59. His tongue out, about to eat the cartoon version of his own head. Interesting.

  • I want to eat that every day for the rest of my life. That is all.

  • Can you make the coconut curry tempanad from the A-TEAM or the desert from the orientation express

  • I love this show, I watch it with my grandma

  • I’m eating snap peas while wishing I was eating this

  • Bruh-jole

  • Vladimir Kocaqi would be proud.

  • Can’t tell if Babish is a better cook or a better film buff.

  • Unmolested?

  • "So pull the pasta..." Where the fuck did that come from?

  • did- did he unmolested?

  • Kinda triggered how he says braciole

  • i want this soooooo bad

  • My family's recipe for braciole wasn't breadcrumbs--we actually fried bread in an eggy batter, but it was otherwise similar/the same. Also, my family lives in Rochester but is from Utica-Rome. All the best,

  • Your voice is beautiful wow

  • Just wondering what the deal is with the currants? Do they lose their sweet taste from the boiling in the sauce and they're there for texture, or do they retain some of their original sweetness? Never been a fan of mixing sweet and savoury myself so just wondering what it tastes like 😁

  • Remember to pound your meat daily

  • 1:37 dangerous choice of words to use on youtube, great channel man you've really inspired me

  • Brak-ee-o-lee

  • I’m sorry but that knob of butter “to finish” was atrocious

  • 2:40 "Letting them sit, Unmolested"

  • Just watched this episode the other night 😂

  • “She never said that, I made that up, and I’m sorry.”

  • Raymond rainbow dont lie...

  • Trying this tonight, had to bash the meat with an ice-cream scoop because we don't have a meat mallet lol. Ended up still being a bit too thick but it's in the oven now and I'm looking forward to it! I'm also keen for the babish version of braciole!

  • This looks so good I’m crying...I miss good homemade Italian food

  • U should do a video on diets like the keto diet