Ice Cream Lasagna | Stump Sohla

Avaldati 9 jaan 2021
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Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Jessica Opon
Camera: Jessica Opon
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Andrew Rea, Sawyer Jacobs, Kendall Beach, Kevin Grosch, and Emilija Saxe
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  • ... Has this been cancelled?

  • I only subscribe here for sohla😭 plss give her backk

  • Really love this series! Hope you continue it!

  • Is it finished?

  • When is the next "Stump Sohla?"

  • Here be question... Instead of marinara sorbet, why not a tomato basil sorbet?

  • This reminds me of Brad so much.. i miss seeing them together

  • No one: Absolutely no one: The music: pizza time

  • What happened to this show? It's been almost two months

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • Okay, Sohla is a wonderful human being and Stump Sohla is a great addition to this channel, but HEAR ME OUT and imagine... ANDREW WITH SOHLA'S HAIR

  • 16:16 he makes stuff with milk all the time

  • 4:40 usually the scrapes aren’t audible and this bothers me

  • I wish there were more of these, her Food 52 show is bo-ring

  • As a german I immediately thought of some sort of cousin to our "Spaghetti Eis" when reading the title. I was wrong.

  • this is Sohla’s world and we’re just living in it

  • I kind of wish there was a counter for how many times sohla said 'ice cream' vs. 'Lasagna' in this vid 😂

  • Will ORdinary Sausage be part of the BCU??

  • This is my first video of yours, Sohla, and I'm having the time of my life. I haven't stopped smiling once!

  • Thank u Kendall

  • I feel like she’s more of an intuitive chef because a couple of the things she said sounds correct but I know aren’t. Like eggs in the US are cleaned, which is why we need to refrigerate. That cleaning process removes the natural protection of the egg. In many parts of Europe, they do not clean it in this way and they do not need to be refrigerated.

    • I was shocked to see the eggs in France right next to the cereal isle. In a way I got a bit grossed out but then I did some research and it's better not to wash away eggs.

  • wheres sohla

  • No more sohla episodes?

  • Where are the new Stump Sohla episodes ? :(

  • I love her personality

  • Super talented individual but that hair cut does not flatter her

    • It makes her look like a handsomely aged Dora the explorer.

  • really hoping we get a new Stump Sohla episode soon!

  • Where is Sohla?

  • Where’s Sohla?

  • I hate these videos

    • And yet here you are....


  • Please offer Sohla a new contact, we would love her back!

  • Sohla: "So, I have to turn lasagna into ice-cream." Oh that's funny, she got mixed up and nobody corrected her. *Sees the marinara ice-cream 10:42 WAIT. no. NO! 😫🍦

  • I enjoy the Sohla videos :)

  • You remind me of the Indian girl from the office, not because she's Indian but because of her and your personality

  • I only subscribed to here because of Sohla and finally discovered the wide Babish world. I've been missing so much!

  • Every asking where Sohla is. The initial contract was for 10 episodes, this was episode 10. So they're done for now I guess. I've a feeling she will return eventually but Sohla is also working in other avenues currently also.

    • Smart to only do some episodes with her other wise she might tear this channel apart too.

    • I don’t watch videos from this channel for sohla. I’m glad she’s done

    • Thanks for the update, I've been wondering where Stump Sohla went! I hope he has her back for more videos, she's one of my favorite chefs to watch. Her videos at Food52 are great, too.

    • I bet they're trying to rework the format. These videos are great, but there's certainly a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out. The videos are about as experimental as the food, so I think they'd really benefit from figuring out how to make these videos really great.

    • Sohla is currently at Food52

  • In Italy you can buy chocolate pasta. Using this idea I would’ve made the lasagne by making white chocolate lasagne sheets and then making a red sauce (sorbet) using tomatoes and strawberries and then a custard based ice cream using a soft white cheese duck egg yolks and cinnamon and layering with finely grated and toasted Coconut on top

  • I entered an ice cream making competition about 20 years ago in North Queensland Australia and I submitted a bush tomato and finger lime ice cream. The category was gluten and lactose free ice cream. Tomato works in ice cream. And I Won. My sorbet came second. It was made using Australian bush flowers and honey I also was in the top 5 for 2 more entrants in the other categories

  • There’s an ice cream desert that used to be sold in Australia that reminded me of a lasagne. It was layers of frozen ice cream and frozen custard and chocolate and a fruit sauce… I think raspberry or strawberry. You use buy it in a cardboard box. The desert came out looking like a Lasagne in the fact that the ice cream and chocolate layers were wavy like a lasagne noodles. It was a relatively expensive desert for the price of what you got for the value.

  • Are there more episodes coming?

  • Why is every new video in the past month NOT a 'Stump Sohla'? I love her! Where you at Queen?

  • How very creative!

  • Just recently found out Sohla left Bon Appétit due to race-based pay discrepancies. I genuinely hope she's happier and better paid in the Babishverse.

  • queen where are you? we miss you :(

  • where is sohla?

  • I would love to know when Stump Sohla is coming back. I love her personality, it's infectious. We miss her, Andrew! Give us back Sohla!!

  • Wonder how Andrew feels about Sohla being on his channel for a few months and already creating the best content on the channel. He probably loves it

  • When do we get more Sohla?

  • When I clicked on the video I was expecting ice cream solely in lasagna format, not ice cream in lasagna flavor. I was a fool

  • Will there be more Sohla videos?

  • Please stop clapping. It hurts my ears.

  • No more new episodes? :(

  • When I lived in Germany the ice cream truck would make spaghetti, lasagna, and even an amaretto version by pressing the ice cream through a metal grate to make the noodles and then top it with raspberry or strawberry sauce to replace the marinara and toasted coconut to replace the cheese. They would do this in their food truck right in front of you and was one of my kids favorite thing in the summer.

  • In Germany we actually have something called Lasagnaeis (lasagna ice cream). It is the less common cousin of Spaghettieis (spaghetti ice cream). To be fair, though, these are not actually savory. Rather, they are novelty sundaes for kids made from vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, and grated white chocolate.

  • Where's the new Sohla video! Need my fix ! ;)

  • shouldve made a tomato sauce creamy ice cream

  • She is beautiful...

  • I think there's a water heating issue in the studio where Stump Sohla is taking place so that's why there haven't been many new episodes lately

  • I can’t be the only one who finds her very uncharismatic, & uninteresting to watch. I signed up for Babish, not this lady’s tosh.

    • She's incredibly boring. No wonder she wasn't successful on that other channel.

    • Yeah, I only came to this video to see if there was a comment saying she parted ways.

  • Is it still on hiatus?

  • Missing this series rn 😭😭😭

  • increasing engagementsdfasdfasdf

  • This cooking show is 10x better than anything I've ever seen on TV

  • I expected her to go the "Spaghetti ice cream" road. This looks beautifully awful though.

  • this was simultaneously satisfying and upsetting

  • I wanna eat the semolina custard

  • some mexican ice cream shops have a cheese flavor

  • I hope she comes back soon

  • Did you ever finish the sheet though?

  • *Kosher Salt*

  • When will there be another episode? :'( asking for a friend

  • Dis she quit Babish?

  • imagine if it was a cranberry sorbet with all that cheese...

  • No new Stump Sohlas in 4 weeks! I really hope you guys are making these c: I really enjoy these!

  • Seeing how much y'all enjoyed the semolina and ricotta ice creams has me craving a "Best of..." Stump Sohla episode where Sohla takes the most successful elements of previous episodes and uses them to create a new seven course meal.

  • She looks like Dora

  • glucose is sweeter than suchrose. Simple sugars r sweeter than complex 1s

  • So are there no more Sohla episodes?

  • Bring back Sohla plss :((

    • Yes so true she is missed very much❤🥰😭

  • 14:46 i dont know, i get pretty crazy with munchies after a little smokey smoke

  • Sounds so gross..but I’d totally taste it.

  • come back sohla we miss you

    • @Mallory Knox why tho

    • I knew it wouldn't last 😂

    • I was looking for a comment like this because I was just thinking that she havent been on the channel lately 😭

  • Where is Sohla? Its been three weeks without a appearance. Hopefully all is well.

  • Dang she's like _really_ intelligent, you can see it if you look.

  • Who is sohla

  • Im so happy to see Sohla starred videos

  • Speaking of 8 Mile, Babish should make "Mom's Spaghetti"

  • Mr. Rogers: "You're special just the way you are." Sohla: "Everything you've heard is a lie." Me: "I KNEW IT!"

  • I can’t wait until Babish channel gets nuked by Sohla’s Utlimate ability: Race Card

    • @Stan Marsh Sorry guys, don't feel the need to waste my time trying to change the minds of racist trolls.

    • @B Mac Where'd you go b mac? Awfully quiet now.

    • She will definitely throw him under the bus eventually just cause he's a "white guy", I'm just waiting

    • @B Mac she didn't get paid as much because she wasn't as successful as them. Do you also think b-list actors deserve the same payment as Brad Pitt?

    • Right?!?! Banish should be ashamed of himself for supporting someone with brown skin that expects to be paid as much as her white coworkers. /s

  • WOW this SOhla person sure has bought a lot of likes and comments.

  • cheese flavored ice cream is actually a very common ice cream flavor here in the Philippines!

  • I dare you not to say "When"!

  • Sohla episodes are lame.

  • From the thumbnail thought she was dressed as Tina from bobs burgers. But I guess that’s just how she looks.

  • It’s been so nice to see Sohla blossom here. 🥰

  • Was very appreciative of having closed captions!! I hope you all continue having them for other vids Also my partner made the suggestion of making a tomato (and basil?) sorbet instead of straight marinara (because it swings sweet)

  • Bad on you Babish! Racist anti-white, anti-male Sohla El-Waylly should be removed all forms of social media. On to my boycott list you go!

    • @LiquidPlasticable They got paid more because they were more charismatic and entertaining than this wet towel and their videos got more views. I don't think you know how EEclone works, more views = more money. And who's to say she did "more" than them? Last time I checked they were all qualified since they all went to culinary school, she's not more qualified than them and is not better than them just because she makes weird recipes

    • Person of color: Hey can you actually pay me the same as my coworkers? I literally do everything and more than they do? Oh and also, can I get paid for appearing on the web series, you know, like all the white creators are but none of the minorities are? BA: No Some dipshit on the internet: WOW how dare this POC ask to be treated fairly?! They hate white people you guys!!!

    • what???

  • Where are new episodes??

  • Soooo, can we crowd fund Babish so he can poach the rest of the BA team, Brad, Chris, Andy, and Clair specifically, along with Hunzi, Dan, and Kevin as the production crew.