Binging with Babish: Chocolate Pudding from Rugrats

Avaldati 3 märts 2020
About a month ago, I basically brought this episode on myself: declaring, in a popular Reddit thread, that I was working on the meme'd-out chocolate pudding from the incomparable Rugrats. Turns out there's only so much you can do with chocolate pudding - so I tried my best to do a little bit of each!
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  • Stu had the right idea - keep stirring that pudding or else it'll thicken unevenly! But try to stay in control of your life, if possible.

    • Kk already failed second part

    • @Jn p I suppose so, I just figured Americans like to salt their confectionary

    • @khululy p those are quite salty. But in general, salt should enhance the flavor of something sweet, not necessarily something you can taste. Just like how sugar in savory dishes can bring out more flavor. You shouldn't taste sugar, just better flavor

    • @Jn p interesting I'm from Europe and find Oreo and Reese's peanutbutter cups to be quite salty for 'sweets'. Atleast to our standards.

    • @khululy p actually helps bring out the flavor more. I worked at a bakery where we made chocolate pies. Definitely a difference if not added

  • His broken whisk really disturbs me @4 in the morning

  • Is anyone else seeing a weird picture on the side of each video?

  • Make Abbachio’s “tea” from jojo part 5 :P

  • Lets get some F's for that poor innocent wisk who gave its life for the sake of chocolate pudding

  • hell yeah, i'm not australian but my family's been making the hershey's version of the chocolate pudding sauce cake since i was a kid and it truly is one of the best cakes/puddings. i always eat it with twice its weight in vanilla ice cream cause it's just so rich and chocolatey

  • I refuse to use kosher salt 🧂 I’m still upset over how they treated Jesus 🤷🏻‍♀️


  • *I never realized how clinically depressed Stu was as a Kid...*

  • did he just say the b word!?

  • Wait, what if it was 4:00 in the afternoon 🤭🧐🤨

  • I didn u can towels on an oven. Specifyication of the hell towel pls.

  • So can I nominate Babish for a Nobel Peace Prize?

  • Idk why but I just realized his oven is having a stroke behind him.

  • I think it's hilarious that he did one of these based off a popular /v/ meme that's been running for like 8 years now. It's quarter till 4:00AM somewhere in the world, anons, hope you're getting your lives back together.

  • Babish, what are you doing? *Recreating chocolate pudding.* It’s 4:00 in the morning. Why on earth are you uploading chocolate pudding? *Because I’ve lost control of my life.*

  • I wish I had smellavision

  • Someone please tell me what that magical plastic wrap is!

  • I’ve never seen any of these in England it looks weird but low-key wanna try it

  • I have done this. I have done this, and for the exact same reasons.

  • Instructions unclear, pudding started smoking weed while chilling in fridge.

  • If you could do the “Rosemary’s Baby” chocolate mouse without inflicting a Satanic pregnancy on the consumer that’s be great. Less keen on the raw liver. And Roman Polanski’s crimes.

  • Now, I love Babish and his videos, but occasionally, it kinda pisses me off that his work is staying at home and cooking. I would kill for a job like that!

  • " Because I lost control of my life" That's a mood.

  • Plot Twist: He was making the chocolate pudding At 4pm.

  • The last one is just modified chocolate cobbler.

  • I'm sure that wasn't pudding

  • Fun fact for anyone who didn’t know: In the UK, Australia, and New Zealand; “pudding” doesn’t *exclusively* refer to what us Americans know as pudding. It just refers to desserts. So a “chocolate pudding” across the pond is really a chocolate dessert… which could mean anything as far as texture and consistency goes, though it usually is more cake/bread-like Like an old fashioned bread pudding :)

  • I got really confused when he said ‘I’m gonna make what Australians called chocolate pudding’ and was like ‘wait what do we call... OH SELF SAUCING PUDDING yum

  • 4:42

  • why do people even dislike

  • Sauce p'n

  • great, now i want chocolate pudding. *very great!*

  • I just got a binging with Babbish ad over binging with Babbish video

  • Anyone else like warm chocolate pudding more than chilled chocolate pudding?

  • one time i made homemade oat milk and tried to make hot cocoa with it and it turned into oat milk pudding bc i overcooked it

    • @A Faris that’s a good start

    • @Jack Evans I don't like pudding and my dad was not willing to try but it looked like it could've been good, and the proportions were right for actually making pudding

    • How’d it taste?

  • coming from an australian you have to serve the aussie pudding with some ice cream

  • is that a pax vaporzier sticker on his phone?

  • incorrect Australian pudd: wasn't coated in a thick slather of custard

  • holy hell, that Australian “pudding” had me sitting here with my mouth agape the entire time he was making it. it looks and sounds too good to be real, yet knowing i can easily make it with ingredients i have right now in my kitchen gives me the warmest and tingliest of feelings in my tummy.

    • @Francis Well, when everything’s trying to kill you, pudding is the one thing you can rely on.

    • wanna know the best part about it. Here in Australia you can get box mixes at the store for it so you don't even need to use your brain to make it.

    • Please tell me you did

  • Babish,it's 4 in the morning why are you making chocolate pudding

  • Quarantine, month 6. Wife: what are you doing? Me: Watching Babish make chocolate pudding Wife: It's five in the morning. Why are you watching Babish make chocolate pudding? Me: Because I've lost control of my life

  • Its 5:04 am I still able to make this pudding

  • I just can't do homework

  • Babish’s dishwasher in the background for the first half of the video: HSHEVESHTENSV

  • I feel Stu's "I lost control of my life" in a spiritual level

  • Where does one buy a saucepin?

  • "Let's shake off the cobwebs" *-- begins slapping beard --*

  • Chocolate pudding is so underrated! Most layered cakes videos use ganache or some type of buttercream as the filling, when you can use silky smooth chocolate pudding! I have not tried the self-saucing thingy though cause I do not have an oven-safe frying pan... :(

  • As an Aussie, I had no idea what he was talking about with an “Aussie chocolate pudding” but it’s lava cake!!! That stuff is so good but no Australian has the energy to say “self-saucing chocolate pudding” too many words!!

  • i keep getting them ranch ads

  • Next episode make the vessels your self

  • You earned a like for pronouncing 'aluminium' correctly

  • "hwisking"

  • The only Aus style pudding I'm aware of is Christmas pudding

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Me: I like when he says fingees!

  • I definitely prefer it cold probably because I’ve only ever had the snack pack once’s there cult classics in my house hold

  • I used to do the same but with home made chocolate chip cookies. The life of a grandma is hard

  • Welcome to Hell Population: you

  • that Australian chocolate pudding LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING OMG

  • Sojiro's Curry from Persona 5 plz

  • Who come here for the food not for the recipe.😋😋

  • Your logo very much reminds me of Jackson Galaxy

  • No black and/or white pudding???

  • Me in 4AM watching someone cooking pudding in 4AM because he see a cartoon making pudding in 4AM

  • Are we just going to ignore how disabled that whisk looks at 1:54

  • Ok

  • I LOVE that word, "fingies"! Used it as a kid, and still love it.

  • 6:19 watching this

  • No. Coffee. Ruined pudding. Bleugh.

  • the Aussie version looks incredible!

  • Why did he make pudding at 4 in the morning? Because he lost control of his life

  • i added non-kosher salt and my face melted off

  • Ah pudding, the most pointless and irrelevant food alongside Jello

    • it's good tho

  • I am so happy.. So happy he said fingies. He needs to say it more.

  • This comment section is just Australians thinking they own the word pudding. SMH.

  • Aussie here: The last one is most certainly a true pudding. The rest, however, warrant an honourable mention as they closely resemble YoGo

  • An Australian recipe? OMG, thank you so much for sharing with the world something those like myself have enjoyed for so long.

  • Watching at four in the morning babish at four in the morning making stu pickles four am chocolate pudding

  • Ok great job with the end result, ah assist Australia, but how did you figure out you could do that?

  • Nobody: The LaCroix in the background: 👽

  • i am a rugrat since i am a fan of faze rug

  • You say aluminium, saucepan and teatowel in the Queen's English and I commend you for it

  • 5:01 the violence he used to bring that butter to the pan was terrifying

  • Why did you say aluminum like you're from Europe

  • amateur, you were one minute OFF!! UNSUB

  • Wholy shit when 4:01am hited on ur phone it hited on my phone too wholy shit

  • Did you wake up at 4 or stay up till 4?

  • What are you doing? Making chocolate masterpiece

  • I watched this at 2:00am before going to sleep “because ive lost control of my life”

  • Now I feel like getting dominos just for the lava cake

  • Or rather, brownie?

  • Not only the pudding at the end, but I think the one at 4:29 was ALSO kind of cake-like!

  • Well, if you didn't drink coffee the morning this video, let's hope the caffeine from the chocolate woke you up! 😆😅

  • What does chalk it up mean?

  • Skin? What do you mean by SKIN? Pudding has skin?

  • Cute pajamas! 😄Nice colors! 😁Traditional but cute. I mean. Old-fashioned, but cute.

  • What's wrong with ur whisk

  • 🦖 🦕🦕🦕

  • My Australian uncle says he likes a bit of chocolate pudding with his cream every now and then