French Onion Soup | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 9 jaan 2020
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French onion soup can be a little fussy, time-consuming, and tear-inducing, but if you've got a few hours on a rainy Saturday, there are few better ways to spend it than in the pursuit of this classic, comforting gratineé.
Music by Chillhop:
Blue Wednesday - "Murmuration":
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Shopping List:
3lb bag Spanish onions
48 ounces high-quality beef broth
Fresh parsley
Fresh thyme
Fresh garlic
Black peppercorns
Cloves (optional)
Parmesan cheese rind (optional)
Olive oil
Dry sherry
Day-old baguette
Kosher Salt
Gruyere cheese


  • Sorry we're all on new year's diets and I'm still making unhealthy stuff - I shot all this back in the caloric heyday of December

    • I have been a subscriber for yours call a while I have watched countless videos during the night because they are enjoyable to watchin this particular video you are using some background music that I would love to know who made this and or can I buy or stream it this particular jazz set with even make me get up in the kitchen I would appreciate any and all information on this particular song right here your most gracious subscriber and thank you

    • Eeeee

    • Bold of you to assume my new years diet wasnt to eat more french onion soup

    • Aaaaannnd we're back. Happy June!

    • Binging with Babish Could you link to the ceramic bare ware you use to finish off the soup @3:53 . . I’ve been looking for it since I saw this vid . What is it called ?

  • needs more cheese!

  • But is this *MATTY MATHESON* approved?

  • When you have that bit of skin peeling off the roof of your mouth after you've burnt it

  • hrrngh... soup

  • Appreciate this

  • *proudly blasts Chanson de l'ognion on full volume*

  • Gordan Ramsey VS Babish is a much series.

  • Everyone is all about the baguette and cheese. Am I weird that I just make the onion soup and take it for lunch without it? I'll bring cheese if extra but the baguette is alway hard to work with for what it delivers. The garlic clove rub was a good idea tho.

  • I'd love to see your version of a minestrone soup! I'm having a hard time finding a decent recipe.

  • Looks just like the best damn French Onion Soup I've ever had in my life Got it at the Wolf Ember Grill out in Kepler, West Virginia.. I'd bury a bowie knife in any one of your chests for some of that french onion soup right now

  • I was able to recreate this exactly, I even had the Parmesan cheese rind,

  • When you use Spanish Onions and a Dutch oven to make French soup *Mr Worldwide*

  • Mmmmh, soup for my family

  • Gruyere cheese vs gruyere ....?

  • This is a quite international french onion soup... Spanish onions, Swiss cheese... oh yeah... Soy sauce is quite "french" also. Looks delicious though.

  • I like yours but i like my version where after you put the cheese you put more bread that has been brushed down by melted butter then add more cheese and continue that cycle 5 times. I use a wok for this though.

  • pole to pole is also considered julienned in most culinary interpretations. just in case any of you cherry culinary students were freaking out ................................................ fucking cherries............

  • someone once said that i look like the sort of person to not know how to caramelize onions and nothing has ever cut me deeper than that.

  • Tu t'appeles Babish... hah hahha

  • Idk if you’ve ever played or even heard of the game called hayday it’s a farm game but it’s also like a business in a way anyways I was wondering would you try to recreate some of the cakes and or pies 🥧 from the game

  • I will NEvER EAT ThIS!!!!

  • You know it's French onion soup when the onions start crying instead of you

  • Favorite soup ever!!

  • As someone who VICIOUSLY hates seafood I can tell you it is absolutely a lie that fish sauce doesn't make things taste fishy. It's not immediately apparent, but somewhere in the dish there is a fish flavoured bomb waiting to go off! I can always, Always, ALWAYS tell when someone's "secret ingredient" is Fish Sauce!

  • Dude stop whistling

  • With headphones on, the s sounds in this video will make your ears bleed!

  • you wish lol

  • I was eating a baguette sudden I wanted onion soup

  • Julia Child taught me this originally.

  • You kill me. We should call this American onion soup. Very delicious. I could always tell the real thing by the tiny black dots that are not pepper dots. It showed they roasted beef bones. I really like shortcuts. Asian flavor enhancers for example. But they do change everything dramatically and they make it imitation-French.

  • Help i used a fresh baguette and a bread monster is attacking my entire family

  • I just made this IRL. I’m never ordering French Onion soup from a restaurant again!

  • This is the first time French onion soup has ever looked appetizing to me.

  • Earned a subscriber, love the vibe.

  • Who saw a ranch add with him in it before watching this said video??

  • Im here comparing every onion soup recipe on yt While ik i wont make it

  • Wait did u change ur channel name? It’s cool

  • thank you Mr.Babish

  • If it was actually french, it should've been called ONYO soup!

  • It's not onion... it's oño.

  • I made it with the demi-glace and bone broth from the babish episode IT WAS DELICIOUS

  • Me: just gonna watch this video a few minutes don't need more subscriptions. Me, 2 min later, subscribed! great video

  • Do you feel weird talkin to yourself all day 😂😂

  • TBones uses Cognac 🤫

  • I'm drooling on this 🤍

  • I love your choice of blue wednesday!

  • ohkay this might be weird but me and my husband collect these brown/tan colored sets just like you have but we go to goodwill/restore and find new pieces every time! idk what brand they are but it makes me happy to see babish use them, silly but it made my day♡ I wish I new what type they were but its cool to know I have the same ones as you😎

  • Why can't I stop watching this channel, even though I know full well that I would never attempt to recreate these meals?

  • Your cheese coverage is awesome. This is my favorite soup.

  • never gonna give you up

  • How about adding macaroni or potato


  • Wtf is a babish?

  • Someone burned his tongue that day.

  • French test: *Oignons* _check_ *Baguette* _check_ *Heart-stopping amounts of gruyere* _check_

  • Came here after kitchen nightmares

  • Испанский лук, швейцарский сыр. Классный французский суп. Лол.

  • I would like to see people who do instructional videos refer to what THEY are doing IN THE FIRST PERSON, as in, "I am going to..." rather than the more passive "we". I want to be able to take individual ownership of what I am doing, dangit, and not be lumped in with someone else's actions!

  • "What god damn moron would use soy sauce, or even fish sauce in a French onion soup??" - My mom, a woman who's made gallons of French onion soup for 15 years as a chef.

  • Did anyone else notice he used cilantro instead of parsley?

  • Joe Nagy

  • ac

  • You've gotta be kidding me I got a babish ad on a babish vid about ranch :/

  • I got a an add featuring babish while watching

  • After you eat that soup now you can speak french

  • I’ve had this soup once at Panera Bread, and I didn’t like it much. The flavor was a bit too rich/savory for my taste. If anyone who has worked or currently works at Panera is reading this, are there adjustments to the recipe I could possibly implement that’d yield a soup that doesn’t make my brain go “Woah, that’s too much!” I want to like this kind of soup, objectively it should be one of my favorites.

  • As a son of a marine I can confirm this is French onion soup For the air force

  • When the Adventure Zone was talking about French onion soup, I pictured this.

  • *Unus Annus flashbacks*

  • I wouldn't put fish/soy sauce...very Chinese

  • Ehhh me thinks this soup could be improved. Sub the store-bought tweaked beef stock for homemade chicken stock, use red, white, yellow, sweet onions and shallots, use homemade baguette.

  • I just made this in my 1st class at ivy Tech culinary school!

  • Can’t wait to make this for dinner today!

  • You sound like the guy from bobs burgers almost.

  • Hey! Can we make this using all vegetarian items, trying to avoid beef stock and fish oil. Would love to know the substitutes if any.

  • Me: ugh this is so hard why. Would I make this? Says me eating cereal at 9:23 p.m.

  • I think he likes food

  • Question: how do I combat the greasiness of the cheese on top of the soup? A little grease is fine but mine was almost as big as New York...

  • 4:09 appreciate the honesty.

  • @CrankGameplays

  • Yum

  • i wish i liked onions

  • Next up: french onion ice cream

  • Just like beef Bourgogne.... Is a dish from Tuscany called peposo...the French simply added onions, carrots and mushrooms.

  • Every time I here the name " France onion soup" I whant to scream....... IS A REGIONAL ITALIAN RECIPE FROM CALABRIA CALLED LUCURDIA GOD DAMN IT!!!!! The French have stolen it...

  • First time I learned about French onion soup, it was from Batman TAS.

  • I don't know how to feel about the frozen bricks of broth


  • followed the recipice to the t and it taste like shit what did i do wrong

  • infinitywar

  • I can see this guy at a zoo *Sees animal* "I can make stew out of yew*

  • Looking at that burnt my tongue

  • Instructions unclear. Poured hot soup into my shoes.

  • im addicted to this video

  • instructions unclear, made onionade

  • French onion soup aka weapon of mass destruction

  • Shoul've added the traditional French white surrender flag to the soup. Gives it that "Proud to be French" flavor

  • Me knowing full well I hate onions: mmm cheese bread

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