Stollen (German Holiday Bread) | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 17 dets 2020
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  • a little light on the powder sugar, the snowing efect should be on your shirt, the table , the dog... thats just enough sugar. the christmas stollen with the sugar is to remind of the wrapped Christ Child

  • Stolen makes an amazing ingredient in a bomb Alaska. Especially if the bomb Alaska is Christmas themed and the ice cream is flavoured with either plum pudding or Christmas cake.

  • When making the candied citrus peel I have seen people add cinnamon sticks, Cardamon , and vanilla seeds to the simple sugar. Orange oil or orange water has also been added. When the candied peel has been removed from the simple sugar solution I have seen people use the solution as an ingredient

  • I was thinking thinking- there are a lot of recipes that require the food to be “pricked” - cake, pie dough... bread. Why is there no device that looks like a miniaturised lawn aerator - with all the scary metal skin needles attached to a round drum that rotates? I saw one made out of white plastic that almost would work but it was made with spines that were too thick and dull.

  • The festive hole continuously need because menu expectably measure worth a one crayon. moaning, exotic clutch


  • Hey Babish I got a very "exotic" Idea for you, but I think it would perfectly fit into your format and be of your interest: Speckendicken

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • We have this in de Netherlands during holidays I thought it was Dutch almond stol

  • 5:33 my partner is named Marzipan and this line killed me

  • Germanic People were those, that sacked Rome. German people are those that eat sugared bread at Christmas time.

  • Mr. Babish, on behalf of all Germans I am proud to award you the title "Oma"... again.

  • Stollen more like stolen

  • Genuinely laughed at the "stolen" joke lol

  • German: is mentioned in the title of a video Germans: Bonjour

  • Do you really call Stollen German Holiday bread ?

  • Not only am I disappointed in a lack of Homestar Runner jokes in this video but also the comments. Come on guys. One of the ingredients is literally Marzipan.

  • Diabetes

  • Ahh it’s similar to baran brrack which we have in Ireland , but we have it at Halloween , and it’s less sweet , and has cheap ring placed inside , the reason for that is weird

  • There’s so many Germans in the comment section that I’m scared they might take over half of Europe again

  • It's all fun and games until u try Stollen with Nutella I'm not kidding, Stollen with Nutella is far too addictive that i ever want to confess ..

  • Should make a Great Babish Baking Series

  • Dr stone brought me here

  • This is the best cake ever

  • You used marzipan, should've been spijs (dutch word, don't know the English word for it). The core of spijs is also very small compared to the bread.

  • *Kosher Salt*

  • we dont put eggs in marzipan in germany so allready wrong from the get go

  • or you could buy stollen also i love how he says stollen

  • germans: get mentioned also germans: hippity hoppity this comment section is now our property

  • How would one go about saying their stollen was stolen?

  • oeeh spijsbrood

  • We want this oval.. We want this oval..


  • That looks so delicious.

  • Hey can you do all the food from my hero academia?

  • This commentsection is now property of Germany!🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • Looks like I've stolen your stollen.

  • It's like making German Fruit Cake.

  • Marzipan is only marzipan when the almond ratio is greater than the sugar. When the sugar is greater than the almond it is then almond paste. Fyi

  • "Skipping on metric system because it's not that precise" Oh yes because measurement system based on body parts is so much more precise.

  • The raisin(?) part reminds me of stritzel (idek how it’s spelled)

  • Duuuude this episode could have been based on the manga Dr Stone. They make goats milk stolen in it

  • Extension cable =/= bread

  • It's hard making an original bread joke as people might say it's _stollen_

  • You need more marzipan for the Stollen that's the best thing about it.

  • You could say he stollen the recipe

  • Me: so how many calories do you eat a day Germans:Yes🤠

  • Love the content but don't love the flickering light of the screen/display on the oven. Any way to cover that or keep it out of frame in videos so that people with photosensitivity (epilepsy, migraines, etc.) can enjoy without having to hide part of the screen? I've loved these videos for years, but have had trouble since the move to the new sets.

  • "And it can last up to two weeks"... I'm German and there's this one story that goes round and round in my family about my grannie forgetting her Stollen for a solid YEAR and then serving it to her family for easter. And according to everybody having got a taste of that it was the most delicious Stollen they had ever had.

  • Joa, kann man machen ne.

  • "Take a look at that holiday cross-section - Nice." 7:07


  • Hot tip! You can make some oleo saccharum and that’s like 90% of the work of candy and orange peels and you get a really amazing citrus cocktail syrup.

  • And thank you Germany for bringing the to your smoll friend the Netherlands we appreciate them very much danke danke

  • Can we get a Sohla tiny spatula added to the Banish kitchen tool line up, please?😁

  • Seeing this after Christmas really gets me hungry and sad since this is probably the first year I did not have stollen st the holidays.

  • What can I replace the alcohol with?

  • My mom makes this every year during the holidays. So nostalgic.

  • Out of the sugar, and into the... sugar.

  • My grandmother would approve! Looks delicious!

  • I try not to miss an episode, and I'm catching up on those I missed over Christmas. All that to say I was excited for this as my father is German and I've been eating Stollen every Christmas since I was a small child.

  • I’m half German and I have this every Christmas nice to know some one non German knows about this

  • This German approves of the recipe. Thank you for remembering the butter soaking, too many people forget.

  • I can easily eat an entire loaf of marzipanstollen in two days by myself

  • Everybody making fun of american treats as diabeetus. Deutscher Stollen: Halt mein Bier!

  • watching this gave me diabities

  • I'm begging you in the name of my and the Stollens hometown Dresden to skip the marzipan. It doesn't make the Stollen any better. (Oh and you can not use to much butter on the outside, go for it)

  • sehr schön!

  • it needs sooooooooooo much more marzipan and actually it needs almond paste and not marzipan! so you can spread it on the bread with butterrr

  • I actually hate Stollen, I just wanted to know how it's made. Maybe I'm gonna try a homemade version without raisins some day and actually like it, but as of right now: no thanks! 😂

  • This is also eaten in the netherlands very often both during Christmas (kerststol) and during Easter (paasstol) 😊

  • Wait, wait, wait........what happened to the OG tiny whisk???

  • And if you aren't a fan of raisins, cranberries are a nice alternative.

  • bread

  • I wanted to use this recipe but then I thought: why use this American imposter recipe. Might as well use a German one.

  • you did not make the frosting

  • Stollen is my absolute favorite Christmas treat!

  • i‘m probably the only German who absolutely HATES Stollen

    • Keine Angst, bist du nicht

  • Dieser Kommentarbereich ist nun Staatsgebiet der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

  • I am from germany and after seeing this video i do not like stollen anymore.

  • 5:23 dude you never stutter but why this time....

  • Dough stickiness chart: Lightly Flour: Regular dough, not too sticky Generously Flour: A bit sticky Heavily Flour: Pretty sticky Lightly Oil: Very Sticky Generously Oil: Extremely Sticky Heavily Oil: Will stick to your hands like superglue without the oil

  • Does anyone else watch these videos just for Babish's voice? No? Just me?

  • 5:23 we want these ovals- we want these ovals

  • My husband extended family is German, I should try making this.

  • Let me guess... someone stollen your sweetroll...

  • Just saw on reddit you plagiarised this recipe word for word and failed to give credit. Its changed now but way too late. Disappointing.

  • Wat is dat met al die duisters hier? G E K O L O N I S E E R D And babish, a "Kerst-stol" is made with an almondpaste core, not marsipan (It's not as dry and helps the bread) Also consider some Amarena cherries inside of the core aswel, if you're addings candied fruits already, I mean it's Christmas

  • Worth mentioning, as I'm making this right now: 480 grams of flour is NOWHERE NEAR enough flour. You're gonna end up needing closer to double that. If you use only 480 grams of flour, you will get a liquid, not a cohesive dough.

  • gestollen hahahahha

  • Quick correction from a slightly disgruntled European - I discovered that the metric conversion on the flour measurement on the BwB website is not right. I use metric measurements by weight for baking and my dough with 480g flour was a wet mess - I double checked the Daring Gourmet version and some other conversion charts and apparently it should be 580-600g flour - just warning for other bakers! I added more until it looked and felt like dough and as it appeared in the video. Hoping the dough isn't overworked now as that would be a real bummer after spending two days prepping all the ingredients!

  • I wanna know why you don't have an online store where we can buy a Babish branded Tiny wisk. I have to settle for amazon. C'mon I'm trying to be a true fan and give you money... :p

  • I'm learning German and found how to make stollen in a German magazine it's different I'm not sure which one to use...

  • the sugar in this recipe is different from the original! my dough looked liked batter because the amount of sugar was 3 x the amount it should have been!

  • I love how Andrew tells all his sassy jokes in the exact same tone of voice he uses for the rest of the video. Like this: 5:19 Thanks Andrew.

  • Can you make Pfeffernüsse?

  • I wish someone gave me a stollen each time I lend them an extension cord .... -- Also, I personally would prefer the stollen without marzipan. I think it would taste great without it.

  • Will you make Hungarian food next? It's a big part of my heritage, but I don't have anyone to teach me. Norwegian too.

  • Pleaseeee do lefse next 😍

  • Hallo