Binging with Babish: Bunnicorn Pizza from Star Trek: Picard

Avaldati 17 märts 2020
A tearful reunion of two of my favorite characters AND a dish described vividly and depicted in detail? It’s not my birthday, but it sure feels like it. Follow along this week as we recreate the hilariously Trek-appropriate “bunnicorn” pizza!
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Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • Make it so? More like make the dough! Shields up? More like meals, yup! Captain Picard Day? More like...I got nothing you guys do it.

    • More like Chateau Chardonnay!

    • Hotel? Trivago!

    • Captain Picard Day? More like Tea, Earl Grey! ... Hot 😉

    • I know this is late, but I used to work in traditional neopolitan pizza place, you dont really need to try to make a crust too much, it does it a lot on its own, but holy shit did that come out nice for the first one. Most people's I've seen are inedible

    • Andrew could you possibly make more dishes from the Star Trek universe specifically the dishes featured in the diplomatic dinner scene from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country?

  • "I will if you will"

  • That tiny whisk definitely does not get paid enough.

  • I didn’t know rabbits had wings

  • domics

  • We need to work on you rabbit butchery.

  • My bunny just died and this was recommended to me. Bruh

  • The Pizza's better than Picard

  • He makes such hesitant faces when grinding the meat, has anyone else noticed this?

  • bts fake love

  • Loving the Trek-nerd credibility of this episode

  • Picard is trash

  • i don't know whats it with new yorkers and burning pizza

  • 3 2 1 lets sausage

  • yum pissa (:

  • No the rabbit. The bun bun is now a pizza

  • Neopolitan style pizza is disgusting soggy pizza

  • Me: has been terrified of finger to grater action 2:00: *exists*

  • Great video man, made me laugh. Thanks for your content.

  • Hey babish we made the dough at home it is amazing thankyou but its to much can we freeze it ???

  • I wish I could click the like button 5 times :)

  • How did i get a babish ad interrupting the babish video, i was confused as why he suddenly started talking about ranch after making pizza

  • I cant even take it any more... You are going to die from a heart attack! You seriously need to slow down with the salt. Haters say what you will, but oh my god guys, ive been a chef for over 25 years and ive used in my career about the same amount of salt as this guy does in one recipe. Seriously. For your health. Cut the salt dude! Fuck!

  • I got a ad for bindging with babish while watching bindging with babish

  • Your add tho

  • RIP BUNNY ;(

  • 0:48 wings?

  • I love your content. Your such a great person and I hope all is well for you as well.

  • Wine and pizza is theee best combo

  • Eh I love you

  • these videos make me want to cook but i'm too busy :( s a d

  • greatest ending for a video i have seen so far

  • In Atlanta, there is a restaurant in what we call “little Italy” it is called antico’s. there are two, but you definitely gotta go to the one which is next to its sister restaurant, gio’s. across the street there is a gelato shop, and a bar. I swear to god it is the best pizza in the south, they have many awards, And Gios has an amazing assortment of chicken and pasta. Antico’s and gio’s are owned by the exact same person, Who came up with several recipes by making them for breakfast, and serving them by lunchtime. They import all of their ingredients, and many of their cooks are Italian. It is the only Neapolitan pizza place in the state where it doesn’t taste like store purchased pizza. 100/10 best restaurant ever

  • How could you dislike this video, it’s got pizza and babish, what more could you want?

  • This the ONLY good thing to come from a terribad show

    • @Daly easy because Alex Kurtzman's Star Trek is beyond terribad. It has raped & killed the original theme of hope for shitty Woke Culture. Picard waa once a great character & man, now he's been emasculated & forced to be a side character for a woman no one gives a rats ass about because women characters who zero growth or development are THE BESTEST EVARRRRR

    • How can you live with yourself

  • Wood fired Oven? Hows Oven going to get a job now?

  • Bunny lives matter.

  • I can't see my pet rabbit in the same way as before.

  • Finally, Star Trek: Picard actually had something good to go with it.

  • Who else saw the commercial? Luv ya babbi

  • Wood fired pizza? Hows he going to get a job now?

  • Without watching your video first I decided I was going to make pizza and put dough from 1000 grams of flour into the same size bowl as your 500 grams. It mushroomed over the top of the bowl in a rather comical fashion.

  • Came for the food Stayed for the good vibes

  • The beginning really made me appreciate how good I've gotten at deboning whole rabbits, lol. The ribcage and forelimbs are especially fiddly to get meat off of, but once you get too frustrated to continue you can always give up and throw it into the freezer stock bag like babs does. Call it a water bath deboning

  • oh,the old gas wood oven...

  • I'm on my 10day isolation with my wife and son. We all got corona... Been binging Babish for 5 days straight now....

    • I wish a speedy recovery for you and your family.

  • You and ordinary sausage should do a collab

  • What speed are you using to knead the dough? Medium low isn’t very descriptive. The instructions say not to exceed 2 but 10 minutes of that didn’t look like yours I needed to go to 5. My scale is accurate to 100mg so the measurements were dead on.

  • Star Trek fan, you say? I hope there's some Sisko's gumbo or Bajoran Hesparat in future episodes!

  • I cook the sauce for mine dude, it makes a big difference.

  • As an italian i can say your pizza is perfect! Don't worry the style of crust you did is called "canotto" it means big crust and it's very popular

  • I’d pay good money for babish to talk me to sleep by saying Italian foods like mozerella over and over again

  • I'd think it would better integrate the seasonings to put them with the chunks of meat, and just grind it all together, that way you don't have to work the meat as much after grinding.

  • You think he drinks his water with kosher salt?

  • Let's sausage

  • With all due respect, can u take measurements of water in ML, it's really strange and I fucked up my pizza cuz I took 350ML of water instead of grams. Maybe it's a US thing.

    • 350 ml of water weighs 350 grams

  • I'm neapolitan and i must say It, i would definitely eat this pizza

  • ................just use chicken. Chicken breasts. Is even better.

  • Try a sausage, goat cheese, and prosciutto pizza. it will change your life

  • There's really only one drink appropriate to serve with this, and any Trekkie worthy of the name knows damned well it comes from La Barre, France.

  • I would have used the carcass, for a julee or a demiglace to top of it or a dipping sauce. I’m loving this. Keep the bubbles 🤣🤣

  • Watching babish while eating dinner is a bad idea. I was content with my burger but now I want pizza.

  • As an italian, I approve!

  • So that's a 5000$ pizza since I have to buy all these equipment to make it like that. Nice

    • you dont need that equipment

  • That nutmeg addition makes me wonder when your James Townsend and Son collab is coming

  • This is the best looking pizza ive ever seen

  • No! There's no excuse for split infinitives, not even fan-service! These pizzas "go boldly" :)

  • Burnt tomatoe

  • Picard is a horrible bastardization of TNG and everything wrong with modern sci-fi and modern trek, but you know what isnt a massive disappointment? This video!

  • So this is an almiraj pizza?


  • Got an ad with Andrew in it before his own video, look how far he’s come. It could make a grown man cry, but that’s ok

  • I bought a pizza oven after watching this when it came out in March I'm hopefully going to start selling pizzas in the local pub after forcing my friends and family to eat copious amounts of pizza :) thanks babish this video started a very fun past time for me :) all due to you thanks

    • @a bc Thanks :)

    • good luck man! sounds awesome

  • Did he say wings and thighs ?? Like bunny wings 😂🤣

  • Babbish in an ad before watching babbish. Perfection.

  • I love some good ol' Neapolitan *PIZZ*

  • Damn ... that's one tasty looking pizza. With interesting topping.

  • Wood fired Pizza? How will pizza find a job now?

    • haha

  • Is this really a 70% hydration dough? It looks like it came together really easily. A bit surprised as this recipe gave me issues in the beginning because of how tacky it was

    • right like it really seems drier than 70% in the video. But it looks so soft that I wouldn't mind trying it myself

  • Is it just me or did anybody else get that ad for the botanist with Babish in it?

  • this might be the only good part of the show.... and thats just cos you did it.

  • You can tell babish was so proud of himself lol

  • That meat looks like my dog that ran away. Hmm....

  • Bunny? Really? Poor Mr. Hip hop

  • Make Chillie Fries from Ben 10 please, I beg you

  • 3:10 he almost forgot to turn of the mixer 😕

  • oh no, not the bunny wabbit clip!

  • I know this is a high hydration dough, but after the first ferment on the counter, it still has much more jiggle than I'd expect in a pizza dough and much more wet than in the video. Thoughts or suggestions?

  • Anyone ever do this on a gas grill?

  • can u make a popular singaporean dish??

  • There's only one way to prepare a brace of bunnicorns.

  • RIP bunny

  • What is that animal?

  • 1:42 as an Italian I must say, that thing is disgusting and my opinion isn't unpopular. It's really a personal opinion, many people don't like that.

  • No crust is too big

  • hotel california

  • 6:33 Wood fired oven? But how is oven going to have a job now?

  • Lovely alliterative writing.

  • You are one of the few youtubers that genuinely want me to stay safe

  • zhc