Binging with Babish: Angel Food Cake from Groundhog Day

Avaldati 2 veebr 2021
Happy Groundhog Day all! It's the magical time of year when a homeowner's backyard nightmare reluctantly, but alertly predicts the weather. As the snow piles up here in New York City, I can think of no more fitting tribute to this particularly bizarre ceremony than recreating the centerpiece of Phil Connors' immortal diner feast: angel food cake, eaten in one hedonistic bite. After a year that's felt an awful lot like Groundhog Day personified, let's ring in a new...groundhog year together with this classic teatime cake!
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  • All in favor of a Bill Murray marathon? Angel food cake from Groundhog Day, then fried chicken & corn on the cob What About Bob?, baked Alaska from Scrooged, liver doughnuts from Fantastic Mr. Fox, and cigarettes from Coffee and Cigarettes?

  • I have the first half of groundhog day commited to memory

  • I love these baking videos

  • 😂😂 thats one lucky peice of cake

  • great work

  • For food from a slightly less appetizing restaurant feast, could you recreate the all you can eat buffet from Vegas Vacation?

  • The thumbnail of this mans shoving a whole slice of cake in his mouth

  • Ichiraku ramen from Naruto pls

  • Chicken parm from the Goldberga next

  • I liked turning all the leftover yolks into yolk cookies

  • me: **looks at the cake from the video** now that's a fine-looking angel food cake. also me: **proceeds to see my recreation** why doesn't mine look like that?

  • Maybe I should watch that movie

  • Oahh

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • Angel food cake is absolutely the best cake, change my mind

  • The cake is not a lie

  • Hands down my favorite episode of BwB!!!!! 🧡

  • I've always wanted to see you do the "Special Order" from the movie Ratatouille: @ Sweetbreads a la Gusteau: Sweetbread cooked in a seaweed salt crust with cuttlefish tentacle, dog rose puree, geoduck egg, dried white fungus, and anchovy licorice sauce. Hopefully you can change it as it's going out the door.

  • Mom makes the one step box kind for me for birthdays and I love it ..... i might try this recipe sometime to see if i likenit better

  • Whenever I see a time loop I always just think of the “Wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha” from the end of Golden Wind

  • Hahahaha! Love it

  • 👍👍👍👍👍 for the loop

  • I can always learn more, I’ve made some angel food cakes very similarly, but he’s managed to use a 1/3 the dishes I usually think I need

  • 1:07 what about the other half???

  • Hey, how are you? Nice video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome week!

  • I like how i just watched Groundhog day then this came into my reccomendations

  • This just looked- amazing, we all love your cooking babish

  • he's a whatnow??

  • That's how Bill landed the gig to play Garfield...hahaha

  • This made me think of the cake from mib 3

  • No wait this cake is from max and ruby

  • 7:15 Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone’s daughter

  • just subscribed! and i love you so much!💜💜💜😭

  • 0:49 Then you can make some carbonara with the yolks you are not using.

  • I can probably fit a whole slice of angel food cake in my mouth

  • This also looks like the pink cake from stardew valley

  • I demand you face the sausage man!

  • Please make the cake from One Piece

  • LOL love the repeat just like groundhog day!!!!


  • Yes use a metal thing to smashanother thing that is plugged into the wall wonder what will happen

  • Literally subscribed after seeing this video. I have watched this movie dozens of times and I always thought that breakfast looked appetizing with that particular cake treat being the most enticing. I can't believe I will finally be able to enjoy this!

  • My wedding anniversary party was actually at the restaurant and in the town from the movie. They’ve got groundhogs everywhere. They’re super proud of it

  • Did you ever do a mirror cake ?

  • I just realized Lilo and Stitch made a reference to this, especially the part when Stitch ate that one slice of cake then later on spat the whole slice out.

  • Absolutely loved this!

  • 7:16 me not having a date

  • Man don't you hate it when company's improve the quality of there products and making it harder to damage them and get more use out of them, I hate it when that happens

  • 1:28 the reflection of another person moving through the kitchen can be seen in the oven door. How I noticed? I just got done watching some Nuke's Top 5 videos.

  • That is beautiful. The simplicity of the design really works.

  • Haley would love this

  • At first I thought it was an editing issue

  • Ah yes groundhog Day, staring ground hogday

  • Stiff or not, what’s a “peak”?

  • Fun fact: Did you know there's a VR game sequel to Groundhog's Day? It's called Groundhog's Day: Like Father Like Son. And it sure is something.

  • Babish!! Why haven’t you made a German Chocolate cake yet?!

  • Pear Flavored popcorn from Princess Diaries 2

  • I got so much inspired that I baked this cake and it is a hit my family wants this cake now everytime we have a birthday or any celebration

  • I have an idea for a Halloween episode: Natsuke’s cat cupcakes from DDLC; you can repeat the episode over again like you did this and make it a little disturbing like in the game!

  • He should lowkey do Neval’s mom’s tapenade from icarly 😳

  • I love this.

  • TIL Phil was trapped for about 10 years. Some people did some estimation math and said 8 years.

  • Am I really the only person who wants you to make Prismo's pickles?

  • Don't worry, Bill Murray.

  • You should do a "bachelor kitchen starter plan" - a shopping list for people moving out and having to start their kitchen from scratch, things they can make a solid set of meals from. Level 2 being stuff to start branching out with

  • It would be so cool to see you recreate one of the dishes from Genshin Impact!!! 😩✨

  • “Better version of yourself” as he shoves a whole piece into himself

  • A recipe I’d love to see done on BWB is to make Bibble popcorn from Victorious/Sam & Cat 🍿

  • Nice

  • I’ve never made angel food cake but now I definitely need to! Loved this video

  • A great way to introduce the better Babbish version for a Groundhog Day ep. +1 for Bill Murray Month. Suntory get on that sponsorship! I wanna see that awkward Babbish version of the Whiskey commercial from 'Lost in translation'

  • Actually Bill Murray couldn’t smash the clock with his bare hands, so they hammered away at it too. Hahahaahha

  • You should do the cake from max and ruby!!!

  • This episode... This episode is smart right here

  • My grandma used to make the best, fluffiest angel food cakes, I really miss that.

  • Day 41 of requests for sausage team up

  • The second sponge cake is beautiful!

  • Looks like a Skyrim sweet roll but strawberry instead of glaze

  • That looks like the Angel food cake from groundhog day

  • I've never seen Groundhog Day so I clicked this thinking "awww Babish looks weirdly happy shoving this cake in his mouth...."

  • That was great. This guy is a genius 😁


  • I was half expecting him to make one out of marshmallow, just so he reenact the scene more............"easily"

  • You should check out the Field Snack from Stardew Valley! Making something with pine cones, acorns, and maple seeds seems like a cute challenge.

  • When you hit the clock it went one hour forward, you just discovered how to time travel

  • Here's to many more years of BWB.

  • Lol the repeat was a more perfect nod to the movie than the cake

  • I haven't watched groundhog day so I'm going to go ahead and believe that this is a pink cake from stardew valley.

  • As any chef will tell you, only a culinary master can eat an entire angel cake piece in one bite.

  • Interesting, this is not at all how Angel food cake is served where I live. We don’t frost it. Instead it’s served in a bowl with either whipped cream or ice cream and a berry syrup poured over the top.

  • Babish !!! Don't put eggs in water, the shell is not permeable and water allows bacteria & salmonella to go through the shell.. Maybe in the USA its okay since they do things to your eggs before they end up in the supermarket, but Certainly not on the old continent !! Put a disclaimer or something, I worked in a pastry shop, my boss would've killed me if he saw me put eggs in cold water :s

  • Babish sus

  • 1:28 made me double back bc i thought i saw a ghost behind T-T

  • Specially baking is chemistry

  • Mg My brother & I most assuredly watched Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day as we do every year.

  • That clock lines up so well with the edge of the table, it seemed fake at first

  • I just had a thought: MAKE THE NUGGET BISCUIT

  • I was born on groundhog day 🤣

  • I miss Sohla....

  • I use to run a knife through the battle before baking to remove the bubbles. This looks amazing.