Shrimp Scampi Pasta | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 28 jaan 2021
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  • Gordon Ramsay comes in need some more olive oil 😂

  • I eat the tail, does no one else eat the tail? Am I gonna die?

  • Bbona sta pasta

  • Ok but like- where’s the spice. I see the seasoning yes, but where’s the spicy aspect. 🙄

  • That second one is epic and seems more like a real shrimp scampi. Dude, yum!

  • ❤️

  • In parts of Asia the shell is actually ate too

  • Youre strimp is overcooked

  • Babish you can't eat the tail Asians and Italians 👁👄👁

  • Is there another liquid I can use instead of white wine or does it have to be alcohol

  • Adds juice of two lemons, says will explain later. Adds 8 cubes of butter to balance the extra lemon. 🤣

  • Well you can eat the tail, its full of minerals and vitamins, just a matter of choice

  • I just made it! I made Everything the pasta, the sauce all the things that you said. And I just wanna say Thank you! This dish it’s amazing! Thank you so much Andrew

  • I confused myself cause when I think of Scampi I think of battered or breaded prawns (or whatever others call them) 😂😂

  • These days, I know I'm starving when I start rewatching many Binging with Babish videos in a row

  • Great video

  • "you can't eat those" I've been eating the tail for 20 years because I didn't want to seem rude and leave shells on my plate and actually started to enjoy them.

  • What pasta is most preferably used for Shrimp Scampi?

  • Yessss tongue action lol. Your wife loves you lol

  • Wait, i eat shrimp tails??

  • in my experience cleaning a shrimp requires only poking the shrimp with a toothpick and pulling it upwards and the entire string of its digestive track is pulled out easily without too much scraping which cutting it requires.

  • Yo what happened with the breadcrumbs ?

  • Shrimp scampi is one of my favorite dishes

  • babish: you can't eat the tail me, who's been eating it since i was a kid: wait, really

  • Any kind of gin......🤮🤮🤮

  • Marry me Babish.

  • I have to make this. My parents are making me and it looks disgusting. Comment or like if you agree I shouldn’t be forced to make this for a big family

  • Bad timing

  • Thank you, Babish

  • fresh shrimp is only fresh if you're on the coast... even then....

  • “If your sauce looks oily and broken... add some olive oil to the sauce”

  • finally, a reasonable amount of garlic.

  • 6:46 Hilarious. I love it!

  • You got a fork... from Jon Favreau!?

  • This was freaking delicious, its going in the recipe box for sure (fancy version)

  • 4:42 who was that on the ovens reflection lol

  • This is genius

  • The shell and tail adds so much flavour 😫

  • Do you include the "vein" in the shrimp stock for extra flavor? I know which way I’m leaning.

  • Fun recipe I've somehow never made before I loved ir. More importantly my wife loved it.;

  • BEEF

  • Nah nah nah my grandma would yell at me for not eating the shrimp tails

  • Sorry, gonna sound silly but, do we brush off or wash the extra salt over the shrimp after dry brining?

  • That bottle is pretty.

  • Babby baby, please dont devein shrimp then say the meal takes 20 mins to make

  • Scampi is one of the easiest and most delicious meals one can make. It's wonderful!

  • Cooking with vsauce

  • Why is "Pasta Water" just a great phrase?

  • LOL - "complexify"...

  • "Some people like to leave the tails on, but you can't eat it..." I had two college roommates, both from Louisiana, who said they eat cooked shrimp tails like potato chips.... Don't drag me for this, I'm simply relaying the message.

  • Sheeeeeesh u should make more montages

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  • So i just made this and it came out amazing. Parents said its restaurant quality. I couldnt be happier

  • I love shallots with it. I lightly dredged shrimp in a flour/spice mixture, and it came out with a great texture in the final dish. Your videos are great!

  • This is delicious, but I'm trying to figure out how it's different from pasta aglio olio

  • Do some gator

  • Just seeing you eating it makes me drool. 😋

  • I just made this and it's AMAZING! 100% approved! Thanks

  • I made the super fancy version and my shrimp were super salty 😥 not sure what I did wrong...🤔

    • @Moira Rickett Ahh dang it! That is what I was thinking. Thank you! :)

    • you have to rinse off the dry brine! he forgot to show it on camera though

  • I was raised by the sea, we never depooped our shrimp.

  • I made this tonight and I can’t rate it highly enough. 75/10 but probably more. Delish and easy.

  • I shouldn’t watch this while hungry

  • 😍😍😍😍 delicioso voy hacerla en casa me encanta las recetas

  • you are just trying to find ways to use tiny whisk now

  • Great tutorial, great recipe. Thanks!

  • Yummy, but am I the only one who only sees shrimps in this recipe and no trace of scampi whatsoever?

  • My Southern™ dad shouted in outrage at the way he peeled the shrimp and the panko.

  • "You can't eat [the tail]." WHAT

  • So by Shimp Scampi you mean Prawn Lingiuni?

  • the lack of sleep made me think Babish was a muppet around the 4:47 mark. (if you pause at the 4:49 mark, he had his glasses sitting on his forehead). >_

  • I’ve never had shrimp scampi and I so badly want to try it but now I’ve got your expectations of flavour 😩

  • your dish tastes horrible? no problem just add pasta water

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  • sometimes I like to eat the shells....

  • ah yes, shrimp scampi, from the mcelroy brothers

  • Great shrimp recipe! Try this one! @0iGc

  • Can confirm that the recipe is delicious 😊

  • I was salivating as I watched this, if my mouth had been open; I would have drooled.

  • followed the butter/oil ratio exactly, added garlic and chili flakes, it simmered but when i added the wine it never became a "thick sauce". I tried letting it cool longer before adding the shrimp, then the garlic burned. Tried this sauce three times and got the same soup-like sauce and adding pasta water made it worse.

  • I've never heard you say a more white thing, Babish. "You can't eat the tail' indeed.

  • I’m sorry but that is not scampi Scampi is battered prawns/shrimp

  • Can those shrimp look any more bland. Lol

  • Why would you say you can't eat the tail? Definitely contrary to my experience.

  • Anyone else have a grandma who will eat the shrimp tails.

  • This was so delicious. Thank you for sharing.

  • That smile tho

  • You are scoring me some huge points with the mrs’s. Chick parm and shrimp scampi- check!!!

  • 2:16 lol something fell out

  • How normal people say it: e-r-b-s How babish says it:H-H-H-e-r-b-s

  • I love recipes like this but I'm 19 and live in the States sooo I can't buy alcohol 😥😂

  • But throwing it at the wall is my favorite part 😢

  • I'm making this tonight so wish me luck :D

  • I needed this! I’m gonna be making this for my wife tonight, because we saw a bagged version at the store, and I wanted it fresh instead of just heated up after being frozen

  • Lovely recipe 👌🏻 Have a wonderful day everyone 🌻

  • 10/10 tried it and was amazing. Thank you !!!

  • Perfect, 😋

  • how did you capture the exact feeling of eating a piece of undercooked pasta

  • I'm so hungry now

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen