Shrimp Scampi Pasta | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 28 jaan 2021
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  • This was so delicious. Thank you for sharing.

  • That smile tho

  • You are scoring me some huge points with the mrs’s. Chick parm and shrimp scampi- check!!!

  • 2:16 lol something fell out

  • How normal people say it: e-r-b-s How babish says it:H-H-H-e-r-b-s

  • I love recipes like this but I'm 19 and live in the States sooo I can't buy alcohol 😥😂

  • But throwing it at the wall is my favorite part 😢

  • I'm making this tonight so wish me luck :D

  • I needed this! I’m gonna be making this for my wife tonight, because we saw a bagged version at the store, and I wanted it fresh instead of just heated up after being frozen

  • Lovely recipe 👌🏻 Have a wonderful day everyone 🌻

  • 10/10 tried it and was amazing. Thank you !!!

  • Perfect, 😋

  • how did you capture the exact feeling of eating a piece of undercooked pasta

  • I'm so hungry now

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • that tongue gets me laughing lol


  • Tried this with frozen cooked scampi tails. Wonderful. Thank you for the recipe.

  • You need to work on your peeling and tract removing skills my friend ;) you can peel the whole shrimp in 2 easy moves, grab the tail right where the meat ends and pull, then half the skin comes off. For the other half you just push your thumb into it's belly and the rest of the skin will come off.

  • The character designs really remind me of Aardman’s claymation films. And made me think this was going to be a claymation lol

  • Could you see if you could probably do a recipe for chicken alfredo? Or link a video you made for chicken alfredo

  • Is there something you could use instead of white wine

  • is that a japanese knife? where do you get your knives?

  • You should make your own restaurant when this is over

  • never seen babish’s face so many times in one episode

  • *These shrimp fresh?*

  • Do your twist on Larry Lawton’s prison pasta.

  • But but but, wheres the scampi??? You made shrimp pasta which is lovely, but definitely no scampi anywhere!

  • I hate that he's so amazing.. 😆 thank you

  • I think one of the reasons I adore Babish channel is because it's so professional looking and sounding (and I'm sure tasting), but still incredibly humble at times.

  • You don't do things by half, do you?

  • Restaurants always made me believe parmesan cheese was involved with this recipe lol

  • I love parmesan on my scampi

  • was your tongue cut?

  • That’s not scampi

  • A

  • Scampo means literally Shrimp in Italian. The plate is basically called Shrimp Shrimps -.-

  • so that guy on the camera is andy and the narator is babish? new thing to me

  • Scampi is a real seafood, it is not prawns PRAWNS!! in another name.

  • What can I replace with white wine ?

  • I'm glad I'm watching this instead of doing homework

  • okay but WHY do you pronounce saucepan that way? You say sauce and pan normally and then "Suacepin" LIKE HUH???

  • More persistent begging for Office Space episode with Pizza Shooters, Shrimp Poppers, and Extreme Fajitas.

  • wait what- I eat shrimp tails so am I the wrong one or is he the wrong one??????????

  • I don't get how adding pasta water makes this dish creamy. You would think it would make it less creamy and watery. I tried this and it just loosened up the sauce so much it didn't stick to my pasta. Thanks.

  • This is a wham Bham Thank you Babish Recipe that I can not wait to spring one my family. Thank you

  • Oi we have the same dining set.

  • mmmm shrimps camping

  • Wait did you ever said why we need two lemons ?

  • Unpopular opinion : shrimp legs have nice texture and because im lazy i eat it with the shell because it has an interesting crunch

  • So much tongue..I-I mean posta!

  • Spreading lies like "you can't eat the shrimp's tail" is how you get curses.

  • 😂😂😂

  • If she’s not happy with the first version “GET OUT”

  • Woo!!!

  • I wonder if you could do an episode of Basics with Babish with different versions of seitan. I tried some recipes on my own, but they never really did for me and since you're not vegan I could trust your opinion, when you say its a tasty alternative or just a chewy mess

  • Jesus is coming soon

  • I gotttttttta try this one

  • Nice cutlery! I would be interested to know what products you are slicing and dicing with. Thanks!

  • send this to an olive garden employee

  • Wrong. You, in fact, can eat the tail part of the shrimp tail. Many people do.

  • I made the second one for dinner tonight. It was excellent!

  • In Australia we just peel our prawns by hand, no need for a knife, it seems excessively dangerous.

  • Ok, just made this. Best scampi I’ve ever tasted. Thanks Babish!

  • Click like if you want to see an episode of BCU dedicated to all the kitchen tools that are normally used in the shows.

  • You CAN eat the tail; or the shell for that matter. But it's better saved for stocks.

  • I don’t remove the vein - never have. (Haven’t died from poisoning yet.)

  • I'm new to this channel, and this guy is funny haha.

  • Is that a chopsticks tattoo on your neck?

  • But you can eat the tail... its rly crunchy and can be a nice change of texture 🤔

  • You’re shrimp scampi recipe looks so yummy! I need to make this myself!

  • Your recipes have been clutch. Kitchen skills leveled up thanks to your channel.

  • Gordon Ramsay wouod have shut down this kitchen. Fresh frozen. Youre done babish when I tell Papa Gordy.

  • My shrimp will be so fresh it's still alive. *laughs in Louisiana

  • Babish: you can't eat it Me, who has been eating shrimp tails their entire life: oh

  • cant get the sauce thick:(

  • is it only me who thinks that parsley is devils work in its purest and greenest form?

  • 6:19 Babish aim

  • Babish- Unsalted butter ........ at the end add salt” Me- that’s silly just use salted butter Also me - sitting here eating unsalted chips......... adding salt to them.

  • Jokes on you, I get my shrimp locally caught

  • shrimp my scanpi

    • pleasse notice me babish

  • Whenever if there is a botanist drink, my sense of wealthiness and the riches start to kick in.

  • Breaded Scampi is so much better

  • *babish talking about the shrimp* "People like to keep the tail because it's decorative but you can't it." Me: o.o *eating whole shrimp, tail included*

  • I have been doing shrimp scampi all wrong

  • 4:42 whos that in the reflection

  • That garlic on the pan rim is making me anxious 👀

  • *Kosher Salt*

  • One of my favorite Babish recipes! My wife’s new favorite! Also, time for you to make the Rochester Garbage Plate!!!

  • PLEASE MAKE TARTIFLETTE!!! Would love to see your take on it.😃

  • can't eat the tail? is that a challenge?

  • When I think of Shrimp Scampi I think of Murr pumped full of Lidocaine

  • Looks fantastic! Could you do a video on the crab Rangoon from the video game farcry 4?

  • What happens to the broth you just made from shrimp shells?

  • As a guy that's a fan of Pasta and Shrimp. I LOVE IT!!!

  • bro these are not scampi, not even close... these are gambori (or as you said shrimp)

  • I beg to differ on eating the tales

  • I that's it I'm creating a multi million dollar franchise just so I can get Some bizarre fantasy food on this program

  • Very confusing. "Shrimp scampi"? Er? What? This video is not about "scampi" as I understood it but, after some enquiries, now I do. In the UK the word "scampi" is descriptive only of a small lobster, a langoustine, aka Dublin Bay prawn (Nephrops norvegius) tail and not of any old shrimp from any old part of the world as used in this vid. Shrimps is shrimps. Scampi is scampi. Shrimp scampi is like a describing a cat dog. Weird!