Binging with Babish 5 Year Anniversary: Pizza in a Cup from The Jerk

Avaldati 9 veebr 2021
This week, to celebrate 5 years of BWB, we’re taking the show back to its roots - its mumbly, un-ironed, concerningly higher-pitched roots. Thank you all for sticking with me!!
Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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  • This episode was true to original Babish form in more ways than you might imagine: I filmed it Sunday during the second big snowstorm here in NYC, and was originally going for Clemenza’s sauce from The Godfather. When I realized I had no red wine, and couldn’t get any due to the storm, I decided to breeze through the sauce recipe and pivot to Pizza in a Cup when I found I had the ingredients on hand. Yesterday morning, when I went downstairs to start editing the project, I discovered the heat was broken (again). I waited as long as I could for my two space heaters to bring up the temperature above 50F, and worked late to finish everything at the last minute. It was just like the good ole days, and despite it being occasionally frustrating/challenging/uncomfortable, I loved every minute of it. Thanks for celebrating my anniversary with me!

  • How about layering several layers on pizza in a cup?

  • That’s cheating Babish

  • Lol the hair I was wondering who that was

  • I thought I needed my eyes checked 😂

  • "But, I still think we can do better, so I raised pigs and cows and grew my own wheat on a farm."

  • can you do the thing they eat in MOM series, in the bistro the show has 8 seasons but they once did not reveal what was that

    • Just like 'pizza' in a cup, an 'omlette' in a cup is just as horrific.

  • Seriously love your content babish 🔥🔥🔥

  • Feel like I have warped into another parallel universe. Only nightmares could dream of 🤯.

  • Listening to Green Day with Babish

  • Impressive dedication to the bit and attention to detail Babish. You sound a little like you're trying to be Ash from the original Pokemon Indigo League series

  • Everyone's talking about Babish's hair, but no one is talking about his change in his voice

  • Feels like a personification or like someone else making this video, it’s interesting and different. My eyes are peeled

  • he got hair

  • .......... I can't see past the hair.

  • Babish hair

  • I know this question probably won't be seen/read given how busy you are/safe you need to be at this time, but out of curiosity, do you think the recipe would've worked out better in any way if you coated the inside of the cup with the dough in such a way where - after it finished baking inside of the mug - you could then pull the whole thing out of the mug and you'd have sauce and cheese inside of a handle-free crust-mug?

  • It's weird to see babish with hair...

  • Are you feeling sick for this video? Your voice sounds scratchy.

  • that song clip in the beginning transported me back in time

  • Brought back the old intro and background music. Doooope

  • “My name is Oliver Babish” took me for a ride I did not expect.

    • It's a stage name i think

  • Just like 'pizza' in a cup, an 'omlette' in a cup is just as horrific.

  • I was frightened by the hair, but Cream on Chrome made it all better again.


  • Time to f**k up this pineapple babish 10 years ago

  • So the logo doesn't make sense anymore

  • Great job love it 👌👌👌

  • Eyyy that’s the theme from frasier haha I’m young but I love that show

  • At first I thought, babish used to have hair? Then I read the comments. I am very upset and scared.

  • You know that surrealism concept of what if someone replaced every single item of furniture in your house with an exactly identical replica down to the scratches ‘ stains etc ,, this is what this video feels like

  • That intro music... felt like I travelled back in time

  • Only real Naruto fans will know this joke.. Itachi: hey binging with babish.. wanna fight? Itachi and babish: So anyway we started cooking

  • You look way younger with hair.

  • Ratatat🤘

  • I was prepared for the intro and even the voice but the WIG


  • "Pizza in a cup" *makes pzone*

  • Therapist: Babish with hair isn't real he can't hurt you Babish with hair: 0:30

  • Could you do TURRŌN from ENA, temptation stairway?

  • I would've made like a pizza calzone big enough to fit in the cup, then I'd put the usual sauce, cheese and pepperoni on top and throw it into the oven. That's just my take on it tho, what would y'all doo?

  • that intro's so early babish

  • I'm going to assume this is how Babish looked like in college

  • Yo that bread tho looks fire


  • I did not know he had hair back then.

  • Thank you for Babish for inspiring me to try stuff out. i cant always follow your recipes with your fancy ingredients, but I've done some of your simpler versions or improvised on others. Thank you for the help and entertainment!

  • This just reminds me how much I liked the old intro


  • Feels like a pizza swirl with thin layers, cut into the height of the cup and placed within it would've been the obvious choice here.

  • Hold out Babish the vaccines are almost here 😵

  • I honestly love the old music

  • Isn’t that just a calzone?

  • So he made a hot pocket?

  • When the manscaped sponsorship ends

  • no pepperoni, please

  • take it off.

  • سلام دوستان از کانال من هم دیدن کنید

  • HAIR

  • Looks like a dollar tree Chris angel

  • This is the moment binging with babish turns into Heisenberg

  • dd you get your hair died


  • Its Babish's cousin l0l

  • Gosh, I remember watching this as a freshman in high school, now I'm graduated and doing nothing with my life

  • "what's up reddit foods" So he *wasn't* lying.

  • Now we really need an instant cup pizza

  • the introoo the bgm the years xddd

  • Hey Babish, can you make pudding from star vs. the forces of evil?

  • Great episode! I love having seen how far you've come.

  • Ichiraku ramen from Naruto

  • man, that cover image... feel lied to...

  • Now that we’re celebrating 5 years, who noticed that he used the same music as in his first cooking video?

  • I was unbelievably confused Old intro, old voice, old music... Makes me think this is an old video he just never posted

  • I kept thinking he would do something with ramen... Like soup pizza. Idk why.

  • Haven't been here in a while I used to watch you 3 years ago when you did that regular show episode, I have to binge watch all the videos I missed.

  • babish with hair is cursed

  • babish with hair me: WAIT THAT’S ILLEGAL

  • i think he was bald, or there's something wrong with my mind?

    • Is this Simon from Business Blaze?

  • Is that the bad dragon mug

    • What in the Master of Disguise is going on here?

  • How about substitute with some Einkorn Flour?

  • You should get a pointy hat sir. You are clearly a wizard in the kitchen! : D

  • i almost thought this was an old episode

  • congrats on 5 years! i was eating while watching this and noticed the hair.. and admittedly had a small heart attack until i heard it was a hair piece XD

  • Hahah make the cupcake in a cup from Wall-D

  • W0t hair ?

  • The intro, the music, so nostalgic (minus seeing your face on camera lol)! Happy 5 years 🎉

  • Nothing says 5 year milestone like pizza in a cup

  • Decided to actually try this. I was pleasantly surprised


  • PIZZA IN A CUP!!! 1.Bake pizza bread 2.Cut bread into bite size 3.Mix pizza sauce with cheese and peperoni 4.Mix 3 with bite size breads 5.Put 4 into a cup top it with cheese and others if wanted 6.Bake it till cheese melts PIZZA IN A CUP!!!

  • you should make the taffy stuff from coraline- if that’s even possible idk-

  • he looks like Kratos from the eyes down and a high school boy from a shounen anime from the eyes up

  • Holy jeez I thought the hair was real and I was like "hol up who dis"

  • What in the Master of Disguise is going on here?

  • Is this Simon from Business Blaze?

  • He has hair

  • A self contained pizza Babish: Lets make this awesome pizza Me: Orders pizza and fold the pizza slice in the middle

  • Where's my baby balled Babish at?

  • Wow. You got a new a new chimney?