Binging with Babish: Omelette du Fromage from Dexter's Laboratory

Avaldati 17 nov 2020
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Today, I'm given an excuse to (probably horrendously incorrectly) attempt some French - both the language and cuisine. An iconically challenging but ironically simple dish becomes the sole phrase in Dexter McPherson's normally-stacked vocabulary, the admittedly-seductive-sounding "omelette du fromage". Let's crack some eggs!
Music: "Petal" by Broke for Free
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    • "That's all you can say. Thats all you can say."

    • im going to say it for my french teacher

    • @Nathan Lemuel you should go up, up, up.

    • *SWOONS*


  • Can you please make the mac and cheese omelette from American Dad?

  • Its omelette au fromage

  • Didn’t know orange yolks were weird, in the uk, the yolks are always orange, I’ve never actually seen a raw egg with a yellow yolk for real

  • Say it again dexter Dexter: Skrr Skrr

  • Omelette du fromage

  • The abashed fiber monthly dance because french serendipitously open qua a sweet possibility. idiotic, brainy frost

  • Americans : Omelette Du Fromage France : bip bip bip " *Justifying Wargoal* "

  • I always laugh everytime you say your smallest will and use one of the biggest ones I've ever seen. If somebody is ever in need of a laugh that scene always does the trick.

  • bonjour je suis un dauphin. je m'appelle omelette au fromage

  • It's quite funny because in Spain white eggs are odd AF. I think I only saw them once in my life.

  • Babing with Bimbish

  • Its omelette DE fromage I now I'm french

  • Jacques Pepin would approve

  • but i like large, solid curds in my eggs....

  • Binging with Babish: “I usually use metal fork on my nonstick skillet” All Asians:😠😤😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Question - I've heard it said that seasoning eggs early makes them go watery, is that true here? Edit: I watched the rest of the video... never mind lol

  • his french accent is s o much better than mine

  • Babish is the only man I know who, when faced with the issue of missing a metal fork, in fact had a wooden fork to use instead.

  • 1:02 Where's Tiny Whisk ? What did you do to him ?

  • Kid really got 2 girls for saying "cheese egg"

  • American cheese in an omelette is one of the grossest things I can remember being served

  • p o

  • Heirloom eggs came from chicken which has spices (paprica) in their diet, obtaining the reddish color.

  • Today we are making a meal from dexter... Wait what one? The kids show or the cannibal one?


  • What about the Biscuits from My Next Life as a Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom

  • You say “just like your dad used to make.” But all my dad did was the beating part

  • This was the only French thing I could say for the longest time.

  • Me who watched TerminalMontage's latest video: *Omulet du fromaje*

  • 5:43 Mr.Eggman, man me an egg Make it the eggiest, that I ever egged

  • Gonna make a couple for the Science Team!!!

  • I have free range chickens and the eggs change due to the chickens diet and time of year.

  • PLEASE PLEASE do the gourmet’s recipes from Skyrim!

  • Bro Dexter's got ho's

  • French people looking at the title: 👁️👄👁️

  • It's "omelette "de" fromages " u.u

  • Wait your dad came back from getting the milk

  • Is this not just a omurice without the rice?

  • "omelette OW fromage" my Maman is charging up her slipper ready to smack the mispronunciation out of that sentence


  • I learned how to make an omelette years ago from Julia Child. Edit: did you just use processed cheese? *blecch* Anyway au is pronounced like "oh" not "ow"

  • Jesus Christ loves you

  • Why does this sound like someone explaining speedrun tatics???

  • we now have a steak subscription. This is either the best or the worst timeline

  • "more creamy soft custardy inner curd ends up in your mouth" those word will forever resonate in my head.

  • That's where that meme came from! Yes!!

  • Awesome

  • You are forgiven

  • you had me in the first half

  • Say it again Babish

  • we call the heirloom eggs ",country eggs" and the difference in taste is an understatement. I would like to see this recipe done with duck eggs.

  • im waiting for the omurice so we can visit the whole world of famous egg dishes

  • Welp, I know what I'm making for breakfast

  • Terminal montage

  • hands down tamagoyaki

  • "grab our very small whisk" *proceed with the biggest one*

  • Sir that omlette is uncirumsized

  • That stringy white thing becomes the chicken in a fertilized egg.

  • I love how tiny whisk becomes a character in this episode: "were obviously going to beat these together with a tiny whisk...this is what tiny whisk was born to do."

  • Haven't seen eggs that color in forever, I forgot what fresh eggs looked like

  • I thought salting you’re eggs before cooking was a no no...

  • oh no! the proteins have teenaged!

  • Now I get this reference!

  • Dying for you to make the perfect candy from Jimmy neutron

  • I believe the orange comes from feeding the chickens paprika as the Japanese do this with certain breeds to get that bright orange color

  • ooh say it again~

  • I know that the eggs are fully cooked but every time I see eggs run like this I’m like 🤢

  • I did this with spinach and it goes great with it

  • Kingpin wants to know your location

  • hMMMMMMM it's pronounced "O" not "awo" Hom-Let O- Fro- Maj

  • Like everything else French: entirely too complicated for too little payoff 😂 Love all the shows Babish!

  • That's funny, ECO friendly box with plastic wraped meat inside, very green stuff.

  • Wait I’m just realizing omelette au fromage and tamagoyaki are basically the same thing

  • 1:00 Yeah he did make milk, so why did he leave to get some?£

  • *one of the first things they teach you in culinary school* 2.8mil views + sponsor. money making MACHINE

  • For being a Genius, dexter cannot speak french properly

  • 1:02 caught you in 4K beating

  • DUDE! I was so right on the edge of disliking and leaving. But, in my mind I was like "What about the thumbnail." Then you said you were just kidding. Whew!

  • Sorry dude. It's "Omelette AU fromage".

  • you had the little French-man in me in the first half, not gonna lie ^^

  • you need to hit the pan vertacly on the table to pop the bubbles

  • Old but gold


  • 0:59 wait you had a dad?

  • getting an omelet cooked perfectly like that is a task in itself. then the french want you to have nice pointy edges so the thing looks like a football. i can never get that right either.

  • Omelette AU fromage

  • Adding carotene to chicken feed makes eggs orange.

  • Sorry french citizens but you're all wrong, i learnt french from the greatest source available - Dexter's Laboratory and it is definitely Omelette du Fromage not au

  • Ramen from Naruto plz

  • Should have made the mud pie Dee-Dee made.

  • SAY it agaaain , Deeeexter !

  • Me: I'm making an omelette *Flips omelette* Me: I'm making scrambled eggs

  • What's the difference between kosher salt and just salt?

  • 0:58 mine never even got home from buying milk😢

  • Yard raised hens naturally have that intense orange yolk. Currentlt have 30 or so chickens running around my yard, best eggs I've ever had :) $10/dz must be NYC pricing, I sell mine for $3/dz in NC... only a day old.

  • Try make a omelette but with potatoes

  • Hummmmm! Bom! Isabel (irmã do Josias) 26.01.21

  • uh that wisk was waaaayyyyy to small

  • eco friendly box > filled with individually wrapped products encased in non biodegradable plastic yeah... i mean if you want to go that route with the marketing at least idk dont show us everything is coated in plastic?