Binging with Babish: Sourdough Broccoli Pizza from Inside Out

Avaldati 5 jaan 2021
This week, we're headed into yet another one of Pixar's heart-rending, eye-popping dreamscapes: modern day San Fransisco, where we're taking a look at the broccoli pizza through the eyes of an 11-year-old. GROSS! Can we not only make something so sacrilege as cruciferous cabbage on pizza appetizing, but glean some new knowledge about the age-old Neapolitan treat? Let's find out!
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  • I think Pixar calling the pizza place "Yeast of Eden" officially made this movie a Bob's Burgers crossover.

    • @CountryHuman w h o ASKED

    • how i meet your mother, Worlds best burger please!!

    • It works :)

    • Arizmendi’s is actually an East Bay institution that happens to have 2 shops in SF. Pixar studios is in emeryville in between north and west Oakland and there is an Arizmendi around the corner from them which is where a lot of workers go on lunch break. They always pay homage to east bay landmarks and restaurants in their movies. Also sourdough pizza is Oakland style pizza not SF. Most of the sourdough pizza shops are In Berkeley and Oakland.

    • I don't know how to email you but could you make the nacho hat of Despicable Me 2 or the episode of the Simpsons were Homer and Ned are at a stadium.

  • Cali style, Chicago style, Deadpool style, Babish is truly the champion of controversial pizzas. I can't wait to see him make a gourmet spam pizza.

  • No hate babish but thats a really small amount of brocolli

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • Broccoli is so expensive in the Philippines that children actually want to try them

  • Sourdough is native to Alaska, not San Francisco

  • Chicago and Mexico were actually the ones who ruined pizza. New York City is way better.

  • That is some radioactive green broccoli

  • Which move was it?

  • I just ate this and I feel like the villain of a Pixar film.

  • To be fair anger should be blaming us Canadians for the pineapple pizza, regrettably we invented it not Hawaiians

    • Ok but Raley is like 10 years old, how would she know that?

  • Broccoli smells like garbage

  • Hawaii: Ruined pizza with pineapple San Francisco: Ruined pizza with broccoli Banging with Babish: Ruined pizza with no tomato sauce

  • Congratulations Babish, you made it great! First you bust the hawaiins! and now you.

  • i love babish but did he just eat a soft garlic clove...

  • I love your videos♥️

  • I'm actually glad to hear him say he's going to eat all of the food he made this time XD I always felt bad when he was on a diet, but I'm glad Babish can happily enjoy the fruits of his labor now! :D

  • The movie makes the pizza look and seem like it’s so bad man

  • I'll say it brockly will be better than pineapple

  • What pizza oven do you use? It came out so beautiful

  • "Stretchy thumbnail" makes me unexpectedly uncomfortable

  • I don't think I could make homemade sourdough, feeding something yourself then making it into a pizza is just too personal for me. I'd rather have pizza masters make it far away then sell it to me. but btw I'm not vegan I just would rather not be the one pulling the trigger or in this case turning on the oven.

  • Years ago when I worked at a pizzeria/salad bar we would make broccoli and sunflower seed pizzas.

  • This might have been answered in a different video, but what the difference between a rue and a bechamel?

  • First hawaiians and now you

  • As a guy who loves veggie pizza: Broccoli on pizza is disgusting


  • I’m sorry... but you make the first white pie with strict mozzarella... and no ricotta..? Like it’s not bad, but... no ricotta?!

  • Round the bays Amanda gillies

  • *Kosher Salt*

  • you should go on master chef


  • Hawaiian pizza is an actually Hawaiian it’s Canadian.

  • First the hawaiians now you

  • Sourdough Broccoli is an outrage! I mean, who doesn't put sauce on pizza?!

  • Sourdough broccoli pizza sounds amazing, this scene makes no sense.

  • I hate broccoli and even I find it hard to resist this one.

  • Broccoli on pizza made me think of brussels sprouts on pizza > cabbage on pizza > coleslaw on pizza > ... Okonomiyaki? Where's the line between atrocity and delicious? Is it edible?

  • Well I yoes to watch caylo and they pote brokely on pizza so I mite try that

  • Fun Fact: Its not the hawaiians who ruined pizza its the canadians

  • I also make Beschamel when I don’t have enough of cream for my Flammekueche or Cream pizza. It’s delicious.

  • Kendall's voice is so relaxing, can we get her to voice more snippets?

  • Should have added some hot sauce or marinara

  • Broccoli on pizza doesn't sound that bad..

  • I'm italian, try tuna and broccoli pizza or tuna and broccoli pasta

  • 👎👎👎👎 nope

  • Inside Out will forever have a special place in my heart 💛💙❤️💚💜

  • tooooo much flower on your peel love you tho dad

  • How would Babish make none pizza with left beef

  • My sister finds me gross because I love Broccoli on my pizza 😂 It’s delicious

  • Lady: We can do better Babish: *cries in lowkey proud of himself*

  • 0:17 why do i hear soldier

  • Made this, ate this, definitely recommend

  • Sir; You did it again

  • Can you do the Jon Stewart pizza rant with New York and/or deep dish pizza?

  • when you think about it every dish from Italy is an italian-american dish because during the trading process from early colonizers there were no tomatoes in Italy in which America had gifted Italy their tomatoes

  • Brocolli is the best vegetable

  • my lovcal pizza delivery shop makes my favorite pizza. It has Tomato sauce, cheese, beef steak strips, broccoli, hollandaise sauce and a perfect ammount of cheese. it is HEAVEN.

  • As a broccoli-lover-since-birth, anyone who doesn't like broccoli even if they're children is dead to me.

  • I'd love to see Babish tackle the eggplant burgers from the live action scooby doo movie!

  • Hey can you do all the food from my hero academia?

  • I did a double take when you mentioned the bakery- that’s one of my last names (it’s hyphenated, took my husband’s full Mexican last name) and it’s pretty rare!!

  • Babish don't forget your lactose pills..

  • Why the top rack?

  • Your comedy and your voice make me laugh and make the time go by a lot faster while I'm driving. Thank you for your originality and your wit

  • This is the first clip of Inside Out I've ever seen,, I was wondering where Lewis Black had been the last 13 years, I guess now I know.

  • When I saw inside out I actually wanted to eat the broccoli pizza, broccoli and cheese go amazing together.

  • I made pizza for 6 years and it's not made with sourdough lol sorry it's ingrained in me

  • You have converted me to broccoli. My body is probably thanking you

  • Oh shoot, u made anger and disgust mad in my head.

  • PLEASE coconut cream pie from ICarly

  • A new yorker makes a san francisco style pizza It feels as weird as in the deep dish video

  • how i meet your mother, Worlds best burger please!!

  • I hope that was parmesano regiano... xD no wait this is not chef jhon channel

  • You and your alliterations!

  • How can I work for you?!

  • Anyone else think it’s weird that Babish and Ordinary Sausage did a pizza video on the same day

  • That looks like one of the most delicious pieces of pizza ever bro.

  • I realllyyyy want this pizza

  • can you make skweezy's garlic fries from tik tok? hahaha i know it doesn't count as tv or movies but pls

  • Why is this even a thing

  • How did this video come exactly as I randomly crave making a broccoli pizza? And I didn't even watch the movie recently. You rock!

  • Hey Babish, you should do a camp food video for ya trail bound fans!! Simple ingredients and simple pleasures.

  • it would be so funny... ??

  • by the way, you should totally do the 7-layer salad that Marshall Eriksen's family makes in How I Met Your Mother!

  • Sam Fransisco bacteria means something else here.

    • you’ve mama’d your last-a mia

  • I'm here to check out the crust. I can't eat cooked broccoli. Just the smell makes me nauseous and, if strong enough, can trigger my gag reflex. I like it raw, though. I like the tree

  • I like my broccoli soup because it is sweet when it's made into soup.

  • i like brocolli but if i wanted sumn healthy i wont be having pizza

  • Broccoli pizza is my favorite pizza by far! I add it to a pizza Margarita with a little extra garlic. Can never order it though! Gotta make it at home!

  • I’d eat that

  • Brocolli pizza is my favorite, i love when mom makes it

  • I love how this video is put together so much. I watched it a while ago, but had to come back! Great work!

  • “This is gonna cause treMENdous gluten development...” - The last thing you hear before the Kosher Salt Killer gets you

  • would be a fun video!!

  • Try the eggplant pizza

  • Oh please My son loves broccoli, because I am a parent, and do not give him a chance not to eat it, that is called patenting

  • When he said “film taking place in San Francisco” then walks up with a little baggy I hella thought he was about to take some edibles 💀💀

  • Make the mysterious secret 4th flavor ice cream from codename kids next door!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Arizmendi is life, my quality of life has increased by moving in closer proximity to two of their bakeries.