Beat Babish | Stump Sohla (feat. Sean Evans & Carla Lalli Music)

Avaldati 24 dets 2020
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In a very special holiday special, two giants of the internet culinarosphere face-off in a head-to-head biscuit battle. Or cookie conflict, as you Americans call it. Can a renowned, classically-trained professional chef take down a self-proclaimed "occasional" baker? We're about to find out, with the help of celebrity judges Sean Evans and Carla Lalli Music!
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Starring: Sohla El-Waylly, Andrew Rea, Brad Cash, Kendall Beach Sean Evans, Carla Lalli Music, Sawyer Jacobs
Director: Brad Cash
Camera: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Andrew Rea, Sawyer Jacobs, Kendall Beach, Kevin Grosch, and Emilija Saxe
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  • Want to point out that the brilliant voice-over was both written and performed by our director/editor extraordinaire, Brad Cash!

    • It was certainly an impressive range of accents he managed

    • I kept thinking does anyone else appreciate how hilarious this voice over is as much as I do? Hahaha👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻

    • @Somaliatheist # She's mentioned in other videos that she's Bangladeshi.

    • I need Brad to voiceover my life 😭

    • Please do more videos like this!!

  • I just had an ad that had you in it in the video😂

  • This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on the internet. The British voice over highlighting the Borgs that share consciousness 😂😂😂 dead

  • So sad babish decided to partner with ont of the most bigot elements of BA.

  • This was so well produced, I love it guys! Cant wait to see more!

  • Sohla: This is FALLING APART I should give up Andrew: *wiggly antenna*

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • I really dislike the arbitrary 2020-argument for Sohla's dish. That argument was not fair.

  • "My antenna wiggle when im pleased", he speaks the language of the gods

  • Bald bros

  • This was actually hard to watch. The shtick he's playing at is quite the departure from his original high quality content.

  • i used to like sohla

  • *my antennas wiggle when I'm pleased*

  • Okay, but I want a festivus party display like that that's a recreation of the room the display will be in.

  • What happend Sohla this was like her last apperence

    • Was just thinking this. I hope this is just Sohla taking a break. She’s a perfect addition to the BCU.

  • Grievance fortune cookies need to be a thing.

  • When can we expect the next series, show up sawyer? Or maybe conquer Kendal

  • Very surprised Babish didn’t do festivus

  • Game: *starts Babish: *already panicking

  • Holy Molly 5 years! Well I've loved every second of it and I can say you're doing amazing and you keep me wanting to learn how to do more. If I want to make something new, I check if you have a recipe first.

  • You shun capitalism by buying Nestle Oreos for your centrepiece.

  • can we just move the rest of BA to the BCU, thanks

  • This whole channel is so satisfying, im going on day 4 of binging and there has not been a dull moment yet 😂

  • This was so fun I'd watch this parody as often as you want to make it

  • The fact that Babish picked captain picard day makes me love him even more.

  • Bad on you Babish! Racist anti-white, anti-male Sohla El-Waylly should be removed all forms of social media. On to my boycott list you go!


  • i dont want a snappy gingeyman. i want a chewy one

  • That looks gorgeous 👍❤️

  • i need more of this its insane

  • I'm so happy right now. Can we get more Sola/ Babish bake offs

  • Tf is a fictional holiday?

  • Does anyone know the story of the cats? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved intercutting with them, but I feel like I'm missing something lol

  • when do we name this the Sohla Culinary Universe and push out Andy

  • Best video ever. Make more like this.


  • Wait is Festivus a way to shun Capitalism or Christmas? Because Sohla kept saying capitalism but she also talked about not having a tree, indicating to me a Christmas Tree. (I think she said it but whatever)

  • Andrew reminds me alot of Schmidt from New Girl

  • Shaun missed the opportunity to say tiny whisk of margin differences Kek

  • The Keira Knightley mouth when she said "so sorry" at the beginning took me out

  • the amount of SEROTONIN that FLOODED my brain when i saw THEE CARLA LALLI MUSIC ENTER FRAME

  • He never had a chance against the queen

  • M O R E

  • i love sohla

  • "It hits." "It bangs" - Sean Evans (2020)


  • What does the festivus has to do with sticking to capitalism? Don't get it. It was against commercialism of Christmas, well I celebrate Christmas but we never did presents, again stupidity of our so called progressive society lol

    • @Mark Kchik No, it was that although they are not the same, they are interdependent, and if you oppose capitalism, you are effectively also opposing commercialism.

    • @fordhouse8b it was that commercialism and capitalism is not the same thing, but some people mistake it for being the same

    • @Mark Kchik No, your main point was questioning what

    • @fordhouse8b yes and you ignored my main point, we never commercialized Christmas in my family, dont be a sheep and make your choice, the choice is always your, so dont be blaming everything on capitalism if you cant make a correct choice it is a free world after all, not like in socialism where you would not have a choice. Yes maybe i did not make it quite as clear, but hopefully this clears it up

    • @Mark Kchik “All" I gonna do was certainly not nitpick your wording. I also pointed put the symbiotic relationship between commercialism and capitalism. Sticking it to one is tantamount to sticking it to the other.

  • Ive been loving Sohla and Carla for years, but whose the first judge? She's perfect 😍

  • I dont get why sohla won Babish had such an cool amazing style Getting that on Xmas would rock Its better than stuffing some oreos on each other Too bad

  • Sohla’s laugh puts love in my heart

  • Borg cube, and borg drones, Andrew. What kind of Trekkie are you? Still, I love you and you’re the real Yeesus.

  • What kind of mysterious *substance* did Andrew consume to be like that on this episode?

  • Carla!

    • Follow up: I love Carla!

  • Not to take the spotlight away from this magnificent video... but Sean was looking low-key kinda fine 👀 hot ones indeed

  • I cant believe no one in the comments is talking about Peter tho??????

  • that voiceover was horrific.

  • Ok but can we get that rice krispy recipe!

  • This has been my favorite episode of yours ever, the constant joking around, being purely creative, showing interactions with the crew. Awesome work everyone!

  • The antennae are a fantastic touch, and not just when Andrew shimmies.

  • im so weakkk 😭 by the comparison to the Great Britain Bake Off 😭😭

  • Sohla had store bought fortune cookies, store bought oreos abd marshmallows, don't think that is much fare to be honest

    • you can actually see her making the fortune cookies at 16:09 and also making the oreos at 16:24

    • She actually made the fortune cookies

  • Carla: 'You're already in the tower?' Sean: 'It Bangs..'

  • Now Carla's here... They're multiplying! :D

  • oh I was hoping someone would do Festivus.

  • Happy Captain Picard Day! "I'm a role model!"

  • Haha! Awesome Borg Cube! I made a Christmas cookie Enterprise in the beginning of December.. What a coincidence :D

  • I. loved. absolutely everything about this, thank you

  • carla is my favorite ever

  • 3:40 Cursed

  • Sean Evans looks lit af lol The spiciest lord

  • CARLAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I have been missing you so MUCH. Please come back on EEclone on a regular basis!!!

  • Babish losing: eat it again!! Sohla winning: *humble bow*

  • Babish on his own show: Welcome to Binging with Babish. Today we’re... Babish freaking out cause he’s against Sohla: My AnTeNaEs WiGgLE wHeN I’m PleaSeD

  • But better

  • The add for makers mark was so on cue it was weird haha

  • Not being able to keep a straight face for the show stopper, haha yay Carla and Sean!!!

  • Yes british baking show reference!!! Also well done for the illustrations!! Always the best!

  • We need more of this. This was amazing

  • So babish has stolen to chefs from BA now! 😄

  • Remember how she made ridiculously over-engineered carbonara ice cream at bon appetit? Can we have a series where she makes mundane meals ridiculously experimental?

  • I’m so glad Carla showed up

  • Wow I just realized this is the first time ever I have seen Babish playin around in the kitchen. We all knew he was weird but this solidifies it. "My antennas wiggle when I'm pleased."

  • "Impervious to spice" 😂😂😂

  • The nonstop maria luckily expect because banjo wailly film amidst a waggish spot. special, blushing teeth

  • The Borg cube makes me so happy lol

  • Couldn’t have hired a English host?😂AT LEAST

  • I am like... 7 drinks in and just unpaused the video at around 3:40 with Babish shaking his head. I have no idea what is going on, but I love it.

  • Anyone else super uncomfortable about Sean Evans' positioning of his headpiece before his ears....

  • This woman is so fun, and skilled, and adorable. Sohla is now the true American Beauty. She has officially eclipsed the namesake rose.

  • Andrew giving some Nicolas Cage vibes.

  • BATK’s loss is Babish’s gain. :-)

  • Carla 🥺🥺🥺

  • I got a babish ad before this babish video 😂

  • Awww Peter!! He’s such a cutie I loved him on gbbs

  • Andrew: tiny wisk Sohla: giant bowl

  • 7:08 The laughter of a mad scientist.

  • TIL Sean is the ultimate hype man.

  • Why do the dudes have their antlers in front of their ears lol

  • Sohla has a great voice

  • This is honestly my new favourite thing please more; it’s wholesome and incredible. CARLA.