Binging with Babish: Bone Broth from The Mandalorian

Avaldati 10 dets 2019
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"You want some soup?" Pedro Pascal can growl almost anything from underneath his beskar helmet and still make it sound pretty badass. One thing's for sure - you can bring bone broth in warm, or you can bring it in cold. Well, I suppose you could bring it in cold, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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  • You want some soup?

  • this was also in broookly nine nine boyle's special bone broth

  • If everyone from now on in the history of humankind could stop slurping anything hot ever again that'd be great

  • I cant believe that the Mandalorian came out 10 months ago and that season 2 is almost out felt like 2 weeks for me

  • Can I make this in the slow cooker? Leaving something in the stove all day makes me nervous

  • i broke my finger i want to cook i want to make chicken noodle soup i want to use a knife i miss cooking car doors are stupid

  • I think I have that same spork

  • genuinely, thank you 🙏🏽

  • babish had me at the end when everything was in the bowl

  • The amount of retard-units is overwhelming...

  • No Marrow? Sacrilege!

  • Can you utilize different bones (elk, moose, etc) with the same ratios?

  • souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

  • That broth seems more useful than me

  • freaking out gf always +1

  • ooh so hes not gay

  • Making it wave was unexpectedly gross.

  • You are more civilized than me. I use broth for cheap ramen noodles. Obviously, the broth does more for the noodles than what the noodles do for the broth.

  • Russians: mmmmm, that's a very strange holodez!

  • I drink Ancient nutrition brand bone broth I highly recommend it if you like to try it with flavor .


  • I can’t believe I got Babish’s mixer ad on his own video omg- 🤣

  • 7:44 sub out the tomato paste and red wine with tomato ketchup/oyster sauce

  • I feel like you made this a lot more complicated than it is but it might taste hella good, who knows? My family makes bone broth out of our holiday meat leftovers and we just take the carcass and put it in a pot with a good amount of water and let it simmer for about 6 hours. Very flavorful, perfect base for soups, and scoops like jello when cooled

  • I own a crock pot, could you do the same thing as the large pot?

  • That savory whipped cream reminds me of Internet Shaquille's Gnocchi ice cream. so cool.

  • imma be honest, this is probably one of the coolest, most creative episodes on this channel. Loved it. Keep being awesome, Babish:)

  • The marrow is what holds all the goodness! 🙄

  • Babish: Makes a version with udon noodles and chives and hot oil and sesame oil Me: low groan Babish: quietly moves bowl off screen after trying Meeeee babish I relate so much 😂😂😂

  • The marrow gives a metallic taste because its blood. Like literally, that's where a blood cells are produced.

  • Can you use a slow cooker ?

  • This video is oddly cozy

  • Cheezin H. Creeps, you cutting into those bones DOES sound awful!

  • Bone marrow from the mandalorian king!

  • Babish, i was fucking eating when you showed the chicken feet thing


  • I would gladly make this i knew what if i was doing

  • I'm getting ready to make bone broth with some elk marrow bones and this is getting me so stoked for all the broth-y possibilities.

  • NO2 not CO2.

  • 3:37

  • Alternate method. Just boil your game's bones for two days, remove the hard stuff, then add whatever veggies you have available and voila! Frontier food.

  • Sup tulang

  • Man is really flexing that relationship

  • ohhh god im gonna puke

  • Yum

  • Demi is French for Half, and so the stock is only reduced by 50% not 75%. Reducing it by that much would make it Glace de Viande. And you don’t add dry red wine (or Bordeaux style wine), because that would make it Bordelaise.

  • I just got braces and I can’t chew ANYHTING. I had to blend my soup bc the chunks in it hurt to chew, but even that was too much, so I ended up having to soak tortillas in the soup and swallow it whole :(

  • Bone broth was on Brookline nine nine years before this show it was a Boyle family recipe

  • Can confirm, chicken feet or pork hock/trotters are the best ingredient for my wife to stay out of the kitchen on soup ramen days 🍜


  • Lol how'd that tour thing work out?

  • You are evil

  • Is it just me or does the mandolorian sound like babish??

  • If you have a contest where we get to get stonned with you and cook, let me know.

  • Don't tell me he ate all that in a single day

  • I wasn't paying attention for a minute. And I saw you putting whipped cream on broth

  • Literally saw you in a vodka Advertisement before watching this video

  • you could also use a slow cooker! Thats what is use for mine!

  • "I'm not stoned enough for this" love ya Babish

  • that portion thing kinda scared me

  • We do need a 4/20 special where you are stoned though.

  • Where's a good place to get chicken feet

  • I think my favorite random part of this video is the proper usage of the word myriad

  • i didnt know you made ranch ads

  • "Hot apple cider" me forgetting that American cider isn't alcoholic

    • @Judy Johnson ah in the uk we just have alcoholic cider (thank you for the information)

    • There is cider and there is "hard" cider. Hard cider has alcohol

  • {Insert Meme Comments Here}

  • 4:02 adding a _whee_ bit of apple cider vinegar

  • after its gelled how do you get it back into broth?

  • I saw an ad with you and ranch when this started and it scared me

  • This is pork stock right?

  • 5:00 who else thought he was gonna eat it.

  • I didn't see it in the comments, but the word 'gringer' that you heard is actually 'porringer'

  • But the marrow is the best part...

  • demonic laughing with babish

  • I regret not having chicken claws or a girlfriend

  • Bone broth is a great tasting drink but it will not help you heal. I was drinking bone broth twice a day for months because i did not feel well. My doctor gave me a prescription for a z-pack because I had a systemic infection in my body. The medication is what cured me. I make bone broth for soups. No healing properties.

  • *gross her gf* *evil laugh*

  • had a problem making this. my sister followed your written recipe, not the video. in the video you say to use one quart per 5 pounds of bones. in the written recipe, all you say is "fill the pot". because of this my sister used way too much water for the amount of bones you said to use. just wanted to point this out for future reference. love your videos tho

  • Hahaha I got a ad with babish in it

  • 2:53 the man in my nightmares

  • The technique is also used for Ramen broth!

  • Clean c u p club

  • Anyone else think the Mandalorian sounds like Babish?

  • So I was skimming through yt recommendation. I saw this anime about a humanoid family with animal genes mixed in. They were in the kitchen-living room. Down below was this video of Babish. With the phrase,’bone broth’. Then most terrifying thought came to my mind.

  • Technically a bone broth is a stock.

  • '' look i can make em wave'' jesus i love that guy XD

  • Is the broth suppose to taste a little bland on the first day of cooking? Does it eventually gain flavor?

  • The little nervous giggle after tasting the bone broth was just super adorable and very authentic, that's how you know he's not acting.

  • Alternative title: every way I know to make bone broth

  • Hmmm yes whipping cream with bone broth

  • Drinking chicken broth while watching this boost my appetite

  • I almost puke

  • I got an ad with you before this video

  • Just got a Babish ad on a Babish video lol

  • awesome

  • So stock

  • Nice, during the winter time my mom actually makes broth everyday to keep us warm and healthy.

  • I don't appreciated the contempt with which you said "Wookieepedia," SIR!

  • vinegar ratio to water isint high enough, imo.

  • Baby yoda drink the soup like a boos.