One-Handed Boozy Brunch | Stump Sohla

Avaldati 28 nov 2020
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Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Jessica Opon
Camera: Jessica Opon
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Andrew Rea, Sawyer Jacobs, Kendall Beach, Kevin Grosch, and Emilija Saxe
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  • @16:53 Sohla’s laugh made my whole day

  • Sohla saying poofy and flippy is adorable along with fluff city

  • Bringing Sohla over to BCU was smart not only for business and ratings but also because Andrew gets to eat her food now. Smart man.

  • The black pepper realisation was hilarious. 😅

  • Someone chose that horseradish on purpose.

  • Need more sohla, confirmed

  • i love the sweet awkwardness sohla gives off. btw this looked great!

  • i love that we get to see sohla on bcu so often!

  • why am i here at one am on a monday night??

  • aaah i can't express my love for stump sohla

  • Someone's getting a half dozen box graters for her birthday... 😏

  • I really do love Stump Sohla because the central premise is just "look at this amazingly skilled woman, no matter what challenges we throw at her she cannot be brought down and keeps on flexing her knowledge"

  • I am obsessed with Sohla!! I really enjoy watching her and listening to her!!!! Awesome addition the team

  • I would order this drink 100%

  • Subbing cause of these stomp Sohla episodes

  • A wild Babish appears!

  • Metal straws!! 💗

  • I stopped to make a cheese toastie as soon as she mentioned making them...

  • when sohla can chop better one handed than i will ever do with both hands 🥲

  • The "what can you do with the drunken sailor" in the background is inspired

  • Sohla is a force to be reckoned with. Brava!! Brava!!

  • she’s so cute 😍😍

  • The dislikes must be from bots because no real flesh and blood human can dislike Sohla and her amazing talents.

  • 5:16 this is now a japanese cooking show xD

  • I'm Canadian and I don't like Canadian bacon either. I'd rather have a smoked salmon on my eggs Benny. Or if in doubt just plain bacon crisped up beautifully.

  • I think I enjoy watching her show more than the stuff Andrew does now lol 😅🥴

  • Sohla is always so wonderfuly cheerful and creative. It makes the videos so much fun. Bon apetit!

  • Sohlas laugh .. nothing better

  • I was just thinking, as we reach the grating of the horseradish, that the challenge said "One-Handed". Perhaps Sohla could've used her forearm right near the elbow instead of her shoulder? Just a thought. Sohla's amazing as always.

  • Okay all of these episodes are super entertaining but this one had me rollinggggg

  • This series hit its stride in the episode. So entertainting!

  • Andrew is such a handsome dude man

  • Nothing could stop me from getting those crusty bits off the pan either 👌 We Stan.

  • Beautiful, creative, AND dextrous!

  • “Fluffy. Fluffcity.” My favorite phrase of 2020.

  • Sohla is so talented! Love these 🙌🏽

  • my favorite ramone

  • they should have made her grate the cheese haha

  • I would have used my teeth lol

  • She is Awesome!!

  • my new favorite duo KEEP EM COMING!

  • Sohla is a TREASURE!

  • Sohla SLAYED this, wow!

  • Just came here to drop a comment and say that Sohla is an absolutely amazing chef. I can't believe her former employer hid all of this innate talent

  • Gross

  • Maybe this is why Bon Appetit underpaid her. Because her immense power would eventually run them all out of business

  • The agonizing confirmation presently tire because lan bizarrely tick times a brief daffodil. messy, uptight drive

  • please give us an episode where sohla has to make like a pb&j or something but while doing edward fortyhands

  • Sohla: Struggling Babish at 16:24: Carlessly dancing

  • Who's Jeff and why‘s he bleeting?

  • This just seems....dangerous.

  • I feel your pain so low I fell and broke my right shoulder and I'm right handed so everything now has to be done one-handed with my left arm. So so difficult.

  • When you lose a limb, hen that limb heals up, it leaves a stump. So wasn't Sohla technically still stumped?

  • Sohla: I have thighs of steel Rule 34 artists: I can milk you

  • Thank you for spotlighting The Amazing Sohla

  • Cheat and mount a bench vice. :P

  • I HAVE THIGHS OF STEEL now thats body positivity

  • I love Sohla!!! 💕

  • I laughed Immediately when she grabbed the jar 😭

  • So sad to see this get the least views from the whole series. A great episode.

  • She does realize shes one handed not one armed?

  • Do you think Solah knows that she looks like Dora? Why her anyway?

  • Woshshisher

  • I like how there's no ads on the video. I want to think it was because of the horse radish.

  • This was such a fun video to watch! Cooking with one had is definitely not easy!

  • This show is just getting better and better

  • "It's in my beard isn't it? Mhm? I know it is." Andrew I swear your random phrases have me cracking up everytime 😆

  • That fresh hoarse radish tho 😳

  • yes yes more mooree!

  • that knife

  • i like wen she cheats

  • Goes to show how ableist kitchen appliances and layouts are.

  • How did that cheese get grated, Sohla??

  • Weird flex Sohla

  • This looks soo delicious 😋

  • I am canadian ang I too don't like canadian bacon

  • 7:27 I DIED😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Can we call sohlas wheel oh culinary adventure instead

  • Try to different flavours that shouldn’t go together x

  • sohla has beautiful tattoos! did you have to hide those with BA?

  • Do do do do da Dora

  • The drunken sailor song has me in stitches 😂

  • she’s so talented and proves her worth 10 times over each episode

  • Four hours is about how long it would take me to make just one of these, so I think she did pretty well.

  • use to be a fun channel...... :(

  • sohla is so cute

  • Sohla is such a precious gem, I love this series

  • Wildly entertaining, as usual!

  • fried with mayo, a proper grilled cheese. never disappoint Sohla 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Tipsy Sohla is hilarious 😂

  • For whatever reason, this video wasn’t recommended to me 🥺 But I’m here now! Sohla is my new fav ☺️

  • Suggestion: how about literally any of the dishes from the anime,Black Butler? I'm especially curious what you would do with the curry

  • We need a Claire collab stat!

  • Sohla: I'm going to avoid using knives as much as possible Also Sohla: uses a knife to open a bag of bread

  • I used to like Sohla but seeing her attack Brad and calling him dumb is a little too low even if she is trying to make a point.

  • 17:22 gives me energy

  • Unsub

  • 6.12... have you not got a box grater? Surely that would 1000000 times easier!

  • 4:55 that’s what she said 🤗

  • It's so nice to see Sohla genuinely happy with what she's doing and getting paid for it!