Binging with Babish: The Perfect Bite from YOU (Netflix)

Avaldati 11 veebr 2020
Do yourself a favor: don't start "You" if you don't have a full day in which to binge the entire series. This soapy-fun Netflix series is, at its core, about dating...albeit in a frightening and murderous way. And dating, at its core, is about food - so it was inevitable that there end up being some delectable food porn in this stalker-rom-com. Today, we explore not only the passionately-prepared roast chicken, but the idea of the perfect bite itself!
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • Future episode: Benji's peanut oil latte?

    • @Yortle Bluzzgubbly yea he made the mistake of making fresh egg pasta, you never use it with carbonara either

    • @Flame okay... I dunno, get over it?

    • @Yortle Bluzzgubbly he said specifically duck carbonara which although ok fine at least you added it in the name and I'll forgive, but I cannot forgive the garlic

    • @Flame the garlic is where you draw the line? Not the duck bacon or fermented egg?

    • Are you kidding me, garlic in carbonara?

  • "This chicken lived a much happier life then the supermarket chickens, you're gonna taste the difference." for some reason this line makes me really sad.

  • So the tv series YOU is just a simp who took things too far?

  • Oh Jess, you are a lucky, lucky woman!

  • "Clean Jess Club" implies that either Babish's first name is plate, or Jess is sometimes used as a plate. & we already know Babish's first name is Andrew...

  • Should've used some duck fat instead of olive oil in the pasta.

  • The way he pronounces things to piss people off is so funny

  • I was hoping @jaidenanimations would be here because the show was called the perfect bite™©

  • Now you have me questioning my go to carbonara recipe.


  • That chicken might have lived a happy life but its getting straight violated post life lmfao

  • So now I guess I have to quit being a vegitarian bc of Duck Carbonara? On one hand, I chose this life for a reason, but then again,,, there's duck in that carbonara.

  • *I wish someone would poke me in my fat deposits.* 😔

  • Great video not going to lie. Have you ever actually gone to the midwest of this United States.... Come to Iowa and see...

  • Shoulda cut that balsamic reduction with a couple knobs of butter or something.

  • Babish: ur my duck carbonara me loudly at 3 am: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ; w;

  • You pronounced aluminium correctly.

  • Dude you love your woman. I know of guys who wouldn't even bother to pick up a phone and order take out pasta for V day. Then again compared to those d-bags: we're all super boyfriends...not sure how to end this comment. Stay classy babby 🤷‍♂️

  • "Thick hot nasty ass chunks"

  • When he said: "for this commercial break" an ad literally popped up on my screen.

  • you said aluminium right

  • Babish: Tells me to wait until after the commercial break Me: Doesn't get a commerical Babish: Okay so le- Me: (CONFUSED SCREAMING)

  • I like hearing Andrew in the voice over but I cringe when I hear someone else xD I wouldn't mind to hear the honest real-time reaction tho!

  • That duck carbonara sounds like my perfect bite...

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww...

  • "Clean Jesse Club" Kinky

  • did anyone else hear 'boing,' when he was showing the yolk's firmness besides me?

  • Dear babish, right now im getting Advertising from a racist party in vienna due to the election that will follow in october! Can we change that???????


  • "Simping with Babish"

  • I'm crying at the fact that he didn't use a spatula to scrape out that delicious carbonara sauce bowl 😭

  • I love how only 10% of your comments are about other people talking about cooking. The other 90% is people commenting on your scripts. Also, I must be a creepy stalker at heart because I've never heard of "You" yet i thought the opening scene was super cute!

  • Her balsamic reduction probably had a little more going on to balance the vinegar. Since the whole dish was about balance lol

  • “Definitely a member of the Clean Jess Club.” (Silence) “What?”

  • So is the bowl called Jess, or is your name plate? I want answers.

  • Who actually made this? Just wondering

  • this is a first ive ever seen red, white, and yellow carrots

  • I need a "Cleaning the Kitchen" episode. How do you do it???

  • "Babishian tradition" is the new-age Italian nonna traditio, 10/10

  • I like her!

  • I like how he says ''favorite sharp poky thing'' like we aren't gonna grab our favorite knife

  • rap

  • “Definitely a member of the Clean Jess Club.” “wot”

  • Wow I actually got an ad when he said commercial break

  • Pancetta?

  • Your new hidden Valley ranch ad is pretty cool

  • Did you just pair carbonara with champagne and not prosecco?? Blasphemy

  • You didn’t really need to smoke the duck tho

  • "Thick hot nasty ass chunks"

  • Love your relationship ❤️❤️❤️

  • hi miss Andrew's girlfriend

  • *enters them with ease* I am uncomfortable

  • make the perfect sandwhich from teen titans go plz

  • He has my same level of flirtation skills “you are my duck carbonara”

  • He said aluminium correctly. Take my like!

  • 3:14 A small saute PN

  • Right after Andrew said “let’s find out how to make duck carbonara after this commercial break” a trailer for 2K21 appeared How did he plan that 🤔

  • It’s the pronunciation of aluminum for me lol

  • That was super adorable

  • I got a couple's therapy ad for this video. I am sad now.

  • “Definitely a member of the clean Jess club” wüt

  • anyone else actually curious what she looks like from the clavicle up or is it just me

  • Plate and jess babish

  • Today was the day I made a whole chicken for the first time ever. Recipe and spices where my idea (stuffed it with a feta-zucchini mix with some onion and garlic) but watched your method here because this whole skin thing made me so nervous. Kinda annoying that I can't show pics because it turned out delightful. So - thank you for both the inspiration you offer and the practical methods you provide.

  • Simp

  • Stolen from Jaiden The Perfect Bite ™

  • "You're my duck carbonara" -Babish, 2020

  • This man could literally pinch a loaf on the table and boil it, and it would taste godly.

  • Taking your getting under my skin to a whole new level

  • I’m disappointed he didn’t call the salt and sugar mixture “salger”

  • Pan* not pen

  • Who else came here because of Guga’s last video?

  • Just came back to watch this after a number of months. LOve this was mentioned on another video and I still think this one is probably the best bite.....but I can't make pasta so haven't made it yet....

  • "Andrew what I noticed before you roasted that chicken is that you didn't use a Knorr Chicken Stockpot"

  • Did he just say sauté pun?

  • 4:35 Babish: *says "Sautée pan" instead of "sautéep'n" My brain: "Whoa, back the hell up."

  • Andrew in the end: What?

  • SouljaBoyTellEm

  • A cured egg yolk that you can eventually shred like cheese. Didn't see that coming.

  • HA! Get some!

  • *W h a t*

  • I am so happy to see that banish is happy with the lady of his dreama

  • In french, the big BITE in the thumbnail has a VERY different sense :D.

  • 7:22 im sorry

  • Her : So , What do you like to eat ? Me : The Perfect Bite , from that Netflix Series... what's its name..ehh. (Not Delivered) Me : You

  • Umm can you salmonella from rubbing a chicken like that, or is it only from eating. OR am i just stupid

  • 6:12 Why's the egg whites yellow?

  • Hey babish does she have an Argentina Banner tatoo on her right arm. Because i´m from Argentina and i mean it when i say that it surprised me too much. Por si acaso es de Argentina y comprende le digo Mando mis mas sinceros saludos del pais con la peor inflacion del mundo, y si queres añadile del mate y los gauchos. Ah y casi me olvido decile que haga Asado.

  • Thank god Italians didn't target this video (I'm Italian but I don't care)

  • "parsley rosemary and thyme" me, very confused because im used to hearing sage in the mix: u h

  • 5:50 That was perfectly timed

  • dude, that is love

  • No one: Babish: Sauté pn

  • Forty spoons or Four Teaspoons? I do not compute

  • damn what kind of UNIT garlic was that bed made of

  • SPLOOSH!!!!

  • no one: babish: eats a clove of garlic

  • me looking at the chicken at the start - 👁👄👁

  • An ad Played right when you said "after this commercial break." For me 😂

  • I don’t understand why people give a 👎🏻 on the foot videos? All of his food looks amazing!