Binging with Babish: Sweetrolls from Skyrim

Avaldati 16 juuni 2020
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Well folks, after years of requests, they're finally here: the most tempting polygonal pastries ever put to PC, Sweetrolls from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I've been terrified to take on this digital dessert for years, but after developing a recipe using a buttery-sweet brioche, I think it's finally ready for the main stage. [Insert joke about stealing sweetrolls here].


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  • I used to be an adventurer like you...then someone stole my sweetroll.

    • Ah shit

    • Wait, I know you!

    • Sorry I was hungry

    • In the name of the jarl stop right there, you have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people what say you in your defense

    • That’s actually freaking cool. Not bad. I’d laugh my butt off at an attempt for anyone to come up with their own concoction of Skooma. 😂

  • from skyrim

  • I appreciated the Disturbed joke

  • Now for the boiled creme treat

  • I used to be a cook like you. Till I took an arrow to the knee. What an archer was doing in my kitchen I have no idea!

  • He should make the oblivion style sweetrolls, always thought that jam would go good with sweetrolls

  • You $@#%'R get up! K'mon get down with the THICC'NESS!

  • The arrow to the knee joke had me snorting my kale @babish

  • that feeling when someone actually steals your sweetroll and literally every guard keeps reminding you of it so much to the point that even the EEclone algorithm feels for you and suggests a video on how to make your own

  • I though ESO was made by Zenimax Online?

  • Ummm Brioche bread? Is that something special around the world, you can get fresh ones in most larger supermarkets in Switzerland?

  • Can we request a brioche recipe copy of the Levain bakery brioche.

  • I'm making these for my family

  • Let me guess, a "someone steal your sweetroll" comment

  • So... basically it is a savarin?

  • where can you buy those mini bunt pans?

  • I thought it would be like a cinnamon roll

  • 2:28 I see what you did there 😂

  • Sitting in my college dorm with cup ramen in front of me, wishing beyond all hope that one day the kitchens will finally re-open.

  • I love how I got a Babish ad before this video

  • "let me guess...someone steal your sweetrolls"

  • My cousin is out there making food videos. And what do I get? Guard duty!

  • They look perfect! The taste is the reason for only 5 health points.

  • Thre fucking bite out of the mega roll killed me

  • That’s a good soft dough ball

  • Why can't I find these in Winterhold.

  • Plot twist: someone came in after this video and shot him in the knee with an arrow.

  • I'd always imagined it would have the frosting fade off and turn to slightly sweet ash in your mouth, and then if you tried to take a bite out of it you would break your teeth. In my mind it was more a sheograthian weapon rather than food. This would probably be better tasting though. Did anyone have similar thoughts?

  • 4:00 brioche method

  • Yes a video for skyrim

  • **disgruntled khajjet noises** d-do skooma! Show us how to make skooma!

  • What’s the matter , did someone steal your sweet roll?

  • I tried this recipe. On my first attempt the dough turned into a crumbly mess and I tried adding water to fix it, but I had to scrap it and start over. I figured out it was the eggs. If your dough won't hold together, add another egg and it should be good. I think I was using smaller eggs

  • I always imagined them being similar to sponge cake

  • I'll give this to my OP argonian

  • What brand of butter do you use?

  • The only way to kill a dragon born is diabetes

  • Why does one wisk a mixture in a bowl in a wetted towel?

  • but the sweet rolls from skyrim are a reference to fallout 3 D:


  • I think you should make the seafood cake from PaRappa the Rapper. Thanks.

  • hope the guards find that master thief, keeps stealing all the sweetrolls.

  • I like skyrim, i like the sweet rolls, I sEe tHiS aS An AbSoLuTe WiN

  • The brioche recipe in Joy of Cooking is actually really easy to do without fancy kitchen gadgets and comes out really nice.

  • This is so fun to watch

  • Hell yes!!!

  • I... I’m going to make these



  • Y is ur ad game related?lol.

  • Where's the ginat's toe as ingredient?

  • Can you do a gluten free and dairy free recipe :D

  • Babish sounds like corpse husband

  • Ah, I’ve seen you finally woke up

  • "Depending on the heat, humidity and draftiness of your room." I'm from Florida. I was born of these.

  • Ahhhh let me guess someone still your sweet roll

  • I'm a little upset it's that easy to stop a bowl from running away while you're stirring.

  • Why do these look photoshopped

  • There are sooooo many Elder Scrolls and Fallout references in this comment section.

  • You have no freaking idea how fast I clicked

  • 6:23 Look. Just... Look at how beautiful it is. What.


  • Next one is elsweyr fondue

  • Every time I watch a video I have something else I want to try making, I dont even play skyrim

  • 4:28 four large broom temperature eggs

  • I imaginesweet rolls would have a really soft texture a kind of dry milky taste but not too dry

  • I’ve seen the thumbnail from this video so much that these rolls were in my dream last night 😅

  • Yo, someone walked up and stole my sweetrolls. I tried to call a guard, but he just mocked me

  • Actually it should be sourdough, because that is what they would have used in the middle ages. Maybe also whole corn flour.

  • Would not recomend I made these and when they were done a strange man broke into my house shouted at me really loudly shot me in my knee and stole my best one


  • 𝐋𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐠𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐬, 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐥𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐥

  • the dovakinn would be proud

  • I often also look to the elder scrolls cook book when I don't know what I should do next

  • as an elder scrolls and babish fan, this video was like a miracle

  • dude i just got a mixing with babish ad before this

  • Looks so sweet

  • Fimmion hungry!

  • Okay but that disturbed reference

  • Damn saw a BwB Maker’s Mark ad right before this. Keep doing big things Andy

  • YAAAS!! As soon as I read the title I mentally chanted “please use the line. Pleas use the line...” AND HE USED IT!!!

  • Why so many sweet roll stolen jokes? I just made them come se.. *someone stole my sweet rolls*

  • Flashback to all the Whiterun guards that comment on your sweetrolls.

  • I got a mixing with babish ad

  • I imagined them having a croissant type texture and consistency.

  • Is there milk in this recipe? If so, how much? I tried making this recipe and needed to add milk, as it wouldn't work. Also, I thought I saw milk in the bowl of the stand mixer before you started mixing the ingredients. The recipe on the website also did not include milk.

  • didnt they have sweet rolls in fallout as well?

  • Would briosh bread work good with making french toast?

  • i like your beard brother

  • Letting everything rest so often and so long this must take months to make

  • The best food in vidya games

  • For a few minutes I forgot you were making sweetrolls and not brioche.

  • Was wondering why some of the videos have no captions?

  • Okay, I have a video game challenge. Make a well done steak as good as it is in Monster Hunter.

  • Where’s the cherries

  • I used to be a sweet roll like you, until I took an adventurer to the knee

  • You know, by Skyrim standards, the first sweet rolls you made who probably have been delicious

    • The last one may have been a little sweet for their tastes

  • These just gave the word FoodPorn a different meaning

  • Mate we didn't ask for cum shot but whatever

  • *i just got a ad from the man himself wtf*