18th Century Mac & Cheese | Stump Sohla

Avaldati 24 sept 2020
Welcome to Stump Sohla, where we use a big ol' game-show-style wheel to try and stump one of the internet's most talented chefs, Sohla El-Waylly! This week, a comfort food made complicated with no modern tools or stove; just an open fire and some incredible willpower. Will Sohla get stumped? Well it's the first episode of her new show, so it's thematically unlikely - but enough of that, let's dig into some Revolutionary-War-era mac and cheese!
Sohla's Instagram: sohlae
Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Andrew Rea
Camera: Andrew Rea / Brad Cash / Jessica Opon / Sawyer Jacobs
Editor: Brad Cash
Producers: Sawyer Jacobs, Kevin Grosch, Jessica Opon, Andrew Rea and Emilija Saxe
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  • Welcome to the BCU, Sohla!

    • She’s unstoppable, unstumpable

    • What about YOUR kindness and support for getting one of my fav underrated ex-B.A. chefs to join you, Andrew? You definitely made the right call to have someone with such natural talent, sweetness and poise to join you. Kudos to you and the BCU!

    • OMG, Yasssss Sohla!!!! I am literally just, wow. APPLAUSE. I look up to her so much.

    • Mr.Babish I've been a fan of yours since 2017 I hope you do this for your 8 million subs video you should do foods from the big bang theory like spaghetti with hotdogs,Thai take outs,Deathstar Cake, Some of the in the you read this and hope you do this thank you

    • Can we bring in Brad next please? I need it’s alive with Brad and Babbie

  • Can we talk about how her not being on BA has just... allowed her to truly be herself. She is so funny and so incredibly smart. (Not that she wasn't on BA). But I feel like a lot of it was edited out so we only got brief clips of her showing her talents.


  • “Tremendous.” -Joey CoCo Diaz

  • Sohla’s flexing so hard and I’m LOVING it, your loss BA

  • So proud

  • 18th-century people didn't eat off those forks. They ate off the side of dull knives or with big spoons. Just FYI.

  • Today is binge on Sohla day.

  • Loving Sohla, great new addition to the show! Looking forward to more challenges.

  • Ben Franklin is judging you, just know that.

  • The universe would explode if you added Claire and Molly to your BCU gang. 👏

  • Best wishes to you guys! Welcome Sohla!

  • listen, i’m not gonna say i’m not happy with this, but did i expect sohla to milk her own cows, churn her own butter and make her own cheese? maybe i did.

  • Can I like this twice?

  • Sohla is a genius, so happy to see her get the opportunity to shine!

  • LOVE Sohla. You can never stump Sohla! 🤍

  • I'm finally subscribing to Babish channel with Sohla on-board!

  • I got a ad of him for his own show

  • I'd gotten used to automatically adding all Babish videos to Watch Later. That's...gonna change now...

  • New subscriber cus Sohla

  • Less Babish. Respectfully.

  • When you get a Babish channel Ad on babish video.

  • Sohla is so knowledgeable and fun! I loved this!

  • I didn’t *know* Sohla well, I remember seeing her here and there on BA but even with not knowing her- I can see a HUGE difference in her personality and energy. Almost like she was being confined all these years and just bursted open! I have now binge watched all the shows in this series and can confirm she is awesome, talented and extremely intelligent. Good for her.

  • Vivaldi's Quatro Stagioni playing in the background. Nice work, Babish!

  • 7:06 - "I didn't have any friends..." Yes, Sohla. We feel you.

  • How many Rolex's does Andrew have? ;-)

  • "I think I'm gonna use alot of cheese cuz back then they died young" 😂😂😂

  • Yippee! Make space for molly and brad too!! Babish hits BA where it hurts! Lol

  • We stan that 1th century lifestyle: eating as much cheese as you want and then dying

  • This is good because you get that fun goofiness that BA sold itself on, but it's coming from an actually competent person who's not constantly asking other people how to do things. It's also good for other reasons, like the main star is actually getting paid fairly.

  • This gives me @TastingHistory vibes. I’m here for it.

  • This is so cringe. Don’t forget the cooking! It’s about the food! This feels like a cheesy game show playing off the politics of her story. Go the Josh Weismann angle.

    • Patronizing someone with a multi-million following makes you sound like a complete moron.

  • Please steal all of the BA staff. We want Claire

  • Soo lookin forward to the rest of the wheel :D

  • I’m so glad she’s out of BA she’s way to good for them

  • Need more Sohla asap, tyvm. you guys rock

  • Shpehh-tssluh. Lol I love listening to her attempting to say Spätzle 🤣

  • Subscribing for Sohla. Rooting for you to succeed girl!

  • Awesome version of Mac&Cheese and I’m glad you used „Spaetzel“ (actually „Spätzle“, as we say in Germany). Hand-scraped from the wooden board, the only way genuine Spätzle are made. Thumbs up 👍🏻

  • BTW, I'm having serious real estate envy. Where did you find a backyard/patio like that??? In NYC?????

  • "People just ate all the cheese they wanted to eat, and then they died!" I died when I heard that.

  • Love Babish Love Sohla

  • that's it, subscribed!

  • I love Sohla so much, I'm so happy to see her again and see her so alive!

  • Lucky you didn't lose body parts on this one...

  • Please bring BRADDDDDD!!!

  • Sohla, a legend 🙌

  • it took me a solid 4 minutes to understand that you meant spätzle... i'm so dumb

  • power move

  • This is the content I need ❤️

  • New favorite show on EEclone!! Sohla, so excited to see you back at it!!

  • Me, a Bavarian sitting here watching Sohla basically making Käsespätzle: uhmmmm... But for real tho, I'm so glad she got her own show, she seems so much happier and she deserves the world

  • Maaaan, what a missed opportunity to get Townsends on Board. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But this could really have been a great crossover.

    • Yeah Townsends is really great, but it’s great to see another interpretation :)

  • Love this!

  • she said it like they died cuz of how much cheese they ate kalsksdl;ajsdlk

  • "People just ate all the cheese they wanted to eat, and then they died" - me, with my lactose intolerance

    • And ice cream and then died🤷‍♀️

  • I've been mostly familiar with the Babish side of things but being aware of what brought Sohla here, the mistreatment under BA; it's amazing that Andrew gave her this platform to challenge her.

  • She was the least interesting to watch on BA and still is.

  • So, when's the Sohla and Townsends crossover? I will pay for that, by the way.

  • I just adore Sohla...

  • Anyone else get a Babish commercial on this video?

  • she better be a partner

  • they do know they had matches in the 17th century, right?

  • Sohla out making crackers with crackers an fire with fire.....I luv this woman!😂😂😍😍

  • Sohla! Yesssss 🙌🏽

  • I have goosebumps. The correct move in every way possible. Proud to support this channel & the both of you.

  • Stump Sohla: the Mission Impossible

  • Seeing Sohla again and seeing Babish in game-show-host costume spark so much joy in such a dark time. Thanks guys for cheering me up on a bad day.

  • This show is so pleasant to watch. I really enjoy Sohla's vibe and her general sense of cooking know-how. Looking forward to the future episodes!

  • "People just ate all the cheese they wanted to eat and then they died". What a blessing.

  • What you just made is called "Kassspazn" here in Germany! Also, love to see more of Sohla !

  • Shes so precious

  • funnily enough mac and cheese goings all the way back to the 14th century in Italy

  • this was an enjoyable 2:00am watch, now i'm craving some mac

  • Pls do not disrespect Sohla’s skin tone with this lighting/contrast 😭. Color correct pls I’m begging

  • Love the new show, SO happy to see Sohla!

  • YAAAAAAY SOHLA! I've missed your lovely sense of humor

  • The key to 18th Century cooking is Nutmeg

  • Grats on your earned life. Hook up with Has Townsend & son and Mac Miller Eating history? And maybe The History Guy? Anyhow, it makes my heart glad, in these "end times" of "the covid" to see you again. I handed missed all of you guys. But you were are my fav? ❤️❤️👍🙏😎

  • Never underestimate an underdog 😏 Sohla is such a boss lady, you go girl!!! Such a great representation of women empowerment. She left a company that did not see her worth or value and now she is thriving.

  • Who else wishes that the authenticity part of the brief had her also churning her own butter, from cream she skimmed herself from whole, non-homogenized milk?

  • I love the new channel name!!!

  • I'm subscribing for Solah

  • i love when sohla is just like "hm, ok - sounds fun!" 😂 no fear, she's perfect.

  • Amazing first episode! I subscribed for Sohla!

  • Love it

  • I loved Sohla on the "shall not be named" channel, and I am so glad to see her cook again on a great channel. Thank you Babish

  • RIP to all the careers that Sohla tanked

  • Love Sohla! She’s amazing.

  • okay so the 18th century was 200 years ago right?? they really didn't have elbow pasta back then even though people were making like spaghetti and other kinds of noodles??? wild

  • I thought I loved Sohla BEFORE, but I adore her in this. Love love love.

  • I just love that she’s in a place that really allows her to shine and highlight how technically skilled and intelligent she really is!!

  • How come Sohla's videos get 4.5k dislikes while other videos are getting less than 1k. Ofc she gets more likes too, but it's still messed up. :( Anyways, love your work!! I'm looking forward to more videos of Sohla!

  • I am here for ALL the Sohla content. Please keep it coming.

  • Am I the only one who said look it up in an 18th century cook book? Cuz there are recipes. Even American ones.

  • wait, I want to learn! When were Gruyere and cheese curds invented?

  • Im soooo happy for Sohla! And the ideas are great. Im so into it. Keep on movin

  • There’s a wheel?

  • I love sohla 🥺