Braised Short Ribs | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 17 sept 2020
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This week on Basics, it's time to prepare for fall with some braised short ribs and a thyme-infused negroni bianco.
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  • 4:08 doh, when he went ow ow ow 😂

  • This make me with to make food then come back into my man hole because it 2am

  • When I grilling or baking I always leave the silver skin on. I love the little crunch it has when it gets a little crispy.

  • I do love ribs they are tender,juicy,and if the marinade stars align correctly you won’t regret making it

  • I've made this recipe...fabulous! Family devoured it. Will make again!

  • Do you have a link to the "drip infuser"...?

  • Great classic recipe!!! Thank you chef! Personally would prefer some wonderful Napa Cabernet Sauvignon such as St. Supéry 2012 or 2010 vintage.

  • 3:40 Anyone remember this scene from Sword Art Online??.....Asuna?

  • Strains the thyme out of the cocktail. Then garnishes with a sprig of Thyme

  • Damn ..

  • I love the commentation on this

  • "some meat even fell into my mouth ow hot hot hot" 🤣

  • My mouth is watering over the Short Ribs. My inner Southern Mom is screaming at yet another famous cook serving runny mashed potatoes. I'll still make the Short Ribs, but with properly prepared potatoes.

  • This bears a curious similarity to Adam Ragusea's recipe he posted a while ago. Not plagiarising, are we?

  • I want to lick my screen this looks so good.

  • Islay in a bottle is an islay scotch

  • I tried this recipe this weekend past. It was one of the best meals i've ever cooked or eaten. My supper guests agreed. Big thumbs up Andrew!

  • I ain't got no thyme fo dat. :(

  • Apologize to the gin for using equal part of vermouth, which is in no way in hell , equal to a fine gin

  • Yeah but nooooo. If you see smoke coming off the pan from the oil that’s carcinogenic, free radicals basically the opposite of antioxidants

  • Hey Babish, you can be a professional chef.

  • Hi Babish, just wanted to thank you. A couple of days ago i amde this with my dad and OH MY GOD! This is some seriously good meat. Added a couple of ingredients like diced apples, red wine and rosemary instead of thyme, 10/10 would recommend

  • I don't think I've ever wanted to eat one of your creations more than I want to eat these ribs.

  • instructions unclear, shot in the chest by a short rib from an MP5

  • This would be good over either cauliflower rice or mashed cauliflower too I think!

  • I tried to half this. Didn’t work super well. Ended up with about 4 ounces of liquid before reducing.

  • Interesting fact about the silver skin (?) In Filipino cooking most of the time this is not removed and I haven't really noticed anything bad about this except that its hard to chew lol. Must be a cultural, waste nothing, thing brought over from the Philippines/passed down through the generations.

  • 3:12 if its beef you're making, wouldn't beef stock be preferable over chicken? Or is there a distinct reason to choose chicken stock?

    • Chicken stock tends to be much more neutral and consistent than beef stock especially when store bought. Store bought beef stock tends to be inadequate. If you know how to make a good beef stock at home then I would go with that.

  • 3:50 do not check on people the same way

  • Grats on 8 mil my guy!

  • Gordan Ramsey VS Babish is a much needed series.

  • This video is really just Adam Ragusea’s recipe

    • @J'The Cop ahh ok

    • Not really, pro home cooks and Josh weissman both have similar videos up and all 4 are copying a pretty old method for cooking short ribs

  • DAMN SON! That looks so good! 🤤

  • But Laphroaig though...

  • why can i taste this

  • Petition: Ban &ab_channel= from EEclone!

  • I think I came when he opened the pot full of cooked ribs the first time.

  • why do y’all care so much about his sponsorships

  • That's how you do an ad dude it didn't feel out of place like so many others! Great job!

  • Why does the meat look like hoorker meat tho

  • not a good thing take hot ribs from liquid.... next time, let them cool off all together in fridge. cheers.

  • Mr.Babish I've been a fan of yours since 2017 I hope you do this for your 8 million subs video you should do foods from the big bang theory like spaghetti with hotdogs,Thai take outs,Deathstar Cake, Some of the in the you read this and hope you do this thank you

  • howd you skin a crrot

  • Getting an advert with him in it before the actual video starts continues to be confusing.

  • Babish's voice is extra sophisticated in this video. I laugh while imagining him saying "Class, prestige, women".

  • Not gonna lie I'm more interested in the mashed potato

    • I believe he said it was polenta! I def want to make this w/ mashed potatoes, though 👀

  • I tried this recipe, and it got my girlfriend and I to look at each other in utter amazement after the first bite, and then race for the third short rib. Next time I’ll make the full recipe so we don’t have to fight!

  • "Beautiful Braised Beef" works well for an alliteration, as opposed to "Picture Prefect Pork".... Touché I say, and Good Day.

  • Love it

    • Reminded me of demi glaze

  • Thomas Keller says leave fat and silver fyi

  • Whenever I tried braising something, I always panic because I can't tell if the inside is raw for not.

  • Why am I even watching this? I don’t even like or do cooking

  • I own the babish cook book, and all this time I wasn’t subscribed? That can’t be right, I think EEclone is fucking with me

  • would love a basic episode on kitchen cleanliness and maintenance. Like, how do you sanitize that work station after rubbing raw meat on it?

  • This is not for basic cook

  • Waittttt what happened to binging with babish ??

  • Ok ok ok I got the cooking part but my pan (almost like yours but mine is blue) is impossible to get clean now!

  • I accidentally clicked on another video without liking this. Obviously had to come back to hit the like button.

  • He know how to cook, but doesn’t know how to hold a fork.

  • 당신의 뚝딱뚝딱 요리하는 모습이 멋있네요👍

  • HOME RUN! Tried with boneless chuck beef short ribs. No need to trim fat, in fact, not enough fat to bother skimming. Meat was fork tender in about two hours. Next time I will go easier on seasoning meat. Thickened up the sauce (and corrected borderline over salting d/t meat seasoning) by stirring in a half cup or so of the mashed potatoes. Sauce thickened enough to serve in about 10-15 minutes. Great flavors, really paired well with my pint of Guinness. Thanks Babish!

  • i smoke to this mans videos

  • Can I just say that this into reel is the best into reel on EEclone.

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • I love your videos Babish 😎👌🏽

  • mon the scotland

  • What kind of knife is that? Babish is havin' fun!

  • Never peel carrots

  • I've watched this video like 5 times now since it came out and I still haven't gotten shortribs

  • Those ribs when they went into the Sause pan. "Damn, Broth! You've lost a lot of weight"

  • With the amount adds for this gin i hope it’s something great... because usually gin is gin... doesn’t change much

  • Those braised short ribs look so yummy! I need to make this recipe!

  • The Botanist is over double the price of Aviation at my local Safeway with no exceptional discernible difference in taste.

  • I want his knife!!

  • As a bartender, I really appreciate that you're not only bringing great food to us all, but showing off savoury cocktails and lesser known classics. Also botanist is so good for Gibson's 😉

  • Botanist commercial followed by botanist sponsor, just how much are they paying you to advertise this jin?

  • I miss binging with B.

  • You need to remove the silver skin layers on both the outside and inside because there's even more gross fat under the layer he didn't remove than the outer layer that he did remove not to mention a neurovascular bundle by each rib consisting of a nerve, artery and vein that comes out like a string and is really unappetizing to have hanging out of your mouth which is even worse than the fat and silver skin. He says he plates the ribs on "pomme purée" which is apple sauce but it looks more like potatoes to me.

  • Ima be honest, I'd be down for a Basic with Babish episode/series talking about cocktails

  • If you like Gin, the Botanist is one beautiful spirit. Expensive but worth it.

  • Where can I find the infuser he used to infuse thyme into his vermouth?

  • I know you came here without bothering about it, but maybe it´s time to take a course and work on your knife skills now :P

  • Hey Babish, ever thought about doing a Basics episode on drink and food pairing? Maybe a series? One where you talk about pairing different wines, beers, whiskeys, and other spirits with food? Just asking.

  • I really love that you leave in your mistakes! 😅☺️❤️❤️👌👌👌

  • His commentery makes his cudeos better

  • not only does he have ads. he's in them

  • @Babish Where did you get that Botanist infuser? Absolutely must have one!

  • Tried this today and it's amazing! I used the red wine instead of beer.

  • I got a botanist ad right before this

  • Great recipe I replaced the chicken stock with beef broth and it worked wonderfully.


  • Please make kush cookies from Mac and Devin highschool

  • Please do a basics on mushrooms. There are so many different varieties that are readily available. I love mushrooms but end up just sauteeing them. Love the channel!

  • what was that infuser contraption Babish used?! I want one for myself.

  • Check out Sam The Cooking Guy, he poked a little fun at Mr. Babish.

  • Did anyone get the ad for the sponsor before the video? That’s dope in my opinion

  • i was watching one of his older video and got an ad for that alcohol and i was like B A B I S H ? ?

  • So you have such a good voice I almost fell asleep ....

  • 6:08 Wait is this seriously the most pointless device ever? Couldn't you, you know, just soak the thyme in the booze in a bowl?

  • Honestly you've hyped up The Botanist so much on this channel I clicked the link to go buy some. Then I saw it was $40 for 750ml and I know that generally higher price = higher quality but I never make anything more complicated than a G&T and I can't justify that rn I'm sorry.