Binging with Babish: Caprese Salad from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Avaldati 21 apr 2020
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a great many things: it's an adventure, it's bizarre, and it's essentially one long, uninterrupted Jojo reference. It's also, fleetingly, an enthusiastic examination of Italian food. Follow along this week as we unravel the mysteries of one of my greatest cooking fears: fresh, homemade mozzarella!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • List of impressions I can do: Batman Joker Bane Lil Wayne Ben Kenobi/Jorah Mormont hybrid David Bowie Sean Connery (only saying "winners go home and f*ck the prom queen" from The Rock [1996]) Arthur Morgan (kinda) Julia Child David Attenborough Steve1989MREinfo Doug DeMuro Worf Joseph Joestar (old)

    • 7:27

    • Out of all of these the fact you can do Joseph Joestar makes me very happy. XD

    • Where that old Joe star impression


    • I swear, if you don't collaborate with Doug, I'm going to commit step on lego.

  • Imagine yelling OH NO


  • Imagine don't having good mozzarella in your country and having to do it from zero

  • Instructions unclear, ended up making pizza

  • I got a binging wist babyish ad, weird

  • Yum!

  • im surprised he din't gain a stand to do this...smh

  • I thought the toast points were tiny parmigiano reggiano pieces on jojo. Rip.

  • Make narancia’s pizza for him

  • I just finished part 4 and now I get this now

  • Babish is a Stand User. I can see his stand!

  • Do Food Wars!!!!!


  • next do pizza mozzarella

  • OH MY GOD! You actually sound like me!

  • Is the how to make the cooking as hard for yourself as possible but also the most entertaining?

  • The way babish said “I totally see where he is coming from” about the dressing totally made me think it was about to go off the rails

  • Didn't use buffalo milk 4/10.

  • Why he didnt used those thick heat proof goves? I know they are a bit expensive but it beats burning your fingers

  • instructions unclear, ended up being thunder cross split attacked

  • I don't know why but i get all happy when my favorite non-anime youtubers either does a reference or entire video on JoJo.

  • 0/10 No MINERALA WATA!!!!

  • Get something from Chateaugay New York please. Also I just realize that milk is from Ithaca New York

  • Instructions unclear, all of my skin shedded into the size of a basketball


  • Idk but the “mutsarel” is a pretty cringe pronunciation

  • (Gets a binging with babish ad). Me: “that’s why I’m here.”

  • CEASAR!!!!!!!!! salad

  • Are this food gonna make me scrap the dead skin from my shoulder?

  • Next: Mineral water from Tonio restaurant. INgredients: Ice that melted from Mt. Kilimanjaro 1000 years ago

  • joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • This dish has to be one of my favorite Italian dishes and salads of all time

  • Wheres pearl jam

  • He should make the Katsu sandwich Kira buys in Jojo Part 4

  • salad from jojo is mmmm

  • Okuyasu is the best.

  • instructions unclear: after consumption my skin started to tear of

  • Did I just watch this guy literally make cheese on the stove top

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Auto Generated subtitles: *J A P A N E S E*

  • that DIY cheese segment be like, “It’S tHe DaNcE oF iTaLy, wHoOaOaoA”

  • Please make ceasar salad

  • Please make ceasar salad

  • I don't know why, but every time I see that picture of the Caprese Salad from Jojo, I start craving raw sliced tomatos

  • this video is a jojo reference

  • He is not an Italian. Caprese need great mozzarella, which he has. But LETTUCE and a DRESSING? All you need is the freshest tomatoes, bets are from Jersey during the summer. Then, he left OUT the basil, fresh basil leaves make the salad. Salt and Pepper and then, the best Balsamic Vinegar and EVOO. That is all. Yes, I know, its only a seasonal DISH, BUT ITS WORTH THE WAIT EVERY YEAR. Fresh FROM THE farm TOMATOES AND BASIL....FRESH MADE CHEESE, AND THE BEST EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar... end of story... I love Andrew, I would marry him and I over look his hipster-ish sensibilities, but WHY DOES HE OVER DO SOME SIMPLE THINGS?

  • We get it. Everything is a jojo reference.

  • Instructions unclear, I'm stuck with an invisible baby

  • Is that a jojo refrence?

  • I can't believe you didn't make your own etc!!!

  • "But uh, let's make our own." Dammit, Babish.

  • fake!! your body didnt heal

  • Instructions unclear, I joined a gang of thieves and my stand keeps saying "I am thou, and thou art I" wait

  • This guy should make Kira's sandwich

  • It's not accurate enough unless you add the stand too

  • I scroll down I really suprise no one suggest bocu no fucking pico

  • Gyro is sad now make pizza and mozzarella

  • Babish please make the Kira's pork sandwich aka *DUWANG*

  • Please do more jojo videos. They're good.

  • why does he butcher the words 'pot' and 'pan' by using as few rounds as possible.

  • OH NO

  • Would you ever use chlorinated water when cooking?

  • guys, i think this might be a jojo refrence

  • 4:48 omg your hands are so red lol

  • Nobody: Babish: STOCKPT

  • What’s mozzazza?

  • 6:24 ...... turn the plate ?

  • Make the ramen from assassination classroom...

  • that place was good

  • Pizza Mozzarella, pizza mozzarella, rella rella rella rella rella rella, gorganzola, gorganzola, zola zola zola zola zola

  • Can you make barbecue-chicken pizza? 😍I had it once to celebrate the birthday of my cat before buying the cake and I just _loved_ it so much! ❤️And I would *love* to see YOUR take on it! 😉

  • Anchovies? I didn’t hear you say anything about anchovies until 6:53. I really don’t pay attention. 😞You like anchovies? Most people hate them! Well, what I know of fictional characters, especially animations, of people on TV shows, movies, comics, etc. hate anchovies. Some really love them, though! 😃I never had them and want to try them, but I am not allowed to order anchovy pizza because my mother hates it, and so does my father, and they don’t want me to order something only they can eat, and don’t wanna spend money on something they hate! 😞Sad life, for me, as usual. 🙁Sad. ☹️

  • Ah, TV-accurate! Ah, Andy, you’re such a stickler! 😂

  • Definitely some good pizza mozzarella(rella rella rella rella~)

  • *food is a jojo references*

  • I swear to god that Joseph joestar impression had in fits

  • Yay

  • "Your cheese might turn out squeaky" Poutine lovers: OwO

  • Didn't sing pizza mozzarella pizza mozzarella rella rella rella rella rella

  • Can you make the special breakfast Kakyion fed Mannish Boy?

  • Look at those pink hands, I hope he didn't burn too hard

  • We need abbacchio's "special" tea now

  • Me waiting for food wars

  • Mozzarella rella rella rella rella rella rella rella...

  • Im going to try this with store bought mozzarella. Hopefully its good.

  • All these fuckin wee a boos. Has anyone actually tried it?!?!

  • No _whey,_ dude!


  • IS-IS THIS A JOJO REFERENCE??????????????

  • 0/10 He didn't even pierce himself with an arrow he got from an old lady

  • This is hands down my favorite salad to eat. It’s definitely helping me out with losing weight.

  • I was convinced you were going to grow your tomatoes too

  • you should make tonios water

  • Pizza mozzarella pizza mozzarella rella rella rella rella rella

  • If Babish fears hot cheese stretching but did it anyway then I could probably do it better with senseless fingers

  • Instructions unclear, got stuck in a horse again.

  • Know it's more of a drink but what about that Caprese drink from Neo Yokio? Or making a homemade giant toblerone? 👀👀

  • Can you make some strawberry cake, but make sure... there aren't *4* slices.

  • First it's saucepin now it's stockpt what the frick

  • I S T H A T A J O J O ' S R E F E R E N C E