Latkes | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 2 apr 2020
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Latkes (aka potato pancakes) are an easy thing to make at home that you can use as a blank canvas for all of your favorite toppings.
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  • Can you make the brisket from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

    • You should make a bit bigger quantity and bring them to a shelter or something.

    • no

    • When’s the meat tornado

    • Yasss. Thanks to TMMM, I'm going to make brisket, latkes and matzo ball soup for dinner this fall - because I can't stand to be in front of an oven or be deep-frying food in the summer heat now, but I think in the colder, cozier fall, those things will be so nice. ☺

    • Binging with Babish ramen tacos from we bare bears please!,!!

  • So, I laughed. At "to make sure they're still Raw Potatoes." Good one sir.

  • My Jewish stepmother grates onion into her latkes too

  • I ate plenty of raw potatoes as a kid, and hey, I'm still here. So it’s probably not too bad for you.

  • Make pilmany,its a russian dumplings or just make an episode of universal dumplings

  • you need to use a food processor and make them into basically a paste then do everything else the same

  • Hey, it's 2020. Perhaps you might consider dropping "off the reservation" from your vocabulary. There are a lot of other colorful phrases that you can you that don't have the deeply unpleasant historical connotations of this one. (Having said that, it's a great video otherwise, which is why the phrase popped out at me.)

  • So, what exactly is the difference between latkes & hash browns?

  • The reason I clicked this vid was bc when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, we sang a song that had a verse that goes like this "Dreidels to play with, latkes to eat" (yes it was a hanukkah song) I didnt really know what a latke was but I was in music class so I couldnt do anything about it. When I saw this vid, it reminded me of that song and now I finally know what a latke is. Thank you Babish :)

  • Hey man I’m glad you’re sponsored and it’s not your responsibility at all but, I’m an alcoholic so can we get some non alcoholic mix’s too.

  • I was expecting you to put cheese or bacon on them, but... _why the fuck would anyone ever pair potatoes with anything sweet????????_

  • I've been looking for a good Latke recipe for a while now and all the other ones iI've found seemed way too complicated. As usual, Andy comes through in a big way and I'm definitely making these this weekend.

  • Creespy

  • i just put ketchup and gravy

  • When I make these, I leave the skin on for an extra crunch. Also, I'm not a fan of any of those toppings. Personally, it's amazing by itself or with some salt. But even some sour cream and chives would go well with this.

  • "Latkes begin and end with potatoes" so... potatolatkespotato

  • 1:1 a german recipie, just with waaaaay too much oil, because obviously america.

  • Gordon Ramsay: "Fucking delicious."

  • So, chicken-fried potato meatloaf.

  • Thx for the recepie it tasted amazing

  • I’d probably just eat them plain

  • So fancy hashbrowns lol 😋

  • It's like watching Ryan Reynolds cook.

  • Eggs Benedict on a latke (chefs kiss)

  • What's the difference between latkes and hashbrowns?

  • Hashbrowns are wannabe latkes. Change my mind

  • i ate exaclty the same thing in poland and it was tasy as hell

  • why did no one think to put an egg on one of these scrambled or over easy like that should be first thought

  • Apple sauce! They need apple sauce!

  • No applesauce?

  • I just got an add with Babish in it for a Babish video so I guess he's made it.

  • MAYANEZ topping is king

  • That's an interesting way to spell 'hash browns'

  • Thats... a... rösti.

  • This is essentially just a hash brown

  • I'm Jewish, time to judge your latke technique.

  • Great video! My Latkes turned out great! You earned another subscriber!

  • No my nightmare begin and end with potato being slaughter

  • Where is the link for the wine club?

  • Jood

  • That's actually one of the regular foods we make in Iran. By the way we call them "کوکو سیب زمینی" and i don't know the direct translation but it can be called Potato Cutlets? Side note: regular Cutlets in Iran are made by mixing these exact ingredients with minced meat which is another regular Iranian food and OH BOY they are delicious. Turmeric is a great spice to add to Latkes both for color and a bit of taste.

  • I make these instead of hash browns. Good with maple syrup. Or as the base for an bacon and egg sandwich.

  • *hashbrown

  • Dude, I would do a fried egg and burger... make a breakfast burger with that...

  • I would just eat it with ketchup .

  • I'm sorry. You have a gin now??

  • I don’t know how I’ve never noticed this but I have the same towels as Babish

  • Screw the box grater. Get a coarse Microplane grater. So much sharper, so much easier to use. Box graters are used by the damned in Hell: don’t use one! Unless you cannot afford a Microplane, you should not subject yourself to a box grater. My parents grated the potatoes and also grated onions into the potatoes to make latkes. Both parents were from Eastern Europe. Maybe those are just potato pancakes and not proper latkes?

  • I use wine as a club

  • no applesauce?

  • this is basically my father's recipe of potato filled omelet, but he uses around 2 potatoes and 2 eggs and fries it as an omelet

  • I love Latkes with applesauce, it's super good!.

  • For all of y’all who still don’t understand this, latkes are an Ashkenazi Jewish food, they’re super fluffy potato pancakes. Hash browns are greasy (yet still good lol) potatoes that were grated. Latkes have culture and history behind them, and therefore are NOT the same thing as hash browns

  • 👍🏆🥇😷

  • Cover some salted chicken breast with the raw mixture, fry it and then put sour cream and cheese on top of it, it's awesome

  • A good jew will never mix dairy with meat. I don’t know about eggs though.

  • I used to say potatoes and pancakes at random in highschool

  • Throw one of those on a burger 🍔 😋

  • Another food I can no longer have.

    • @Inferno Tube Celiac disease. Also I don't eat pork in any form.

    • Why?

  • xtraaa creazepy - yum

  • Can you do a Critical Role episode? Jester’s love of pastries and her lollipop weapon alone could fill an episode

  • I'ts called draniki.. belive me, I'm from Belarus :)

  • is food iran

  • Nobody: Babish: makes food Funny right

  • I would add a bit of pepper

  • Babby , bubbeleh...Any particular reason for panko and not matzoh meal? Mazel to you, you marvelous mensch! And thank you for very fine videos!

  • Use cheesecloth

  • I’m sorry but aren’t these hash browns. Look similar?

  • In hanuca we ate sweet potatoes inside a latkes in hebrew it's called "levivot"

  • 02:18 Extra creespy?

  • not sure if anyone has already pointed this out but phrases like “off the reservation” is derogatory to indigenous people

    • It’s also a traditional turn of phrase and I don’t care how derogatory you think it is you’re not gonna change how people speak.

  • I had a ad before this video (I can’t remember what it was about) and Binging with Babish was in it

  • Latkes are a Jewish food and eaten at many Jewish holidays especially Hanukkah

  • You know this was worth the oil burns they where heavenly 😂 honestly though!!

  • kind of seems like same as hash browns

  • So Latkes are...well they're eggy hashbrowns.

  • Copycat of Aloo Tikki 👎

    • @Inferno Tube Hmmm also Byzantium Cathedral Hagia Sophia built before Ottoman convert into Mosque.....??

    • Nope. Not everything is Indian. Latkes actually cane before Aloo Tikki. Ridiculous people like you = 👎

  • Nope, my grandmother makes this amazing. Your destroying the flavor.

    • True, because there is only one way to make them -.- shut your ass up and go cry somewhere else

  • Ah Latkes. I haven't had Latkes in too long.

  • My family's recipe has a lightly boiled potato added to the raw potatoes to make them fluffier. We don't squeeze them like that, we use a spoon press some of the water out, but not that much. We also add onions or chives to them - which is optional but yummy. Sour cream is the traditional topping (or applesauce if you make them on the sweeter side.)

  • I love sugar on my potato pancakes


  • We know them as Kartoffelpuffer or Reibeplätzchen here in germany. My granny had even more names for them like Flinsen :) Anyway, greetings from germany!

    • Nearly forgot... try them with Apfelkompott!

  • alternate title: fancy round hashbrowns

  • jesus the munchies are killing me. it’s almost midnight. i can’t make latkes now. but goddamn it i want to.

  • 3:42 what the actual fuck? why did you say it like? this is like Stevie saying Hwea’tins 😭💀

  • king of random fans know that that white stuff at the bottom of the potato water is just corn starch

  • I think "outside the box" would be better than the controversial and historically problematic "off the reservation", but it was interesting to see how different your topping choices were! Have you considered making Karelian* pasties/pies with egg butter? It's also a lovely lunch snack! *The name "Karelian pie" is protected, so we call them rice pies here nowadays, but it's the more recognizable translation for when you want to find the intended thing on Google.

  • Hey, why have you salted them after frying? Wouldn't it better to add salt to the potatoes before that?

  • The salmon is a great idea, but sour cream and applesauce is the best

  • Seriously... this is the BEST food channel on the youtubes.

  • I wanna add these to a burger, because who needs arteries

  • latkes with no sour cream?? no applesauce!???? i know you're a fancy man, Babish, but I'm disappointed in you

  • late to the video but damn if this isnt a fantastic ad. I watched all of it. Its not intrusive and I know its an ad but it fits into the video so I dont really mind it. Video great as always but damn this ad is what should be displayed for all other ads. so good.

  • when babish says wringing is essential, he means it. you dont wanna end up with soggy latkes or something

    • they don't get soggy--- add flour -- it makes them very creamy tasting inside..

  • Babish needs a restaurant. I know obviously it won’t be made by babish himself but still. In an ideal world babish has multiple restaurants.

  • Wow, never knew bramboráky are eaten like this outisde of the Czech Republic! Gotta try it sometime, here we usually add a lot of garlic and bacon into the "dough" and they are made way thinner for more crispiness, they are eaten by themselves or with meat usually.

  • Any idea how to substitute the egg? Can’t get eggs because of reasons...

  • Драники

  • Babish: Raw potatoes are bad for you? Question mark? Me, who would always get an offering of raw potato slice from my mother as a child: