Binging with Babish: Lil' Bits from Rick and Morty

Avaldati 12 mai 2020
Rick and Morty is back and it's Ricker and Mortier than ever - to celebrate, we're making some normal foods but all tiny and small so they don't get stuck in your lips. Take a sneak peek at my new house, chop up some kalaxian crystals, and settle in for an unusually long Binging with Babish!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • Next R&M episode: eye holes, strawberry smiggles, or bobbish and grapples?

    • Eye Holes

    • Im still waiting for those eyeholes, babbish

    • You should make Big Bits, the reverse of Lil Bits. And Considering the Lil Bits whole lasanga thing is the size of a single serving, which is a sixth of the normal size full lasanga, the big bits should be foods six times the size.

    • iHoles. The new one. X

    • @yep it's dio ho ho so its that bastard that killed jonathan


  • Instead of quails. Look up how to cook that. She makes a vid about how me makes micro sized eggs using molecular gastronomy

  • Would this be an appetizer, entree, or a light snack? Either way it’s good food you can eat on a diet so every day is partly a cheat day

  • Never knew of the metallic taste of tomato, but i had it once and it was gross.

  • You can use all purpose flour for anything from lycanthrope repellant to morning after contraceptive. All purpose indeed.

  • He said "I didnt want to get it stuck in my lips" haha!? What!?

  • Rick and Morty: Lil' bits Steven universe: The bits

  • This is amazing.

  • You should make tiny bagels

  • I feel like most gormet dishes are like this since the servings at so small, but I may just be uncultured

  • Any chance you can do a video on a Gluten Free Apple Pie?

  • Love the multiple camera angle scene!

  • basked

  • Ex🅱️ansion

  • did you use kosher sugar?

  • or you could just cut large food into tiny peaces with an invention called "the knife". .... seriously is that what counts as comedy in rick and morty. havent watched the show but it doesnt look promising

  • So aggressive 8:30

  • Do you not put meat in your lasagna 🥺

  • I made the window as small as I could and watched in 240p ... lil bitssss

  • Ann Reardon on How to Cook That made tiny eggs that you can borrow for the tiny fried eggs

  • Sorry so dumb

  • was and was not hoping he would cook up a tiny bird for the tiny roast chicken.

  • So, are they members of the clean plate club?


  • My heart just grew one size, ooh jeez 😍🙏🏽

  • As an italian,i can tell u this is not how we make lasagna

  • Maybe you should make a plumbis next

  • How about... cupcake cup? :D

  • Bought a whole house to make tiny pizza... astonishing

  • Its Not tiny its like a 1/2 person meal

  • pov: lil tecca orders lunch

  • Man I have large hands, I can barely work with tiny screws on my desktop PC, no way could I work with tiny cooking utensils, I would probably break them. Lol.

  • Make the alien eye ball serial mext

  • 7:47 see the reflection on the bowl

  • I need that all in one apple peeler and corer

  • Everyone's always talking about how hungry they are, where's the love for my little eater?

  • Imagine making lots of these lil bits pizzas and eating them as some sort of snack. Definitely considering that

  • This ain't little bits, that's just a little slice of regular size lasagna.

  • You can tell that the guy doing lines for the “Lil Bits” scene was trying his best to control his laughter

  • Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  • The tiny pizza feels like an upgraded lunchable pizza

  • Ok, i know they’re supposed to be lil bits, but pie cup cakes sounds like a million dollar idea

  • If you don't have publix stores in your area then i dunno where else you'd find them but i saw quail eggs at publix during the pandemic idk if that helps

  • 7:46 oh hey Jess!

  • "It makes me feel like a giant, or Matt Stonie"

  • Was anyone else disappointed they weren’t smaller

  • “This is tiny wisks time to shine” I cheered because I said “this is tiny wisks time to shine” 15 seconds prior!!!

  • The tiny cheese grater is for grinding weed

  • God I love you man

  • Restaurant: our food is the most luxurious in the country! The food:

  • *fuck it* Comically small whisk

  • I wanted to eat it in one bite, but that's how you get food stuck in your lips. Whahahaha.

  • the tiny pizza reminds me of a Lunchable

  • I think you're getting it wrong cuz you didn't make tiny food you just made a full plate in an Italian restaurant

  • There is a tone in your background music that always makes me think my phone is vibrating nearby.

  • matt stonie collabo

  • Lil bits sounds more like a rapper name than it does binging 😁

  • sautepen..

  • "and now you're going to want to take these out with a knife, because I forgot to oil up the pan again." Fantastic, now everyone following the vid step by step forgot to oil up the pan too. I assumed the butter in the dough would oil it up fine, but I guess not.

  • tasty: makes a giant burger babish: nah bro

  • i love all of your cooking vids, damn, i wish i could eat :(

  • I swear to god, If I meet this madlad and he doesn't have a keyring with all his tiny utensils hanging off a felt side, like some Gordon Ramsey wild west hybrid, I'm... I'll probably just give him the suggestion, and he might laugh, or not. I don't know.

  • "ʟɪʟ' ʙɪᴛs"

  • Thank you so much for explaining about reactive cookware. I would often eat burritos and it would taste like heated aluminium with cheese. Thx for letting me know that it wasn’t a problem with me

  • Matt stonie eats pizza with water🤢 But I like hes content.

  • Tiny pizza everybody knows the rules

  • That impression was horrible

  • You sound like get flanked (R6S youtuber) in the intro

  • Please tell me where you got that ice cream scooper

  • Love your self recorded "lil bits" :)

  • "No soggy bottom" What, no name joke about that?

  • That pizza was literally just Lunchables pizza.

  • lil biiiiits

  • God i looooved everything about this and the voices you did xD!

  • Take a shot every time he says "tiny"

  • 7:45 loooool love the custom tripod bro!!!!

  • Oh hey babish likes the same tea i do

  • Why did I get a 'Binging With Babish' ad i kid you not

  • Babish: The plate from the store wasnt good enough for this, so i made my own one

  • sautee pin 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Miniature mukbang internet, GO!

  • This was really cool to watch. Thanks, man. ;)

  • Now make Eyeholes.

  • you can get quail eggs from 3 guys from brooklyn 65th and fort hamilton pkwy fyi (not sure where in brooklyn you are)

  • “Makes me feel like a giant… or Matt Stonie” There could’ve been an Andre the Giant joke in there somewhere.

  • i have never heard anyone say "first up, tiny lasagna"

  • this man has an uncomfortable amount of tiny tools handy

  • I saw an ad of you using ranch seasoning on this video


  • Babish: it’s food that’s real tiny and oh sh*t we got a tiny whisk Me: WASH YO MOUTH BOI

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  • I wonder if the creators drew the ideas from a hat

  • hey Binging with Babish who sent you the small cheese grater? I just wanna know

  • Aren’t you not supposed to cook with aluminum

  • You my good sir acquired a like 30 seconds in for that voice bravo.

  • You forgot the meat for the lasagna

  • Appearing live tonight Reel Big Fish featuring Cupcake Cavity! Tonight only @The Cupcake Hole!

  • well played sir

  • To be honest you have to have a high iq to understand binging with babish