Last-Minute Thanksgiving | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 25 nov 2020
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Thanksgiving is different this year, but even if you've never made so much as a single fixin', there's no reason you can't still enjoy a comforting, delicious feast with those you love. It'll just be over webcam is all - which, let's face it, has its own advantages. So throw on your favorite pj's and ready the mute button for when your uncle starts talking politics, because we're exploring a new kind of Thanksgiving in 2020! One that can largely be prepared ahead of time, in about 4 hours all told.
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  • Note: apples turning brown is a result of oxidization, which can indeed be detrimental to your pie - it can give it a slight tinny, artificial apple taste. It won’t ruin it, but it won’t do it any favors either. My bad!

    • @Eleazar Olifant adding a little bit of salt will keep them from oxidizing and adds a nice flavor contrast

    • @Crimsaur Or just for the zesty flavor

    • So mix most of the stuff first *then* chop up the apples and throw them in with the best of the stuff?

    • Crispy Apple Tart. A CAT. :P

    • It can be detrimental to my pie, but it wont ruin it? hmm...

  • You could've said crisp apple tart and it slightly frustrates me :/

  • “You need to be emotionally prepared for slippage” Can confirm. Have been emotionally unprepared for slippage. Would not recommend.

  • Come on, you can easily make a spatchcocked turkey!

  • I may or may not be eating a whole pan of those Brussel sprouts right now.

  • Huh what pink in the middle what we talking bout? Let me have it for a little bit.

  • The teacher: *scolds the quiet kid for doing his work last minute* The quiet kid's last minute work:

  • 1:41 Babish, I love ur show, but with all due respect, That is Carrot-Shaming

  • 4:08 & 4:51 : ghosts!!

  • The best thanksgiving theme ep mainly because of the chicken instead of turkey

  • Said saw spin instead of Sauce pan.... Unsubscribed and bye bye

  • Im dutch and i still dont understand why it is called a dutch oven

  • this feels more than a minute, but it would take me less than a second to finish all of it

  • Soft, sweet and thick...just like me. Hey babish, I felt that.

  • This video: *gets recommended to me* Me, a vegetarian who lives in a country where thanksgiving isn't a thing, also it's January: ah yes this is essential information for me

  • 2:25 I love that sugar container, I reuse those for flour, infused sugar, powder sugar, dried fruits etc

  • for a supposed quick thanksgiving dinner in the last minute this seems like a whole days worth

  • I know it’s not something that can be done super quick but having to prep for it the day before doesn’t make it very “last minute “

  • Babby watched a bon Appétit video with molly when she made smashed potatoes when she first broke out finggies

  • Thanks ill be trying this recipe 😋

  • No spatchcocking? Hmhm.

  • You had already moved on while I was processing the Plato joke. I laughed super hard

  • I've made this gravy 4 times now and it's always amazing!

  • You are soft and thick and sweet 😍

  • Falling asleep to basics on shuffle has contributed to some of my best sleeps ever honestly

  • getting sponsored by youtube on youtube is a flex

  • Sell me your tiny whisks. i will buy your tiny whisks. Also one slightly larger than this but not full-sized. SELL THEM TO ME

  • this dude said “day before thanksgiving” then said “up to 2 weeks” for the cranberry sauce

  • Babish: “if you’re serving a family of 4 then you’re gonna want a chicken instead of a turkey” Me: “well I’m part of a family of five so guess I’m stuck with the turkey”

  • Where did the pie go ?

  • 1:04 *i really dont think this part was needed to be shown...*

  • "soft and sweet and thicc, just like me" 😂😂😂 I love this guy

  • You're a nine inch removable bottom tart pan.

  • Ordinary Sausage

  • Necessity is the mother of invention - I used a ring of lemon rind to bind the feet since I had no gauze, cheesecloth or twine. 🤷‍♀️(can't post pics here but it worked!)

  • I accidently bought thick cut bacon, is that bad?

  • Thank you so much, I'm doing this for Christmas since I'm socially distancing. Stay safe everyone!

  • The apples reminded me of JJ cutting a pineapple

  • I would give up my juices for him.

  • I'm making this for Christmas I know its Thanksgiving but I'm not sure what the culinary difference is

  • I don't understand how this is last minute, to be honest, but I'm not a chef, so that's not really my area of expertise.

  • I really wanted to make this gravy to go with my chicken but the linked recipe is only half complete. It does the steps to prepare the amped up stock but then stops there. This is the first time I've tried actually cooking something from your channel but it doesn't bode well that part of the recipe is just missing...

  • Why are there no rolls!

  • yo, he did a grandma from gardfield move (long editiong that is)

  • Babish should start a TikTok

  • Any way to tell how big his Chicken is?

  • Any tips for cooking this recipe with a turkey?

  • So Babish, I ask you this. Will it sausage? Come on Ordinary Sausage is calling you out.

  • babish, can you make a holiday burrito? like mashed tatters, turkey or ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce etc.?

  • This was a great video to watch and perfect for anyone that loves to do the holiday cooking!

  • Thank you for your Sage advice.

  • We did a chicken for Thanksgiving, thanks for making me feel less sacrilegious about it lol

  • man i want to know why this has so many views?🤔

  • Love the vibes of basics vids, the song carries a ton

  • that plato pun was great lol

  • The faint fair cost revealingly bomb because brass proportionally kneel astride a cumbersome pea. capricious, kind instrument

  • I'm taking some of these tips for sure, specifically the doctoring-up of the store-bought stock. I *could* make my own stock but its a lot of work that I don't have time for, but making better stock out of store bought is 100% doable.

  • The first Song's name, anyone? It's so chill

  • now I feel sad cause I saw a nice bag of cranberries before thanksgiving and thought "oh i should get these! ...maybe not, idk how to make sauce." then i later watch this video and realize cran sauce isnt as hard as my mind made it out to be...

  • what were the cooking instructions for the brussel sprouts?

  • I show my grandma some of your vids and she finds your cooking recipes delicious but its a nightmare for me to translate everything😂

  • i miss buckwheat. she was cute

  • Suggestion:how about literally any of the dishes from the anime, Black Butler? I'm especially curious what you would do with the curry

  • i woulda called the apple pie tart crisp a apple tarch but you came up with a really simple name i cant ignore is the greatest

  • I've seen this in a looooot of (mostly) American cooking videos, but why do you need so much salt for cooking? XD I know salt ups the flavor, but it's also not healthy to eat thát much salt, right? :| I mean for about 2 years I've lessened my salt-intake significantly to a bare minimum, because it would have long lasting health effects if I would have kept eating that much salt in my food. Sure at first food tasted a bit bland, but after 1-2 months all the other stuff tasted too salty XD Btw not saying the food in this vid wouldn't be tasty, just asking if this is really an American thing and if so, why XD

  • 6:44 brussel sprouts

  • Mans said “saucepin”

  • ah yes youtube sponsoring youtube @Bad Username Creator made this first but I also thought it

  • “Totally doable in about four hours” You overestimate my power!

  • Did anyone else notice the person's reflection on the oven at 4:09?

  • Americans have a weird idea of a feast.

  • I just farted.

  • Did this man really make a white stuffing

  • Collab with ordinary sausage

  • Fake still made my family disappointed

  • Ordinary Sausage has come bearing a message: "Fight Me."

  • I did that bacon trick over the sprouts and it is awesome! Family loves it. New go to trick.


  • “Soft and sweet and thicc”.... in unison,” just like me”

  • But the canned sauce is sacred.

  • 5:36 Best of babish this year?

  • When the stuffing isn't stuffed. I feel ripped off.

  • The awkward moment when you are watching on EEclone 🤣😂😅🙄🤪

  • What's youir opinion on spatchcock?

  • yes this is clearly last minute!

  • Americans add waaaaaaaaay too much cream/butter/milk to their mashed potatoes.... its so much nicer with just a splash of butter and milk

  • I followed your recipe for the chicken, gravy and stuffing, and I have to stay I loved the crispy and moist chicken as well as the tasy stuffing. The gravy was too salty for me, but overall, I was happy. I will try the apple pie next ! Thanks!

  • What did those carrots ever do to you.

  • Ich komme gleich

  • I enjoy watching you!

  • Awww. You didn't forget me. 😊

  • my last min thanks giving is a turkey sandwich...

  • "Soft, sweet, and thick just like me." *chefs kiss*

  • Where’s the spatchcocking? Crisper and less time.

  • Look like a place of sick 😷 I really don't see how that's appealing, I'd rather have a burger some wings and chips

  • Bab when recording, How much saturation: YES Contrast?: YES Hue: 10k

  • I love u girl

  • Can you make a Burger from Kingsman The Golden Circle👑💀🍔

  • I only wish they didn't rotate out their free-with-ads movies because I was always very excited to recommend Secret of NIMH to people who hadn't seen it yet.

  • small turkey :(