Binging with Babish: Mac & Cheese from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Avaldati 4 veebr 2020
Making mac and cheese with some help from my co-star in the kitchen Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper. Head to to pick up a coupon.
In Quentin Tarantino's latest drug-laced, blood-soaked, profanity-peppered revisionist history masterpiece, food once again takes center stage alongside our singular protagonists. In a departure from his penchant for fictional brand names, a familiar box emblazoned in blue is shown as the preferred dinner of stuntman Cliff Booth. Can we improve on this childhood classic? Is there even a need to? Well, I decided to anyway. Sort of.
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • 0:15 that sound 😖 Also don't worry, ram-don from Parasite is coming soon!

    • You should have made the flour and cheese from scratch

    • I should call her cause of that sound 😔

    • Do some fallout dishes

    • t h a t s w h a t g o o d p u s s y s o u n d s l i k e

    • Il fatto è che il mac'n'cheese è buono... Mi spaventa

  • 0:05 Oh so cool that guy put his cigarette inside his food!!! That guy is ballsy!! give him a medal.

  • i feel like this was a call out to show that you can make your own Mac and cheese instead of making grocery store pasta which tastes much worse

  • Everything was good until you pulled out the fork lol

  • I didn’t see a cross-section, 😔

  • Italians are crying

  • I didn't know bounty did sponsors

  • absolute A for effort. . . . dude you are legend.

  • Bet your ass I don’t. 😂😂😂😂😂🙏

  • Clean plate club?

  • Why are you so obsessed with J Kenji Lopez-Alt? He cross-contaminates with his cutting boards.

  • we all know we aint gonna try these recipes but we do love to watch em

  • If my mom saw me using a fork in any sort of pan or pot she'd woop my ass

  • Who else got scared when he licked the cheese on his hand 😂😂

  • Do people not add butter and milk to kraft in other places? Have I been making it wrong or have they?

  • Imagine seeing an add for your favorite cooking channel's new show on the cooking channel. Gonna love Mixing With Babish btw.

  • Damn manz got sponsored by bounty thats pretty nice

  • Wait. No one uses milk and butter? Water seems disgusting as a milk substitute

  • Guys the warmth of pasta and pan will melt the cheese, I suggest gorgonzola just throw it in

  • Kraft Mac and cheese is always gonna be the best Mac and cheese

  • and of course, because of the sponsorship andrew uses towels for fucking everything

  • This guy just comes up with an idea and finds something similar on a movie to say it’s from it lmao

  • Me: finally one I can do in my college dorm Him: let’s get all these different cheese powders

  • This is absolutely beautiful. Will definitely be trying this.

  • quick, great, mac and cheese, the real damn thing, too: make elbow past to box instructions. drain, do not rinse. put back in pan. immediately, while still hot, slowly stir in shredded velvet cheese, cheddar or original, and milk, or cream, and room temp butter, until it's as cheesy as you want it. that's it. it's done. it takes ten minutes to cook the elbow mac, and a couple minutes to stir in the cheese, the milk, and the butter. it is so much better than that stuff out of the box, and it takes the same amount of time, too.

  • am I the only one that puts butter and milk in there mac and cheese

  • I’m making boxed Mac and cheese while watching this

  • Once upon a time in hollywood, holy shit what an amazing movie.

  • This man should have made the cheese slices and flour from scratch to go to extra ridiculous lengths

  • bruh did you just take the temperature of boiling water

  • Banish is the only EEcloner who has his own ads at the beginning of his own videos

  • I got a "Mixing with Babish" ad on this video

  • 7:38: Or more like “clean BOWL club”! 😂

  • Will you please do a “Basics with Babish” on how to make cheese?

    • He did homemade mozzarella for his jojo's episode. Part way?

  • I don’t like blue cheese.

  • Im rly angry that u didnt make ur own cheese

  • yeah let me just whip out my dehydrator that I always have with me

  • I got an ad from you while watching you

  • A chef just got sponsored by a toilet paper company, A CHEF, AND A TOILET PAPER COMPANY

  • Making me want Mac and cheese at 4am

  • I dont want to jerkoff anymore I want to feel loved I just want someone to show me love please

  • That’s cool but, no cross section? Lame.

  • Mega homemade mac and cheese: First lets make the egg...

  • So you’ve made something that’s almost as good as kraft dinner

  • I didn’t know such main stream brands sponsored even the best of channels not including the godly babish

  • mom: YOUR ALWAYS ON YOU'RE PHONE WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THERE!?!?!? me:*sweats* mom: *GASP* Give me that!! My watch history: *every single babish video ever* mom:oh.....

  • i love ya babish, did claire have any hand in this? i respect it, shes awesome. just looks familiar with the dried version. but very approachable. appreciate it

  • This episode was my favorite

  • People really don’t add butter and milk? Damn...

  • You should do the the birthday cake from fortnite

  • The babbish humor is spectacular in this episode

  • He Has cheese powder set out to look elegant

  • Nothing is instant about this...and I nvented it, not QT. Just take theblue bix, boil the ekbows till just hot and mist, then furiously feat the orange powder in with a fork, it will dissolve fibe without milk in the hit water *if you're fast* .

  • youre missing fresh black & white pepper

  • wait i got a bwb ad on a bwb video 😳

  • I have to ask what the hell is that pot of brown sludge that he flicked his smoke into?

  • Hey I just saw you in an ad before this vid

  • Heya Babish, looking all over for a Kraft Mac and Cheese that doesn't say to add milk and butter when cooking. Where did you acquire this voodoo?!?

  • So this is what Americans call food.

  • I'm pissed, he didnt make his own water to boil

    • You haven't seen his fusion reactor?

  • Anyone get a Babish ad on a Babish video? I love it

  • Now that’s what I call macaroni in a pot

  • That scrapping sound makes me wonder how much of the metal he scrapped off

  • I remember that meme

  • in my state kraft actually calls for milk and butter

  • Its the voice and the aesthetically pleasing setup for cooking

  • i think this might be my favorite channel

  • High horsepower blender...Jeremy Clarkson's v8 blender

  • I am an absolute sin. Every time I make blue box, I add Parmesan cheese after I finish cooking it. Not only am I making blue box, but I am adding Parmesan cheese. You don't put that into mac and cheese. Never.

  • subtle freeze dryer flex

  • How is this "from" once upon a time of hollywood? Just make a video on how to make macaroni.. so pointless

  • Should have been released on April 1st.

  • i can't imagine the amount of dishes he has to do every video

  • babish dont overestimate yourself its impossible to make better mac and cheese than blue box

  • These paper towels and all the plastic wrap you use on your overnights (etc.) are so environmental unfriendly. :( Love your show, but man, wish you were more eco-friendly.

  • Wish I could taste Mac and cheese

  • 0.43 hahaha slurp!

  • I love when he goes but that’s crazy right

  • Make your own Binging with Babish: Mac and cheese box to sell

  • Bruh babish is giving his own ads to his videos

  • I love that I keep getting ads for ranch that Babbish did

  • When you get the Banish ranch ad on a Banish video

  • I love the video. Its masculin yet so feminin its funny yet also so serious its nothing yet everything like wtf Ive never been so involved. This might be because I havent sept in 27 hours and 32 minutes but I cant be the only one

  • Imagine paying 2000$ for a freeze dryer for a 1$ mac and cheese

  • I just got an ad for hidden valley ranch from binging with banish before the binging with banish video I’m not sure what to think of this

  • Wow that’s jaw dropping

  • this was just his excuse to make Mac and cheese

  • I hate how he pronounces “sauce-pan” UGH

  • Really thought the video was finna end 5:17

  • I got a hidden valley ranch x Binging with Babish ad before watching this lol

  • Wow that looks really good I gotta try now

  • Andrew (Babish) is the type of the person that talks with the gas station cashier for 20 minutes when buying something there

  • Why does he say, “saucepn”?

  • When the first one looks better

  • What is the slightly opaque cellophane that he used?

  • Insane and brilliant at the same time!

  • Who else got a binging with babish ranch ad. Just me. Ok

  • That was the most entertaining food instructions I’ve ever head lol

  • Who else wanted mac and cheese all of the sudden

  • I’ll take Kraft original Mac and cheese over any restaurant Mac and cheese