Binging with Babish: Egg Tarts from Avatar The Last Airbender

Avaldati 7 jaan 2020
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Avatar: The Last Airbender is rife with delicious-sounding foods that y'all have requested - puffin-seal sausages, fire flakes, sizzle crisps, smoked sea slug - but none sound quite so accomplishable as Aang's favorite food, egg custard tarts. Today we're taking a crack at both the show-accurate version, as well as its origin, the Portuguese pasteis de nata!
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  • Happy 2020 you guys - I'll make fire flakes one day, I promise! EDIT: Oh cheese and crackers...there's a gap in the video at 7:30. My bad folks!

    • I’m sorry but I was really really excited to make this recipe and I had to to it 3 times and my dough still ended up tearing a lot, so I was very disappointed by the end results...I looked up Paul Hollywood’s recipe and it’s nothing like this one it calls for cold/ frozen butter not softened butter

    • Please continue to also give the recipe in the metric system, thanks

    • Babish Culinary Universe this year is anything but happy

    • "Happy 2020" Yeah, no.

    • They are real in hong kong

  • You are the food bander

  • Jigglay

  • Ngl when I make this im gonna smash these 2 recipes together

  • My brain at 3:00 "Honey butter and blackberries"

  • Nata is DELICIOUS! This is making me miss the Portuguese shop I used to live next to!


  • I know this is late, but what if I made these with the mini muffin tin. Obviously same temps but less time.

  • Don't mind this comment, just a li'l timestamp for the pastry crunching for myself lol 7:37

  • 3:10

  • make air nomad fruitpie!

  • Babish- I’ll let my pastry do the talking. *cuts pastry with knife* Me-wow! Babish- *takes bite* Me - woOOooOW!

  • I was a bit disappointed that u didn't make ur own egg

  • A nice hard log I rest my case

  • I know it’s stupid but that’s seriously what I thought back then….

  • Hey, big fan here, but please don’t use the expression “off the reservation” to mean going over the top. It’s a slur against Native Americans and it’s gross. Thanks pal.

  • aang is not vegitarian cuz egg tart has eggs and eggs is a living animal inside so he is lying about being a vegetarian

    • Do you even know how eggs work? Unfertilized eggs, the kind you use for cooking, will never, ever, ever become a living animal. In the rare instance a fertilized egg makes its way into a batch, you can tell as soon as you crack it and it can't be used. Most vegetarians can and do eat eggs. Vegans will not, but Aang never claims to be vegan

  • By seeing the thumbnail, I KNEW he was going to do pastel de nata. Nice to see the more "accurate" Hong-Kong egg tarts, tho!

  • In Brazil these are "Pastéis de Belém" 😎

  • 🤨😐😶😬😮😯😲😳😱🥰😍 **me going through the stages of coping from that pastry crunch**

  • O gringo descobriu o pastel de Belém

  • Every time babish said “swirl” I thought he said “squirrel”. I had a good laugh.

  • Egg tarts are from Portugal

  • 6:17 I kept scrolling and scrolling through the comments and never saw anyone bring it up. That surprised me. I figured most people would mention it, but I guess the crunch of the crust at the end drove it from people’s memory. (Get it? “Bring it up.” “Crust at the end.” Relevant and hilarious.😐)

  • I have the same "pour friendly container" too!

  • babish the cool kitchen blender

  • Isn't Aang vegetarian? He's not able to eat Egg Custard Tart.

    • That’s vegan, not vegetarian. Depending on the type of vegetarian, they can eat things like milk and eggs. Just not meat

  • New years resolution: Use metric more often Me: *happy non-American noises*

  • Can i probably use blender if i dont have a food processor?

  • egg custard? isn't all custard egg?

  • Unus Annus

  • Why does Aang say he’s vegetarian, but he craves EGG custard tart?

    • vegetarians can eat eggs and milk if they wish. You got it confused with veganism.

  • 7:37 Best SMR in the world

  • the name of that in my country is "Natas de Belém"

  • Can you do an Avatar special? There's lots of fun foods on that show!

  • i could eat 2 dozen portugese custard tarts right now


  • that is not a hong kong tart. i live in hong kong i have never seen that in my entire life

  • Stop being sarcastic about metric stuff. It sounds stupid

  • Make cactus juice ........... never mind........maybe...........if drinks are allowed on this channel.......,,,,,...........ok

  • those pasteis de nata are way too big

  • Now I can be the weeb I always wanted to be.

  • Ok, made it today and I have to say...amazing !

  • "Yeah, I'll do metric measurements... but I'll be a sarcastic cunt about it." Very American.

  • did I just get a babish ad on a babish video

  • Fun fact: This food came out from the most "hated" episode of Avatar The Last Airbender which is The Great Divide

    • @Wayfaring_Stranger And yet you did

    • @DelPlata I honestly don't want to speak to someone with poor judgment and a dense mind

    • @Wayfaring_Stranger Rewriting history to suit your needs is always wrong.

    • @DelPlata so helping people by any means without harming anybody is hideous?? Okay, sure. Good to see the kind of person you are.

    • @Wayfaring_Stranger Wich is even more heideous

  • I got a Babish add on a Babish video

  • Kataang Army Rise!!Katara was meant for Aang!!

  • Yano the tart has gotta be good if the avatar lies to everyone just to have one 😂

  • Heyyyyy! Portuguese-Canadian here. Just wanted to compliment your pronunciation of “pastéis de nata”!!! :)

  • WAIT READ THIS: using hot tap water in food gives you a higher level of lead. If you need hot tap water you have to take it from the tap cold and heat it up just in case. It might not be significant but you can never be too careful

  • Dim Sum tarts

  • Wasn't Aang a vegetarian?

    • Yes aang doesn’t eat meat. Vegetarians still eat eggs and milk.


  • Isn't all custard egg custard?

  • REAL Americans would NEVER EVER use metric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don Clark what does that mean? Like where did I let him in to? I’m not even a trump supporter so I wouldn’t let him in anywhere lol

    • @Gommool Abajobir not a true american... u prob let trump in.

    • I’m from Georgia lol so I’m American but I just realized how clean and easy conversions are in the metric system

    • @Gommool Abajobir u must be Canadian.. LEAVE THE METRIC OUT OF THE USA!!!!!!

    • Smart people use the metric system bro

  • ah, yes. A metric stick of cinnamon, a metric pamphlet and metric layer of butter. all things we all need.

  • Lets go finally I can follow Babish's instruction without keeping a measurement converter open!

  • Is that.... egg custard in that tart?

  • Loved the emphasis on metric units (and the humor of going over the top and not rounding it up at times). The pastel de nata looked gorgeous

  • Oh gods below! People, please don't use "hot tap water" for anything you intend to eat or drink. That is a *terrible* idea for many levels. It can have dissolved shit you wouldn't believe.

  • 6:17 is like 😳 goodness Andrew, point that thing somewhere else or people might get the wrong idea 😂😉

  • Pasteis de Nata < Pasteis de Belem

  • all i can say is, caralho

  • Somebody put a reminder for 2025 and remind and about the jazz album

  • I'm so glad I found this video; I love custard, and my parents brought back pasteis de nata a few years back. I found a grocery store here that sells them, but I haven't been back to that store since March and now I'm having major cravings.

  • Are these not pastal de natta

  • Egg tarts which actually originated from Portugal and famously known in Macau not Hong Kong just wanted you to know

  • I know no else would want to see this but I’m curious on how you would make fish fingers and custard from Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour episode


  • Oh those satisfying crunches at the end. Perfect

  • Oh look its a live action remake of Aang 0:18

  • woahh amazing 🤩I love baking egg tarts too! and made a very quick video tutorial on it too but it really looks nothing like this 🤣

  • can you make unfried dough pleaseeee

  • Fun fact: We have pastel de nata as a possible order at KFC in Hong Kong.

  • Just saying pretty much nobody in Canada uses Celsius for baking. Im not sure about the rest of the world but i assume its the same. Most ovens come in °f

  • jigglEYH

  • "pashtesh de nata"

  • Make Tubby Toast

  • eGgs aReN't VegAn

  • man this video reminds me I haven't had a good pastel de nata in ages, time to visit my local pastry shop sometimes I love being portuguese

  • Now make Varri-Cakes frpm Legend Of Korra!

  • isn't Aang vegan tho?

    • He is Vegetarian not vegan, vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products

  • Im in the middle of baking the 1st variety of tart- ill let you know how they turn out !

    • @Stefano I made the first kind and omg they are sooo good. Not overly sweet, tastes kinda like a sugar cookie crust and a vanilla flan textured middle. I already made 2 batches

    • madeline s howd it go and which one did you make?

  • Legend has it that half of the ocean's plastic comes from Babish's kitchen.

  • It's the Great British Bake Off btw 😂

  • I thought Aang was vegetarian?

    • Vegetarians eat Egg and dairy products

  • I’m Portuguese and I love making these. A trick to make it easier to spread the dough into the tin is to let it warm up slightly before you start pressing. Cold dough is good for when you are cutting it into pieces. Cut all of them and place them in the tin cut side down, give it a couple minutes and then start pressing into shape. It should make it easier.

  • All my love... boooo... ill never get to try this... lollollolol

  • Oh my GOD, egg custard tarts are so good, I had them in Portugal loads.. atleast I think it was Portugal...

  • that crunch on the Portuguese pastry rolls is to die for

  • Im crying this looks so good and it hasnT EVEN BEEN BAKED YET

  • Fun fact, the egg tart in the show is spoiled

  • Eyes are watching you EGG CUSTARD TARTS

  • The only episode you skould skip.

  • portugal caralhoooo

  • You mean from Portugal, not Avatar...

  • 7:36 You’re welcome

  • That cronch ❤️❤️❤️

  • Fire gummies