Binging with Babish: Turturkeykey from How I Met Your Mother

Avaldati 26 nov 2019
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In "Blitzgiving", Ted Mosby demonstrates the pitfall of many new cooks: attempting to innovate way too early in his kitchen career. A rudimentary understanding of how meat cooks in an oven would dissuade our omniscient narrator, but without it, The Gentleman would never have been born, and the curse of The Blitz would never have been passed. Happy Thanksgiving guys!
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • Don't be like me: don't forget your thanksgiving top hat!

    • The sup dude killed me

    • Lets make a Turturturkeykeykey. A turkey stuffed with a smaller turkey stuffed with a smaller turkey You could do this by stuffing a turkey with a chicken that is stuffed with a Quail

    • RIP Jeffrey

    • I've never had thanks giving

    • Now that you are here can you explain why the lube was half empty?

  • im literally vegan, im just watching this because i love this channel

  • Gonna try to make the roulade this year. Much smaller Thanksgiving this time around 🥺

  • 4:07 r/ihavesex

  • The thumbnail tho

  • The thumbnail and the title "How I met your mother" was misleading.

  • 4:20 it has nothing to do with intercourse It’s just how animals evolve

  • i don’t think i’m ever eating turkey watching this video really fucked me up😳

  • The Mixing With Babish ad tho (sooo good)

  • nooo Jeffery

  • A vegans nightmare

  • Turtur

  • The narration had me laughing out loud. 😂

  • the creator of this idea is a pervert... but making it for real is not much better :D

  • Lan lan as bayrakları

  • That looks very disturbing!😂 and that will ruin tankskinving!

  • I think I might try this but I will only half cook the first turkey and I''ll debone both turkeys.

  • You guys ready for a cursed comment? 2:14-2:16 *_E X T R A T H I C C_* May God have mercy on my soul.

  • You fucked that turkey, did you Babish.

  • When he said I’m surrounded by cancer I thought. Well you are a EEcloner

  • Make truduken

  • Hey Babish I'm certain this comment will get lost in the feed but.... Your coming is fantastic your sense of humor and style is outstanding... Onto something more pressing..... You spoke on cancer and I'm curious to see a reaction from you on Tom MacDonald's latest song released entitled... Cancer...

  • I renamed it its a turfucken

  • ...he named it Jeffery. gerbil's name is Jeffery ...🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • So hellish turducken?

  • I was not expecting vore when I clicked on this video

  • The lubricant part is hilarious 😂

  • I am never eating turkey again. Thanks a whole bunch!

  • Anyone else have a massive crush on Robin?

  • Looking at it now banish should have cooked both turkeys separately

  • Well hello there

  • I'm getting this mental image of Banish staring at his first turkey in dismay, saying "Oh god, I just made a turkey dick and balls."

  • Uh how stupid is this?

  • Ah yes, an episode where babish makes a dildo and a fleshlight

  • Grooossss

  • I Laughed so hard the entire time. Prayers go out for your fam. Will donate.

  • Why? Just why?

  • “This video is sponsored by peta”

  • i like mat pat

  • How many of you thought the inner turkey looked like lobster tail in the picture 😂

  • Omgggg

  • Is this the beginning of human centipid but turkey version

  • This honestly is not that bad.Everyone who says it is are wimps.

  • The turkey sounded like Julia child in the beginning

  • I just want to see Malcom in the middle Reese’s thanks giving Turkey!!!!

  • why is this video in particular the one that's sponsored by st. jude?

  • Needs more seasoning than salt.

  • Might I suggest that you should've cooked each turkey before inserting them.

  • I strait up just got a mixing with babish ad before this video !

  • the first few minutes of the video are only worse because you know what's coming

  • This almost made me vegeterian

  • I just watched 10 minutes of turkey vore

  • I just got a binging with Babish ad, to watch a binging with Babish video...

  • Ya id ignore the social fallout from this

  • The image on the thumbnail, looks a little weird? Lol

  • So no one is going to ask why half of that lube bottle is gone?😅

  • I don't know about others, but this episode was really funny..

  • This guy really loves coacher salt

  • Couldn't you have used a chicken instead?

  • I'm worried about your hobbies.🥴

  • CBT if ya get it ya get it

  • Turkeys: when I die I want to be a nice turkey dinner Binging with babish: 0:25

  • I want this drawn, animated, and have the Turkeys be anthro and speak. This will be the best food in the world.

  • That thumbnail straight from pornhub lmaoo

  • This has to be my favorite Babish comment section

  • Thanks, I hate it.

  • Totally doing it for Thanksgiving this weekend

  • Please do the Turduckin from supernatural.

  • Cooking shows when I'm watching alone: 6:25 Cooking shows when my parents walk in: 4:15 🗿

  • holy fuck babish MY aunt kathy died of cancer too. We both had an aunt named kathy who died of cancer. worst coincidence ever.

  • 7:43 looks like a deformed penis

  • Can you make a Turducken?

  • GOD FUCK CANCER MAN. I’ve lost three of my family members to cancer

  • That's what's she said lol

  • Finally, a cancer culture I can get behind

  • 30 seconds in, and Andrew has made enough of a fucking idiot out of himself, that I quit watching the video...

  • if you hate vegans just show them this

  • "I think I've just ruined Thanksgiving." *Five seconds later* "Oh no, wait, now I've ruined it."

  • IDK why I watched this, I am a vegetarian

  • Could quote any part of this commentary, this is amazing

  • Oh poor Jeffrey...

  • I was NOT ready to see babish making a turkey carcass puppet show.

  • Que delicia 😋😋

  • I couldn't help imagining a turkey chef demonstrating a huhumanman recipe. No. I am not a vegetarian.

  • Its gets even worst with that thumbnail.....

  • Wow he really just just wow

  • he sounds a lot like goodguyfitz

  • My only question is why you had "pp oil" .......wait-

  • This is horrible, unethical, inhuman, terrible, and degenerate and I love it

  • how tf did he make that turkey’s voice though like..

  • @7:50 that looks like the first DNA hybrid monster from splice like the larva slug bloody worm tings from the beginning

  • I’m an online culinary student I’m having problems with my chicken fab do that deboning again. That was good.

  • Ultimate penetration

  • 07:53 reminds me of the Graboid from the Tremors film franchise


  • Imagine like the game Among us, if animals when killed, their souls leave and they have to finish their tasks in the world

  • Not my proudest fap😔

  • Ribbed for your turkeys pleasure😂🤣

  • alternative title: babish makes a giant cuck and a fleshlight, all from turkey.