Sad Birthday | Stump Sohla

Avaldati 12 dets 2020
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Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Jessica Opon
Camera: Jessica Opon
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Andrew Rea, Sawyer Jacobs, Kendall Beach, Kevin Grosch, and Emilija Saxe
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  • It reminds me of when Fauna from Sleeping Beauty tried making Aurora 16th birthday cake without magic

  • Why his is name Andrew too?? 18:23

  • When I saw the thumbnail I thought the cake was some kind of awesome dragon or something. Then, I read the title. Oh.

  • she’s so sweet 🥺😭

  • I would have attended your 10th birthday with Nerds and Twizzlers. Namaste. you rAwk!

  • That's actually pretty sad. And I can't stop laughing. XD

  • I love how the music is also sad

  • i love this show, because it's basically: sohla is too talented to fail at regular cooking, so we need to give her hella challenges to even come close to stumping her. also her laugh. i would die for that laugh lemme tell you-

  • So like are we ever getting more Stump Sohla or is that it

  • I love it! It's the sleeping beauty cake of nightmares...

  • "Little salt" {so much salt)

  • They didn’t show the wheel stopping on sad and bday. I’m sad about that.

  • normally, "it's banana" would make it a happy cake:(

  • Did they just throw all the sad cake? Would be a big food waste tho if they did..

  • LOL .. first time I saw the thumbnail, I remember 'sleeping beauty' cake. Turn out it is! Kudos for making the cake looks like goth version of Fairy Godmother cake

  • I love how his first reaction to a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich is “is this a trick?” 😂

  • This episode is a masterpiece

  • I love that Babish was nervous to take a bite. 😂

  • they way she shushes the ceiling

  • Thumbs down for hating on all-sorts.

  • I know it’s supposed to be sad but this makes me so happy

  • When is "next time"? :(

  • my quince was sleeping beauty themed and we tried to get that cake for it but nobody could make it... very sad.

  • This is like if Lemony Snicket had a baking show

  • Does anyone know if she talks about how to make those homemade sprinkles somewhere?

  • This is the first time I meet her, and I like her

  • 10 year old me wants to go to 10 year old Sohla's birthday party and hug her and give her gifts and eat her cake.

  • *Kosher Salt*

  • Sad birthday? This collateral damage cake looks ULTRA appetizing 😋👌

  • The editing is *chef's kiss*

  • Did I just see an ad for your channel... while watching your channel?

  • Happy birthday Andrew!

  • I wanna know the fate of the marshmallow taffy.

  • why does she remind me of sadness from inside out?

  • I love how much more chaotic Sohla gets to be on here vs the videos on BA. She’s so funny and talented it’s wonderful

  • So wholesome. Love it.

  • I didn't know that Arcor sold candy outside of Argentina

  • I hope the part about people not showing up to her birthday was for dramatic effect. If not, I want names!

  • Bad on you Babish! Racist anti-white, anti-male Sohla El-Waylly should be removed all forms of social media. On to my boycott list you go!

    • ?

  • Welp that's it I have to time travel and just attend EVERY SINGLE Birthday party Sohla ever threw 🤷 sorry thems the rules.

  • That revel narration had me going. Tick tick tick tick. Momento Mori

  • Covid-19 Birthday Cake.

  • I can’t stand this lady. Babish is weighed down now

    • She's alright

  • I'd come to all your birthdays happy or sad.

  • I am extremely "SAD" right now🤣. How can Sohla make something sad soooooo entertaining?

  • Sohla is so lovely ! 🥰💗 The whole team is

  • This is my favorite one. I keep coming back just to see Andrew's face after Sohla says "It's banana." The sadness was genuine, right there.

  • 20:28 i lost it😂

  • No cake, No friends, No gift and most imporant 'Nobody know my birthday' this is real saddest birthday party

  • Sohla, I would have 100% been at your birthday party and we would’ve eaten cake and prank called everyone who didn’t show all night 😂💙

  • Plot twist the cake she gave him had banana in it and this is a military coup of this channel by sohla.

  • That is soooo Adam Driver.....the sad narration at the end....just sayin'

  • Sohla is so sweet! To stop baking because Jess said she missed fluffier nutter sandwiches. She seems like the most caring friend and so fun to be around. I haven’t stop smiling and giggling for the whole episode. Those people in her childhood really missed out


  • I can’t eat bananas either feelsbadman ;-;

  • 1:18 everyone's least favourite candy?? It's my favourite, what do you mean?

  • 🌸 Bassets all sorts liquorice is delicious 😋 That was wee bit mean 🥺😭😂

  • I like those candies

  • What a waste of cake

  • That cute b'day cap on Andrew's bald head.... hehehehehe

  • Wahhh, I would have loved to come to your 10th birthday, Sohla!

  • you’re hilarious, Sohla! “Just a little salt” but it’s a nice healthy layer. My kind a girl!

  • Excellent!

  • Oh wow, never knew that over adding gluten would result in a taffy like substance...too funny. After watching this, I was inspired to go back and re watch a favorite and memorable canadian show for its super soft birthday party episode. Thank you very much for posting and having so much fun during filming.

  • Can we get some more volume on Sohla's voice please?

  • I love Sohlas personality 😂

  • This is the first time ive ever been confused by a title+thumbnail

  • Is it just me? Or did this cake resemble Disney Princess Sleep Beauty Aurora cake? But in a dark version

  • The way she describes the cake making it sound like the best desert you will have in years and how she shatters them in an instant for Andrew by adding a banana... That isn’t just sad, that’s pure evil... I like this. Give us more pls

  • Gosh that was indeed a sad birthday cake😂

  • Her: the wheal said this cake should be sad ME: that makes me sad

  • I bet your birthday parties were really cool and ALL THOSE kids missed out tbh 😔❤️

  • my favorite youtube video i've seen in a while. so chaotic

  • I got a babish ad on this babish video

  • 😂

  • I thought this was the cake from sleeping beauty, at first...

  • title: sad birthday sohla: hahahahahaha

  • Friendly (sad?) reminder that activated charcoal can mess with the absorption of medications. Including birth control.

  • I love this series!

  • sohla: *makes a deep cut on her finger making a kale salad* also sohla: 13:54 let me stab this balloon with a knife

  • The sad candy saying "I dont even want me" 💀

  • I was having an emotional breakdown and this video cheered me up. It is so unnecessary but exhilarating to watch. Love you Sohla💖 Have spent many a b'day alone by myself.

  • The saddest part is that out of all the things she's made, the one thing that cuts her is KALE SALAD.

  • Grey baked goods. I see Sohla is taking a page from the David Mitchell Bake-Off playbook.

  • Salt on a fluffer nutter is a game changer.

  • Where can I get Sohla's apron?

  • Why is no one pointing out the sleeping beauty reference? The mop!

  • This is the 1st day of my period I can't deal with your heartbreaking story about your tenth Birthday, it has bulldozed my heart

  • my own private birthday cake 😔

  • Stump Sohla just seems like such a wonderfull person

  • How do they film/produce these under COVID?

  • I don't understand why activated charcoal is being used in cooking. You could just use regular charcoal. It has the same coloring WITHOUT it absorbing the nutrients and medications inside your stomach.

  • "The fact stands--" Unlike the cake

  • petition for the crew to throw sohla a birthday party

  • Sohla's "Scrape the paddle!" is Gordon Ramsay's "Hot pan ! Olive oil !"

  • why cant babish eat banana is he allergic

  • We need a gif of 1:27... *shakes head* “it’s just terrible” 🙃

  • Am I the only one wishing we could give Sohla the 10th bday she deserved?

  • It is your birthday

  • 이게 그 빗자루로 뚫어 버렸다는거임? ㄹㅇ ㅋㅋ루삥뽕