Binging with Babish: Nachos from The Good Place (plus Naco Redemption)

Avaldati 5 nov 2019
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Spoiler alerts generally aren't an issue with single-camera sitcoms, but in the case of The Good Place, my video description will be understandably sparse. If you haven't already, just go watch it - if you have, join me this week as we come up with an excuse to celebrate national nacho day (which is in Februrary for some reason)!
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  • These nachos clocked in at 6.7 pounds, as I'm sure you were wondering.

  • 😐

  • iv watched ur show since 6 million

  • I could appreciate the tootsie pop owl joke the first time you said. My sisters and I would always reenact that commerical!

  • First we are gonna Get a girl pregnant and raise the child at the proper age to create a Chanel called Babish culinary universe

  • Getting a babish ad on a babish video 👀

  • I totally remember the tootsie roll commercial (and quote it at an annoying frequency)

  • The way he squeezed the lime 🤤

  • I really enjoy the fact he knew how Eleanor died... although forgot to mention it was a truck promoting an erectile dysfunction aid

  • I love The Good Place. It's so funny.

  • Started watching this video and just from the audio I thought I was listening to a Rybonator video. You guys have a very similar voice, cadence, speech pattern and everything! Made me and my partner do a double take and have a laugh

  • To be stoned friend in the other room...

  • Will you make a “Tortillas” video? 🤩

  • Do you know how to make tortillas of your own instead of just buying store-bought?

  • Man does this dude love kosher salt.

  • Tootsie pop. It was a tootsie pop commercial. Very nice.

  • Why chicken stalk when its ground beef?

  • Nachos are fried cut up corn tortilla portions (chips) with real melted cheese and tiras o rajas de jalapeno. Thank you Ignacio Anaya. My Trump-aged Dad grew up on them. His dad was the head mechanic for the border patrol; they rented shacks to Mexican immigrants on the back half of our block.

  • Finally. You made a dish look appealing for me!!! Minus the sour cream being on top. Needless mess.

  • Chef John reference 🤘😎🤘

  • Science nerd here! Garlic contains a sulfur compound called alliin, which reacts with the enzyme alliinase to form allicin when the garlic is chopped, crushed, or the compounds are otherwise forced to mix. Allicin reacts with amino acids in the garlic when exposed to acids--including vinegar (acetic acid/ethanoic acid)--to form pyrroles, which are carbon-nitrogen rings. These pyrroles then link (forming polypyrroles), which give garlic a blue-green pigmentation.

  • what do you do with the food you won't be able to eat??!

  • Did anyone else realised that he did his own pre-shredded store bought cheese from scratch? Which is cheese and corn starch... @8:30 😂🌽🧀

  • Love the Chef John crack! Great videos!

  • 😐

  • seriously man, what the heck is the glove about? you are in a kitchen not in a blacksmith workshop.

  • Was really hoping NileRed would appear to tell us why garlic turns blue.

  • Waduhek i got an add about babish in a babish video nice .v.

  • they still use that tootsie pop commercial

  • I yesterday tried corn tortillas the first time. They tasted horrible. They tasted like horse shit. Is that normal or were they rotten? Im really not sure maybe they should taste like that🤣

  • My dude, that Tootsie Pop commercial is both long before your time and somehow still in the pop culture zeitgeist. It debuted in 1970 and they're still airing it to this day.

  • I don't think I'm too young, I knew from the start that you were quoting a tootsie roll commercial.

  • The bit during the moisture test where you are dancing in the background is comedy gold.

  • He pronounced tortillas correctly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I had nachos before but never like that! 😍

  • What about tomatoes for the guacamole

  • That looks like some good shirt.

  • Making these for dinner 🤭🤞🏽 Edit: you only used the juice of half a lime

  • Loved the Chef John reference 😂😂

  • Is anyone else upset babish made guacamole incorrectly

  • When I was a kid Ive always wanted to try the nachos from An extremely Goofy Movie

  • Please, let this be served in real heaven.

  • “But Babby you ask” bingeing with Babish

  • Love the tootsie pop Owl reference

  • ah one, ah two, a three, crunch!!

  • after watching this video, i went straight to a food store online and everythings coming in the next couple days. hell yeah.

  • “First, I’m going on a round trip to Mexico to find a young man named josé, then..”

  • bro imma be true but i think indian food is the best food in the world

  • When making guacamole in advance try putting the avocado seeds in the guacamole. This prevents the guacamole from becoming brown, once you’re ready to eat it just take them out 😎

  • “Something a little easier” *Your words tell lies*

  • Ok im not too young im under 18 but i remember that commercial thank you very much

  • ❤️ love your channel!

  • How do you stop the chips from puffing up when frying?

  • Make the best pizza

  • I hate hard shell tacos

  • 6:55 He's saying this as if they didn't use that toosie roll commercial for like 40 years after it was made

  • "You are the Chef John of whatever is going on." That is very meta Babish.

  • You’re Funny

  • That Chef John reference made me fall over in my chair. Well done.

  • If you made it with chicken instead of beef would you cook it the same way

  • I made these and they were so good I didn’t make my own chips though

  • Crunch! Three.

  • What episode is this from I forgot

  • I think garlic is an alkaline(that has like a purple/blue color) and it reacts with the enzymes or something

  • Hey man you forgot tomato in your guac again.

  • Mmmm this is my favourite meal ever 🤤🤤

  • Saucepn

  • I love that show!!! So excited to see this.

  • (chains of) amino acids (linked together with peptide bounds) = proteins lol

  • thank you for giving me the detailed measurements. YOU ROCK!!!!!

  • scientists trying to explain the blue garlic and getting berried by a bunch of memes : So... You have chosen death.

  • Ots weird you said that shopping cart death I called the ambulance for some who died like that 3 people died that way this month

  • fatass

  • Ohmyum!!🧀🌮 - didn't need a reminder to recognize the Tootsie roll owl imitation lol 🦉

  • @ 3:50 and again @ 6:50 shows this guy knows old school. I love it!

  • Comments are hilarious! But on a serious note, the nachos that i made with your help were not only best i ever made but the best i ever had too! ❤

  • tootsie pop*

  • I KNEW IT WAS THE GOD DAMN OWL!!!!! I can't believe you used it as a reference. Brilliant sir.

  • 2:54 Falta el tomate, sobra el ajo y el comino

  • Even my 4 year old niece knows that tootsie roll commercial

  • I remember the tootsie pop ad and im 16

  • Love the show as always, since your channel seems to be rater ad light(something I’ve always appreciated) just thought thought I’d inform you that there were 2 crass 15 second unskipable youtube ads back to back right in the middle of your video.

  • Don't worry. I'm old enough to remember the owl. Lol

  • I’m here for the guacamole

  • So I just came from Chubbyemu and I'm a bit... skeptical

  • Naco has another meaning

  • See also, SNL taco ad...

  • Ignacio Varga called. He wants his name back.

  • I got the tootsie roll commercial bid the first time you did it

  • Taco beef starts the same way it did when you were a kid. So first we’re going to start by raising a cow...

  • So we not gonna talk about that dance break at 2:15

  • Swear to God that this guy sounds like stewie

  • "And now while they (The Nachos) are devoured by some stoned friends in the other room..." Given the nature of "The Good Place", that has more than one meaning, and they only become more concerning when you add to the list.

  • Imagine thinking that Nachos are from mexico

  • Where do nachos originate from? What does Tex-Mex cuisine mean? someone explain me.

  • Oh no. Oh no no. I can’t look at frying things anymore not after last new years just so everyone knows, pencils don’t fry, fried pies are bad, never fry an egg because it will explode, and uhhh fried gummies?? don’t fry shrimp in the same oil that you fried gummies in auegh

  • When Binging with Babish puts his own ad on his video... *Insert pic of Obama giving himself a medal*

  • Where do I apply to be “stoned friend in the other room” that gets Andy’s delicious food brought to me?

  • Why the fuck weren't we invited to eat those nachos

  • im.. i-im really hungry now :/