Binging with Babish: Meat Tornado from Parks & Rec

Avaldati 25 aug 2020
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This week, we christen in the new BwB kitchen with the third part in an epic Parks and Rec trilogy: the Meat Tornado. After consulting with a doctor of nutrition to ensure that our creation could be potentially lethal, we set out to make a 2-pound burrito stuffed with carne asada, carnitas, tinga de pollo, and the inappropriately spicy Last Dab XXX.
Carnitas recipe adapted from:
Music: “add and” / "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this new kitchen, and my new home, a reality. I’m so excited to give y’all a tour, both of this studio, and Studio B we’ve built downstairs for some new shows with new people!

    • When lechon xD

    • @caleb rucka nope

    • @jamewakk it already hapened probalby

    • When will the tour be?


  • This food is oddly mexican

  • I wanna eat a two pound meat and cheese burrito...

  • Only babish can manage to get an ad of himself before his own video

  • Bro im so hungry. Make me something!

  • "Smooth but still a little chunky" sounds like Babish is talking about me

  • I got an add for your channel while watching your channel😂

  • 6:38 I think you mean Decimation Wand

  • Micheal rothkopf looks like that old dude smiling that was a meme for awhile

  • babish i love you so much but if i hear you say "car-nee-tas" without rolling your fucking r's im GOING to be making this burrito with your flesh

  • Finally, a worthy opponent

  • Today on "things that probably put Babish on a list" X'D

    • ( least you understand that a burrito requires a HUGE tortilla. QwQ)

    • (fr tho, as someone who lived in Arizona for at least 20 years, I frikkin LOVE this episode)

  • Wheat tortillas are an icon of colonial oppression.

  • Someone get this man a giant tortilla press

  • Babish is invited to the carne asada

  • I watch a binging with banish video: I watch a binging with banish ad. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Every time I tune into this channel I’m just torturing myself with how good the food is and the fact that I can’t eat it. 😑 I still love it though. Keep up the good work!

  • a lady pig coronary ?

  • This guy has lived more places in two years than I have my entire life, lol

  • Know what’s funny is that my friends last name is Pratt and we have a running joke that Chris Pratt is his dad

  • Cilantro = Soap weed

  • So what's so special about this meat tornado since it looks like just any ordinary burrito? I'm confused how eating a burrito could kill you?

  • Idk if this is possible...but the "pizza stuffed crust pizza" from season 6 of parks and rec😂 "It was a pizza stuffed with little pizzas. And the crusts of those little pizzas were stuffed with chocolate"

  • I love the contrast between his many "impressions" in the bacon wrapped turkey leg video and then suddenly an actually really good Michael Caine impression😂

  • guess he was too excited that he forgot cheese was not fully melted . . . and the chonk of last dab sauce oh boy :D

  • Ok here’s a idea, make the chocolate cake from that episode of regular show

  • That Alfred quote brought a tear to my eye

  • 5:15 man is really trying to not get demonitised by saying corona

  • I know how i want to die now

  • yoo you bite into a hot sauce only :D

  • Babish you 100% deserve this Kitchen and your fanbase is happy to give it to you a Culinary Master like yourself needs all the excess space he can get. I mean fuck have you seen Ramsey's kitchen?

  • TIL that Babish at least vaguely resembles Ryan Reynolds.

  • You ever just see someone cook your ancestors food better then they can... Kinda hurts

  • Ever since this episode of Parks and Rec I've never not craved this..

  • 1:51 does anyone know the background music to this?

  • I need to take cooking classes the way I love at watching These

  • Dude the ads for your videos are videos of you making drinks for Makers Mark, that’s baller.

  • The bay leaf.

  • So when’s the tour?

  • It's Alive!!!

  • Lol carry the seven

  • ok

  • I might have to turn this into a really big chimichanga.

  • Why can’t I find his hot ones episode

  • If it was big enough you could have made the tortilla with a panini press

  • Interesting maybe this one could work

  • helpful sir

  • 4:04

  • Why did u put oranges with beef, isnt the beef gonna taste orangy or sweet like a fruit

    • Yes, exactly. It tastes really good!

  • What you want to do to prepare your beef is buy a plot of land, then get rights to build a structure, buy hay and cows and grass starters if there is no grass already.

  • 3:05 the face of a legend

  • Don’t put quarters of oranges instead of halves It’s not worth it

  • You don’t get to be your own ad that’s not how this works

  • I know one thing that is for sure: You love fond-at-the-bottom-of-the-pot!

  • Pingaaa deeee poooollloooooo

  • I can appreciate your authentic attempt, but i think you focused too much on the word burrito. I don't think a restaurant named "Big Head Joe's" would make attempt to make this authentic of a Mexican burrito.

  • Ain't going to lie that looks 🔥

  • I know now how I want to shuffle off of this mortal coil. I mean, I always knew burritos would somehow be involved in my demise, either through proximity, gluttony, or velocity, that's just a given, but it's good to know the details.

  • Folding this burrito should be part of a Chipotle employee competition

  • Indiana (my home) is only known for Corn, Parks & Rec, and Stranger Things.

  • I- i got a babish ad before this-

  • Absolutely beautiful

  • i just got an ad of you trying to watch a video of yours

  • Why is Raptor man talking to meat man?

  • The only food that he didn't cook yet from regular show was The Pork picnic

  • did he really need a doctor for that? and the salt is kosher, but is the pepper vegetarian? whats the point of specifying the pan to be a dutch oven if you dont even use the part that makes it a dutch oven?

  • 2 pounds is one person serving.

  • Got an add for mixing with babish on this

  • thanks im hungry now

  • i got the babish ad on this video😂

  • I got a ad of him whole watching this lol

  • Oops... I forgot to carry the 7. now it all broken.

  • What a waste of fine ingredients

  • That killed a guy!

  • I would challenge myself to that burrito.

  • Is this food really legal?

  • Babish: I’d like an apartment with a large kitchen, extra unnecessary, hold the apartment.

  • HAH!! He forgot about the hot sauce!!!

    • @Null Void jfc, dude, go to the end of the video... he forgets that he puts hot sauce in it. I didn't think I'd have to actually spell this out for you.

    • @Jeremy Goularte he literally slathers the inside with last dab, I think u missed that part

    • @Null Void Did you watch the whole video? Because when he takes a bite at the end, he forgets about the hot sauce.

    • Wait, no he didn't, and even if he did why would it matter?

  • 6:20 .... where did you get marawana for that "Mexican Oragano" ?

  • Can you do the Soylent Green episode of Futurama?

  • 3:16 is where the ad ends, no need to thank me

  • Babish looks like such a good cook

  • I'd happily be a casualty of this tornado.

  • Wow, I never thought shredding chicken was a legitimate technique, I just thought that was my stupid way of doing it 😂

  • "Taste for seasoning" ... thats the part where i eat the whole thing and forget i have a family to feed.

  • i just like to watch him cook for some reason

  • Why do I always fall asleep to your voice it’s so soothing

  • I'm sure you tested this, but the water is unnecessary as is the stove top method. A good heavy pot (cast iron/glazed cast iron) is best. Put lard and meat in pot and figure out the temp for cooking. Once done, crank up the heat and fry the outside. Add OJ/Coca Cola and salt at some point in between.

  • Btw you kinda look like Ryan Reynolds

  • Hide your pain Harold

  • That's crazy cooking

  • Getting an ad but still seeing babish's kitchen is weird. I'm not even sure what the brand of what I think was alcohol cause I was super confused

  • It's cool that he includes his mistakes

  • Someone should tell Dr Roth about the heart attack grill

  • Looks delicious

  • I’m surprised Ron didn’t say “Stop you had me at meat”

  • Meat Tornado was my nickname in highschool

  • Hot sauce is so dumb

  • it will keeel