Binging with Babish: Tiramisu from Superbad

Avaldati 12 nov 2019
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Superbad, from a foodie perspective, might be better remembered as the origin story of 'sexy hamburger' McLovin; but its not a film without culinary cachet. Apart from being Seth's senioritis-rallying-cry, tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert, and the perfect introductory course to both pastry and pastry cream.
Check out Gemma Stafford's recipe for ladyfingers here:
Music: "Summer Spliffs" by Broke for Free
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  • Guys, always check your springform pan alignment. Be safe out there.

    • I worked in a traditional Italian restaurant for a year. We always used Marsala wine which I’m sure you could use a good Spanish port in it. Either way a wonderful desert

    • This was hands down your funniest video ever.

    • Those ads should be the only ones allowed on EEclone!

    • Damn bro, you're super greedy, I had to watch 3 ads plus the paid promotion.

    • Even more so now

  • me in beginning: oh the ads are in the vid, it’s okay he just doesn’t fumble the bag *drops tiramisu* me:😑

  • 5:44 dunked me into a very palpable wave of depression

  • Oh my lord the commercials killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This was the sexiest BWB ever.

  • This machine is pricy

  • No way... he drops the tiramisu :O)

  • You’re ridiculous Babish. Keep ‘em coming.

  • U had a great opportunity to make it a tide ad, smh

  • do mirami-molly from no good nick

  • When he went too far.... That machine is garbage. Consumer grade junk. If you are a serious coffee drinker, go Jura.

  • those coffee ads are gold hahaha

  • We need more self shot commercials. Pleeeaaaaasssseeee

  • I feel like I liked the adds more than the vid

  • Ok, those ads were perfect

  • I felt for you when the Tiramisu dropped..

  • His sponsored still-part-of-the-video ad was interrupted by an actual ad that he is still in!

  • Who complains about doing cooking class. Like if you don't want to be a chef so what, you get to *e a t*

  • Bruh why the hell did he put so much effort to do the commercial breaks/sponsorship thing? They better be paying him bands lol

  • *do not be afraid to cut up your lady fingers*

  • 3:02 end of Breakfast Club.

  • Dammit, now I need me that Phillips coffee machine. Hurry up unemployment money

  • 5:45 oh fuck my heart stopped. I would’ve thrown the whole kitchen away after that

  • That wasted dessert. Sorry I gotta downvote it :( It's not funny.

  • Ladyfingers?

  • Talk about Tear-amisu

  • Yo you need to do commercials more. You're a pro and make that legit entertaining

  • That doesn't look like any Tiramisu i've had? Might be a difference in country, In the uk(or my city at least) the "lady fingers" are crumbled at the bottom in a layer of that rum and coffee liquid(not drowning)then there is a finish layer of custard with cream piped into peaks on top with chocolate sprinkles.

  • Thanks EEclone, for interrupting a commercial break with another commercial break.


  • So...are Nilla Wafers just cookie-shaped ladyfingers? O.o

  • 5:45

  • 5:53 i heard that and felt it

  • It's time for babish to stop making cooking EEclone videos and start being in ads, just all of them, I genuinely want to buy that coffee maker.

  • Lol I love this 🤣✊🏽🔥

  • Tony the type of guy to bake you tiramisu after your weight cut.

    • I was looking for a comment like this

  • I like how Babish is really calm in the voice-over when he drops the tiramisu, but you can tell from the video that he was *ANGRY.*

  • Is that the guy that voices jizzle in gta v

  • This shit is actually making me consider buying this coffee machine...

  • Ash tiramisu the only opponent to defeat khabib

  • I went to 4 different stores for ladyfingers and eventually went "Fuck It, I'll make 'em from scratch"

  • That smile was Magical

  • More companies should let him run crazy commercials.

  • Happen to watch this episode just as I started shopping for an Expresso machine.. babish helps even when he doesn't know he's helping!

  • Listen to those golden tones. Not only is Babish a fantastic cook but he can sing like a STAR. 😍

  • You really hyped up this coffee maker and broke my heart when I saw it was $1000

  • I’m curious what ppl do when recipes like ask for 3 yolks but 4 egg whites like this Do you save the extra yolk/cook it & eat it (kinda gross for whites) or just toss it?

  • This is my favourite episode and it's definitely NOT because he drops the tiramisu. Nope. Definitely not.

  • when you put a ad into the middle of another ad

  • Banish... you spilled the coffee Update: TWICE

  • Goddamn this was the single most entertaining BWB episode I have EVER seen

  • My stomach dropped when he slipped the tiramisu

  • Hey, Dawg. I hear you like ads by Babish. So I got you a gin ad by Babish that you can put in your coffee maker ad by Babish, so you can have a Babish ad interrupted by a Babbish ad. ....yeah, this happened to me.

  • Why is there an ad in my ad

  • I just got an ad in the middle of the ad🤣🤣

  • You should revisit this, this tiramisu looks bad. Maybe the ladyfingers didn't absorb enough coffee liquor.

  • i cant even tell if the ad was real or not

  • My phone almost fell to my soft carpeted floor, but that's ok because I was fast enough to slam it against the wall, now I hate myself and my phone screen has a crack

  • Hearing you diss storebought ladyfingers made my little portuguese heart ache

  • Babish culinary universe?

  • I. . . am. . . SOOO sorry! 😣 Your 1st Tiramisu, truly, met a tragically premature demise. I froze, in shock, seeing your beautiful cake succumb to the evils of gravity. Again, I am SOOO sorry.

  • 1:16 me giving instructions to my gf

  • Tiramisu is the best cake/ desert that exists, period. Nothing is better

  • Those are actually all really good ads holy moly.

  • I wonder who sponsored this video

  • I am loving the commercials!!! The filming is beautiful, and you crack me up!!! Love it! Well done!

  • Babing with Bimbish

  • Loved how he used Gemma's ladyfingers recipe & credited her!

  • That was an incredible commercial

  • "But nothing beats the satisfaction of-" *Drops tiramasu*

  • I like how there was an ad in the middle of your ad

  • 😂 I love tiramisu! Andrew get your money baby!🤑 Haters gonna hate! 😂😂😂😂

  • I don't know how much of this is scripted but it feels naturally comedic and I LOVE it.

  • Worst ad experience ever.

  • Lol I got the “craving ranch recipes” ad you have now during the ad for the coffee

  • LOL your ad was interrupted by another EEclone ad, that had me in stitches.

  • i got an ad for ranch from you. from hidden valley ranch.

  • This is one of the best commercial i‘ve ever seen 😂

  • That is Not a tiramisu

  • if all ads were just enjoyable like this. man, i would never skip it.

  • this lowkey might be the best video babish has ever put out

  • I was so mad when that dropped

  • Dislike for your ad... Google already giving us so many ads and its now you started... Thanks... Unsubscription also

  • Best ad ever.

  • One of most amazing ads I've seen last few years :)

  • An artist turns an accident into art. Truly one of the best channels on this platform

  • I have a good visual image of what Andrew Rea would look like as a grandpa, probably really handsome.

  • I just experienced a “The Botanist” ad in the middle of a “Philips” ad. Ad-ception!

  • This entire episode was like an acid trip and I love it. Eric Andre should hire you.

  • I got a ranch dressing babish add after watching the coffee babish add

  • An ad appeared with Andrew talking about Ranch dressing. I distinctly remember hearing him say "ranch, you can go f#@k yourself" in the Inferno Wing Challenge episode.I feel betrayed TWICE now.

  • @5:43

  • When the first one dropped my heart went with it.

  • When it all fell out it was more like tearamisu

  • Loved the ad.

  • Do you mean... “tiramisorrows”?

  • And ad you made interrupted your sponsorship

  • I got an ad in the middle of the “ad”

  • So you made a fancy trifle? 🤔🤣

  • I’m not sure why, but I’m suddenly craving espresso brewed in an Phillips espresso machine.