Binging with Babish: Osso Buco from The Office

Avaldati 3 dets 2019
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This week, we're taking a look at a winter classic, courtesy of one of the most painful scenes in television history: the dinner party from The Office. Jan's (very) slowly-braised veal shanks are clearly seen served with Risotto alla Milanese, a classic saffron-scented version of the decadent Italian staple. Put it all together, and you've got the perfect dish to weather the winter - or at least the world's most awkward dinner party.
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  • Snip snap snip snap snip snap!!

    • Chin chin modewaiska

    • @RealArcalian no. Cross contamination occurs when raw meat or juices comes in contact with other foods to be eaten without further cooking (mainly). You can put whatever raw meats in broth and cook it. In general you want a separate cutting board for meat, and wash your hands after handling to prevent potential bacterial contamination of other surfaces and foods.

    • are you able to completely undo a meal by snapping

    • This literally made me laugh out loud! Omg! I just hear Michael saying that 🤣...ahhhhh so funny

    • Owie

  • cant effin seee whats going on that pot

  • rissoto rise, yeah rigth nooob .... i can cook you a 20 cents rise rissoto with 3 ingredients that you will reconsider your life on heart after eating it

  • so rich & toothsome & romantic meal. next video will reveal babby and wifey are expecting...a baby

  • Who else couldn't stop staring at the onion chunk on the stove?

  • I know I'm like a year late but you didn't trim any silverskin off those veal shanks and I'm mad.

  • Ahh some tortured baby cow

  • While I compare veal to animal cruelty I know that you are a man of science and not baby cow killing.

  • Saucepn

  • (from The Santa Clause) Scott Calvin: “You like osso bucco, Charlie? They’re closed.”

  • That isn’t the Dutch oven that I know about but I guess this will give it a better taste

  • Does this guy ever eat vegetables? Garnish doesn't count.

  • Make the Gababool from The Office! And a side salad! “If the salad comes on top, I send it back.”

  • sponsored by a phone that costs a fucking grand yeah, makes sense for a guy who surprised his brother with a TESLA

  • I've made this entire meal for years. Almost identical. I've never strained the sauce. Will try it next time. There's always room for improvement.

  • The office >>>>>> Brooklyn nine nine

  • Three hours from now or three hours from earlier, like 4 o'clock?

  • The BCU is the best series I have ever seen

  • 2:09 an onion falls to the side of the pot and I can not be the only one who just stared at the onion for the rest of the video. Maybe I just drank to much, one of life's many mysteries

  • That one night , you made everything alright.

  • the best episode of the office of all time.

  • babish puts tomato in every meat dish because he secretly loves putting ketchup on all his fancy meat dishes

  • That looks amazing!

  • Bravo for actually using veal!

  • Is it still mirepoix if you make italian food? Or is it sofritto?

  • When you're watching a phone ad... On the phone its advertising :D

  • So pissed. Why didn't anyone tell me risotto was just meat juice rice. And i just bought a thousand dollar single screen phone too.

  • gonna go eat this at the foot of the bed where jess makes me sleep. GOLD...

  • Risotto? Diavolo is freaking out watching this

  • I hope the wine had kind of an oaky afterbirth

  • The "soft teeth" line always catches me waaay off guard

  • God-tier tie-in of sponsor to subject matter

  • I stared at that onion piece for a looooooooong time. :(

  • Did the onion only bug me

  • I'd love to see Dwight's beet salad 😂

  • Agh. No tomato, for the love of God. If you want real Milanese osso buco you do it in bianco with no tomato. Yes you can do the tomato version but if you want the fragrant version to go with saffron risotto please don’t add it.

  • "Saucep'n"? I pronounce the second syllable of "saucepan," "'pan." One of us is doin' it wrong. Okay, I googled it, and I've been pronouncing "saucepan" incorrectly. But I still think that the correct pronunciation is stupid. No offense, Babish, I still think you're great. I just won't be pronouncing this particular word correctly.

  • Jesus that's a shit ton of saffron

  • i still cant bring myself to eat risotto.

  • Babish is the best EEcloner he has no scandals ever. The worst thing he’s ever done is forget to flour a countertop.

  • You know in Spain, they often don't even start eating until midnight.

    • when in rome

  • Please to kevin's chili next

  • Me, an Argentinian: 👁👄👁

  • Just remember that the key to the most awkward, uncomfortable dinner party hinges on attempting to sell your dinner guests on your recently fired, mooching, live-in girlfriend's unproven scented candle business. Bonus points if she wrecks your TV after the meal.

  • Is no one gonna mention the fact that he just played forrnite

  • Nothing new with bone marrow meat in the risotto ,it is just like that the risotto alla milanese is made.

  • Anyone else notice the You Suck At Cooking Reference?

  • Coming from exactly that area of Italy, it's a pleasure to see such attention and respect given to a traditional recipe! Well done, really! And totally agree about the Carnaroli ;)

  • I couldn't stop staring at the onion that didn't make it into the pot.

  • What’s a saucepin?

  • He always makes good food that I would want to eat but, this as an exception, I would fucking destroy.

  • Your add for the botanist was probably the first add ive watched all the way through 😂

  • 2:15 The onion piece on the stove...

  • I was just staring at piece of onion that spilled the whole episode.

  • 2:08 rip

  • Do monkfish from Malcolm in the middle

  • the LG DS

  • Who else was triggered by the onion piece that fell in the stove 🤬😓

  • "Dinner Party" isn't the most painful. "Scott's Tots" is even worse.

    • I’m assuming that’s what he was meaning by “one of” because Scott’s tots is the only episode that can be more painful

  • Use goat's butter for risotto. It makes it creamier

  • I got an ad for The Botanist jin, and Andrew was the one doing the commercial.

  • I’m sorry babish please for the love of god learn how to hold utensils. I’m sorry but you look like a toddler every time you try to cut something

  • The French didn’t invent cooking...they just named everything. Kinda like Britain and countries.

  • The accuracy is amplified by the same brand of pots

  • Anybody else think the tube of tomato paste was paint

  • you should make gabagool from the office next.

  • How could you say that? You know I have sensitive teeth.

  • this was honestly the worst office episode because it reminded me when I would be having people over while my parents wherein an argument, and it was painfully uncomfortable revisiting that in this episode

    • That was the point of it, to show how miserable everyday was for Michael. For how real it was I loved it.

  • I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but veal naw makes me guilty what to you recommend as a substitute for the veal?

  • That is so much rissotto on your plate

  • Anyone: Doesn't use Kosher salt Andrew: YOU'VE BINGED YOUR LAST BABISH

  • wow a recipe i made before babish made a video of it :D but i was inspired by the hannibal cookbook :)

  • You should do one or a few of the curries from Pokémon sword and shield

  • Bruh u showed up on an alcohol ad on ur own video

  • Isn't every episode of The Office the most painful episode in television history?

  • This would go nicely with some gabba-gool

  • I immediately know babish is a fan of clarkson when he said In The World

  • Is it just me or does the dinner party episode physically hurt to watch

  • osso buco a la mayonnaise lmao

  • Parmaggiano reggiano *cheese.*

  • Whooo Binging with Babish gin

  • Possibly the most awkward scene in all of television

  • i love how on a babish video, i end up getting babish on the botanist wine ad

  • How did you know the dish they were eating had a name??

  • Hey uh binging bing fan btw but before ur vid started a ad came up and u were in it talking about some beer or something care to explain?

  • Babish pronounces "Risotto alla Milanese" just like Joseph Joestar pronounces "Spaghetti al nero di seppia"

  • Oh, I saw this dish in a Hannibal episode. Boy, am I glad that you picked the version from The Office.

  • 0/10 he didn’t break a tv with a dundie

  • You should really be on master chef


  • I told my therapist i loved this episode and she said "that's not a surprise, you were raised in chaos" and i know but you didn't need to say it aloud.

  • Skip the veal. Beef shanks taste much better, and they don't involve keeping baby cows in boxes.

  • That one onion: Aight imma head out

  • 7:59 who's Jes?

  • The phone he had didn’t age well.

  • Just a small suggestion : ) I would really appreciate being able to look into your pot or pan ; ) maybe you'd consider adding another camera view ; )

  • If you're going to eat at the foot of the bed, just make sure that you don't burn yourself on your George Foreman grill!

  • Are we not gonna talk about how smooth his snapping transitions are

  • “Saffron” im broke bro cmon

  • Babish , if I can ask , I eat meat myself and as reasonable as it can be , please do not use veal , as the act itself , lamb in America is sheep at various ages but veal is baby cow who are not well treated and again a baby not grown , try various other meats for this please