Binging with Babish: Cookie Cat from Steven Universe

Avaldati 16 veebr 2021
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Cookie Cat: a pet for your tummy, super-duper-yummy, and an adorable refugee from a distant plant who tragically left his family behind. Today we’re endeavoring to find the best way to bring this favorite snack of Steven’s to life: both as a quick and easy project, and with some more advanced techniques!
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  • Is that pancakeswap?

  • I like the tings i make the cooky cat it was so so deleshesh

  • Yooo they put cookie cat back on sale

  • why does an ice cream sandwich have lore????

  • 3:40 the fact that he paused for like 3 seconds proves he loves it

  • He left his family behind😭😭

  • _"cutout der eyes"_ 😳

  • How convent that it is indeed a rainy Saturday on this rainy Saturday of which I crave this object of edibility

  • Remember when Steven Universe wasn't about depression and Ptsd

  • Can you make goolash in loud house..pls that my favorite cartoon..

  • Can you make goolash in loud house..pls that my favorite cartoon..

  • I think instead of chocolate cake it should be a brownie bc a brownie is not more sturdy than cake

  • La galleta del Gordo mamon

  • I love how everytime Babish comes into frame in the beginning he’s just standing there like:🧍‍♂️


  • I love how his voice is so SIRIOUSE but he has the best sense of humor 🤣

  • There's no way no one has ever felt hungry while this guy makes food that is out of this world.

  • YES

  • YEEEESSSS FINALLYYYY!! my Dream come true

  • Cut there eyes out......that sounded wrong.

  • Cut out his eyes that sounds wrong

  • For the people who dislike this vide...WHO HURT U

  • I saw your tattoo of a whisk and I love it so much.

  • When you have been watching Steven universe for 3 months “time to make a simple cookie cat out of cake and ice cream.. Hard core og Steven universe fans “Time to make my own ice cream and cookie/cake recipe!”

  • I want it

  • FINALLY!!!!

  • Cookie cat left his family behind. Steven Universe left his family behind.

  • i really want that... but is so much work...

  • This was on my recommended and that looks bussin

  • I loved Steven Universe in my childhood, in fact it was my 2nd favourite show as a kid, thank you Andy for giving me nostalgia

  • Man I miss Steven Universe that show was my childhood.

  • Back when steven said that he loved eating cookie cat starting from the left ear and you just ate it in the left ear..... This made my day

  • Cookz

  • I cant believe Babish didn't even get his own cows for his ice cream milk.

  • Remember kids, it isn't a cookie cat if it doesn't have kosher salt®

  • This is the greatest thing I have _ever_ seen *ever!* My first instinct is just to just start throwing all my money at this, but it's a you tube video and my phone don't care if I make it rain.

  • Everything Stays.... (Rebecca sugar)

  • Steven universe gang ✌️😤💫

  • I want a like for every time he says a word begining with c

  • Cookie cat in the show: *The size of stevens palm* Cookie cat irl: *The size of Steven him self*

  • honestly i think that brownies would be better then cake

  • HES BACK Steven would be so happy rn

  • Me eating an ice cream and cookie 😳

  • What the hells Steven Universe

  • Huh.... steven, i miss the old *HAPPY* steven

  • My grandma told me to not even lick a cat

  • I love cookie cat!

  • Cut out the eyes lol

  • If you are watching this after Steven universe ended the you here here for nostalgia

  • why is it so clean..

    • on crewthereal colloseum, its revealed that patgar was planning to destropy crewdestria. the crewthereals come to life and jeremy biscuit creates an army to stop him.

  • Random thoughts:why people say never bite ice cream how about ice cream sandwich techneclly u bite it too bruh

  • He left his family behind.


  • 6:10 or so you forgot there now available at gercans for .99C

  • cookie cat, he left his family behind

  • me with sensitive teeth

  • 3:22 Me: Ah i wished to have somw strawberies right now. Also me: *remembers that i have some strawberies left* Oh right. Hmmm... I wish to be a milionare then.


  • so cookie cat is pretty much a cat shaped ice cream sandwich

  • COOKIE CAT! He's a pet for your tummy, COOKIE CAT! He's super duper yummy, COOKIE CAT! He left his family behind, COOKIE CAAAAAAAAAT!!

  • Nostalgia? Anyone?

  • Nostalgia? Anyone?

  • if you eat them you also leav your family behind

  • Woooow its rhe same as the steven's ckokie cat 😮😮😯

  • Oohhhhh He's a frozen treat with an all new taste 'Cause he came to this planet from outer space A refugee of an interstellar war But now he's at your local grocery store Cookie Cat He's a pet for your tummy Cookie Cat He's super duper yummy Cookie Cat He left his family behind Cookie Caaaaat Now available at Gurgens off Route 109

  • give me cookie cat rn

  • “Cream everybody together”

  • how does your stuff always look perfect 😭

  • To whoever sees this You are now breathing in manual mode

  • Bruh you didnt think to cut the cookies out first????

  • How many dishes dose this man do at the end of recording

  • And the cookie cat is on Ⓒⓡⓐⓘⓖ ⓞⓕ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓒⓡⓔⓔⓚ

  • It looks like discord when the ears are gone

  • 0:12

  • Imma make this too to impress the girl i like. P.S she loves Steven Universe too

  • its a nostalgia for me cause i really like steven universe

  • Kinda sad Steven universe is gone but hey we can make a cookie cat ice cream to fill that void.

  • What the fuf

  • I needed this

  • I always found Steven Steven annoying

  • Steven Universe has no black?? put funny yellow hair ahha dont ask why :D

  • for some reason the cookie cat looks like the discord logo (Kinda)

  • 💳💥💥💥💳💥💥💥💥💥💳💳💳💳💥💥💥💥 GIMME THAT NOW

  • No one: Babish: *uses his bartender skills to shake his protein shake*

  • Make lion lickers

  • Now i would make this and give it/sell it to those steven universe fans

  • 🤤

  • Saved this as my bucket list that I half - half feel useless to have one.

  • You didn't sing the cookie cat song I'm unsubing😡😡😡

  • A pet for your tummy that’s super yummy *who left his family behind* Darkest saying for an ice cream I’ve every heard

  • Noooo

  • Do the together breakfast

  • That look delicious! *Subscribing sounds*

  • Who else just watches these even though your never gonna make it

  • Bro This guy looking into my mind it literally is a rainy Saturday

  • That look like discord logoXD




  • 1:13, it’s Saturday and it’s really raining. Okay time to make this.