Meatloaf | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 15 apr 2021
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  • When I make meatloaf, I, too, make a whole meatloaf into two before baking. I do it because I have picky eaters who don't appreciate my Sriracha ketchup glaze...or glaze in general 🙄

  • the end is near; babish made a mistake

  • 4:18 gives me anxiety.

  • Babish: smaller things are cuter Me, hurriedly texting my girlfriend: I knew it I knew it I knew it

  • Hank Hill approved

  • 8:23 "...I think the real secret lies..." In letting it cool down some before trying to eat it?

  • When he said he was going to make his own breadcrumbs I was expecting him to bake bread first.

  • For anyone wondering, its buttermilk at the start not milk and the glaze is 4oz ketchup not tomato paste. Quoting Babish's website 😉

  • Dear all americans who fail to pronounce Worcestershire sauce . Its pronounced wuh-stuh-shu sauce. Yours faithfully some random british guy

  • This is Finn’s favorite dish!

  • I probably won't end up grinding my own meat but is there any harm in adding sautéed vegetables to the former recipe?

  • Sekaná

  • Hello So I am going to try to explain how to pronounce "Worcestershire" It is not really pronounced exactly the way it is spelled. It is pronounced Vuster ( like the vu in deja-vu and ster in sterling) Hope this makes sense. Love your vids, keep being awesome Peace from South Africa

  • I need to stop watching these if i dont stop ima ebd up making this in the middle of the night

  • why is babish's "15 additional minutes in ze oven" bit funny to

  • Why would you use CHICKEN stock in a meat loaf?

  • Andrew, I wanna see you go to Hell's Kitchen. pretty sure you will win

  • As a squid I eat human loaf

  • I HAVE to try this some day! As i know meatloaf from my childhood, it was a disgusting loaf of un-seasoned meat bathing in a brine with cabbage (yes you read that right) around and over it!

  • Use a loaf of bread

  • looks like someone soaked banana bread in blood. also why would you want to eat a loaf of meat (non american here)

  • My GF was upset and disappointed that you didn't puree your own tomato paste for the glaze. XD

  • “Basics” with Babish

  • The only reason I’m here is because I’m British and have no idea what meatloaf is

  • Meatloaf - Two outta three ain’t bad.

  • Are you using fan bake or just normal bake????

  • Ted would be proud

  • The kitchen destroyer meatloaf.. I still gotta do dishes 😒

  • “Let’s face it smaller things are cuter” Myself confidence 📈📈📈

  • Grass boys don’t get meatloaf

  • My meatloaf is ground beef and pork, bread crumbs, milk and 1-2 eggs and that is all. I also eat it with ketchup

  • My mom puts boiled eggs in the middle of the meatloaf, so It looks more interesting. And when it gets cold, you slice the meatloaf thinly and you can put it on a peace of bread the next day.

  • Box grater *is triangle* confusion

  • that thumbnail looks like gordon ramsay refurbished a microwavable meatloaf

  • when you make meatloaf, you should use oatmeal, it holds its structure better than bread crumbs. also you throw a couple of eggs in it as well with ketchup and top with ketchup at like 45 min in.

  • Love meatloaf

  • What if you used a cupcake tray as your meatloaf molds to make mini meat muffins

  • Meatloaf is lasagna with no pasta

  • Black Nitrile or any rubber glove EXPERIMENT: Whistle wearing gloves submerge hands into a bowl of warm water and rub hands together for a few minutes. Now smell or worse taste that water. That’s exactly what you are leaching into your food - that’s right, cancer causing toxins. Awwww, Your Welcome! 🤓

    • Use food-safe gloves, got it.

  • You put vegetables in meatloaf... ..... I'm not sure what to do about that information. I don't think it will help, my mom has one meatloaf recipe we are all willing to eat for one meal, no seconds(maybe once in a blue moon). I don't know how anyone would react to vegetables, dad might think we're trying to poison him.

  • 2:24-2:28 - Tomato Paste, Honey,..... Tomato Paste again? Really? Doubtful.

  • 2:23 ah yes the essential tomato paste so important you need it twice

  • I add some tomato pesto to my glaze and it's awesome.

  • "wereshire" sauce?

  • What if I don’t have worchestire sauce?

  • whshshsheer sauce

  • Barbeque over ketchup.

  • 4 ounces of tomato paste... Tablespoon of tomato paste... H m m mm

  • I love we share sauce

  • Ok I just wanna say when he did the German accent and then said “Fifteen more minutes in the oven” my mind wondered to dark times

  • Hey! Try adding a half cooked hard egg or two. Love your content!

  • Am I crazy, or did he say tomato paste twice when talking about the glaze?

  • My man made everything homemade except for the stock 😂

  • 8:10 who are you putting in that oven there little Adolf?

  • I thought that meatloaf was a fictional tv food meme til I was like 25. I’ve never met a person who has eaten meatloaf and it always sounds disgusting but this looks kinda yum.

  • Quick question, for the glaze, you said tomato paste twice. Did you mean katchup first? Cuz that is what it looked like.

  • you need to try putting bacon on the top of the meat load then the sauce

  • I make meatloaf like the first way it’s pretty great

  • 6oz milk, 5oz breadcrumbs? Are those volume or weight?

  • I have an idea for “Binging with Babish”? Why not make “Hugh’s Meatloaf from Johnny Test”?

  • When I was younger my mother put some like dry rice in her meatloaf it made the meat loaf crunchy and it was kinda delicious

  • Can we get a basics for Chanko Nabe?? There arent many great videos on how to make it!

  • Carrots??!!

  • Why does meatloaf make my mouth so watery

  • babish, my man the cooking skills, you definitely have. i would recommend adding the claw grip combined with push cutting knife skills. this should save you about 10-15 minutes of your time per video depending on how much produce youre cutting, while being the safest method for your fingers. joshua weissman made a great video called "the only knife skills you need".

  • worst chester sauce? who is he? he local?

  • i thought meatloaf was a bread mixed meat

  • deutschlannd sagt nein zu dem akzent

  • U can also use goutweed it u take them as baby it give the meat more juice tast

  • Ya “porchini” mushrooms.

  • wait 2:26 he said tomato paste twice(?)

    • I think that’s supposed to be ketchup

  • I love you with my heart and soul

  • got any recipe ideas for people with IBS? no onion, no garlic, no milk :')

  • See, I've helped mom make her meatloaf and she does the smaller meatloaf way bc of the faster cooking going on. I was so baffled why you'd make a giant meat loaf. However, the glazing while it's cooking sounds amazing and I want to try that sometime. :V

  • Oh man, I just made this (minus the lamb, and just did 50/50 beef and pork) Freaking! Amazing!

  • Mommy, Kratos is in our kitchen again

  • My dad wanted to know why you made a gelatinous stock if you were just going to melt it?

  • Did you mean to say “tomato paste” twice? 2:24

  • meat cake with ketchup

  • Where is the green pepper

  • Did anyone else hear their mother yell at him when he was cutting toward his hand?

  • was that 4oz tomato sauce then the paste?

  • Babbish, when making the glaze you soad tomato paste for the first ingredient instead of tomato sauce. Just fyi. I love some meatloaf

  • I didn't know people actually formed meatloaf into a real loaf until I was like...twenty. We always made it in a 9x9 glass casserole dish that my mom got as a wedding present like three years before I was born and that I still use almost thirty years later. I also didn't know people used vegetables in meatloaf? We always just used onion powder and garlic powder. This is so fascinating.

  • “Box grater” but it’s a cone?

  • Wuss-ter-sheer 👍

  • I ❤️ meatloaf. Your 1st one looked delicious.

  • It's Ramadan. Why am I watching all these food vids

  • 8:08 Got a little German caught in your throat there?

  • I'm here for *Tiny Wisk* supremacy, tks Mr Andrew for appearing.

  • Nobody's talking about Wurst Chair Share, Wush-sh-sheer and We Share sauce? Hahahaha!

  • meat ingot

  • Remember what he says at 2:22, it's super important to let the first 4 ounces of tomato paste mix with honey before putting in the last ounce.

  • Despite my name, i have never had a meatloaf

  • Jeje

  • It's a fun side joke he decides to pronounce Worcester sauce differently EVERY SINGLE TIME but have never heard it correctly

  • I feel like I'm in a minority that thinks tomato sauce on meatloaf is gross. Gravy all the way.

  • Worst chair share

  • PLEASE say "worst-chair-in-the-shire sauce" next time 😂

  • It's really easy to say, "woosh-ta-shear"!!