Sticky Buns | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 3 dets 2020
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Today we're making sticky buns. Do I really need to sell you on this? They're sticky buns. I want them, you want them, so let's make some already.
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  • This is my grandma's signature dessert and we've always called it "plunkets".

  • 1:35 Radioactive? Do you uh... not understand how a microwave works?

  • I work at a French bakery and we just call them pecan rolls, when someone calls them a sticky bun I get so confused

  • Imagine a kid watching the sponsor promo then asking there parents “can u buy me some edibles” 🤣😂

  • Impressive voice.

  • Jesus Christ loves you

  • Let's get down to basics To make sticky buns

  • Pretty sure they’re called cinnamon rolls 😂

  • You should do a just add magic series

  • fancy cinnamon rolls

  • “Basics”

  • Thank you for the conversions 😂 I really need them when I'm following along

  • Could you please give measurements in imperial. Lot of us don't have scales.

  • Sawyer is my loved one

  • Question: could you use molasses instead of dark corn syrup?

  • This sponsor ain’t shi-

  • Anything else one could use other than nuts? No one in my house is a fan of them.

  • This video is sponsored by edibles if you feel bored or sad or just want to have fun have edibles Dont actually have edibles

  • That fruit bouquet at the beginning gave me flashbacks from a certain cartoon.

  • Now you have to do monkey bread

  • "This is both going to give our sugar a nice golden color" The sugar: 19th century England.

  • I would like to understand more about the water and flour paste pls.

  • No Bucky where is Bucky

  • Not to pry, but when did Babish have a son???

  • Wait so your telling me the sponsor wasn’t audible but instead edible

  • Babish please never say fingy again

  • And I can almost guarantee that whoever Stella Parks is got this tangzhong idea from the lovely Kim-Joy from The Great British Bake Off. On her season they made "Tray bakes" AKA swirled buns of different flavors and she made plain cinnamon buns and described her dough as tangzhong, a technique rather than a flavor agent. It supposedly makes very soft and delicate bread products. I'm excited to see you use it, I've never seen anyone else use it in my age group. 💜 I'm just kidding, Stella Parks obviously didn't get the idea from The BakeOff.. lol

  • Transcript: (upbeat music) Deaf people: groovin

  • "So you can surprise your loved ones, and Sauyer." Sauyer: 😢

  • Wow a full few pounds of wet sticky fruit that will go bad in a day wow what a great gift. Feels like the kind of gift you send to someone you dont like. Also sticky buns seem like a yank thing

  • BF "That's the one tool we should probably get..." Me "What, a tiny whisk?" BF "No, a microwave!"

  • Happy Birthday Sawyer! 🎉

  • Banish: drops half a shell into batter mix Me: drops all of my personal belongings into batter mix

  • Could you make an episode on milk bread? :o

  • Shouldn't you spread melted butter on the dough before applying the brown sugar mixture?

  • As long as we are not counting calories, I would butter the pan with butter. The spray can may have gross things in it. Just sayin'.

  • Never heard of baking sugar! Never heard of flour paste!

  • do you really need a stand mixer?

  • Episode 90: sausaging with babish ft. Ordinary sausage

  • Where did you get your thermometer I can't find it in amazon

  • not gonna lie, the topping looks like worms from where I am sitting... or is that just me?

  • I thought you only send edible arrangements yo people you want to curse with swarms of fruitfly’s

  • This reminds me of House in the Cerulean Sea C:

  • Can we get a Cinnabon replica/attempt! I've never been able to pinpoint that

  • *gonna do 5 POUND bag of sugar*

  • Whose sawyer?

  • The toasted flour works just like a roux.

  • Ordinary Sausage

  • Made these for Christmas morning. Absolutely delicious. Love the channel.

  • "Tightly rolling the dough into a sort of...roll.." 😂

  • At what point can I make these and then save them overnight to bake the next morning?

  • If anyone is looking for a small wisk, world's market sells them for 99¢ u are welcome :)

  • I want someone to talk about me the way babish talks about his food

  • Si I put 2kg of sugar in the oven at 350F.... It started to melt on the sides. I'm already exhausted by this recipe

  • I doubled ther caramel/nut topping, it was awesome...

  • You know these kinda looks like the sticky buns from open season 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Just wanted to say that I appreciate the conversions

  • I think my beard would shave itself after this lol

  • Radio active death box would be a great name for a death metal band.

  • Would this work with gluten free flour and dairy alternatives?


  • I ran a small, in-home bakery with my wife a couple of years ago. We'd sell our baked goods at our local farmers' market, and we'd sell out of product every week. Unfortunately we couldn't quite turn it into a 'real' business, but watching this brought me back to making Hokkaido Milk Bread and Cinnamon Rolls every week during the holidays, and I remember those days fondly. We had next to no idea what we were doing, but after watching this it's funny to see you doing all the same things we did, right down to how you cut the rolls before the final rise. Thanks for the fond memories!

  • thought babish just got sponsored by edibles (drugs) for a sec there lol

  • Sticky buns are always yummy and I love your recipe! Awesome video!

  • radioactive death box : band name, called it

  • Why would you pay a trash person like solah? Are you sad your reddit fame died?

  • Now for extra chance of diabetes add icing

  • Edible arrangements are an insane waste of money. They're frozen, but not flash frozen, and most of the fruit is wrecked.

  • this is the worst show to watch after you've brushed your teeth.

  • I'd like to request an episode on Stella's impossible pecan pie :)

  • Yum, looks delicious!

  • is no one going to talk about "an homogenous"

  • nice tang wangler

  • Did he make an entire other batch just to show why not to bake it on the top rack? Lol

  • Just tried to make the toasted sugar, figured it would be a fun addition for my cookies and cinnamon buns. At 300F it turned golden much faster than in the video and started to clump, so I dropped the temp to 275F and then 250F by the end to try and slow it down. Now that it's out and cooling I've got a fair few clumps of darker wet sugar mixed into the sugar. Once it's cool could I sift out those clumps and run them through a food processor or should they be discarded?

  • You should do the dessert spaghetti from Elf!!

  • I used to work at Edible HQ. Those look fireee

  • Tiny whisk has been joined by tiny spatula!

  • Amazing👍👍

  • Still waiting him to bake something fancy in front of a private jet, or even inside of it while taking flight.....

  • Hey Bimbish!

  • I don't usually find anything wrong with any of your recipes, but couldn't you have just used Golden Cater Sugar?

  • slightly less moist buns band name called it

  • “Add some freshly grated nutmeg.” I can hear Mr. Townsend’s mouth watering from here.

  • Seems like yesterday i stumbled upon his lil channel looking for. Meal ideas. You come so far babish im so proud and able to be apart of this journey

  • 5:01 You should have said, " a generously floured table."

  • I wanna see you do the food from Food Wars! It looks amazing and you’d do great at it!

  • My gf loves sticky buns!

  • With how much effort you go into doing things from scratch, I am surprised you haven't started doing your own brown sugar yet!

  • Ah yes I too enjoy a nice tight, soft... *crumb*

  • You should make eggnog for basics with Babish

  • Suggestion:how about literally any of the dishes from the anime,Black Butler? I'm especially curious what you would do with the curry

  • G R A M S

  • Sweet Jesus

  • It would be awesome if you could show us how to make sticky doughs without a stand mixer

  • Fwiw, try real maple syrup instead of the corn syrup. You will not be sorry.

  • The blinking of the oven light has me going crazy.

  • i used to feel like a bad home baker using pam spray but its nice to know that a chef like you also uses it

  • Your voice is my asmr

  • Hey can you collab with J Kenji? It looks like he’s doing more videos these days and I think it would be awesome for you two to talk and collab