Binging with Babish: Ben Wyatt's Calzones from Parks & Rec

Avaldati 14 apr 2020
Ben Wyatt: mayor of Ice Town, occasional Batman impersonator, and unwavering disciple of the calzone. Today we celebrate Ben's fandom with a trio of his most notorious pizza pocket projects: calzone-shaped apple pie, (poisonous) mini calzones, and the low-cal-calzone-zone. Pizza is better as a sandwich, isn't it?
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  • Its me or a calzone it’s just a giant enpanada?

  • "No dirty talk in the kitchen"

  • People will say his deep frying is quite shallow To them I say Relative to what?

  • Wait, 500 calories for HALF of that? Now, as a cross country runner, and a teenager, I consider that an AMAZING deal to still enjoy a great food, so sign me up for that

  • 7:30 Since you're basically making pizza dumplings, it would work better to instead divide the dough into equally sized balls (probably like an inch and a half) and roll them out with a dowel so that the edges are thinner than the center. Then when you crimp them, you don't end up with a thick rope of crust across the front of your beautiful -dumplings- mini calzones

  • I am a tid bit upset the sides of the pan was not scraped when making the tomato sauce. But also after years and years of watching, this is my only complaint

  • So I baked the apple pie calzone holy shit its amazing

  • Wait jojo episode?, how did I miss that I'm curious now

  • calzone more like pizza

    • Lol that’s not a pizza XD

  • mmmmm, ouch. my entire life story

  • You know, while it's not much of an issue with foods, if you want to stay healthy, you should stay away from anything with aspartame in it. Aspartame has been proven to stop the stomach's signals of fullness to the brain, causing you to crave more food than you normally would.

    • Low cal, not necessarily healthy

  • Lets be honest, a deep dish pizza is just a open face calzone.

  • I should call her

  • Hey Babish why do t you make “Kevin’s famous chilli” from “The office”.

  • Has anyone ever tried to fry an apple pie? I know babish would be the first.

    • ...McDonald's?

  • That is NOT 4 CM thick. 4 CM is 1 1/3 inches.

  • Okay for some reason I can’t imagine babish using any curse words other than fuck, damn, ass and maybe shit on rare occasion

  • He’s speed running the recipes

  • Calzoni?

  • the local so cal low cal calzone zone cone, a local Southern California low calorie cone shaped calzone restaurant on a piece of land zoned for commercial use

  • Yeah my dough balls are fine

  • “Something we’ve made many times on this show” New viewers be damned I guess, looking up a recipe implies watching other recipes for partial recipes of course

  • "The calzones...betrayed me?" Is one of my all time favorite lines of Parks and Rec.

  • "Haverford rule number six: never eat anything with a sauce I have to dip myself. Drizzle it on for me! I’m not your maid!" ~Tom Haverford

  • 4:44 chicken breast

  • Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  • “If your balls do this after an hour and a half at room temperature, see a doctor.” Andrew Rea, 2020.

  • 8:58: brazzers.

  • Those last calzones are not calzones. Technically they would be stromboli. Calzones are dipped in sauce. Stromboli have the sauce on the inside. I had stromboli in Herculaneum and it was fucking delicious

  • No shortcuts here......

  • Ok you can’t just call a large Apple fritter a calzone, it’s just plain wrong

    • In the Netherlands we call this thing an Appelflap, can recommend. Ours is Puff pastry though.

  • 2:44 he spook


  • It took me two minutes to actually realize Banish first made apple pie and not pizza calzone. Even though he said he'd make one first... It's like 3 a.m. here don't judge me

  • The last calzone kinda acts like a Brazilian “pastel”

  • Who came into your sandwich

  • I knew Leslie was wrong! They ARE more than pizza that’s harder to eat🤣🤣🤣

  • "about four ish centimeters thick"??? babish you good bro?? sincerely, a very confused metric system user

  • the calzones... betrayed me?

  • Your “s” at the end of your words hurts my ears

  • I'm a grown woman and I giggled at the dough ball jokes.. thanks. I really needed that xD

  • 7:29 doesn't look THAT thick to me ;)

  • when Babish eats something above what seems like 600 degrees, I feel flexed on

  • he just did pastel and called it mini calzone

  • i have to listen so closely not to miss any of the innuendos

  • remember when some bull shit dumbass “crunchwrap calzone” beat a calzone made by this sexy man?

  • pin this comment

  • 1:46 VENTING??! Binging with babish is the impostor confirmed

  • "pawneean pariah" lollll

  • Netflix: Are you still watching Me with somebody's daughter : 2:43

  • A calzone is literally an empanada

  • For an apple pie I always suggest cooking down the apple filling for a bit in a saucepan. Giving them that bit of caramelization and also breaking down their sourness and texture into just the perfect apple pie.

  • 6:57 PIEROGI?

  • Am I the only one who noticed babish say 4cm and not 4mm? Or is the dough really a thicc boi?

  • Sooo a cheezy healthy karipap lel

  • ...I just got a Binging with Babish ad before watching this...

  • Pizza places always call strombolis calzones. A stromboli is NOT a calzone!

  • Is it me or does both of these calzones look easy to eat by myself

  • LITCHERALLY just a small calzone

  • Empanadaaaaaas!

  • If you deep fry it, it is a panzerotti not calzone. also, while you are making a more traditional calzone. it's common to call a stromboli a calzone in America. a stromboli is basically a folded over pizza, putting the red sauce on the inside and skipping the ricotta. there is no way a restaurant in rural America doesn't screw this up and make a stromboli... please do a stomboli and panzerotti episode.

  • Should do Chris’s burgers, not the turkey burgers because you’ve already done that, but the mushroom burgers, from my favorite episode.

  • i got your ad on your video lol

  • Formulas are my formula for moolah. Just call me Bond. Municpial Bond. I guess I'm on a pay-roll. Cal-u-later! Hopefully it won't be too taxing. Don't worry, you can ac-count... on us. It is actuarilly good to see you. A pie is basically just a sweet calzone.

  • Have you tried the chilli dog from the Simpsons

  • He said the ball puns would end... then he called the bread nutty

  • “These people live and die for something called Paunch burger. Maybe I’ll try that.” And that’s what brought us to this day.

  • The apple pie calzone reminds me of a story my old boss told me about a late-night trip to Whataburger where he ordered a "hot apple pie" and while being handed his pie the drive-thru attendant said "be careful now, that's hot, it just came out the grease". Strangely, my boss (ironically named Ben) wasn't as excited about his hot apple pie after this dire warning.

  • My mother’s side of the family is Italian and I’ve had the pronunciation of calzone beaten into me so I twitch a little every time I hear cal-zone 😂

    • Henry Dunlap me trying to care

    • @Dave O'neill me trying to find who asked

    • Henry Dunlap me trying to care

    • Me trying to find who askee

  • I’ve had enough of this guy saying kosher salt. What’s wrong with sea salt

  • 5:21 "Congratulations San Fransisco, you've ruined pizza." Or in this case, calzones.

  • Calzones are pizza with an unnecessary second crust covering all the delicious toppings.

  • You should do leslies waffles.

  • How do you keep yourself fit after consuming all the high cholesterol cheese and oil and so much chilli ???

  • A mini calzone? That's just an Italian Empanada.

  • These are LITERALLY not calzones

  • Fruit? In a calzone? God no, stop, its already dead!!

  • My balls only do that after at least 3 hours at room temperature

  • I can’t stop thinking of the song from rob scallon “Ben Wyatt loves calzones” LOL just gonna listen to that while watching this and eating a calzone

  • 7:36 when he said centimeters i literally said in the middle of my living room "WHAT"

  • “Mmm, ouch”

  • That dough ball is so cute and i dont know why

  • Funny because I had calzones last night

  • If you seal the dough, on the mini calzone, like a dumpling it can be a pizza ball

  • No one likes calzones. They're pointless. They're like pizza but harder to eat

  • I think I need to see the doctor

  • The hell is wrong with that guy?

  • Now I really want fried pies

  • I love calzones, not as much as ben, but they're awesome. I make them with minced meat (your choice, i usually go with pork) diced paprika, mushrooms, onions and cheese.

  • I’m confused so a calzone is a giant pizza roll

  • Wetting the outside edge: it is not acting as a sealant, it is creating an adhesive! A sealant is usually elastic material that blocks liquids from escaping, but an adhesive binds the folded edges together, thus holding the liquids in. ;) I just had to get this out of my system. :)

  • I never watched a single episode of Parks and Rec, but I can tell the writer or writers of the show really loves food.

  • As soon as you said calzone apple pie i punched my phone

  • When I read the title I read gayzones YOU’RE GOING TO THE GAYZONE

  • Low cal calzone zone

  • By the way, if you're trying to avoid filling leakage, try to make sure there's as little air trapped in your dumpling/calzone before you seal it up.

  • I finally am watching Parks and Rec and I regret not watching it sooner.

  • Why can't we ever use grams instead of English units. It's so effing frustrating and I am an American.

  • is there a more dynamic duo than ben and his calzones

  • sweet calzones?????