Binging with Babish: Cold Cure from Kenan & Kel

Avaldati 24 märts 2020
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This week, I'm sick n' self-quarantined. Can the golden era of Nickelodeon kids sitcoms help cure what ails me?
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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  • For anyone that's curious - I'm on day 7 of symptoms/self-quarantine. I was told by my doctor and the CDC not to be tested, as here in NYC at this time, tests are only for those who have been hospitalized. Symptoms can be severe to nonexistent, but in my case, they're pretty much like a flu with bonus loss of taste/smell. Jess has it too, we're holed up in my apartment with a shitton of broth, video games, and her cats. We hope you guys are staying safe and healthy - please do your part to help flatten the curve, and stay home!!

  • wait a second you really had COVID?! oh no! im so glad you beat it!

  • There was another episode where they made "peanut butter and jelly donuts"... may be fun and always sounded tasty

  • If you kept the damn shells out i think id be able to down it, but fuck

  • Not going to lie, that looks like blended bologna

  • Good luck!

  • Did it work

  • This could cure COVID 19

  • This was posted on my birthday and I didn’t even know.

  • I honestly could not bring myself to watch him drink that

  • Babish I just lost my taste and smell. How long did it take for you to get them back?

  • Marshmallows were originally made from the marsh mallow plant (throat coat tea contains some marsh mallow) and they added sugar so kids would eat it.

  • Damn. Feel better babish

  • Did you catch coved ? Noooo and feel so bad hope you get better really fast :(

  • Immune system compromised?? *eats raw egg*

  • Hangover cure from Starsky and Hitch

  • COVID-19: "Umm, watcha got there?" Babish: "A smoothie."

  • rigg juice from regular show?

  • I'm with you in sardines don't smell right some of the time but they still taste good.

  • mMm, cofe.

  • Minus the orange soda (replace with whole milk), egg shells, cough drops, substitute the mustard with a few fresh squeezed oranges and replace the fried chicken for grilled chicken then it might make u feel better 🤷‍♂️ like a chicken soup and OJ smoothie like ur grandmas old cure for a cold in a smoothie

  • Kel: I do, I do, I do-o! Audience: LMFAO

  • This unironically looks delicious.

  • There actually are people who lose their ability to smell and taste for months because of covid.

  • You’re sick in this video!? 🤢I hope it’s not the virus! 😱

  • Did you make this get-well food as a video just because you were sick yourself during a food idea?

  • Hidden Valley sellout

  • Sardines are great. They're like better, healthier canned tuna.

  • I hope you feel better

  • Still the absolute scariest Babish episode ever. It was terrifying to hear how you sounded here; I thought you were going to DIE Babish! I’m glad everyday that you’re still here. ❤️

  • I hate it

  • I can smell it through the screen.

  • think I heard somewhere that marshmallows helped with a sore throat.

  • With all the videos you’ve been starting with The Botanist, I kind of want to see Stinson’s hangover fixer elixir haha

  • COVID 19: *sweating*

  • You mean Kel Kimble.

  • I'm watching this first thing in the morning, super hungry, and I feel actually sick now

  • what blender is that

  • Don't drop the screw in the tuna

  • Isnt it ironic how i just clicked on a binging with babish video and wat came with it was a binging with babish ad life is good

  • Say your prayers and hope to Cthullu before that goes anywhere near your mouth

  • 🙂😐 wait what he say

  • Is it just me or the guy on the right in the clip at the beginning of the video looks like Jordan Peele? Or is that him?

  • I cant believe so many ppl got the rona..crazy

  • I would love a revisit where you try to "fix" this recipe. It probably doesn't give you much to work with, but I'm curious what you'd come up with.

  • How about the Energy Drink that SpongeBob made for Gary in that Racing Episode? _including the Nails_

  • Apparently, it worked.

  • The man more than likely had covid, and not only made a video on schedule, but drank that abomination. What an absolute lad.

  • It works!

  • I think I just saw a commercial with Babish about The Botantist

  • Damn I'm starting to become of fan due to that lord of the rings food, good to see you upload a video just a few days ago and have moved past the sickness.

  • Wait.... why were you in the ad before your own video?

  • What’s funny is that in my part of Mexico there’s this concoction that is said to actually cure colds it’s: all natural honey, a boiled or roasted onion, lemon and I think a little drizzle of milk blended up.

  • Ew

  • The eggs are there because they're the children of the chicken!

  • The the only difference between science and mucking about is documentation. I suppose videos on EEclone count 😑😄

  • Who knows... maybe it will cure C-19 😅

  • I feel like the babish version is him starting off like “alright to be totally accurate I had some one with a cold cough in my face” lol

  • I am replacing the statement of If life gives you lemons TO if LIfe gives you COVID then Makes yourself an Orange Soda Smoothie! in honor you big guy

  • Babish, homie, I appreciate you doing these videos for ridiculous and/or delicious sounding recipes from tv shows/movies. Really I do. But you’ve taking things too far. At this point, I’m legit worried about your health. Please. Know your limits.


  • You should have made it into a soup

  • New symptom - total loss of rational thought to try a cold medicine out of a 90s kids show.

  • Someone call Dr Fauci

  • American laugh tracks are a disease

  • I’m just seeing this video now (Aug 2020) and currently quarantined with COVID-19. I do hope that your sense of smell/taste has returned. 2 weeks in and mine has only slightly improved. Hope your illness wasn’t too bad. Thanks for what you do, love your videos!

  • Make a flaming homer.

  • That was gross and you should have done a Hot Toddy. Cheers. 🍵

  • The one person I wished didn't get it got it. Wish you were safe here in New Zealand. Power through, my man. Love from the southern hemisphere ♥️

  • Heal quickly. Upbeat thoughts headed your way.

  • Thanks, I hated it. Much appreciation for the kim chi episode and please feel better / recover ASAP.

  • 1:09 bro u good?

  • How the hell did I miss Babish covid-19?

  • If Babish were healthy when he made this episode he would've used 'Lebanese mustard doesn't exist' as a reason to make it himself

  • This should have been made in a classic food processor not a blender

  • wish I watched this video while I was still sick haha

  • Who loves ORANGE SODA!

  • I see the Nickelodeon (like the Disney Channel) has extremely unfunny "comedies". Even my kids didn't like them.

  • So it worked?

  • Get well soon! Among other regular vitamins and minerals, take plenty of zinc every day.

  • Do the wake up juice from back to the future part 3?

  • Wow seeing that he's not dead after this vid I'd say it actaully worked xD

  • A lot of the things we cool desert or sweets were originally medications, this includes Turkish delight and marshmallow. Both of which were treatments for sore throat‘s and colds. Marshmallows were literally originally flavoured with a herb called mallow found in marshes in Europe

  • Your are getting better because your body doesnt want to drink it so it instantly says i am cured now xD

  • The original recipe was oranges 😔

  • Cook it with more eggs

  • That opening clip unlocked memories I didn't think I have.

  • The reason it didn't work is because he didn't use Lebanese mustard.

    • The man made Himalayan ketchup anything is possible

    • They got Lebanese bologna, why not Lebanese mustard?

  • how the hell did I miss this episode?

  • So did babish actually have covid or was he just sick?

    • Since covid 19 doesn't exist and is a hoax he probably just had the flew and believed the propaganda

  • If you got a cold then you probably got Covid and in that case you should be self isolating!

  • This will cure something, all right.

  • Quick Turn the video off so you don't catch his cold through the screen

  • Blessing me as a child Blessing me now

  • hang on, was there a quote from that show that said "you don't put soda pop on breakfast cereal"!? seeing that scene on a tv is like one of my earliest memories!

  • I got it. I feel like a zombie. I think i'll stick with the hot Irish whiskey cure instead of this.

  • Someone contact the CDC we found the cure for coronavirus and it’s this drink

  • The people who are making this worse I hope there is a special place reserved in hell for them.

  • TFW you have the Trump plague but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! and besides, it's nothing a little salmonella won't fix!

  • I can't believe you described it as tasting like cleaning supplies and a month or so later we got people talking about drinking cleaning supplies. You're a trendsetter man.